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Professional Practice 2

Bernice Lisette Benitez

Angela Lorraine Reynado

Camille Rafunzel Buban

Ariel John Catanyag

Raven Villafania
1. What made you choose to be in the field of architecture?


When he was in his high school days he was exposed in arts that inspired him to take


2. As an Architect how do you deal with your colleagues and subordinates?


He deals with his colleagues and subordinates by inspiring them to do better in their

work because he notice that students and colleagues now a day’s lack dedication, that’s why

he tend to inspire them to be dedicated in their work and have initiative towards their work .

3. When and how did you start your firm?


He started in 1985 with only one employee and through the years they expand. They

do their projects on a hands on basis like attending the meetings personally and dealing with

the clients personally.

4. What have you considered before starting an architectural firm?


The most basic was a connection to the clients and developers, it is every architects

obstacles. Or start with a small group like he did, he started it small and through the years it

was accumulated. It’s a reality that not all architects was given the opportunity, so he advice

us that once you get the connection or probably your first client you should stay focus on

your work. That’s why if you get your first project you focus on it because that first project

will grow in a first second and so on, if you find difficulties that leads you to be incompetent

then there’s no reason to go on. Architecture life is not that simple it’s a prestigious but the

challenge was always there even right now that they are in 21st year and done almost 300

projects there are still challenges. Once in a while they encounter problems in blueprints

printings, missing details and such that they just notice during construction. That details you

need to perfect it through the coming projects. In coming years you gain more experience

and learn from your mistakes, and keep improving through the next projects.
5. Based on your experience, what is the most challenging project you have done with your



It’s not the project that was challenging it’s the client, it is the most challenging if

the client expect too much from you, all architects has the same capabilities they do hotels

residential and other structure works. But if the client expects too much that was the most

challenging, if they expect you to come up with the perfect plan and do the work smoothly.

But through the years this challenges will be lessen because when you gain more experience

you learn from your experience.

6. How did you overcome obstacles in managing your company?


Focus and dedication, that’s one of the things he noticed in almost most of the architects in

today’s time

7. How important is an innovative mind to the company?



8. What sets your firm apart from other architects with similar experience?


9. What key things do you look for in potential new hires?



10. What piece of advice can you give for aspiring architects like us?