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Securing commonly used architecture


client/server architecture
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A network design in which client computers use a centrally
administered server to share data, data storage space, and
Processing of data is also done at client side
Implies separation of duties and power

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fat or thin client
thin client does majority of the processing in
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Server Side threats
code injection-validate input, aggregate and inference-masking and polyinstatiation

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client/server architecture
A network design in which client computers use a centrally administered server to share data,
data storage space, and devices.
Processing of data is also done at client side
Implies separation of duties and power
fat or thin client
thin client does majority of the processing in server.
distributed computing
A form of computing where systems in different locations communicate and collaborate to
complete a task. Security is a important concern
Peer to peer computing
a connection between any two or more systems for common interest such as file sharing, etc.
Channel security using IPSEC. Data confidentiality-encryption, security in call stack-validation
and authorization should not be circumvented using race condition or dead lock
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) characteristics
Platform neutrality, interoperability, Modularity and reusability, abstracted business
functionality, contract based interfaces and discoverability.
Loosely coupled, abstraction, composable, reusable, autonomous, stateless and discoverable
SOA are implemented using
com, corba, webservices
SOA messaging is by ---------- and secured using
XML and secured using TLS/SSL
Enterprise service bus(ESB)
monitor and control of routing of messaging between system
ESB is configured to
perform protocol conversions and handle translation and transformation of communications
Handle defined events
Perform message queueing and mapping of data flows
Web Services
communication between elements over the internet.
Machine readable format is called WSDL(xml based description language)
REST Web services
manipulate xml representation of web resources using a uniforms set of stateless operations
Rich Internet Application (RIA)
Webservice as transfer mechanism and client as processing device
Client side exploits or threats can be avoided by
using input validation
remote code execution (RCE)
when an attacker obtains control of a target computer through some sort of vulnerability,
gaining the power to execute commands on that remote computer
Pervasive or Ubiquitous Computing
interconnecting the devices/mobile, sharing info between them
To secure pervasive or ubiquitous
defense in depth, fail safe, complete mediation are used.
Each device should be self reliant, self sufficient for security, safety and stability
can pass through others. need to be secured. When developing a system, security of data is
NOT provided by wireless network.
Location-based data
Store locator or google maps. very valuable but sensitive also. How it can be abused should be
considered and protected
Radio frequency Identification RFID
non contract means of transferring data between two parties. Using a transmitter/receiver and
When a reader sends signal, tag responds with digital number. Used in tracking passports only
in short distance
remote wipe
A mobile device security feature that can delete all data and possibly even configuration
settings remotely when the device is stolen or lost
Information disclosure can happen by
lost or stolen device, insecure data storage in local or cloud, insufficient data protection on data
transmission, broken cryptography.
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Contactless wireless transmission of data over short distances. Security should be close
Time and attendance, credit card payment, hotel key, secure PC logon, ticketing
Sensor Networks
Facilitate new ways of interacting with the environment and with physical systems.
Mobile apps
A software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such
as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers. Significant quantity of
information is stored on the device
Cloud Architecture
scalable services that are automatically provisioned in response to demand
cloud computing architecture are
on-demand self service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity and measured
service. resource utilization monitored and managed
spaghetti code
unstructured go to statements. Hard to understand and difficult to maintain
Advantage of 3 tier architecture
changes in one tier is independent of another. Encapsulates internal makeup -making contract
based interfaces between tiers
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
A method that provides network resources such as for storage and allow the client can deploy
software and add network components such as firewalls.
PaaS (Platform as a Service)
A service model in which various platforms are provided virtually, enabling developers to build
and test applications within virtual, online environments tailored to the specific needs of a
SaaS (Software as a Service)
Services for delivering and providing access to software remotely as a web-based service
Common Architecture are
Distributed computing, soa, ria, ubiqutous computing and cloud computing
RIA threats
Client Side Threats, Server Side Threats,
prevent code injection
validate input
types of Ubiquitous computing are
Wireless networking, RFID, NFC, LBS
Credential management exploits
MITM, unauthorized access and privilege escalation
Credential management solutions
certificates and SSO
traffic flow control
proxies, firewalls, middleware, logging, data loss prevention-extrafiltration of data,
Run Virtual server within physicai server. Isolation from applications,
Reference Monitor
set of rules how a subject can acess object
Security Kernel
The s/ware or h/ware that enforces the reference monitor
Resides in motherboard with the key to unlock harddrive. So the user cannot used the hard
drive in another computer.
Secure State Model
System starts securely, performs all of its function and shut down securely
extrafiltration of data
unauthorized transfer of data from a computer.
NIST 800-145 cloud computing has 4 deployment models
private, public, community and hybrid
Multiple instances of information
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