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2014 Product Catalogue

…Committed to raising vibrations across the globe.

Located in The Black Hills of South Dakota, Twistedsage Studios

is a store front, gathering space, educational,
and experiential manufacturing facility.

We produce one-of-a kind energy tools based on Sacred Geometric

lengths, twisted copper, and intention
What is in a Tensor ring?

Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither

electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and healing to all
life forms. It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields
bringing coherency to chaos. It produces a measureable gravitational
effect. Tensor Technology is noted for its use in healing, pollution
abatement, energizing and restructuring water, neutralizing
electromagnetic fields, enhancing plant growth and vitality, beekeeping
practices, amongst thousands of other observations.
The following is an excerpt from the ExtraOrdinary Technologies What’s
in a Tensor Ring? article. Brian was a guest speaker on Tensor Technology
during the 2013 Tesla Convention in Albuquerque.

Slim Spurling Re-Discovered Tensor Ring technology in 1991. Slim knew

of John Wheeler’s extensive work with closed loops. John Archibald
Wheeler, who coined the term “black hole,” came up with the
mathematical theory of the “Tensor” field, which is found inside the ring.
Wheeler called the “field” created by the loop a “tensor field”.
Hans Becker, an astrophysicist who extensively tested the Spurling Rings,
found the ring to oscillate at 144MHZ, a harmonic of the speed of light.
He said that “When you create a closed loop coil, energy begins to flow
and the laws of physics go out the window. They may be the simplest,
most efficient source of energy there is….gathering it and condensing it
freely from space.”

Tensor fields create an anti-gravity field. Grebennikov’s work supports

this hypothesis as well as Mueller’s global scaling, where Tensor Rings
emit a harmonic to a specific gravitational wave. According to Phillip
Callahan, an expert on paramagnetism, Tensor Rings exhibit a
paramagnetic value many times greater than anything ever tested. This
means that Tensor Rings cause some of the elements in water to spin to
their high-spin state referred to as ORME [Orbitally-Rearranged
Monoatomic Elements]. This has a tremendous impact on water’s
molecular structure and on the energetic components of the water.

When Slim put a right-handed twist to the folded wire, and closed the
ends back onto each other, there was a cancellation of electromagnetic
fields within the Ring. This created a non-polar column of light.
For the creation of a working Tensor Ring is the length of the wire. Many
people have heard of the Cubit which is a unit of measure from mega-
lithic structures around the globe.

The ring creates a vortex of energy that "shines" out both sides, like an
invisible flashlight beam.
~Cubits & Frequencies~
144 MHZ Cubit~ The particular Cubit length for the Spurling
Rings comes from the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Sacred or Royal Cubit
is also known as the Pyramid Inch- used throughout the megalithic
world. Known for its work on the Physical.

177 MHZ Cubit~ aka Lost Cubit. Discovered by Hans Becker and
Slim Spurling. Known for its connection with the Etheric and Emotional

188 MHZ Cubit~ Synergizes well with the 144 and 177. Works
with the Pineal, helps release Programs and Beliefs.

333 MHZ Cubit~ Changes the color of sound and works well with
Sound Healing. The basis for the Soul Spheres.

764 MHZ Cubit~ One side has a Black Whole, or absence of

energy, while the other side creates a tornado style field. Possible
tornado wrangling and teleportation??? Let us know what you find in

The Galactic Cubit~

Two dowsers connect to Source and ask for a Cubit length they could
use- they received something that works unlike any other Tensor Ring.
Each individual tube torus pulls in positive and negative energy, sending
it out as a non-dualistic energy ~ a whole and complete energy.
The tiny toroids also act as DNA scrubbers.
The Galactic Cubit connects with the Higher Soul Self and works with all
of the Soul's Aspect.
Works unlike any Tensor Ring we have seen.

In the Ascension Ring is the only place you can find this Cubit length.
~ Heavy Duty Tensor Trio ~

Featuring a set of Large, Heavy Duty 144, 177, and 188 MHZ Tensor Rings

These are super fantastic, potent, and powerful when used together.
Release Programs, Beliefs and Emotions that no longer serve you.
Remove Blockages. Dissolve Energetic Implants. The 3 Cubit 188 Ring is
recommended for most. This 28” diameter Tensor Ring can be utilized,
like all Tensor tools, both actively and passively. Our 3 Cubit 188
Rings work exceptionally well to:
"Straighten" antennas, found above some folks.
Open and clear chakras (especially the High Heart chakra).
Release & transmute beliefs, programs, & emotions that no longer serve
us. Clear energy blockages much quicker than traditional Tensor
frequencies. As the Tensor tools are multi-dimensional in their
conception and use, they are created in the Etheric and manifest into
the physical. Expansive enough to encompass your entire Being.
Heavy Gauge 3-piece set $450
~The 188 Tensor Ring-

A very beneficial use of this Ring relates to its resonance with the Pineal
Gland. Bringing this ring over the head and holding the Ring's Tensor
plane on the Pineal Gland will clear the effects of fluoride and breaks
down calcification. The Ring also increases blood flow to the brain.

As a Transmuter of Energy, there is a lightness within the center of

Ring. In release work, simply blow into it, using the breathe to release all
that no longer serves you. This Ring transmutes, so what you release
cannot be taken back. This phenomenal Ring also works better than the
177 MHZ for clearing DNA.

1/8 188 MHz Ring $12

¼ 188 MHz Ring $16
½ 188 MHz Ring $20
Full Cubit 188 MHz Ring 9” $33
~333 MHZ Tensor Ring~

Not to be used as a stand-alone ring.
The aura of this ring is seen as Purple.
Around Crystal Bowls, the 333 Ring amplifies the color of the sound.
The Sound energy of the Crystal Bowls is enhanced greatly. Even those
not so sensitive notice a change in the sound and feel of the bowls.
The 333 Ring changes the aura colors of other Rings as well as other
Tensor Ring devices.
The Gaia Sphere goes from a yellow aura to a green aura by adding the
333 Ring around it.
Approximately 12.5"

~The Money Changer~

Used to Transmute the vortex energy emitted from USD dollar bills.
UPDATE: The Monetary System, including the Money Vortex, has been
taken off-line. There is no longer a vortex on the USD. The portal has
been sealed. These rings will still clear any energies that may be stuck to
the physical structure, but the energetics is good again!!! Yay!!! Please
read the December Newsletter from Twistedsage Studios to find the
whole story!!
1/4 Sacred Cubit with two copper beads.

~Laptop Computer &
Microwave Remediation Ring~

Remediates the harmful energies emitted by

microwave ovens and laptop computers.
The rectangular Tensor Ring goes *under the appliance*
Transmute all harmful energies during the use of electronics
Approximately 10" x 14"
* Not to be used inside a microwave oven

~The Halo~

Made of smaller gauge wire to be discretely worn inside the

sweatband of a hat!!
Makes a beautiful accent, by itself, that can just be wore proudly
as the Halo it is!!
The 8" 177 MHZ creates a column of Light that penetrates the
energetic system.
Small gauge is comfortable to sit on for reducing fatigue in car,
home or office chairs.

~Tensor Field Generator ~

A Beautiful, Seemingly Magical Tool

A Sacred Geometric Tool
It Serves As:
An Amplifier of Energy
As A Protector
As A Provider
By your intentions, sound of your voice, and your touch,
you can program your sphere as a tool in your life.
- The Elders Three
Made up of Four Individual Tensor Rings
Produces a Sphere of Influence Up To 5 miles

 Amplifies Intentions
 Dispels Negative Energies
 Energy Purifier and Balancer
 Helps to Align the Physical Body with the Spiritual Body
 Placing an Object Inside the Structure Amplifies It’s Vibratory
 Meditate with it to Increase Intuitive Abilities
 Remediates the Harmful Effects of: Electro Magnetic Field
 Cell Phone Radiation, Electrical Distribution Systems, Computers,
Appliances, Radio Signals, and Other Electromagnetic Radiation
 Transmutes Harmful Energies Produced by Geopathic Stress Lines

It is an Amplifier of Energy ~ A Protector ~ A Provider

Can be Programmed for Any Kind of Manifestation in One’s Life.

½ 144MHz is bracelet sized when collapsed.

Also known as the Energy Cuffling $55
~Soul Sphere~

333 MHz Cubit

The Custom soul Sphere is made specifically for each individual, calling in
the person’s soul to assist in the creation of it.
Always for the Highest and Greatest Good of the Individual.
The Tri Entity Sphere is unique to the Tensor tools, in that it produces
energy in waves. Like waves, they are the strongest at the epicenter and
lessen as they go out- to approximately one-half mile.
The sphere may be used traditionally as the Tensor Field Generator, yet
this is a much more powerful tool- especially when used with intention.
Please include the name of recipient if different than purchaser.

Full Cubit $127

Heavy Duty 12.5 $185
~Soul Star~

Created by bringing the powerful Star Burst design together with a

smaller version of the Soul Sphere, all as one inseparable unit.

The geometric structure of the Genesa Crystal (aka Tensor Field

Generator) is known as a Black Whole; the Sacred Space of the
Heart- the place where blood cells go quantum, the space where
transmutations occur, and where the Tube Torus of the Heart originates.

You can use the Star Burst to set Sacred Space. Place your favorite crystal
within the Lotus style Soul Sphere.
Pull in all your focus into your Sacred Circle.
The Soul Sphere is there transmit those uploads and downloads to you.

8.5" Star ~ 3" Soul Sphere $165

~ Grace and Ease Sphere ~

Bringing Coherency to Chaos-

Conveys a sense of Grace and Ease to its user. The 188 MHz sphere does
not go out to make big changes in the environment, like its
cousins. Rather, the Grace and Ease Sphere emits a gentle energy, working
on the person who is in chaos; perhaps turmoil. The 188 Rings resonate
with the Pineal Gland, and has a sphere of influence of one-half mile. 4-
1/2 Inches.

This special Sphere is made of hammered 188 MHz Tensor Rings. Grace
and Ease are the important aspects of this Sphere. Perfect for meditation,
taking to the office, or to just relax with. Still has all the innate abilities
of the standard Tensor Field Generator.

~Personal Grace and Ease Sphere~

We are seeing this sphere seems to have a consciousness of its own. It

works well with the Chakras, and is perfect size and feel for continuous
handling. I have carried mine in my pocket since its conception!!

- 1/8 177MHZ Cubit-

A 1" miniature version of the Tensor Field Generator, which produces

a sphere of influence up to 1/2 a mile- that's a one mile bubble!!! Same
principles apply as the larger spheres, but can be wore easily as a pendant
or used as a pendulum. Once you have it, it is simple to place your
favorite stone or crystal inside the sphere.
Works on/with the unconscious mind $70

~The Abundance Attractor~

- 1/8 144 MHZ Cubit

The smallest Tensor Field Generator available

Produces a sphere of influence of 500 feet out.
Same principles apply as the larger spheres, but can be wore easily as a
pendant or used as a pendulum. The 7/8" sphere fits in the pocket.
Works on/with the conscious mind. $79
~ The Lotus Flower ~

Whole-House Harmonizer

Tensor Ring Technology is used in the construction of the device. The

Tensor Coil creates a Tube Torus that encompasses entire neighborhoods,
while the Tensor Field Generator amplifies intentions, cleans and clears,
and protects from Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stressors. The
Heddeka Water Elemental adds beneficial Earth energies to complete and
complement the flow.

The Sphere of Gaia,
The Earth Sphere, or
The Sphere of Lost Consciousness

"We are The Elders Three here to bring to you information about the
sphere... When you hold this sphere you feel the high vibrations of your
mother earth. You feel the heart beat of our beloved earth. Many will be
attracted to this sphere because of their connection to the earth. They
feel the peace and calm of the All is Well energy which this sphere emits.
It reminds the spirit of you, who you are. It vibrates to the I Am presence
which is you. Play with it, hold it, and roll it. It transfers to you its

- The Elders Three on 7/14/11

Aura Photograph of the Gaia Sphere

It is an off-shoot of the Tensor Field Generator. It does everything the

Generator does, but has extra energetics in it- not only from the 6 instead
of 4 Tensor Rings, but because of the structure itself. The Sacred
Geometrical shape is the Icosadodecahedron, having twelve pentagrams
within in the sphere.
This Sphere has called to be created from the 333 MHz Rings (New Earth
Sphere) or the 177 MHz Cubit Rings (Gaia Sphere). It is up to you to feel
into your connection with the specific sphere for you.
You are also welcome to contact us for an intuitive opinion.
These Spheres are a wonderful grounding tool.

2" Gaia Sphere $106

3” New Earth Sphere $108
4” Gaia Sphere $107
6” New Earth Sphere $138
8” Gaia Sphere $177
~Dragon Ball~

The 13" 333 MHz New Earth Gaia Sphere is an amazing tool available
from Twistedsage Studios. The sphere is created as all Tensor Tools are
created, yet there are several Beings working for the Highest and Greatest
Good of All who have their hands in the creation of this multi-
dimensional clearing tool. The dragons involved in their creation assist
in the infusion of specific Earth elements into the crystalline structure of
the Tensor Rings. There are also three distinct Beings who are there to
assist in opening a Light to Source, doing healing work with
Earthbound Beings and then assisting their crossing over. These three
Beings appear as monks dress in White Light. They are there to assist at
any time one gives their attention~intentions to the Sphere. This is a
wonderful Etheric tool manifest into the physical that is available for
anyone to use. I use mine for all clearing work that I do. This tool is
created for and offered with Unconditional Love and Gratitude for all
who use it. The person's Higher Soul Self is called in to set intentions for
the multi-dimensional Human who chooses to use it.

~Coil ~ 3/4 Cubit~

This 13 Spiral coil creates a ¾ mile wide Tube Torus.

When used with intention, it connects with, amplifies, and

strengthens the electromagnetic Tube Torus of your Heart, Head, and

The field creates resonance with the natural state of the human in all
dimensional realities. The coil helps propel into a state of natural
grace. The coil is here to serve your transformation into the new world

DNA transformations occur with these tools.

Just under 3 inches in length, and just over 3/8 inches wide, The New
Consciousness Coil has a more refined and crisper energy than the larger
coils. It is created from a Lost Cubit fraction that emits the same 177 MHz
frequency. As with all Tensor technology, it restructures harmful Electro-
Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs), including Geopathic stress. It is an excellent
tool for Astral Travel and DreamWork.

~Coil ~ Full Cubit~

The 13 spiral coil made of the 177 Cubit Tensor Ring, to be wore easily as
a pendant or used as a pendulum. The energy flows into, and out of, both
ends of the coil, with a discernable energy flow only a few inches out
from the perimeter of the coil. The induction coil actually produces a 6'
column of energy around it. A strong field of energy envelopes the hand
when held, felt by most who hold it. This is a one of a kind energy tool,
shown effective in the use of restructuring EMFs, Geopathic stress, as well
as other innate abilities. Great for Astral Travel and
DreamWork! Approximately 4" long by 5/8" across.

~The Chakra Coil~

Created from the 177 Cubit.

The traditional Chakra is represented in the stones within. The stones
used are Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sodalite, Aventurine, Tiger Eye,
Carnelian, Red Tiger Eye. These have been custom fitted into the coil. It
is a very potent coil, especially utilized as a pendant.
Approximately 4" long by 5/8" across.

~The Amethyst Coil~

Approximately 4" long by 5/8" across.

Thirteen looped New Consciousness Coil -created from the 177 Cubit.
Amethyst has been custom fitted into the coil. It is a very potent coil to
just hold. Much heavier, due to the amount of Amethyst.

~Large Tensor Field Coil~

The eleven looped coil is made of the 1 1/2 177MHZ Cubit Tensor Ring.
The energy flows into, and out of, both ends of the coil, with a
discernable energy flow only a few inches out from the perimeter of the
coil. This coil actually produces a 20' column of energy around it. A
strong field of energy envelopes the hand when held, felt by most who
hold it.
Experimental device- produces Healthful and Beneficial energies. It
appears to have been used in water lines during the Atlantian Era- it is
made to have water flowing through its energy field. It has also been said
it is an electrical device- a transformer and a capacitor at the same time.

~The "Activator"~

These multi-dimensional tools transmute lower vibrating energies, also

protects entire neighborhoods from harmful Electro and Geo Magnetics.

Orgone base ties the unit together as one solid piece. This device
consists of a Tensor Ring base for amplification. A Heddeka for added
beneficial frequencies. Iron Pyrite to facilitate the flow of Earth's
Magnetics (when used as a portal activator) A Half-144MHZ Cubit Tensor
Field Generator for amplification and transmission.
The New Earth Coil for Tube Torus expansion and
The device is 3.5" x 4" in height.
The Sphere of Influence for this device is up to five miles wide.
*** We recently found this tool to be a Capacitor, in that it stores received
information and is sent out as downloads to those within its sphere of

The Activator provides only what is for the Greatest Good of each
The Activator is a simple and profound tool to Receive, Translate, and
Transmit Information from multi-dimensional sources of
Love and Light.

These downloads have positive effects on the physical, mental, emotional,

and spiritual bodies.

Opens a portal within- which connects to, translates, and transmits


Crystal Kids, and others who read and see energy, have described the star
systems and beings of Love and Light that communicate through this
Everyone who has encountered this device has sensed something ranging
from "energy" all the way to specific descriptions and uses of the device.

Some have received contact via light images transposed onto walls,
Latin during meditation, and actual contact with their Star Families.
~Earth Grid Combo~

The Tensor Coils must be positioned to magnetic North/South.

This configuration created with the new Cubit lengths is seen to make
changes in the DNA of GMO crops, seeds, and soil. The energy spreads
3/4 of a mile out, and flows in waves- like a drop in a still pond.
The tools used together clears people and the environment as well.
GMO seeds can be placed around the configuration for transformation of
DNA within the seed itself.
As there is not scientific data to support this knowing, you will have to
rely on your own intuition and asking with what these tools are capable
of doing.
As always, the tools produce innate energies, but to work to their
potential, they must be powered by your intentions as a creator.
This particular set up is programmed to help provide rainfall as well as
work with the inner Earth energies. It happens to sit in the middle of a
Vortex/Portal that connects with a specific Inner Earth crystal dwelling.

~The Elementals~

Elementals Kit

Heddeka. Approx. 2½” $5

Heavy Duty Heddeka. Approx. 4” $36

Chassell Fire Elemental $8

Five Piece Set: Water, Fire, Air, Wind, and the Ether Elemental $39
~The Heddeka~

"The Heddeka swirl represents the element Heddeka. The Heddeka is an

element that comes from the time of the Earth, the time of the
beginning of the Earth. In that, has been here for since the Earth began
its destiny. As the Heddeka is coming back and becoming a part of the
cleaning of the Earth, it is just that your thoughts and your intentions
and your appreciation of this element, of this spirit, that gives it the
power to go out there and help our beloved Earth. You can leave the
swirls in different places and within the water or you can hang them from
a tree or you can place them within the dirt. The elements all work
together in unison and by doing this, they help each other. In helping
each other, they help the Earth. In helping the Earth, they help you. We
are working to bring the designs of the other elements into be-ing. They
have been forgotten for many, many eons and it is time that they be
brought in. The elements of Earth, Wind, Fire - they come in and
compliment with Water. It is the time for all this to happen. It is a time
that you understand and you become a part of the Elements of the Earth.
By bringing in their special skills and their special connection to our
beloved Earth, you can help them as they help heal the Earth up. It is not
that the Earth is in great danger because she is not. She is moving and
doing exactly what she needs to do. In doing and moving and calling
your attention to what is happening upon her surface, this brings you
closer to your Divinity, closer to who you are. As you become closer to
who you are, then this helps the Earth." ~The Elders Three
~Plymella the Elemental of Wind~

“We are the Elders Three here to bring you information of Plymella, the
Elemental of wind, represented by the four swirls. Wind is an important
part of cleaning and clearing energies of the earth. Plymella can help
humans with whirling unneeded energies out of the body. Keep the
symbol of Plymella near or on the body to help keep the energies of the
body clear and clean. The air around Plymella will feel light and crisp.
Plymella works to remove garbage from the air and transmute it to
become clean and clear. Hang the symbol of Plymella in your place of
being to help keep your air fresh and energies flowing."
~The Elemental Khaleme~

"The two swirls, represent the elemental Khaleme, who represent air.
Khaleme also helps to keep air clean. While Plymella has a strong in your
face energy, Khaleme is soft and barely noticed. The symbol of Khaleme
can be used to clean air and bring your body a feeling of comfort and
ease. The symbol may be gentle but it has great power to bring ease to
your life. Khaleme flows through your body and life to keep the energies
gently moving."

We are the Elders Three.

~Chassell the Fire Elemental~

We are The Elders Three in service to you answering the question of

Chassell. The fire Elemental Chassell will light a fire within the core of you
which releases that which is not of your present you. When the emotions
or old thought patterns come forward into your attention, release them
with the Earth, Sky, You breathe. (Trinity Breath) It is also helpful to bring
in the water element, Heddeka, to help wash them away. These elements
are gentle and powerful on their own, put them together with the
intention, energy will move quickly. Remember to ask for ease in your
The Elders Three
~The Earth Elemental- Gaia~

The symbol given is a circle with a dot in the center.

This is the representation we are using- a Tensor Ring with an element of

Earth inside.

Complete Elemental Set, Including Tensor Ring

~Seed of Life ~
~Orgone Chakra Pendant~

The 2" 177 MHz Ring has been filled with six 1/8 144MHZ Cubit Rings, and
the seven basic Chakra stones, to create a unique and powerful Orgone
Protects the energy bodies, aligns the Chakras, is a tool to facilitate
uploads of information, as well as restructures DNA at a beneficial pace.

~Infinity Bracelet~

Available in one size= 3.5" x 0.125" thick.

This is a very powerful Tensor Ring as it is coupled with the
Mobius Strip design.
The flattened 1/2 144MHZ Cubit Tensor Ring has a half-twist....
~an unfurled Infinity Symbol ~The Tensor Field energy encompasses the
wrist and flows quickly to the body.

~Heddeka Rings~

Most powerful Heddeka tools available

The energy encompasses the finger and flows quickly to the body. Even
those who normally do not feel energy, report a tingling sensation after
wearing the ring.
If you are sensitive to energy, you may need to wear for short periods of
time until vibrations are raised to the ring's vibration.

The Heddeka Rings are created by a Shaman/Reiki Master/Portal Keeper

and are infused with many great energies, as well as placed within the
Buffalo Gap Medicine Wheel and Crystal City Portal to charge.

Available in all ring sizes, each one a unique piece.

Copper $24
Bronze $36
Sterling Silver! $48
~Tensor Finger Rings~

These particular finger rings are made of a flattened 1/8

144 or 177MHZ Cubit Tensor Ring.
They work well as size 9.5 & 11.5 finger rings (respectively).
Same energy signature as the larger Tensor Rings.


~The Power Ring~

This is a 1/8 177 Cubit Tensor Field Generator utilized as a

size 9-1/2 to 10-1/2 finger ring.
Same energy signature as a Tensor Field Generator,
but focused into a column of intense energy. Ring is 3/8" wide.

~The Heddeka Coaster~

Hydrate Right- With Structured and Energized Water

Each unique Coaster is formed from the Heddeka Water Elemental, a 3.5
inch Tensor Ring, and Shungite chips, all encased in a clear polymer resin.
The Tensor Ring amplifies and synergizes with the Heddeka, to give your
water the best of both energetic fields. The Tensor Field also carries
information from Shungite to the water. Fullerenes found in Shungite
have been found to transmute the fluoride in drinking water into
something more beneficial.

~Infinite Heart Pendant~

Measures approx. 2 x 3/4 inches

 Facilitates a higher Soul connection

 Resonates with the Heart Chakra
 Co-created with Metatron
 Made of the 333 MHz Cubit
 Protects the energy bodies 8-10 feet out
 Dissolves all non-beneficial energetic implants

As our Heart Chakra begins to encompass all Chakras, this tool assists in
the process. Best wore as a pendant over the Heart Chakra. Brings the
Soul more into the body, and will assist others in proximity to do the

~Seed of Life~

Sacred Geometry & Tensor Technology

Formed from seven 177 MHZ Tensor Rings, this tool helps create the
"Seed" of activating specific energy codings within your very being. The
Seed of Life comes out of the Flower of Life, the Sacred Geometric
pattern found in both ancient and modern cultures around the world.

The Seed of Life can be used as an amplifier with our other tools, to
charge food or water, or to simply use in meditation or sleep to aid
in Activations and Uploads. 7-1/2 inches in diameter.

~Flower of Life~

Flower of Life created from 19 of the 177MHZ Tensor Rings. Thirteen rings
are heavy-duty, six are lighter gauge rings, to create a 24" masterpiece, six
layers deep.

~UhnTok- The Key~

UhnTok has been known by many names. It is the Ankh, for our Now
time. It is a Bearer of Light, a key to unlock hidden doorways. In our
Soul is the wisdom of each lifetime we lived on Earth. This is the key to
unlock it.
Key to Access the Akashic Records via the Sacred Heart Space.
A Very Powerful Manifestation Tool.
Enhances the Energy of both Crystals and the Key when used together.
Synergizes with other Sacred Symbols within the Environment.
Downloads and Activates
Environmental Balancing
Neutralizes Harmful Geo-Magnetics & Electro-Magnetics
Creates Sacred or Temple Space

The Personal Key~ 600’ Sphere of influence 9.75”x 8.5” $99

2/3 Key 18.75”x 19.5” $120
Full Key~1 mile Sphere of influence 29”x 25” $175
The Atlantean

The precursor of the UhnTok was the Atlantean-style Uh-le-ti.

The Uh-le-ti has a different history, construction, and intention than the

9.75”x 8.5” $155


Set Sacred Space. This tool Restructures Electro- & Geo-

Magnetics. Enhances the energy of Crystals. Antenna attracts
intentions and brings them all together within your Sacred Circle.
Innately produces 600’ Sphere of influence. Utilizes the same
Cubit Lengths, emits the same frequencies, and does much of
what The Keys do, yet is for more personal, everyday use.

The frequencies that are emitted are created by using straight-line

Cubit frequencies. The Sacred and Black Cubits are found in the
secret symbol from within the Kings’ Chamber of the Great

~The HealingPAL~

3 inches x 1 ¼ inches x 1 inch

Created from an LED light amplified by a Tensor Field Generator.

The beneficial frequency of red LEDs has shown to be useful in healing

applications. We simply utilize the ¼ Cubit Tensor Field Generator for
amplifying and synergizing the healing intentions of the user.
After trying several LEDs, we have found the HealingPAL provides better
results in comparison to the more expensive lights. The HealingPAL has
a longer wavelength than a few other red diodes out there, allowing for
better penetration into soft tissue. Yet the HealingPAL is safer to use and
more relaxed than infra-red or red lasers used for similar applications.
An industrial 9V Energizer battery is included. This will power the light
for up to 30 hours and is replaceable with a standard 9V battery.
The unique Permanent Glow Mode, which glows for up to 2 years on a
9-volt battery, ensures you will find your HealingPAL easily in the dark.
This same white LED light is manufactured in the UK for the US Military
 Compact palm size (weighs just 3oz)
 Fixed focus beam
 Rubberized casing
 Stainless Steel Band
 Ultra-long battery life
¼ Cubit Tensor Field Generator Included
~Cell Phone Rings~

The Cellular Ring is 1-1/4" across

It is made specifically for Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Smart Meters, and
smaller electronic devices.
These specialized Tensor Rings draw in the electromagnetic
frequencies from cell phones and transforms the cancer-causing
radiation. The Cellular Tensor Rings have a peel-able sticker
backing which stays readily onto cell phones.**
The EMF Remediator can be placed anywhere on the cell phone to
receive the benefit of EMF remediation!!

The Laptop Ring is 2" across, and can be used for Laptops and all other
small appliances, as well as Household electrical Fuse Panels (harmful
effects of fuse panels radiate out 5+ feet).
Various images of Sacred Geometry and Color Swirls. Cell$22
Laptop $28
~Dowsing Rods~

Copper Coated Steel

Professional quality dowsing rods used for finding Geopathic Stress Lines
(Fung Shui), answering yes/no questions, pointing to an intended object
(lost car keys), answering health questions, and any other Divinations
of your intention imagination!!

~Ascension Rings~

The Ascension Ring contains:

 every known straight-lined Cubit and Tensor Ring frequency
 highest aspects of the Plant, Mineral, and Crystal Kingdoms
 Earth Elementals

The Council of Light are an integral part of the Ascension Ring

 The Council of Light connects automatically through the Ring
 Your Higher Soul Self is introduced to the Council of Light
 The Council ushers Source Light into specific Light Rays
 These Rays are available to the Soul and all of its aspects
 The Light Rays are much more than we understand right now

The Higher Soul Self is the one to access the Ascension Ring
 Your Soul is the consciousness that wields the available
 frequencies and Light
 The Soul will use the Ascension Ring for its Highest
& Greatest Good
 When a person is in connection with their Soul, they will have a
higher perspective of the outcome from this tool
 All Soul aspects utilize the Ascension Ring properties, including
the aspect of YOU
Created from the 8" Heavy Gauge Ascension Rings.
The Sphere is a Gatekeeper.

8” Ascension Ring $60

27” Meditation Ring $200
Ascension Sphere $300
Technical Aspects: Our innate MerKaBa can be viewed as a Star
Tetrahedron. This geometry is found in all the planets in our solar
system, as well as in every molecule. This structure has been mapped out
around the human body in a microwave ranged frequency. Most
MerKaBa fields stop spinning 48 hours after birth, and become dormant.
Historical Aspects: In Ancient Egypt, Mer meant a rotating light. Ka
meant spirit, and Ba meant the human body. So the entire word refers to
a counter-rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from
one world into another. In Hebrew, the Torah refers to the Merkavah as
the “Chariot of the Gods.” The Christian Bible refers to Ezekiel and the
wheels by which he ascended into heaven. This too, was the MerKaBa. A
spiritual leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa explained that Merkaba is a
Zulu word meaning a space/time/dimension vehicle. According to Zulu
legend his entire tribe had come from another dimension here to Earth
using the Merkaba.
Modern Aspects: We are quickly remembering our MerKaBa field. This is
a process in consciousness that will eventually translate us from one
vibrational frequency, into the next one through what is being called
''ascension.'' This view of the MerKaBa as an ascension vehicle is an
ancient concept. Rarely do adults have a naturally occurring MerKaBa
field, and only a few of those have been active since birth, while most
spontaneously re-activated in the last 2-3 years. Around 1999, kids were
being born with a permanent MerKaBa, or could start it at will.
MerKaBa Activation: Re-Create and program your Crystalline MerKaBa
in a one-hour workshop!!! ♥∞♥
Water Wire and Magic: As many of you know, our studio has been
creating better and better tools as our own abilities, knowing, and
understanding has increased. When my sister, Brenda, approached me
with a request from her Soul, Thoth, Metatron, and Merlin to co-create a
special set of rings that opened a new understanding of multi-
dimensional creation.
The infusion of water into the copper, was seen and described to me by a
co-creator, as calling in the highest aspects of the crystalline of the
copper as well as the water, and infusing the two together on the etheric
realms to manifest it into the physical.
The copper changed on this physical plane, becoming harder, after the
water infusion process!! This concept has led to creating more and more
on the etheric planes and manifesting/translating that into the physical
realm. We all have the ability to create and use etheric tools, though a
physical/etheric tool is just easier for many of us to use ...right now
The set of rings made for Brenda became part of a set of etheric tools that
are shared with everyone to use for themselves. They change the color of
sound of her singing bowl, and each ring has a different color signature,
even though they all came from the same wire and cut to the exact same
lengths!! Thank you Merlin and Merlin's Magic!!!
Energetic Implants: I wanted to know how to prevent and dissolve these
various non-beneficial energetic implants that so many have been getting
in the past 18-24 months. As with everything in momentum, I was
shown synchronicity, six crystals that when used with intentions in the
process, could actually dissolve and prevent non-beneficial energetic
implants in people!!!
The highest aspects of these crystals are now called in during the Water
Wire process and infused into the Tensor Rings and subsequent tools.
Something seemed to be missing from the tools, until a Fairy presented
herself to assist in the creation of the rings. She brings in whatever is
needed for the greatest good from the plant kingdom, to be present in
the rings.
And what would be more appropriate in this magical mix, other than
Dragons!!! Yes, there is quite the entourage involved in creating the
Tensor tools these days!
Tensor Rings
Product Description List Price
1/8 Sacred Cubit 7/8” 9.00
¼ Sacred Cubit 1-¾” 14.00
½ Sacred Cubit 3-½” 20.00
Sacred Cubit 7” 26.00
1-½ Sacred Cubit 10” 32.00
3-½ Sacred Cubit 24” 91.00
3-½ Sacred Cubit- Heavy Duty 25” 157.00
1/8 Lost Cubit 1” 9.00
¼ Lost Cubit 2” 14.00
½ Lost Cubit 4” 20.00
Lost Cubit 8” 28.00
1-½ Lost Cubit 11-½” 36.00
3-½ Lost Cubit 27” 95.00
3-½ Lost Cubit- Heavy Duty 27” 164.00
1/8 188 MHz Ring 12.00
¼ 188 MHz Ring 16.00
½ 188 MHz Ring 20.00
188 MHz Ring 9” 33.00
3 Cubit 188 MHz Ring 28” 115.00
3 Cubit 188 MHz- Heavy Duty 28” 175.00
Tensor Trio 7-9” 82.00
Tensor Trio- Large Heavy Duty 24-28” 450.00
333 Ring 12.5” 44.00
333 Ring Heavy 12.5” 68.00
Ascension Ring ~ 8” 60.00
Ascension Ring- Large ~ 27” 200.00
764 Hoop 27” 94.00
Laptop/Microwave Ring 10” x 14” 58.00
Halo 8” 33.00
Money Changer 1-¾” 18.00

Tensor Field Generator

Product Description List Price
Abundance Attractor 7/8” Sphere 79.00
Personal Transmitter 1” Sphere 70.00
Dashboard Protector 1-¾” Sphere 46.00
Energy Cuffling 3-½” Sphere 55.00
Heavy Half 3-½” Sphere 94.00
Sacred Cubit 7” Sphere 94.00
Soul Sphere 6” Custom Sphere - 333 127.00
Soul Sphere Full Cubit 12.5” Heavy Duty 185.00
Grace and Ease Sphere 4-½” - 188 MHz 107.00
Personal Grace and Ease 2-¼” - 188 MHz 93.00
Ascension Sphere 8” 300.00

Gaia Sphere
Product Description List Price
¼ Lost Cubit 2” Sphere 106.00
½ Lost Cubit 4” Sphere 107.00
Full Lost Cubit 8” Sphere 177.00
Small New Earth Sphere 3” 333 MHz 108.00
New Earth Gaia Sphere 6” 333 MHz 138.00
Dragon Ball 13” 333 MHz 360.00
New Consciousness Coils
Product Description List Price
New Consciousness Coil 3” x 3/8” 40.00
Tensor Coil 4” x 5/8” 65.00
Chakra Tensor Coil 4” x 5/8” 132.00
Amethyst Tensor Coil 4” x 5/8” 156.00
1-½ Lost Cubit Coil 5-½” x 1” 92.00


Product Description List Price

Heddeka Standard 2-½“ 5.00
Heavy Duty Heddeka Approx. 4” 36.00
Chassell Fire Elemental 8.00
Elementals Set 5 piece set 39.00
Elementals Complete 5 pieces plus ½ Cubit 53.00

Jewelry and All Other

Product Description List Price

Earth Grid Combo See website for details 400.00
Infinity Bracelet 3-½” Mobius Strip 39.00
Heddeka Ring Specify Size 24.00
Heddeka Ring- Brass Specify Size 36.00
Heddeka Ring- Silver Specify Size 48.00
Heddeka Coaster 3-½” Coaster 38.00
Tensor Finger Ring Ring size 8.5 or 10.5 22.00
Power Ring Ring size 9.5 to 10.5 78.00
Seed of Life Pendant 2” 82.00
Seed of Life ½ Lost Cubit, 7-½“ 135.00
Flower of Life 24” 700.00
Infinite Heart Pendant 2-¾” 27.00
The Activator 3-½” x 4” 275.00
HealingPAL Red LED with Tensor Field 79.00
Cell Phone Ring 1 ¼” Sticker Back 22.00
Laptop/EMF Ring 2-½” Sticker Back 28.00
Starburst and Keys
Product Description List Price
Starburst 25” 175.00
Starburst or UhnTok 17” 120.00
Starburst or UhnTok 8.5” or 9.75” 99.00
Soul Star 8.5” & 1/8 333MHz Soul 165.00
Uh-Le-Ti the Atlantean 9.75” 155.00
Manifestation Key 9.75” 164.00
Soul Star 8.5” 188.00

List Price does not include Shipping and Handling

Prices and Product availability may change.

These Products are not to take place of your physician.

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