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Please type your answers in the space provided.

Your name?
Ebony Diana Camarena Bullon
Date of birth?
Are you married? If yes how many children do you have?
No, I’m not.
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
I have two brothers and one sister.

Please provide your education history after high school

Date from Date to Name of institution Name of course you studied
2012 2014 Instituto San Ignacio de Loyola Marketing

Please provide details of the English course that you attended in your Country
Date from Date to Name of institution Notes
2018 To the date Icpna Intermediate

Please provide your employment history since high school in date order AND include
unemployment periods
Date from Date to Name of employer Your position Your salary in
Australian dollars
2013 2014 Kendal Import Practicing 312
2014 2016 Coats Cadena Peru Practicing 390
2016 2018 Global Sales Solution Sales/ Pols 390

What benefits do you expect from your intended study in Australia?
I hope to return with a fluent English and with a very wide vocabulary that allows me
to communicate naturally that language.
Why do you intend to do this course in Australia and not in your Country?
Because I think that education in general in Australia is better, there are high
standards of English training there and it is their native language.
Please name some employers in your country who would employ you when you
go back to your Country? OR if you are planning to open up your own business,
what are your plans?
When I return to my country I will open my own company that imports Chinese
Do you have any gaps in your education or employment history of more than one
year? If yes, tell the reasons for this gap.

How much salary do you expect to earn when you go back to your country?
When I return I hope to earn 3000 soles monthly because for my career it is
indispensable to speak English very well.

Financial support during your studies

Who will support you financially during your study in Australia?
My parents.
What is your relationship with the person who is providing the funds? (Please
provide evidence of your relationship).
My mother and my father.
Provide information about the income and employment of the person /
organization providing the funds.
Own business
Provide information about the assets of the person / organization providing the
Comercializadora Iguana & Ebony SAC.
Does that person have rental income? If yes, please give details.
No, she doesn’t.
Regarding the financial documents please provide ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:
- Evidence for the source of funds for any lump sum deposits (for example,
sale of property)
- 6 months of bank account transaction history

Please provide information about the current employment of you partner

Date from Date to Name of employer Partner’s position Partner’s salary in
Australian dollars
2015 2018 Backus Administrator 1041

Please provide information about properties of you and your partner in your
country. Also, if you receive any rental income, please provide details (how much)
and documentary evidence (if applicaple)

Have you previously travelled or studied overseas? If so, give details.

Date from Date to Country travelled to Reason for travel

Were you refused visa by any country? if yes, please provide details
No, weren’t