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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2019 

Student Name  Paulina Contreras, Faviola Rosas,  Class Period  3 
Angela Rosas 

Research Topic  Healthy recipes for people with diabetes  

Thesis Statement  Those with diabetes can still enjoy eating the foods they love while 
What you intend to prove   staying healthy 

Description of Product  A series of short cooking videos     

  posted on Instagram 

Form of Product  ❏ Video/Documentary/YouTube Channel 

(Highlight all that  ❏ Creation/Artwork/Tangible Item 
apply)  ❏ Education 
❏ Service 
❏ Social Media Campaign (must include another selection) 
❏ Other 

Please explain your  We plan to come up with healthy recipes for those who are diabetic 
product (with specific  and prediabetic. We will share this by posting short cooking films on 
details?)  instagram so people can share them with friends and family. 

Describe the  With the research we did it provide us with information about 
connection between  harmful foods along with the amount of food they can consume 
your research 
bibliography) and your 

How will you display  We will come up with a series of recipes to share, we will create short 
this in your digital  videos that can be saved. 

Estimate the number  Our group plans on working on our creations about 2 hours a da. 
of hours needed to  Within a week we can work about 2 times a week. In this time frame 
complete ALL of the  we will cook recipes along with filming , editing and posting the 
items on your to do list  videos. 
(page 2) including your 
final product. ​You 
must document at 
least ten (10) 
fieldwork hours 
outside of class. 

Explain how you will  We will provide screenshots of online recipes and information. 
document each and  Create videos that will show the process along with final product. 
every step for  Including retakes and mistakes along the way. 
completing your 
product (journal, blog, 
video blog, etc.). 

What do you hope ​to  I hope to learn healthy alternative recipes so they can share them 
learn​ during this  with family spreading awareness. 
My To Do List 
Below list the steps and timeline you will ​attempt to​ follow to complete your product. As you complete 
the product,  
make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. T ​ he log will be turned in on March 
18, 2019! 

Steps  Completed by Date 

1.Look up recipes / print out  2/16 

2.Obtain ingreditnts  2/23 

3.Film  2/24 

4. Edit  3/2 

5. Publish Videos  3/4 





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