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Frida Paola Mtz Carreon

y Jorge Pastrana

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Alpha and Omega Educative Center
“Where Life Purpose Recovers Value”
UANL High School 86300
Semester: Jan-June 2018

Learning unit: English IV Activity: Integrity

Stage: 2 life has been amazing!
Teacher: Alejandra del Ángel del Ángel
Student: Frida Carreón and Jorge Pastrana Student Number: 1927831,1932221
Date: 12TH March 2018

In this activity you will complete the second phase of you final project.

1. Work in teams.
2. Choose a topic related to your magazine and include the vocabulary and context
studied in this stage.
3. Look for information about the topic to write an article.
4. Write a draft and include your opinion about the topic.
5. Write the article in a word document.
6. Hand it in to your teacher.

The role of the oil industry in the country

In the twentieth century, the role of oil in Mexico has been essential, especially since the
creation of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) in 1938, the economic pillar of the nation. PEMEX is
one of the most important companies in the country and is the only one in the industry that
develops the entire production chain: from exploration to distribution and commercialization.

A company has joined many companies foreign and transnational corporations in recent
years, working for PEMEX providing various services related to the oil sector.
The importance of the product as a source of energy and as an engine of the national
economy has required constant regulation of the industry and its processes, to guarantee the
quality of the product, the administration of resources and the care of the environment .

Brief history
According to the Mexican Petroleum Industry platform, since 1783 significant events have
been recorded in relation to oil exploitation in Mexico . Next, we show the highlights of its
 1783 : The Royal Ordinances for Mining of New Spain, which determined that all wealth
extracted from Mexican soil belonged to the Spanish Royal Crown.
 1892 : after several disputes to seek autonomy, the Mining Code of the Mexican Republic is
promulgated, which states that only the owner of the land can exploit it.
 1901 : The Petroleum Law is born and permits are given to companies and individuals to
exploit the country's land in search of crude oil.
 1933 : this year the first initiative of a national oil company arises and the Petroleum de
México, SA (Petromex) Company is created.
 1938 : President Lázaro Cárdenas decrees the expropriation of the oil industry in order to
nationalize it. The same year Pemex is created.
 1989 : Pemex creates Petroleum Mexicans International to effectively organize the
international trade of the product.

 Current situation of oil in Mexico

 In recent years, there has been a very significant drop in the price of oil
worldwide. This situation has affected the Mexican industry, which today is facing a
crisis where the economic factor and the social factor play an essential role.
 The rise of shale gas in the United States has contributed to the national energy crisis,
because American power has achieved self - sufficiency, when traditionally positioned
as one of the largest consumers of oil in the world. According to Forbes, the
emergence of this new product has created a change of direction
in general consumption, leaving relegated to hydrocarbons.

 Today, Mexico has an excess supply of product that must be oriented to respond
to other demands. One factor that could help our country to overcome this crisis
is a correct and prudent planning for 2016, which is adjusted to the low oil prices
in the international market.

Mexico is a rich oil country which we need to take advantage of it, we have to have better
The high dependence that the world has on oil, From the instability that characterizes the
international market and the prices of this product, had led to the investigation of
alternative energy. Yet steps have been take to replace the use of this product.