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AO SR (Rev 02/14) Subpouns to Produce Documents, Infra, or Objects ot Permit lnpacton of Prac in + Cis Action (Page 2) Civil Action No. 9:18-cv-80176 PROOF OF SERVICE (This section should not be filed with the court unless required by Fed. R. Cv. P. 48.) received this subpoena for (name of maiviual and tite, any) on (date) 7 I served the subpoena by delivering a copy to the named person as follows: ‘on (date) oF 1 Iretumed the subpoena unexecuted because: Unless the subpoena was issued on behalf of the United States, or one of its officers or agents, I have also tendered to the witness the fees for one day’s attendance, and the mileage allowed by law, in the amount of s ‘My fees are S for travel and S for services, for a total of $ 0.00 I declare under penalty of perjury that this information is tue. Date: Printed name ond tle ‘Server adress Additional information regarding attempted service, etc.: ‘AO 88 (ev. 02/11) Sthpocns to Produce DocumestsIafiemation, or Objects rt Pent impaction of Fre ins Civil Action‘ Page 3) Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45 (c), (d) (¢), and (g) (Effective 12/1/13) (0 Place of Commpane. perote tend (A) within 100 miles of where the person reste is employed or ‘uaneacts busine ia perso oF (8) within the state where the person resides, is employed, oc regularly transact bsines in person ifthe person Di pry or party office oe (Gs commanded to ston sil snd would nt inew ubsantil expene ) For Othe Discovers A sabpoeca (Us pcb of docanest Seca el efonation or lunge hinge ats place wii 100 ee of isthe preende ‘Slope orreguytnmnacs nine in psn, wl (Gy sapecit of premiera the pres ob apt. (@ Protecting a Person Sabject to Sabpeena; Enforcement, (1) Avoiding Unde Burden or Expenses Sanctions A pasty ot atorney responsible fr inmuang and servings cuppocnn tke rmvb sep ak tras capone ao a “Somplinee rege mt this day and impose an appropriate sanction —which my ined tonvoid Command Pree Metre er Ipc, Appearance Not Required. A peru commanded to produce cuca clectonicaly stored formation cr tangle tings, oF 0 ‘emit th napecton of premises. eel ot appear person tthe plac of Een crironnion emerinsapenes, () Atay ime on otic tthe commanded peo. fe sein stove he court fe te dit where omen erred re act my be required cya dnscted in he order, nthe critica i eather pert nora party's oc Som Signin! Spee sultng om compliance Reenter teeta te (fa ow arms cy een eee eens pia oe acai, ae enki Soiree eeortie: ‘motion, quash or modify the subpoena i ee See ee onal 8 tame ep on fun fh oes Sibi cpey sry {€) Sosrfing Contino Aeration teal S11) dee my ned ing poe sek pp or ode ter od Osho atl do tinny oat ha cmb ‘otherwise met without wade harp nd (Gi) cvares tht the slpoenaed person wil be reaseably compensated (©) Daties ta Responding to Sabpoens, (Producing Documents or Eloctroncaly Stored Ifermtion. These provehare ply te producing documents elestocaly sored 'A) Documens. A perso: subpoena io produce documens smtpd hem oy we Kopin ordinary couse of ness ‘must organize and lbel them 0 cerespondto the categories in the demand Tbcatte of und burden or oct If tat chorwing is ‘ade, the cout uty nonetheless order dsovery fom wach sovnece ie shows god ne, he tations of Fale "Tac cour muy spool) Soins fo he Gscovey, ©) Gisiming Priviege oF Proedion smite ets pinged or objeto rel pope == erty ke chi ad (Gat erie ef teint dene, commmncsiom ot tmdale acer tat pote eae eae ‘gt eel ene pba Moats akc Tate oer e Cetiaeechin cipal irs sy ‘Si Lodee elects Sas einen ta AR ee ee oe Cael my pent ler ements eee et Dieta pey aiseclnteme meget ieee Pree repr poreges rniey raed pan sul mao fc ie inrmaon ms peeve mfonston ue cass © Contempt, ‘The court forthe dst where cape = aso, aera For aces io sppoma material, se Fd Riv B.4S(e) Commit Note (2012) SCHEDULE A