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Product Information


Description Typical Properties*

Desmophen A 160 SN is a hydroxyl-functional
polyacrylate resin supplied in Aromatic 100 solvent. Property Value
Appearance clear to yellow liquid
Application Specific gravity @ 20°C 1.00
Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate is used with Hydroxyl number (as supplied) 53
Desmodur N polyisocyanates to provide coatings Weight per gallon, lb. @ 25°C 8.3
with good water, detergent and chemical resistance, Equivalent wt., avg. (as supplied) 1,063
as well as good weatherability. Thermal stability is Flash point (Taglibue Closed Cup) 104°F (40°C)
maintained up to 150°C, although yellowing will occur
at this high temperature. Solubility
Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate may be diluted to
Combinations of Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate a solids content of approximately 30% with most
and Desmodur N polyisocyanates can be used for ester, ketones, and ether esters, toluene, xylene and
air-drying or oven-cured finishes and can be applied solvent naphtha 100. The solutions formed should be
by brush, roller, or airless spray. tested for their storage stability.
The primary applications for systems based on Note that only PUR grade solvents (<500 ppm
Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate and Desmodur N water) should be used.
polyisocyanates are heavy-duty maintenance and
high performance architectural coatings. Good flow
and leveling properties are achieved whether these Compatability
systems are brush or roller applied. Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate is compatible
with Desmodur N 75, Desmodur Z 4470, Desmodur
As with any product, use of Desmophen A 160 SN in CB polyisocyanates, Desmophen 670, and
a given application must be tested (including but not Desmophen 1150.
limited to field testing) in advance by the user to
determine suitability. In general, Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate can
be mixed with the above Desmodur- and
Desmophen-types, but individual cases should be
tested for their compatibility.
Product Specifications
Compatibility of Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate
Property Value with other polyol types is limited. Although solutions
OH content, %. 1.6 ± 0.3 of various combinations may be clear, the resultant
Color, Hazen. 50 maximum dry films are often hazy, indicating poor compatibility.
Viscosisty @ 23°C, mPa•s. 2,800 ± 500 Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate is compatible
Acid value (mg KOH/g) 4±2 with low proportions (4:1) of nitrocellulose resins,
Solids, % 60 ± 1 vinyl chloride copolymers such as VAGH, and some
Water Content, % 0.1 maximum epoxy resins.

* These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not part of the product specifications.

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Storage Health and Safety Information
Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate is hygroscopic. Appropriate literature has been assembled which
Containers must be tightly closed to prevent contami- provides information pertaining to the health and
nation with moisture and foreign materials. safety concerns that must be observed when han-
Processability of this product can be adversely dling Desmophen A 160 SN polyacrylate. For
affected by contamination. materials mentioned that are not Bayer products,
appropriate industrial hygiene and other safety
Take precautions against the buildup of electrostatic precautions recommended by their manufacturer
charges. Material is combustible. Keep away from should be followed. Before working with any
heat and open flame. product mentioned in this publication, you must read
and become familiar with available information
Recommended storage temperature maximum is concerning its hazards, proper use, and handling.
95°F (35°C). The shelf life is six months after This cannot be overemphasized. Information is
receipt of material by customer, when stored in available in several forms such as material safety
closed original containers at 77°F (25°C). data sheets and product labels. For further informa-
tion contact your Bayer MaterialScience representa-
tive or Bayer’s Product Safety and Regulatory
Affairs Department in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Note: The information contained in this bulletin is current as of November 2002. Please contact Bayer
MaterialScience to determine whether this publication has been revised.

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