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Language Test A

name class

Vocabulary 4 Complete the sentences with the Present

Simple or the Present Continuous.
1 Complete the note with the words in the box.
0 I am listening (listen) to a French song right
animals bed dishwasher living room now. I don’t understand (not understand) the
plants table washing words though.
1 Tina (do) a History quiz at
Good morning, kids! the moment. She (know)
the answers to all the questions!
Don’t forget to do the chores!
2 We (love) sports. Right now
Linda, be a good girl and feed the animals .

Then water all the

1 . we (play) tennis.
2 after breakfast / 4
Sam, please clear the
and load the 3 . Then vacuum the
5 Complete the text with the Present Simple or
4 .
the Present Continuous.
Philip, please hang out the
5 in the
6 !
garden. And don’t forget to make your
Mr and Mrs Thomson 0 don’t cook (not cook)
every evening, but tonight they 1

/ 6 (make) spaghetti and tomato sauce. Their

son Jack usually 2 (watch) TV
2 Match 1–6 with a–f. 3
before dinner, but today he
0 Easy-going people g 4 Bossy people (play) chess with his sister Lucy. Jack
1 Messy people 5 Quiet people (not play) with Lucy very often.
2 Organised people 6 Loud people At the moment he 5 (not win).
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He isn’t happy about that!

3 Patient people

a don’t talk a lot. / 5

b tell everybody what to do.
c like planning everything.
6 Complete the dialogues with the phrases in the
d don’t tidy their rooms and never know where
their things are.
e can wait a long time. can I help you thank you do you need
f make a lot of noise. I’m sorry of course can you help me
g don’t get upset easily.
/ 6 A: 0Can you help me with the chores, please?
Grammar B: Yes, 1 . What can I do?
3 Write sentences using the Present Continuous.
A: Can you set the table for dinner, please?
0 it / rain / at the moment? B: 2 , I can’t. I’m busy right
Is it raining at the moment? now.
1 they / not / make / their beds
A: with that heavy
2 she / set / the table / for dinner?
B: No, that’s fine, 4 .

3 I / tidy / my bedroom / right now A: 5

any help with the
4 what / you / cooking? B: Yes, please.
/ 5

/ 4 Vocabulary / 12 Communication / 5
Grammar / 13 Your total score / 30

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