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Samuel Galban


British Literature P.5

15 March, 2019

Blog 4

For my senior capstone I decided to erase all meat from my diet and go completely

vegetarian. From here on we are going to recall the steps I took, how I felt, and whether or not I

am still vegetarian to this day. I did some research and saw that a huge percentage of the

United States is overweight or obese and so with my project I was hoping to find if being a

vegetarian could lower these numbers and offer a healthier lifestyle for some people. I also

wanted to see if I could sustain a vegetarian diet and eliminate the need for meat as an athlete.

I did not necessarily find a solution to this problem because even though I was eating meat I still

was eating chips and drinking soda, so my diet was not any better than it already was. To be

honest I really intend on learning anything except that I could live my life as a vegetarian.

So the steps that I took was basically just stop eating meat and to meal prep. Which is

not necessarily anything crazy, but meal prepping was difficult because of how lazy I tend to get

on Sundays. The obstacles that I encountered were the huge temptation to just go get a burger

or eat a steak were at times almost overwhelming. Another obstacle that I had to overcome was

the fact that even though you tell your family you are going vegetarian that does not necessarily

mean they are going to change their diet and meals to fit your needs. So I either had to do my

own meal shopping or my amazing mom would supply me with my ingredients. Main steps I

took was honestly just stop my consumption of meat.

Honestly I feel that I accomplished simply not eating meat. I do not feel as though I have

done some great feat or anything of that sort. Just simply I have not eaten meat. I learned that
even though you go vegetarian does not mean you will see any crazy changes in your body or

that you will automatically have a healthy diet. Something that I have learned about myself is

that I am very strong minded and even though my mom or someone would tease me about not

being able to eat meat I stayed calm and continued to eat my delicious vegetarian meal for the

night. I am particularly proud of how I continued to meal prep no matter how unmotivated or lazy

I was. Ok so this is kind of a spoiler, but I am no longer a vegetarian and I have incorporated

meat back into my diet. I kind of was not focusing on the problem I wanted to solve, but I was

really just seeing how long I could go without eating any meat. Some advice for incoming

seniors would to actually choose a topic that you are passionate about and not something that

you think will be easy.