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Health Resources

South Putnam Church. (2019). Ministries. Retrieved from

This organization is a local resource that can help provide free food and counseling through

“Feed the Need,” ministry. It also provides free medical treatment through “Putnam

County Medical Missions.” Both are provided through the local church with experienced

personnel. Among the above, they have several resources for children of all ages who

want to play sports, be with other kids, and stay out of trouble.

Greger, Michael. (2019). Nutrition Facts. Retrieved from

This website gives you thousands of articles and podcasts to information you’re looking for. It

was founded by Dr. Michael Gregor who contributes to a lot of the content along with

many others. If you have questions about nutrition, health, a lifestyle change, you have

come to the right place.

American Holistic Health Association. (2019). Finding Wellness Resources. Retrieved from

This website is free and impartial and has a ton of information. This organization is represented

by two physicians who believe a holistic approach is something to at least look into. A lot

of information about health and wellness whether you are sick, healthy or wanting to

improve your life. They share information that looks at the body, mind, and spirit, not

just an ailment. (2019). Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Retrieved from

This website is a government-based website that offers you a lot of information based on what

has been set for guidelines. You can easily navigate this website to access information on

food and nutrition, physical activity, information about your health, and finding great

health care. These are all science based and are there to educate a person who may not

know much information about health and wellness. (2019). Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Retrieved from


This website is also a government-based website that offers you a health quiz. You can literally

look up any health topic, but they focus on many that are what everyone is looking for.

Parenting, health conditions, healthy living, and so much more. You can search this

website for hours and still have so much more to look at. (2019). Office if Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Retrieved from

Another government-based website that has many topics available to research. You can learn

about adolescent health, to heart disease and stroke, to your vision. This doesn’t only

show information about Healthy People 2020 (goals set for Americans in 2010), but it

explores a lot of other health information that may peak your interest. This website is also

working towards Healthy People 2030, so keep a look out.

Medical News Today. (2019). News Letter. Retrieved from

This website presents hundreds of thousands of articles based on medical topics. A lot of the

articles are based on new pharma drugs, old ones and different alternative ideas of

healing ailments. From anxiety and depression, to infarction, there is so much to look at.

Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. (2019). Disease and Conditions. Retrieved from

This website like others can give you a lot of information about disease and conditions, statistics

about them and how to treat them. You can look at recent outbreaks, how to live healthy,

emergency preparedness and more. This website would be great for anyone who wants to

learn about the safety of their food or learn more about health and wellness.

National Institutes of Health. (2019). Turning Discovery into Health. Retrieved from

The NIH can teach you where to look for funding for new research, can help with a lot of

information about health and wellness. There is the news section that can inform you of

recent activities or research going on in the medical world about a lot of health issues.

You can look up almost anything to do with health and find information about it. (2019). Take Control of your Goals. Retrieved from

My Fitness Pal is a website that can track your food and exercise for what ever your goals are.

There is a blog with lots of health information, along with a community you can connect

with that can motivate and help you through your journey. This is a great way to log your

food, portion control and learn how to take control of your life.
Nestle, Marian. (2013). Food Politics. 3rd Edition. University of California Press.

This is a book that talks about how the food industry influences health and nutrition. It discusses

all about how the government makes choices on what is healthy or not and why. Talks

about globalization, and the food pyramid. If you are looking for an eye opener on

something you may not have ever thought about, this will be sure to do it.

Howley, Edward, &Franks, B. Don. (2012). Fitness Professionals Handbook. 6th Edition. Human

Kinetics Publishers.

This book discusses physical fitness. People at all different stages in their lives need specific

prescriptions for fitness, its not a one size fits all. This discusses what a person should be

doing, why a person should be doing it, and how it can help the overall health and

wellbeing of that specific person.

Mayo Clinic. (2019). Find Disease and Conditions. Retrieved from

The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization that sees and treats people, but also have a plethora

of information available online. This organization has a lot of information about any

certain disease, conditions etc., but they also have a symptoms button if you don’t know

with what you might be struggling with. There are highlighted articles also that are

offered and always a good read.

National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health. (2019). Integrative Medicine

Research. Retrieved from

NCCIH is a website that goes through a lot of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

It explains each nontraditional method of healing ailments while telling you where it
came from, how long its been used for and whether it is considered safe or not to use. It

will also help you find more resources about the subject if interested.

U.S. National Library of Medicine. (2019). Accelerating Biomedical Discovery and Data

Powered Health. Retrieved from

NLM is an awesome website to get information about new research that is going on, has a blog

with thousands of articles, and many just common questions being answered. This is a

great website to learn what is going on in the world around you.