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Graphic Organizer Grading Rubric

Category Breakdown of category Points Breakdown of points

requirements available for
Spelling and Grammar Are words spelled correctly, are 3 points 1 point for spelling.
the correct words used, and is the
sentence structure correct as in 1 point for using the
are periods and commas and such correct words.
things used correctly.
1 point for grammar.
Information Is the information included in your 4 points 2 points for info being
graphic organizer applicable to the applicable to the
subject and is it important to subject.
understanding the historical
topic? 2 points for the info
being important to
understanding the
Organization Is the information organized into 6 points 2 points for having a
categories that make sense, or system to organize the
some manner that makes sense info in your graphic
and can be used to later find organizer, such as
information about a specific categories.
aspect of that historical topic?
(such categories may include 2 points for the info in
historical origin, military, your categories being
trade/taxes, government, accurately placed into
culture/customs, foreign relations, it’s said category.
and anything else that you believe
is important to understanding the 2 points for putting your
subject you are studying.) info into bite size and
easily discernable
Also, is the info in those groups.
categories or whatever system
you choose to use to organize
your info, accurately placed in the
category that it is set in?

Lastly is the information divided

into bite-size or at least easily
discernable groups (which is good)
Or is all the information clumped
up in big piles of information, and
or just long run-on sentences.
Total points available 13 points