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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Time & duration 3 hours

Date 12.03.2018 Year &
III& VI Max. Marks: 100marks

Subject Code ME6601 Subject Name: Design of Transmission System

Part – A 10*2=20

1. What are the various losses in the power transmission by belts?

2. What do you understand by duplex and triplex chain?
3. What is interference in involutes profile?
4. State the advantage of herringbone gear.
5. What are the standard interchangeable tooth profiles?
6. What is zerol bevel gear?
7. Differentiate ray diagram and structural diagram.
8. What is reference angle?
9. Why is it necessary to dissipate the heat generated during clutch operation.
10. List out the basic rules to be followed for optimum gear box design.

Part –B 13*5=65

11.a) ) Two shafts whose centers are 1 meter apart are connected by a V-belt drive. The driving pulley is
supplied with 95 kW power and has an effective diameter of 300mm. it runs at 1000 rpm, while the
driven pulley runs at 375rpm. The angle of groove on the pulleys is 40°. Permissible tension in 400
mm2cross– sectional area belt is 2.1 MPa. The material of the belt has density of 1100 kg/ mm3. The
driven pulley is overhung, the distance of the centre from the nearest bearing being 200 mm. The
coefficient of friction between belt and pulley rim is 0.28. Estimate the number of belts required. Also
calculate the length required to each belt. (13)
11. b) Design a chain drive to actuate a compressor from a 12 kW electric motor at 900 rpm, the
compressor begins 250 rpm. Minimum centre distance should be 500 mm; the chain tension may be
adjusted by shifting the motor on rails. The compressor is to work 8 hour/day. (13)

12. a) A compressor running at 300 rpm is driven by a 15kW, 1200 rpm motor through a 14½° full
depth spur gears .The centre distance is 375 mm .The motor pinion is to be of C30 forged steel hardened
and tempered, and the driven gear is to be of cast iron. Assuming medium shock condition, design the
gear drive. (13)
12. b) Design a helical gear to transmit 15kW at 1400rpm to the following specifications: speed
reduction is 3, pressure angle is 20o, helix angle is 15o, the material of both gears is C45 steel, allowable
ststic stress 180N/mm2, surface endurance limit is 800N/mm2, Young’s modulus of material is
2*105N/mm2. (13)
13.(a) Design a pair of bevel gears to transmit 10kW at a pinion speed of 1440rpm. Required
transmission ratio is 4. Material for gears is 15Ni2Cr1Mo 15/steel. The tooth profiles of the gears are of
20o composite form. (13)

13.b) Design a worm drive for a speed reducer to transmit 15 kW at 1440 rpm the worm shaft. The
desired wheel speed is 60 rpm. Select suitable worm and wheel materials. (13)

14.a) The minimum and maximum speed of a six speed gear box are to be 160 and 500 rpm. Construct the
kinematic arrangement and the ray diagram of the gear box. Also find the number of teeth on all gears.
14.b) A gear box is to be designed with the following specification: Power = 14.72kW. No. of speeds =
18. Minimum Speed = 16 rpm. Step ratio = 1.25. motor speed = 1400 rpm. The 18 speeds are obtained as
2x3x3. (i) Sketch the layout of the gear box. (ii) Draw the speed diagram. (13)

15.a) A multiplate disc clutch transmits 55 kW of power at 1800 efficient of friction for the
friction surfaces is 0.1. Axial intensity at pressure is not to exceed 160 kN/m2 . the internal radius is 80
mm and is 0.7 times the external radius. Find the number of plates needed to transmit the required torque.
15.b) Determine the capacity and the main dimensions of a double block brake for the following data: the
brake sheave is mounted on the drum shaft. The hoist with its load weights 45kn and moves downwards
with a velocity of 1.15 m/s. The pitch diameter of the hoists drum is 1.25 m. The hoist must be stopped
with in a distance of 3.25 m. the kinetic energy of the drum may be neglected. (13)

Part –B 15*1=15

16.a) A gear box is to be designed with the following specification: Power = 15kW. No. of speeds = 14.
Minimum Speed = 50 rpm. Step ratio = 1.4, motor speed = 1500 rpm. (i) Sketch the layout of the gear
box. (ii) Draw the speed diagram. (15)

16.b) Design a bevel gear drive to transmit 7.5 kW at 1500 rpm. Gear ratio is 3.5. Material for pinion and
gear is C45 steel. Minimum number of teeth is to be 25. (15)

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