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Journalist’s Article Pitching Tool

If you are an independent journalist, you may use this simple form to help organize
your thoughts in preparation for “pitching” your content idea to a news outlet or
other media client.


• The text shown in blue throughout this document provides tips on how to
use this document. When finished filling in all sections, you may delete the
blue portions and cut-and-paste the remaining portions of the document into
an email addressed to your media contact.

• TIP: Unless your media contact requires it, do not send your pitch as a
document attachment. Some email systems will strip out your attachment,
thus causing your contact not to receive your pitch. Aside from this, sending
your pitch as a part of your email provides fast and convenient access.

• TIP: Make certain to preface your pitch with a cover letter.

Article Title: XXXXXXXXXX

Use this section to indicate the article’s proposed title. Replace the X’s above with
the actual or proposed title.

Byline / Subtitle: XXXXXXXXXX

Use this section to indicate the byline or subtitle. Replace the X’s above with the
actual or proposed subtitle.

Provide a short (usually 1-3 sentences) preface to the article. Word this section to
catch the reader’s attention.

Article Type and Length:

Edit and/or delete the unneeded choice below, leaving the one you need. Or
optionally replace them both with one specific to the needs you’ve arranged
with your media contact.
• Standard Article – 400-800 words

• Feature Article – 800-1200 words


* Optional. Use this section for pitching longer pieces – such as feature articles.
Provide bullet points to outline the flow of topics. Replace the text adjacent to the
bullets below to fill in this section.

NOTE: Shorter articles may not necessarily need an outline.

• Article Section or Topic 1

• Article Section or Topic 2

• Article Section or Topic 3

Long-Form Pitch:
Provide a long-form explanation of your pitch.

Intended Audience*:
Briefly describe the audience for whom you are writing. Replace the X’s below to fill
in this section.

* Optional. If the audience for whom you write is already understood, then omit this


Intended Page Location:

• If there is a certain page or section in your media contact’s publication for
which you intend to write, then indicate it here.

• If necessary, provide the URL.

• Replace the X’s below to fill in this section.

TIP: Sometimes it’s helpful to list this section first so that your media contact can
envision seeing your proposed content occupying the space they need filled.

Article Text:
• On the chance you have written your article already, fill in this section with
your new content.

• Replace the X’s below to fill in this section.


About the Author:

• Use this section to provide some information about yourself.

• Embed a photograph of yourself.

• Replace the X’s below to fill in this section.

• Sample text: John Melendez is a US-based journalist, business consultant,

and former expatriate resident of China: