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Topic Approval Form

Student Name: Benjamin McCombs Period: 4

Topic Statement: I chose kids with disabilities as my topic because I think its a problem within our community
that I would like to help with and I think many others can help with as well.

Answer the following about your topic:

1. What is your prior knowledge about this topic?
I do have a large recollection about kids with special needs because I have been involved within a club that
focuses on helping those kids. I also have a coach that likes to talk about how she nurtures her kids with
autism throughout her lifetime. So going into this I have a lot of prior knowledge about my topic and through
doing research about this I can gain much more knowledge to help me out through my project.

2. What problem(s) could you attempt to solve/address in connection with this topic?
My main problem is going to be helping include kids into the community that has special needs whether that be
in school, sports, or anything else they aren’t really included in. I think we as students can engage ourselves in
more ways to help the kids out.-

3. How can you attempt to solve one of these problems at Poly or in the local community (not globally)?
What type of product do you anticipate completing (see ideas for the final product).
I really want to help with an event coming up soon at poly called the Bear Pals Prom. I can encourage them
through their high school experience as they develop into adult life through some events such as these. Almost
every high school has a prom so why can’t the kids with special needs have one too.

4. Explain how you might spend a minimum of 10 hours outside of the school day in the community
working toward this solution.
I have already discussed putting some volunteer hours into a Special Olympics program that helps kids with
disabilities within sports. In this, I have gained experience on how to engage with them and encourage them to
become successful and happy with themselves. Events like this are held very often for almost every sport.

5. Explain how you might provide evidence of your work throughout the experience.
I can provide evidence like pictures, signatures from those who organized the event, and I might even be able
to bring back some souvenir medals or trophies from the event that we pass out to the kids.

6. Explain any obstacles you might encounter in your attempt to address this problem.
One obstacle I might encounter along this journey is that so many of these events are so close to the deadline
for this project. I just have to make sure in a time efficient and plan ahead to make sure I don’t fall behind on
volunteer hours and my project.
Your topic is ​Approved __________ Your topic is ​NOT Approved ________

Your next step is to complete the research questions. Recommendations:

Remember, if you change your topic, you must
resubmit this form for your NEW topic.
You will need to revise your topic and ​resubmit this
form​ ​BEFORE​ you begin work on the research

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