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n Integrated Skills Approach, Third Edition Focus on GRAMMAR Copyright © 2012, 2006, 2000 by Pearson Education, Inc, All rights reserved. be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, ‘any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, jon of the publisher. No part of this publication may or transmitted in any form or by recording, or otherwise, without the prior permi Pearson Education, 10 Bank Street, White Plains, NY 10606 up the Focus on Grammar 1, Third dition team representing editorial, production, design, and manufacturing, are John Barnes, ‘Andrea Bryant, serereTh Carlson, Tracey Cataldo, Aerin Csigay, Dave Dickey, Christine Edmonds Nancy Flageman, Ann France, Lise Minovitz, Barbara Perez, Robert Ruvo, and Debbie Sist Staff credits: The people who made Cover image: ‘Text composition: ElectraGraphies, Inc. Text font: New Aster Publication Data Library of Congress Cataloging: Schoenberg, Irene, 1946— Focus on grammar. 1: an integr Includes index. TSBN 0-13-245591-9 — ISBN 0-13-254647-7 — ISBN 0-13-254648-5 — I ISBN 0-13.254650-7 1. English language—Textbooks for foreign speakers Grammar_—Problems, exercises, etc: 1. Maurer, Jay. 11. Title 'PE1128.3456824 2011 428.2'4—de22 ated skills approach / Irene E, Schoenberg, Jay Mauer. ~ 3rd ed. SBN 0-13-254649-3 — 2. English language— 2011014126 Pe offers online resources for teachers and students. Access ‘our Companion Websites, our online catalog, fand our local offices around the world. Visit us at Lee Printed in the United States of America ISBN 10: 0-13-245591-9 ISBN 13: 978-0-13-245591-6 123456789 10—VO82—16 15 14 13 1211 ISBN 10: 0-13-248412-9 (with MyLab) ISBN 13: 978-0-13-248412-1 (with MyLab) 123456789 10—-VO82—I6 15 14131211 CONTENTS PART I unit 1 UNIT 2 PART II UNIT 3 uNiT 4 uNIT 5 UNIT 6 PART III UNIT 7 UNIT 8 PART IV uNIT 9 UNIT 10 PART V UNIT 11 UNIT 12 UNIT 13 UNIT 14 PART VI UNIT 15 UNIT 16 UNIT 17 PART VII UNIT 18 UNIT 19 unit 20 uNiT 21 Welcome to Focus on Grammar Scope and Sequence Getting Started: Classroom Instructions This is / These are; Subject Pronouns; Nouns This is / These are; Subject Pronouns ‘Singular and Plural Nouns; Proper Nouns; A and An Be: Present; That is / Those are; Possessive Adjectives Present of Be: Statements That is / Those are; Possessive Adjectives Present of Be: Yes / No Questions, Questions with Who and What Present of Be: Where Questions; Be: Past Past of Be: Statements, Yes / No Questions Past of Be: Wh- Questions Imperatives; Simple Present: Statements Imperatives Simple Present: Statements, ‘Simple Present: Questions, Be and Have; Adverbs of Frequency Simple Present: Yes / No Questions Simple Present: Wh- Questions ‘Simple Present: Be and Have ‘Simple Present with Adverbs of Frequency Present Progressive Present Progressive: Statements Present Progressive: Yes / No Questions Present Progressive: Wh- Questions penuh ee i These / Those; Some and Any; Possessive Nouns; This / That / These / Those Count and Non-count Nouns; Some and Any A/Anand The; One / Ones Can / Can't 10 20 30 38 48 es 78 87 107 17 126 136 147 156 166 176 187 196 ne PART VIII unit 22 UNIT 23 UNIT 24 PART IX UNIT 25 UNIT 26 UNIT 27 PART X UNIT 28 uniT 29 unit 30 PART XI UNIT 31 UNIT 32 iv. Contents Simple Past ‘Simple Past: Regular Verbs (Statements) ‘Simple Past: Regular and Irregular Verbs; Yes / No Questions ple Past: Wh- Questions Pronouns; Quantity Expressions; There is / There are Subject and Object Pronouns How much / How many; Quantity Expressions There is / There are Modifiers; Comparisons; Prepositions of Time Noun and Adjective Modifiers ‘Comparative Adjectives Propositions of Time: In, On, At Future With Be going to Future with Be going to: Statements Future with Be going to: Questions From Grammar to Writing Appendices Glossary of Grammar Terms Puzzles, Games, and Information Gap Answer Key Unit Review Answer Key Index 208 218 228 238 247 257 268 278 288 298 307 FG-1 mM Go Pa uRO WeELcome To Focus on GRAMMAR | } | | Now in a new edition, the popular five -level Focus on Grammar course continues to provide an integrated-skills approach to help students understand and practice English grammar. Centered on thematic instruction, Focus on Grammar combines controlled and communicative practice with critical thinking skills and ongoing assessment. Students gain the confidence they need to speak and write English accurately and fluently. NEW for THIS EDITION rere Key vocabulary is highlighted, practiced, and recycled throughout the unit. ND Now, in every unit, pronunciation points and activities help students improve spoken accuracy and fluency. (SETS Expanded listening tasks allow students to develop a range of listening skills. Ce cuss Target structures are presented in a clear, easy-to-read format. High-interest readings, updated or completely new, in a variety of genres integrate grammar and vocabulary in natural contexts. NEW UNIT REVIEWS Students can check their understanding and monitor their progress after completing each unit. (tenor) An easy-to-use online learning and assessment program offers online homework and individualized instruction anywhere, anytime. We tieeietete® One compact resource includes: ‘THe TeaceR’s MANUAL: General Teaching Notes, Unit Teaching Notes, the Student Book ‘Audioscript, and the Student Book Answer Key. TeaceRr’s Resource Disc: Bound into the Resource Pack, this CD-ROM contains reproducible Placement, Part, and Unit Tests, as well as customizable Test-Generating Software. It also includes reproducible Internet Activities and PowerPoint® Grammar Presentations. Welcome to Focus on Grammar V