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Vanitas/ Still Life Drawing

Goal: To create a vanitas/ still life drawing that shows depth as well as the use of full value range applied in a convincing
matter. Later, you will need to support your drawing with written statements in the Feldman Method of Critique:
Make sure the criteria is completed:

___Understanding and usage of Elements and Principles of Design

___Evident care and planning

___Use of cropping on each side of the paper (things floating off the page)
___ Drawing is expected to have 5 to 8+ objects that includes some translucent glass.

___At least 85 to 90 % of paper surface is covered with drawing

___Full Range of values used in drawing and in shading of objects. Shading should be logically applied with a consistent light
source. Each section of shading should show transition (Not be one flat value), and show considerations of highlight, light,
shadow, core shadow, reflected light and cast shadows.

___Interesting placement of objects (positive/negative space considered). The principle of MOVEMENT should be created in

___ DEPTH AND PERSPECTIVE that creates a foreground, middle ground, and background.
Basics Depth:
Size Variation
Value/ Color/ Detail variation
Placement of objects (things lower on the page often looks closer)
Advanced Perspectives:
Foreshortening, One point perspective, Two-point perspective,
Three-point perspective

Excellent Good Average Improve-
ment Yourself
Criteria 1
Drawing has 85% (2/3) of picture surface
40 36-32 28 24 or less

Criteria 2
Drawing has foreground, middle, and
background, as well as cropping, overlap and 20 18-16 14 12 or less

Criteria 3
Student uses full range of values in the
shading application. Objects look like 3-D 20 18-16 14 12 or less

Criteria 4 – Effort/ Craftsmanship: took time

to develop idea & complete project? (Didn’t
rush.) Craftsmanship – Neat, clean & 10 9-8 7 6 or less
complete? Skillful use of the art tools & media

Criteria 5 – Background negative space:

Background treatment applied that works with
drawing 10 9-8 7 6 or less

Total: 100% / Grade: Your

4 = 100 points Total