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TERM/WEEKS: Term 3 YEAR LEVEL: One LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom:

There are 10 iPad’s available in the classroom at all times and are located in the charging station. For this lesson however only six iPads are required. Five iPads will be stationed
at activity three to create the collages and one iPad will be at activity four to create the stop motion video.
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 5 Visual arts – 1. Create their Summative Introduction

Lesson own assessment –
3 Exploration of, and caterpillar At the conclusion of  Review the story of ‘The Hungry - White board
experimentation the lesson when Caterpillar’ by brainstorming with the - White board
using a
with, the visual art students return to the students on the whiteboard. To assess markers
elements of shape variety of mat to review the
artistic prior learning ask students to share what - Eraser
colour, line, space lesson the teacher is
and texture elements using summative they recall from the story and what they
(ACAVAM106) and assessment to have learnt in the two previous lessons
materials measure students  Inform students that today’s lesson is
Development of understanding. The going to have an art focus
artistic skills teacher asks the  Inform students that they will be placed
through 2. Using an students to volunteer
into groups and will spend the lesson
experimentation iPad create to share their stop
with: motion video or their rotating through four different activities
a stop
- shape (geometric collage. Be aware that  Inform students of their groups (these
shapes) it is likely the same groups have been previously identified)
recreation of
- colour (mixing children will volunteer  Outline each of the four activities to the - Refer to
primary colours to ‘The Very so ensure a cross students and advise which activity each previously
create secondary Hungry section of students identified
group will begin with
colours) Caterpillar’ share their work. groupings
- line (broken, Through this, the  Ask each group to go to their first activity
by Eric Carle
jagged, dashed) teacher is able to
- space explicitly assess the
(background, 3. Create a students who Body
foreground) butterfly volunteer.
- texture (changes using the art  While the students are completing the
in texture; transfer element of Observation record- rotations the teacher and the education
of texture) symmetry Throughout the lesson assistant will be available to help students
To create artwork the teacher will be where required and to ensure all students
(ACAVAM107) observing all students. understand each rotation
4. Create a
The teacher will be
collage observing the students
including all for their understanding
of the of what is required at
elements each activity as well as Activity 1 - Paint in a
seen in ‘The their ability to complete Students will create a butterfly using paint variety of
the task provided. and the art element of symmetry. Ensure colours
Very Hungry
students are wearing their art smock. The
Caterpillar’ Checking for education assistant will be placed at this
- Sponges
understanding - activity. - Paint brushes
Throughout the lesson
the teacher will be
- Variety of craft
asking students if they Activity 2
understand what is Students will create a caterpillar that is long materials (eg.
required from them. enough to fit the letters of their name. This egg cartons,
activity will result in each child having a coloured paper,
All of this assessment caterpillar with their name on which can be googly eyes,
information will be placed around the classroom. To complete leaves, pom
recorded for the these caterpillars, students will be provided poms, cotton
teacher to use to make with a variety of craft materials. Students can
balls etc.)
changes if required choose to create their caterpillar however
and refer to in the they like. - Glue
future. - Texta’s/ pencils
(used to write
their name)
Activity 3
Students will use the ipad to create a collage.
The students will use the app ‘PicCollage’ on
the ipad to create a collage of everything they - A copy of ‘The
saw in ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. For Hungry
example, students will include pictures of a Caterpillar’ by
caterpillar, eggs, a cocoon, a leaf and all of
Eric Carle
the food eaten by the caterpillar. At this
station a copy of the story will be provided for - iPads
the students to refer to when creating their - ‘PicCollage’
collage. PicCollage allows students to add downloaded on
photos, text, stickers and frames to create all iPads
their collage. Students will be completing this
activity individually. These collages may be
printed out and displayed around the
Activity 4 - iPads
Students will use the iPad to recreate ‘The - ‘Stop motion’
Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story. Students will application on
use the application ‘stop motion’ to take
the iPads
photos of each stage of the book. After all
photos have been taken, the stop motion app - Pictures to use
will use the photos to form a stop motion as props
video. Students will be provided with a picture
of the elements displayed throughout the
story, for example a leaf, egg, a caterpillar, all
of the food eaten by the caterpillar, a butterfly
etc. Students can use these pictures as props
for their stop motion video. Students will be
required to complete this task as a group.
Students may also decide that they would like
to use themselves as props in their video.

 Ask students to ensure their area is
tidy and everything has been packed
 Ask students to gather on the mat to
conclude the lesson
 Review the lesson with the students
- Ask which activities the students enjoyed
and which activities they would change or
do differently
- Ask students if they would like to volunteer
to show the class their stop motion video
created as a group or the collage they
created individually.
- Reflect on their study of ‘The Hungry
Caterpillar’ as a whole