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A Dog Story is a Ugandan short film about Atim, a young woman who tries to escape from her abductor

Bongwat and comes face to face with the reality of what it means to be an abductee, and the
consequences of requiting his love. It was produced by actress and dental assistant Doreen Mirembe as
her debut production.[1]


A Dog Story is Doreen Mirembe’s debut production which she developed in 2013 while still deep in the
acting world but by that time she wasn’t well equipped enough to produce the story herself. She wrote
the idea on paper but couldn’t write the script. By late 2014, she had gotten close to some filmmakers
she could trust enough to tell her story, she got in touch with Luswata Musa (a script writer) to teach
and guide her about story, script and screenplay writing so as she could write her story. In 2015, she had
pitched the story to a few who welcomed the project and aimed at getting it all produced on the budget
of five million shillings that she had by at the time. In January 2015the final date of shooting was set to
27th, and all shooting took place in Gayaza at Doreen Mirembe’s family home.[2]