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YEAR 11, No.

7 JANUARY 2008 Home Paper of the 1999 Canadian Ethnic Journalists’ and Writers’ Club Winner for Best Editorial Toronto, Ontario

Horoscope: What’s up in the new year? PAGES 12, 13, 14

Welcome 2008
with a blast
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The Philippine Press Club Ontario

cites the Manila Media Monitor for
Dividend of labor raising the bar of excellence in Fili-
migration - 4 pino community journalism in To-
ronto. (See p. 28)

in San
- 26

Dancing To Be A Star
- 33
Loonie to
slide, peso
to rise vs
US$ - 33

Fireworks at the Sta. Lucia East

Mall in Pasig City, New Year’s Eve.
PHOTO: Manila Media Monitor
2 Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor 3 CALENDAR
(A Manila Media Monitor and Phil-
ippine Consulate General’s Office
public service feature)
JAN 19: Philippine Press Club Ontario
Breakfast Forum, Casa Manila, 10 a.m.
JAN. 20: Community Alliance for Social
Justice Leaders’ Training Workshop,
OPSEU Region 5 Membership Hall, 12
noon to 5 p.m.
JAN. 21: Toronto Police Services pre-
sentation on its Domestic Violence and
Victims Services, Headquarters, 5 p.m.
JAN. 27: Filipino Centre Toronto
Health and Wellness Seminar on Sexu-
ally Transmitted Diseases, FCT build-
ing, 2 p.m.
JAN. 27: Filipino Centre Toronto Special
Membership Meeting, Rizal Hall, 4 p.m.
JAN. 28: Philippine Chamber of Com-
merce Toronto Annual General Meeting,
Golden Valley Banquet Hall, 6:30 p.m.
FEB. 14: Kalayaan Cultural Foundation
Valentine’s Party, Kalayaan Cultural
Community Centre, Mississauga.
FEB. 15: Kababaihang Rizalista Valen-
tine’s Day Event, Ella’s Banquet Hall,
FEB. 22: Filipino Centre Toronto 2nd
Round of the Filipino Singing Idol com-
FEBRUARY TO MAY: Filipino Centre
Toronto Free Tagalog/Pilipino Classes,
Grades 1 to 8, 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. and
Homework Club every Saturday, except
long weekends.
WHAT’S YOUR EVENT? Send to the
name of your group, event de-
tails (what, where, when, what




and Associates
Complete family and cosmetic dentistry
Serving the community since 1995
Up-to-date treatment in all aspects of General and
Cosmetic Dentistry for adults and children (ages 2 & up)
Orthodontics, Periodontics, Dentures, Crowns & Bridges
Tooth whitening system provided by Zoom 2
All dental insurance plans are accepted
Flexible payment plan available
English, Tagalog, Ilocano, Ilonggo, Bicolano and Cebuano

FREE initial consultation.

New patients are WELCOME.

Unit 3, 25 Overlea Boulevard

Toronto, Ontario M4H 1P9
(at Thorncliffe Park Drive across the
East York Town Center)
4 NEWS Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

Dividend from labor migration mulled

MANILA - Can you from weaker conditions in By JEREMAIAH M. OPINIANO esting,” citing Philippine transfers” based on the to-
monetize a child’s separa- the country’s trade and for- economic data on exports, tal volume of remittance
tion for more than a year eign direct investments. the Philippine economy felt, personal contact, 14th; tech- imports, and the current ac- inflows and other transfers,
from her mother working This line of thought Ang observes. nology, 61st; and political count, where remittance in- with data based on the In-
overseas? comes from what Ang said Since the 2004 Global- engagement, 49th. flows are recorded, is that ternational Monetary Fund’s
Such question has not was the shift of the country’s ization Index, the Philip- Remittances and per- remittances only make up Balance of Payments.
only kept both mother and place in global trade. pines has ranked first in the sonal transfers fall under 15 percent of the combined The total of these two
child sleepless at night but “Before, the Philippine sub-category “remittances personal contact. total of exports and imports. inflows were then divided
economists like Alvin Ang economy became globalized and personal transfers” in In the same 2007 Index, Dependency to countries’ total gross do-
burning the midnight oil. because of trade,” Ang said. 2004 and 2006, and second the Philippines ranked 24th What the Philippine re- mestic product (GDP).
With most of the eight “Now, it is migration. It is in the same sub-category in in trade and 63rd in foreign sults of the Globalization The 2007 Index saw
million Filipinos overseas people.” 2005 and 2007. direct investments –the low- Index also revealed was that one of ten countries that are
linked to their country ne His assertion is support- The Index had studied est Philippine rankings in the “value of people” was new entrants into the survey,
way or another, Ang said it’s ed by the results of a survey 12 variables grouped into these sub-categories in the recognized the most. Jordan, ranking first with a
time to face up to the socio- by the US-based thinktank four major categories: eco- last four years of the Glo- The Globalization Index 24.19 percent remittances-
economic cost of such prof- A.T. Kearney and the For- nomic integration, where balization Index. computed the rankings on to-GDP ratio.
itable arrangement. eign Policy journal. the Philippines placed 41st; What Ang finds “inter- “remittances and personal The Philippines’s ratio
But for an economy that Four years of that glo- is 14.52 percent for second
will not see diminished reli- balization survey cemented place, while Ghana, another
ance on remittance inflows he calls the Philippines’s new entrant into the Index, is
and overseas migration out- showcase – its workers – in third with a 14.45 percent.
flows in the coming years, the global economic arena. So in terms of percentage
Ang is searching for a for- The Philippines is being to GDP, even with today’s
mula where migration yields recognized for the “value improving value of the Phil-
visible economic returns. of its workers,” and not be- ippine peso, the dollar value
We’re looking at the “net cause of its products and of remittances to the dollar
of net” – a dividend, said investment prowess, Ang value of GDP remains high,
Ang, a professor at the Uni- said. Ang says. “And so is our
versity of Santo Tomas. Dividend dependency to remittances,”
That “net of net” is what Ang’s search for a divi- he adds.
Ang calls the “diasporic dend from the migration Looking at the Index’s
dividend” of the socio-eco- phenomenon was brought data on remittances vis-à-
nomic costs of international about by the results of the vis GDP, Ang noticed that
migration to the country. 2007 Globalization Index: the ratios for the world’s
This type of dividend, the Philippines dropped to top two remittance-receiv-
Ang explains to the OFW 38th overall, from being ing countries, India (3.32
Journalism Consortium, 31st in the 2006 index. percent, for 32nd place)
will relate remittances with That index’s Philippine and Mexico (2.90 percent,
exports and imports. ratings on trade, foreign di- for 35th place), are not that
It is a calculation of the rect investment, and remit- high.
power of remittances be- tances and personal transfers This means, Ang ex-
yond picking up the slack only affirm the “divergence” MIGRANT WORKERS SEEK FOR BETTER TREATMENT (To page 17)
Harper delivers on vow to cut GST Philippine Supreme Court lets NEWS 5
Manila Media Monitor

dual citizen practice profession

Toronto resident but dual oath of allegiance as a Fili- yer of any of these condi-
citizen Benjamin Dacanay pino citizen before the Phil- tions makes him unworthy
could resume his lawyering ippine Consulate General in of the trust and confidence
in the Philippines. Toronto, Canada. which the courts and clients
In a Dec. 17, 2007 de- However, the Supreme repose in him for the contin-
cision, the high court ap- Court said Dacanay should ued exercise of his profes-
proved the Office of the Bar pay his professional tax and sional privilege,” the high
Confidant’s recommenda- membership dues to the In- court said.
tion endorsing Dacanay tegrated Bar of the Philip- It added: Filipinos who
to resume his law practice pines. have become citizens of an-
here. It also ordered Dacanay other country but have reac-
The Bar Confidant said to complete at least 36 hours quired their Philippine citi-
Dacanay ably met all the of mandatory legal educa- zenship were deemed never
Prime Minister STEPHEN HARPER: GST cut to spur economic growth qualifications for members tion to refresh his knowl- to have lost it.
Starting Jan. 1, Canadi- working family hundreds stressed. of the Bar after he reac- edge and update himself on Dacanay was admit-
ans would only have to pay of dollars per year on day- Since coming to office, quired his Philippine citi- Philippine laws. ted to the Philippine bar in
five percent as Goods and to-day purchases, not to the Conservative Govern- zenship in 2006. Dacanay is also required March 1960.
Services Tax (GST). mention hundreds more on ment has acted on cuts on On July 14, 2006, pur- to take his lawyer’s oath to He practiced law until
Effective the same date, a new car or thousands on a sales, income and business suant to Republic Act 9225 remind him of his duties and he migrated to Canada in
Ontarians also received new home,” he said. taxes. or the Citizenship Retention responsibilities as member December 1998 and subse-
promised tax breaks from The permanent tax cut Harper said the govern- and Re-Acquisition Act of the Philippine Bar. quently became a Canadian
the provincial government. would benefit all Canadians (To page 34) of 2003, Dacanay took his “Any breach by a law- citizen in May 2004.

No placement fee for Canada-bound OFWs

5% GST regardless of age or income
This, Prime Minister - including those with low
Stephen Harper bared in incomes.
the Mississauga consumer For consumers, savings The Philippine Overseas erning Board No. 4, Series der the cost of placement tions that usually required
electronics store where he from the two percent reduc- Employment Administra- of 2001 and the 2002 POEA and recruitment services. a high school diploma or a
promised the tax relief dur- tion could reach almost $12 tion (POEA) has warned re- Rules and Regulations Gov- The prohibition was maximum of two years of
ing the 2005-06 election billion in 2008. cruitment agencies against erning the Recruitment and specifically applicable to job-specific training (level
campaign. “Reducing the GST is charging or collecting any Employment of Land-based agencies deploying workers C and D) under the Pilot
“This government prom- part of our broader plan to recruitment and placement Overseas Workers. to the Canadian provinces Project of the Government
ised to lower the GST from ensure Canada’s long-term fee from workers for de- Baldoz said Canada’s of Manitoba, Saskatch- of Canada.
seven to six to five percent economic growth and pros- ployment to Canada. system - either by law, pol- ewan, Alberta, and British POEA said it would
and we are delivering on perity,” said Harper. Administrator Rosalinda icy or practice - disallowed Columbia. cancel the license of the
that promise,” Harper said. “Under our govern- Dimapilis-Baldoz said the the collection. Baldoz said the prohibi- recruitment agency found
“The two-point reduc- ment, taxes are headed only ‘no placement fee rule’ was The law provided that tion covered the hiring of abusing and violating the
tion will save the average in one direction: down,” he contained in POEA Gov- the employer should shoul- foreign workers in occupa- policy. PR
6 VIEWS Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

Ace Alvarez

Only in Canada
On January 9, I sent an e-mail hol, ayos la’ng.” little candlelight, dinner, soft
to Philippine Press Club Ontario *** music and dancing. She goes
president Tenny Soriano, to greet See the couple in photo 2, Tuesdays, I go Fridays. (Henny
him on his birth anniversary, say- those are our good friends, To- Youngman)
ing that I’ll bring a case of beer ronto-based Honey and Johnny I had some words with my PHOTO 2, Courtesy of SPECIAL MOMENTS STUDIO
that week-end. In the same mes- Gahol. wife, and she had some para-
sage, I asked the My wife, Gie, graphs with me. (Anonymous) The guy who joined my con- rick Murray)
birthday celebrator and I, were wit- Two secrets to keep your versation with Johnny apparently My wife and I were happy for
for his preference: nesses to the re- marriage brimming: 1) When- isn’t happy with his marriage. The twenty years. Then we met. (Rod-
La Batts, or Co- newal of vows be- ever you’re wrong, admit it.; 2) following are his thoughts:: ney Dangerfield)
ors? tween the couple Whenever you’re right, shut up. After marriage, husband and Marriage is the only war
Thanking me, before God, as (Nash) wife become two sides of a coin; where one sleeps with the enemy.
he replied, “Sal- officiated by our I always remember my wife’s they just can’t face each other, but (Anonymous)
amat, p’re. Basta good friend, Fr. birthday. I did this by forgetting still they stay together. (Hemant A man inserted an ‘ad’ in the
may alcohol, ayos John Kiesling, it once. (Anonymous) Joshi) classifieds: “Wife wanted”. Next
la’ng.” S.A., on Decem- My wife is very forgiving. He counsels the bachelors, day he received a hundred letters.
Driving to his ber 31st at the She always forgives me when- “By all means marry. If you get They all said the same thing: “You
place that week- Saint Joan of Arc ever she’s wrong. (Rephrase of a good wife, you’ll be happy. If can have mine.” (Anonymous)
end, I took with me Church in To- Milton Berle) you get a bad one, you’ll become ***
a case in birthday ronto. I don’t worry about using a philosopher. (Socrates)” One businessman/communi-
wrapper. When I asked money remittance companies to He added, “If a man steals ty leader phoned me shortly be-
Opening the Johnny during transfer funds. A faster way is your wife, there is no better re- fore the release of last month’s
present, Tenny ex- the reception by my marriage to Honey. (re- venge than to let him keep her. Manila Media Monitor issue to
claimed, “What what the secret worded from James Holt Mc- (Sacha Guitry) ask for help in calling on the A-
the @#$%^&* are was on his strong Gavran) Woman inspires us to great List Filipino-Canadian journal-
these?” marriage bond It’s not true either that when things, and prevents us from ists to ease up on writing about
The case con- with Honey, even Johnny whispered to me, “My achieving them. (Dumas) fundraising activities and seek-
tained several at this 25th year, wife’s an angel,” another guest I don’t worry about terrorism. ing for the release of financial
bottles of what is PHOTO 1 it’s not true that overheard it and, butting into I was married for two years. (Sam reports thereafter.
in photo 1 on this he said he lives by the conversation, addressed Kinison) Others also expressed their
page. the citations below: Johnny, saying, “You’re lucky, I’ve had bad luck with both voice against the re-airing on
Well, the birthday celebrator We take time to go to a res- mine’s still alive.” my wives. The first one left me, TV program Front Page Phil-
said it himself, “Basta may alco- taurant two times a week. A *** and the second one didn’t. (Pat- (To page 7)
The Philippine Press Club Ontario will
Ooops & Bloops Ace: “Nadisgrasya na!”
Enter the PPCO presi-
the majority of his time in
an 8’ x 10’ cell. At work,
conduct its monthly Breakfast Forum at
(From page 6) Casa Manila on Jan. 19, 10:00 a.m. Guest
dent again … one spends one’s time in a
ippines airing on OMNI “Ako po ay nagulat Joe … Relaks lang, 6’ x 8’ cubicle.
speakers are composer Jun Dadivas and
Television, Cable 14-To- noong ibinigay ni Pareng walang namatay sa pamilya In prison, one gets three Elizabeth Rutledge, mother of missing
ronto, on the call of one Mon D (Philippine Cou- ni Mike.’ng. free meals a day. At work, kababayan Cristina Calaycay. FORUM
Mississauga-based com- rier Publisher/Editor Ra- Unto Tenny, I now say: one only gets a break for CHAIR TONY SICAT
munity leader over the mon Datol) ) ang sobre na “Mr. PPCO President … one meal and probably has
same matter, concerned may tatak PPCO. Ayaw ko with your influence on then to pay it himself. Galicia landed in Manila open and then chain the
on the “what if the On- sanang tanggapin dahil sa Press Secretary Greg Cen- In prison, one gets time sometime ago for a vaca- pens to the counters.
tario government officials ako’y nahihiya pero sabi ni dana, why did you not push off for good behavior. At tion, he has encountered Only in Canada do
bite the same?” Pareng Mon na ito ay tu- the latter to convince then work, one gets rewarded for the following question we leave cars worth thou-
My reply was, it’s easy long mula sa grupo. Hindi Philippine President Ferdi- good behavior with more regularly from friends sands of dollars in the
to cure. Just form a coali- ko inaasahan ito. Ako po’y nand Marcos for Ilocano as work. and relatives: driveway and put our use-
tion like the ethnic com- sumasaludo sa inyong la- the national language of the In prison, a guard locks How is Canada dif- less junk in the garage.
munity papers who bat- hat. Philippines? and unlocks the door for ferent from all the other Only in Canada do we
tled against the five-year PPCO prexy Tenny re- Joe Damsco hails from one. At work, one has to countries he has traveled buy hot dogs in packages
retroactive assessment on plied on behalf of PPCO: the Ilocandia. carry a security card, un- to before? of ten and buns in pack-
community newspapers to Bagama’t ang PPCO ay ‘di *** lock and open the door by It’s not true that ages of twelve.
pay the GST. This worked tulad ng ibang samahang Talking about contem- himself. Butch’s response was Only in Canada do
for us. hitik sa materyal na bagay porary jargon in the Phil- In prison, one can based from a compila- they have drive-up ATM
Commenting on this, na tulad ng malaking pon- ippines … watch TV and play games. tion sent sometime back machines with Braille
Manila Media Monitor edi- do, ang PPCO ay mayaman Mediaman Gus Sori- At work, one gets fired for by Myrna Soriano, wife lettering; and, in the old
tor Butch Galicia e-mailed naman sa pakikisama at bu- ano said that in referring watching TV and playing of PPCO president Tenny days …
saying “Tutal, binababoy kas loob na hangaring tu- to a person’s professional games. Soriano, as follows: Only in Canada do
naman nila ang ibig sabi- lungan ang kapwa kasama engagement, or employ- In prison, one gets his Only in Canada do drugstores make the sick
hin ng fundraising for sa oras ng pangagailangan ment in the Philippines, own toilet. At work, one has people order double walk all the way to the
good aims, dapat itayo e at sakuna. one would ask another, to share. cheeseburgers, large fries, back of the store to get
COA-LITSON!!!!! Touched by the e-mail “Kaibigan, ano bang raket In prison, friends and and a diet coke. their prescriptions, while
*** thread, PPCO member Joe mo ngayon?” family are allowed to visit. Only in Canada do healthy people can buy
Because of a fire which Damasco wrote, “Bagamat This is why, Gus said, At work, one cannot even banks leave both doors cigarettes at the front.
gutted a neighbor, Philip- malayo man ako at nandito that American officials are speak to family and friends.
pine Courier photographer sa mahal nating Pilipinas thinking of moving NASA In prison, all expenses
Miguel Caducio and his ay hindi ko makakaligtaang to the Philippines. are paid for by taxpayers
family were forced to va- ipa-abot ang pagbati ko sa *** and one doesn’t even have
cate their dwelling for a inyong lahat ng espiritu ng Sometimes I wonder to work. At work, one gets
couple of days. Kapanganakan ng ating Je- why people commit crimes to pay all the expenses to
PPCO members contrib- sus.” to sustain themselves in lieu go to work and then gov-
uted and sent financial help “Isang pagbati sa of working. My old friend, ernment deducts taxes from
to Miguel and his family. matagumpay ng pagdiri- Malcolm Wason though one’s salary to pay for the
Touched by this, Miguel wang at salu-salo natin. unwittingly answered this prisoners.
wrote his fellow PPCO “Isang pakikiramay sa thought when he sent out ***
members, through President pagyao sa mahal sa buhay the following to me: After Manila Media
Tenny Soriano: ni Mike Caducio.” In prison, one spends Monitor editor Butch
8 VIEWS Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008
KBP required all of us working
in the broadcast industry to be
accredited with the newly orga-
nized broadcast industry regula-
tory body, aimed at uplifting the
programming, news and public

Of good connects, affairs standards of the Philippine

broadcast industry.

‘idiotors’, talent abuse

With the almost 110 radio sta-
tions operating in the Philippines,
a line-up of people working in the
broadcast industry would normal-
In these days of broken tenership with only the Kanlaon lowing university, Honey served ly be seen at Chateau de Makati
families, broken marriages and Broadcasting Company’s DWKW as executive assistant to Tony building, which houses the KBP
brokeback mountains, I stood as competing station). Barreiro, who was then chairman offices.
December 30th to witness a very It is said that one sees former of the Kapisanan ng mga Brod- Huh! I was spared from that,
beautiful and touching event - the classmates years after graduation, kasters sa Pilipinas (KBP) -- the saving time and energy waiting
renewal of vows of my very good usually during school homecom- national association of broadcast- for my turn. All I had to do was
friends, Honey (nee Estaris) and ings. ers in the Philippines. pick up the phone, talk to Honey,
Johnny Gahol at the St. Joan of In my case and that of Honey’s, It was during that martial law and I had the requirements. It was
Arc Church on Bloor Street West it didn’t end after graduation. Fol- era in the Philippines that the also Honey who procured the
in Toronto. KBP member-
Just like the harmony of the ship car stick-
couple’s names, Honey and John- ers for me, first
ny’s marriage proved to be harmo- for my Volk-
nious after all the past 25 years of swagen Beetle,
their married life. and later my
The words of the officiating Ford Laser.
minister, Fr. John Kiesling, S.A., The story
to the couple and those in atten- did not end
dance were as inspiring as the so- there. Getting
lemnity of the sacrament. hold of a copy
I myself was so moved and of this publica-
shared the couple’s successful tion years later
marriage, having known Honey in Toronto, I
from way back journalism school heard the voice
as a classmate and school barka- from the oth-
da. er end of the
After graduation, I landed a phone of the
job as newswriter-reporter for the new Canadian
Manila-based DWXB-102.7 FM who just flew
Radio, a news and public affairs in from Bah-
station (and if I may add, with Johnny and Honey Gahol renew their vows before Fr. John Kiesling S.A. rain with her
pride I say that ours played either at the St. Joan of Arc Church on Dec. 30. Courtesy of SPECIAL MOMENTS family.
on the first, or the second in lis- STUDIO (To page 10)
The Nazarene’s fiesta, capped
by a hair-raising procession of its
image, is where a man’s strength,
resilience and nostrils are tested.
The sea of humanity that de-
scends upon the hallowed Plaza

Merrymaking =
Miranda and its periphery has
been known to crush not only feet

Joy, Resilience
but entire limp bodies whose own-
ers do not know how to sway with
the tide and ride with the passion.
After the December mad-
It is as though the Filipino prices. So do the hotels and inns copia of inebriation, gimmickry, ness and the January revelry, one
appetite for spectacle and merry- that can suddenly behave like they din and filth. would think the Filipino would
making cannot be satisfied. have the most snobbish lodging in It is Alejandro Roces’ conjec- plunk down in exhaustion.
Not content with a scandalous- Champs Elysses. ture that the ati-ati commemorates On the contrary. The Christ-
ly overstretched Yuletide celebra- Kalibo’s Ati-atihan was, in its the barter of Panay when the low- mas lights and décor remain where
tion of bacchanalian proportions, ‘70s heyday, the scene of action. lands were sold by the Aetas to the they are because it ain’t over yet,
we usher January with more noise Even coast-wise ships were Bornean datus. folks. February is for renewing
and wild abandon, all purportedly chartered to bring avid Manileños The mass dancing of soot- ties with our Chinese kith and kin
in the spirit of reverence for the to the town, the ship being con- faced revelers is redolent of the as the lunar year unfolds.
Santo Niño icon. verted into a floating hotel. exodus to the hinterlands by the Less noise, less drama but
Kalibo and the quieter, quaint- Then, Boracay was a secret dark-skinned natives after the sale the fervor we exhibit can put the
er town of Ibajay dress themselves virginal hideaway, so focus was of the island. most jaded Chinese in Xiamen to
up garishly for the Ati-atihan. poured on the unassuming capital After the last beer bottle is shame.
The same revelry happens in town of Aklan. done justice in Kalibo, the action Then there is romance. No
towns big and small which honor The festival succumbed to the migrates to Iloilo. other country marks Valentine’s
the Santo Niño as its patron: from siren call of commerce and greed. Like its Sinulog cousin in Day with pagan devotion as the
San Agustin in Romblon to Santo It has now deteriorated into chaos Cebu, the Dinagyang is also an- Philippines does. The lines that
Niño in Malolos to the heart of and clutter. Every street, quiet and other reason to get drunk, don formed at malls in December are
Tondo, Manila where the obser- unadorned for eleven months, is those kitschy sticker tattoos and now diverted to the hotel concerts,
vance takes on a bizarre mixture festooned with commercial post- dance in wild abandon. the love inns and motels.
of Catholic pomp and pagan pag- ers and buntings. Iloilo’s ace however is the Indeed, nearly every month is
eantry. Each peddler in Panay de- dance competition among “tribes”, a season to celebrate and the ir-
Not to be outdone, Cebu has scends upon the tiny town to sell mostly young men, gays and girls. repressible Filipino always finds
its Sinulog, a more commercially anything from cheap children’s The annual contest is a showcase provocation and reason to get up
attractive option and because of toys to trinkets. of the most spectacular costuming and boogie.
its more cosmopolitan setting, one Noise is the order of day, and and choreographic movement. How does one explain the
that is more touristically organized it shatters eardrums well into the Why the local tourism depart- endless list of anniversaries, pa-
and amply covered by media. night. Travelers desiring restful ment has not successfully market- tron saint fiestas, observances and
It happens on the same week- sleep should rethink their plans ed it as our answer to the carnival what have yous, each one deserv-
end as Kalibo’s many flights ser- and hie off to nearby Boracay in- at Rio is beyond me. ing of some sort of celebration?
vicing both destinations are not stead. A less rowdy but equally in- Little wonder, we are among
only full; they are also offered The Kalibo festival is crowded, sane celebration happens at Ma- the most resilient, happiest people
at take-it-or-leave-it premium noisy and is at its worst, a cornu- nila’s core. that God has created.
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor VIEWS 9

Opinion 2008: The Point of

Once is not enough? No Return
Each year, it becomes more it happened, will virtually guaran- formation that will interest no one
(Excerpts from the author’s regular opinion piece being published difficult to accept the flawed judg- tee that you and your organization outside of your circle;
by the Philippines News Agency in Manila, the Philippins.) ment of fools who refuse to look will be ignored; • Utilize the fact that compet-
I think it’s kind’a funny how the courts could mete out multiple at the threat of global warming in • Make vague and ambiguous ing media are already committed
life sentences to convicted criminals, knowing that every person the face. statements about the purpose of to participating in your project.
has only one life to live. This is because if a two or three life termer Each year, we refuse to look your event and be especially care- ***
died while locked up, then you might have an unpleasant case of at the prospect of denying many ful not to reveal its date, time and The assassination of Benazir
miscarriage of justice because the jailbird still has a second or third of the creature comforts we have location; Bhutto and the subsequent sui-
life sentence to complete. relished at risk of what realists • Misspelling the name of the cide bombing claiming innocent
In the case of the national penitentiary’s most celebrated resi- now know is a menace to human- person to whom you are writing victims is just one more example
dent - you guess right, it’s former congressman Romeo Jalosjos ity itself. will work to your disfavor, as will of the total evil of the presence of
- did the presidential commutation mean he has to serve out a 16- The threat? No, the clear and being clueless about your target instruments of war and crime in
year period for each life term, or a total of 32 years for the two life present danger. One day in one audience; every corner of the world.
sentences handed out by the trial court for statutory rape? Just kid- year we shall reach the point of no • Issuing numerous confusing Must we be compelled to the
ding, of course. return. Could it be in 2008? reminders about your event will pessimistic belief that if global
Seriously now, I believe our justice system should give this a *** also help to create a negative im- warming doesn’t get us, weapons
thought. After all, handing out multiple life sentences is extraneous. Attention publicists! pression; of human destruction will, wheth-
You and I know right at the start that it can never be served because These pointers come from a • Confuse being newsworthy er they be guns and machetes in
God gave all of us only one life. We’re not cats who have nine lives woman at one of Canada’s major with blatantly commercial intent; Rwanda or the Congo or missiles
(even this is questionable). television stations whose sad lot • Don’t bother with correct reciprocally fired across borders
Okay, granting that the offender was convicted on say, two it is to deal with public relations spelling, grammar and punctua- in Palestine and Israel? Or worse,
counts of murder, rape or any other capital crime. Imposing mul- people and others who want to get tion; that dreaded BOMB.
tiple life or death sentences to him would still be illogical because on the air. • Send huge memory-heavy Most guns, rockets, bombs are
there’s just no way he could complete them. It’s just impossible, • Be sure to send your release graphic files so that what you have scientifically manufactured ob-
right? on the same day as your event or to say will freeze their computers jects. Their makers are armaments
Somehow, light has finally shown — or has it really? — on the better still, a few minutes before and not only be deleted but also be companies all of which must turn a
fiasco that marked the attempt of Jalosjos, who was convicted of or - even better - after it; flagged as spam for future e-mail- profit to remain in existence. They
raping an 11-year-old girl, to regain his freedom by stretching what • If you’re new to this, here’s ings; must satisfy shareholders and pay
is allowed by law a little bit. a handy hint: a release reporting • Create ongoing annoyance employees in order to survive.
Anyway, the Department of Justice (DOJ), in an apparent bid to what happened at your event, after by releasing strictly internal in- (To page 34)
unravel the mystery that led to Jalosjos’s so-called “escape” from
the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City shortly before
Christmas Day, tossed the blame to the Bureau of Corrections (Bu-
According to Justice Undersecretary Fidel Exconde, the DOJ
has drawn up a resolution categorically providing that Jalosjos can-
not earn the title of “ex-convict” until June 24, 2010.
The DOJ resolution, signed by Justice Secretary Raul Gonza-
les last Jan. 1 - oh, they do work on holidays including the New Let’s take the
journey together
Year — thumbed down four sets of “good conduct time allowance”
granted by the BuCor to Jalosjos.
The DOJ said the BuCor under the watch of retired police Gen.
Vicente Vinarao committed a serious mistake in computing (and
recomputing) Jalosjos’ good conduct time allowance — this is a Happy New Year. I bet you’ve potential. I’m taking some practical
fancy name for jail term reduction — and still came up with the er- been hearing a lot of that lately. Anything will be possible this steps to expand my business as
roneous conclusion that he could be legally discharged by Dec. 16, I’m sitting at my desk and year and I believe it. It’s the time well as taking some spiritual steps
2007. Vinarao has retired since and the slip-up was passed on to his it’s Jan. 1, 2008 and I’m think- I reflect on what I want and where to strengthen my core being.
successor, Ricardo Dapat, who was booted out by Malacanang as a ing about all the things I’d like to I need to be. There will be many risks and
consequence of the Jalosjos controversy. accomplish and which will make And this year will be special. opportunities to fail. But that
Exconde (please be careful not to interchange this with ex-con- 2008 an outstanding year: One that I feel strong and powerful and makes it even more worthwhile as
vict) accused the BuCor of deceiving President Gloria Macapagal- I’ll look back on and say “Wow, I full of energy. I’m in control. a goal.
Arroyo into signing the memorandum order reducing Jalosjos’ sen- really did a lot in ‘08.” I guess we Sure, I had a few setbacks dur- I can’t promise that I will ac-
tence by not telling the truth. all do that to some extent. ing 2007 and I might not be as far complish all I set out to do but I
Let’s hear out Exconde. “The mere fact that it (BuCor) had The new year gives us a chance along as I’d like to be (or thought can promise that I will give it my
initially given insufficient information to the OP (Office of the to clean the slate and begin fresh, I would be), but so what. best shot.
President) prior to the order of commutation, and thereafter made a leaving all our mistakes behind. How does that change my ul- I do know that I will accom-
post-commutation order a re-computation of the sentence, thereby In New York, this year, they timate goals? It really doesn’t; all plish nothing if I don’t take that
further shortening the actual period to be served by including other set up a huge shredder one could that’s needed is a slight course first step; if I let my fear of failure
deductions not disclosed to the OP, constitutes a form of deception, go to and get rid of all the bad correction. glue me to my chair.
to say the least.” memories and mistakes of 2007. I still see the finish line, I still In 2007, I started this column
That’s what he said in an interview with the Inquirer. In case I love the idea. Since I can’t believe in the journey and most to share the journey that many of
you got lost somewhere in that long sentence, allow me to help get to New York, I’ve decided to important I know that I will get us are taking; to give a voice to the
out. What Exconde meant was that after reporting to the Palace, set up my virtual shredder, a big there. travelers on that journey.
the BuCor felt dissatisfied with its own computation. So the bureau empty space that can hold any- And “there” is to be powerful I’ve met many people with
made another round of computation, in putting additional credits thing of any size, shape or form. and strong and to believe in my- stories that inspired me as well as
that further cut short Jalosjos’ sentence. This shredder will take on self and my ability to succeed. Ev- saddened me.
Vinarao obviously thought he didn’t have to tell the President anything, from real things (like an eryone has a “there” somewhere. I’ve been humbled by the sheer
that he made some more pencil pushing, so upon the recommen- ugly photo) to abstract things like Of course “there” also means strength of character and will of
dation of the Board of Pardons and Parole, the Chief Executive those bad ideas or embarrassing that I am financially secure, it the people I had the privilege of
slashed Jalosjos’ two life terms to just 16 years. moments. means I can be proud of what I’m meeting.
If Vinarao cheated the President, no less, is punitive action The shredder will conceal it doing, it means less conflict in my I hope to continue writing
forthcoming? Personally, I doubt it. Sad to say, the issue will just be and finally shred it into pieces so life, it means being respected by about our journey. I hope you
swept under the rug, so to speak. tiny they stop being recognizable. the people who matter to me. have found it interesting. Please
(To page 32) Try it. It worked wonders for me. But I think everything flows keep writing me. Share your sto-
I love the new year. It’s like first from how I feel about my- ries and let’s continue this journey
LETTERS, COMMENTS, REACTIONS may be the street on a crisp winter morn- self. together. I wish 2008 will be a safe
sent to All commu- ing before anyone has gone out to So “there” has to start with and successful year for you.
nications will be edited. spoil it. that. In 2008 my goal is get closer (Eva Agpaoa may be reached
It’s clean and fresh and full of to my “there”. at
10 VIEWS Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008
From the Monitor’s Desk Mid last year, I spoke at a
(From page 8) small gathering hosted by enter-
When Gie (Honey knows her words before our graduation have tainers Karen Tan and Josie de
from our Philippine broadcast- always been my guiding light: Leon where I called on communi- Butch DG. Galicia
ing days, too) and I met Honey, “There’s nothing wrong with us- ty organizations to pay talent fees
the latter introduced her husband ing connections in landing you a to our local entertainers for their
Johnny, a former Philippine mili- job in the media, but be sure, when work at community events.
tary officer and an elected official
in his hometown in Quezon Prov-
you stay in that job, you can prove
you’re worth it,” which leads me
One talent who responded ear-
ly to my call was Jenifer Cama-
ince - thus, possessed of good to the state of the Filipino-Cana- cho. Jenifer said that after she read
people skills in that he made us dian media in Toronto today. an item on my call, she declined
very comfortable with him, and It saddens me that many of invitations to sing at two events Ah! I can still recall the Christ- ago. Here goes:
drew us very close as if we knew the people who like doing media where organizers asked for her mases of yore when expectant gae-
him for years. work in Toronto’s Filipino Cana- “contribution to the community”. ity filled homes dotted by blinking Ang Pasmo Ay Sumapit
To you, Honey and Johnny, all dian community and engage them- Right move, Jen! multi-colored lights against a dark
the best and congratulations on selves into it through their local Entertainers “contribute” their star-sprayed sky, when profuse Noche buena ko’y sumabit
your 25th! As Gie and I offered a connections never do anything to talents “to the community” by way thanks greeted Bathala for a boun- Ang price ng tuyo’y humirit
toast in your honor at the recep- better themselves. Just look at the of free performances at functions. tiful table, when families and kin Bonus ko ay naipit
tion, we do, too, again here. state of print and broadcast media In the meantime, the organizations reunited and shared gifts, when Sa 5-6 ako’y kumapit.
The Gahol couple is blessed around us; and those photo releas- inviting these entertainers contin- Advent traditions capped the soul Then came high bills from
with three children, namely, In- es sent to print outlets; they are ue to sell entrance tickets, 50-50 of a child from one to infinity. Meralco
grid Amor, Precious Charisse and good for family photo albums, but draw tickets, advertising space Kailangan pa bang i-memo- Nawasa and the telepono
Nathaniel Jan. ‘editors’ - who can’t even write, for souvenir programs, of which rize ‘yan? Perhaps, since the im- On their knees mga tao
*** much more edit their own work, revenue derived is supposedly for pressions I got and the observa- Ngunit dinedma lang sila nina
Having talked about Honey, pass them for publication, either the organizations “fundraising ef- tions I made during my two-month Ate Glo.
I recall with fondness my class- because they came from friends, forts”. Oh yes, in paper, purpose stay in Manila palpably showed a
mates and barkada from journal- acquaintances, or advertisers. of these fundraising efforts is wide pathetic gap in people’s ob- New year na new year, ang
ism school, among many others, Some of them even refuse to clear, but mostly lacks actual per- servance of the passage of Yule- daming tralala
now Australia-based advertising affiliate with press clubs, among formance; not even an accounting tide, compared to how the season Walang laman ang pockets,
executive Homer V. Alvarez of others, the Philippine Press Club of funds is done by most. of joy was celebrated eons ago. and also bituka
Cavite City; PR professional Aq- Ontario, where they could have On the other hand, some en- If there was any consolation So many tao, kulang ang
uilino Alvarez, Jr. of Muntinlupa benefited from the expertise of the tertainers are promised payment this 2007 in the observance of trabaho
City; Linda (nee Lacorte) Lintag, group’s leadership, mostly com- of talent fees, but collecting the usually happy and feisty holidays Kahit strong daw ang peso.
also a public relations profession- posed of professional journalists. same after the event proves even in the Philippines, it was the glut
al, who, formerly, was with the PR Here, one who knows how to cut more of a challenge. of humor and rumor amid lean Tayo’y magkagat labi
department of the Philippine Na- and paste from stories and pho- Guys, do it by contract: 50% means, the hope to cope and a Count na lang mga daliri
tional Red Cross and now based tos from the internet has even the down payment upon engagement prayer or two for a better than bit- Sa wall huwag nang umihi
in Vancouver working with the temerity to propagate himself, or and 50% just before you step up ter new year. Show them all gandang ugali.
Canadian Red Cross. All of them herself as a media expert. Guys, the stage. Otherwise, magpabayad Novelty lyrics bastardizing the Sa hope ay may pag-asa
made good in their chosen branch mind the copyright laws. Adver- na la’ng kayo ng bags and bags of local but popular carol Ang Pasko The sky naman is the langit
of the media industry. tisers, please wake up. You con- chicharon - just like the worth of Ay Sumapit, courtesy of my sober At kung ako ikaw
And, of course, one of our fa- tribute big time to the decay of the advertising space in some Filipino drinking mate Tata Bosyong, viv- Kung gusto mo, tiis;
vorite journalism professor Bert community. publications in Toronto. idly imaged the abject sentiment Kung ayaw mo, alis! (2x)
Corvera (now deceased) - whose *** *** of most denizens of the archipel- ***

Dr. Gilbert Chan
Dr. Daphne Chien
Dr. Janet Ho
Dr. Janet Wong
Dr. Michael Chin
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor FEATURE 11
OWWA fetters in protecting OFWs
By ISAGANI DE LA PAZ MANILA - Two Filipi- workers,” Agunias and Ruiz benefited just above a per-
no-American analysts cited said challenges remained in cent or 10,834 OFWs of its
imbalanced services and making a welfare fund like total membership.
weak state capacity as some OWWA work. The agency had 994,191
of the factors fettering the “A welfare fund has to members, as of mid-2007.
Philippine government’s find the right balance of On the other hand,
welfare fund in protecting services, create meaningful spending for insurance and
the country’s economic he- partnerships, build strong burial benefits went to less
roes, the overseas Filipino state capacity, and actively than a percent (1,122 OFWs’
workers (OFW). involve destination coun- claims or 0.11 percent) of
“In the Philippines, tries,” the authors said. the total membership.
where one in 12 people is Based on OWWA data, Spending
a migrant and where ev- the authors said the agency The paper said that two
eryone has a relationship to created in 1980 as Welfare years ago, OWWA spent
migration in one way or an- Fund Administration “tilted only three percent of its
other, managing institutions more toward achieving fund fund balance on services.
like the Overseas Workers stability” than providing “This ratio may be in-
The absence of servic- Welfare Administration services. terpreted positively or
es from the Philippine (OWWA) can be inherently Based on data gathered, negatively. OWWA may be
state agency tasked difficult,” Dovelyn Ran- the bulk of OWWA spend- spending less on services
to protect overseas nveig Agunias and Neil G. ing last year was for repa- now so more is available
Filipino workers (OFW) Ruiz said in their 32-page triation of overseas Filipino for future services to future
has prompted indepen- paper Protecting Overseas workers and payment of in- members. At the same time,
dent groups in Canada Workers: Lessons and Cau- surance and burial benefits. however, it may also mean
to fund and carry out tions from the Philippines Repatriation expendi- OWWA is simply under-in-
programs benefitting presented on Dec. 18. tures formed nearly 14 per- vesting in services,” Agu-
OFWs, like the Asser- Agunias is with the cent of the agency’s spend- nias and Ruiz wrote.
tiveness Training for Washington, DC-based Mi- ing of nearly P170 million Based on OWWA’s lat-
Caregivers (above) at gration Policy Institute and last year. est audited financial state-
the St. Paschal Baylon Ruiz is with The Brookings Payment of insurance ment the authors used,
Church Hall on Nov. 25. Institution. and for burial benefits 644,373 individuals were
(Below) Training partic- Based on interviews formed the second-largest cited by OWWA as having
ipants, trainors and staff pose for posterity. They include speakers Marlene with “several high-level bulk of spending at 12 per- benefited from their rev-
Mogado, Deanna Santos, Terry Olayta and Lani Aguinaldo. The caregivers’ government officials and cent or P155 million. enue spending.
course is part of the Professional and Personal Development Program for migrants’ organizations, as OWWA’s revenue last In the report, OWWA
Caregivers regularly sponsored by the Catholic Community Services of York well as on an analysis of year was some P1.3 billion. should have provided ser-
Region, Office of the Consulate General, Office of the Philippine Labor Rep- several data sources on the However, the authors vices to a total 644,373
resentative, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, St. Paschal Baylon Fili- welfare and protection ser- noted that the bulk of spend- OFWs or members of their
pino Support Group and Caregiver Resource Centre. MOGI MOGADO vices available to overseas ing for repatriation last year (To page 36)

1st captive-bred, born RP eagle

marks 16th birth anniversary
DAVAO CITY - Pag-asa side is brown and the underside is Philippine Eagle will continue to
(hope), the first Philippine eagle densely white. fly over Philippine skies through
bred and born in captivity, cele- Its heavy legs are yellow with the years.
brated its sweet 16th natal day an- large, powerful claws. In line with Pag-asa’s birth-
nversary on Jan. 15 with a birthday The prominent large, high day anniversary celebration, the
bash inside her giant cage here. arched, deep bill is a bluish-gray, foundation released Kagsabua,
Doming Tadena, deputy direc- with blue-gray eyes. a juvenile Philippine Eagle res-
tor for breeding conservation at Another unique feature of the cued on Sept. 7, 2006 in Barangay
the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) Philippine Eagle is that the female Kaatuan, Lanatapan, Bukidnon
in Malagos, Baguio District, led is bigger than the male. after it was hit by a hunter’s gun.
well-wishers to greet the Big Bird The average female is about The wounded eagle was turned
“Happy Birthday!” one meter (3.3 feet) long, weighs over to the PEF retrieval team by
Eddie Juntilla, Pag-asa’s care- about 7 kilograms (15.5 pounds), the Department of Environment
taker, blew the eagle’s birthday and has a wingspan of two meters and Natural Resources of Bukid-
cake, as conservationists watched (6.7 feet), making the Philippine non under Felix Mirasol.
and greeted Pag-asa, who ac- Eagle one of the biggest and most When recovered, Kagsabua
knowledged her well-wishers by powerful forest-dwelling birds in sustained a minor bullet wound
spreading her wings. the world. that grazed its neck.
Pag-asa was born on Jan. The adult male has an average An X-ray examination showed The Philippine Eagle
15, 1992, after conservationists weight of about five kilograms or an air gun pellet lodged between (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
conducted a thorough study and 11 pounds. the skin and the skull at the back
research of the great Philippine The life expectancy for the of the bird’s head. Fortunately, no
Eagle at its habitat at the foothills Philippine Eagle is between 30 to skull fracture was seen.
of Mt. Apo in Baracatan, Toril, 60 years. “This release is a reintroduc-
this city. Tadena said “the dedication tion of Kagsabua to the wild,”
The Philippine Eagle, also and effort invested to eagle con- PEF executive director Dennis
known as the monkey-eating ea- servation eventually paid off with Salvador said.
gle, is among the rarest and most Pag-asa’s birth in 1992.” “We hope that hunting and
critically endangered vertebrate The successful breeding in deforestation can be effectively
species. captivity of the eagle led to the es- stopped so that the eagles and oth-
It is found only in the Philip- tablishment of the Philippine Ea- er species will continue to thrive”
pines, in the islands of Luzon, Sa- gle Foundation (PEF), dedicated and give future generations the
mar, Leyte and Mindanao. to conserve the Big Bird. chance to see and admire its beau-
Its head is adorned with long Todate, there are 22 Philippine ty and majesty, Salvador said.
brown feathers similar to a lion’s eagles born and bred in captivity, There are only a few hundred
mane. What makes the Philippine the latest born on Dec. 7, 2007, of these birds living in the wild.
Eagle colorful is that its upper- giving the PEF high hopes that the PNA
12 HOROSCOPE Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008
choices carefully as they

What’s ahead in 2008? arise before making deci-

sions will be very important,
this year. Take advantage of
By the Astrocenter Team this expansive time and act
upon your desire to enroll in
The year 2008 is a ple who can sense the needs ones. Start setting aside a all over the world. new classes.
year of transformation of a changing society will little nest egg for yourself, Third resolution: Get You could greatly ben-
Aries and will be a hectic and
tumultuous year. Those
grow stronger by adapting
and staying flexible. They
and clear up any tension
there may be between you
involved. What cause ap-
peals to you the most? Is
efit by finishing that degree
March 21-April 19 or get that certificate you’ve
who are prepared for eco- might even find themselves and friends or family mem- it world peace, health and been working on. Likewise,
New opportunities arise nomic and political shake- suddenly wealthy. This year bers to improve the mood. fitness for all, sustainable educational trips and ro-
this year, resulting in a posi- ups should be able to con- will NOT be a year to ratio- Second resolution: energy, or perhaps the mantic vacations exploring
tive turn for your career. tinue with their lifestyles, nalize or to ignore the ad- Don’t depend on anyone but rights of the weak, such different philosophies and
You will learn to master though even they may hit monishments of economist. yourself to solve your prob- as children and animals? arts will give you insight
your energy to meet your a few bumps in the road. Very often we go through lems. By taking matters into Doing good for others and help you jumpstart your
goals. You are good at tak- The global economic life wearing blinders like a your own hands, you will be will give you inspiration projects and articulate new
ing leadership, and you’ll upheaval might cause horse, but those who take able to enact change in your in other areas of your life, ideas.
make deep, transforming larger personal expenses, off those blinders and pre- life and in the lives of those and overcoming obstacles You derive nourishment
changes and tap into this and investments might not pare for a rocky road can close to you — if you want will give you a sense of and balance taking sojourns
abundant energy in new be as profitable as you had thrive in 2008. something done right, do it pride and accomplish- to the mountains or lakeside
and dynamic ways. Even planned. Political tension First resolution: Get yourself! If you’re dissatis- ment. Now is not the time retreats. You will also ben-
though you may feel pulled worldwide could create your own life in order - fied with your life, work to to back down from a chal- efit by sharing the creative
to accomplish great things, a troubling atmosphere, NOW. Whatever is uncer- change it, perhaps by join- lenge — you could sur- wisdom you have acquired,
you will still be able to keep and you might find your- tain, firm it up. Pay off as ing one of the grassroots prise yourself with how and see results as your ideas
balance in your personal self unusually irritable. many debts as you can, and movements that have been successfully you dealt are folded into mainstream
life and your energy alive Yet clever, insightful peo- avoid running up any new popping up like mushrooms with a difficult situation. values.
and renewed. This is a good time to
Amid the change, you to relax a bit to complement created. You will cultivate projects to the forefront, follow that urge to express
will be able to remain men- your natural tendency to- good relationships through this year. Your personal your deep inner changes in
tally focused. You may be- ward activity, both physical the end of the year, which needs will be met the more your personal growth and
come more methodical and and otherwise. will reflect positive changes you tune into your spiritual publish or write your own
practical than usual in man- As you successfully in your life. Your will en- side, and your growth will books. You enjoy sharing
aging your responsibilities. achieve your career goals joy socializing more than be directly connected with your musical talents, and
Stopping to think things this year, it will be impor- usual. your ability to accept your creating a new musical
through carefully will im- tant to maintain a watch- You will be networking deep philosophical transfor- piece is a very strong possi-
pact you and your surround- ful eye over the security of and connecting with differ- mation. You will continue bility. You can be very suc-
cessful in expressing your
ings in a very profound and
positive way. Seize the op-
your family life. You may
find yourself doing some
ent types of people from all
over the world and it will
Taurus to work out how you can
use your creative side to higher principles, whether it
April 20-May 20 is work related or commu-
portunity to think things remodeling in your home feel like a breath of fresh improve your finances.
through during the first few and you will take pleasure air. As your career takes off, Grounded and practical Methodically organiz- nity oriented. Expect mon-
months of the year. Even in spending more time and it will be much easier than Taurus will experience ex- ing your perceptions as they etary returns when you put
though you enjoy beginning energy enjoying the crea- usual to express yourself tra boosts of optimism and come to you will enhance your ideas into practice.
new projects, make the time ture comforts you have with warmth and charm. find time to bring creative your career. Weighing (To page 13)
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor HOROSCOPE 13
May 21-June 21

Much of
your energy
this year will
be focused on
figuring out
ways improve
your financial
situation. Money will definitely be coming your
way and will greatly influence your personal be-
liefs, dreams and philosophies.
You have a quick way of analyzing situa-
tions and expertise to organize your thoughts
to maximize your productivity. You have an in-
tense desire to be of service to others and have a
keen sense of knowing where in the world you
can be most effective to make a positive differ-
ence for change in the world.
Community involvement gives you a forum
to sharpen your debate and controversy skills
that you so thoroughly enjoy. There will be a
strong influence from others to help you create
more personal security in having your material
needs met.
You could expect receiving a possibly large
sum of money from someone you have helped
rise to the top of their career. The summer will
give you more time to enjoy life and pamper
Time for some long deserved wonderful
vacation time! It will be good to get away and
spend some time to start thinking of yourself
more and allowing time to recreate your per-
sonal values. This will give you a new sense of
personal freedom.
You are feeling your home life requires at-
tention to be more comfortable. New ideas will
flow to create a nurturing atmosphere for your
innovative lifestyle. You will definitely be set-
ting some time aside to make some changes,
even the possibility of a complete move to better
suit your dreams and aspirations. Your creative
interest is perked when you share your stimulat-
ing ideas with a responsive mate.

June 22-July 22
Cozy Cancer will
have a great year focus-
ing on the home front. So
much of your energy will
be giving more to your
personal relationships and
partnerships. Security and home is such an im-
portant part of your makeup and will take center
stage in your priorities. Being emotionally sen-
sitive to good relationships that are nourishing
and loving will help add harmony in all aspects
of your life. The changes you experience in your
life will be deeply felt and lasting.
Positive things come from the deep level of
attention you give to these transformational op-
portunities. You will reap great rewards as you
learn to expand your communication skills and
be true to your inner self and your own personal
You are learning new ways of maintain-
ing harmony in your individuality at work and
around friends and family. It is important for you evaluate your personal values and all that fect partnership, you have had to work out
to maintain a positive self-image the way you you hold sacred has been a regular exercise a lot of your own personal values to know
define who you are and how you feel about life for you, both personally and financially. what you really want.
as you bring your energy out into the world. Deep and profound changes and bless- It’s good to clarify these wants, so that
You desire recognition and the more you fo- Leo ings await you as you freely give your en- by summer you will be able to put more of
cus on keeping up a good attitude about your ca- July 23- ergy to help others and take a hard look at your focus into giving your relationship the
reer and life in general, people that you thought August 22 your personal values in relationship to your time and energy it needs.
overlooked your good efforts will be your great- resources. Things will become much more inter-
est and most supportive allies. Some of the blocks you may have been esting for you by the end of summer. New
New opportunities to venture out on your feeling in your personal life and not know- and wonderful opportunities to enjoy in-
own in business will open up for you, yet if you ing which direction to go will be lifted. novative pursuits will enable you to enjoy
decide to stay where you are, you will be reap- By the spring, you will be feeling more your creature comforts in the home that you
ing financial rewards as well. Keep your opti- Dramatic, dynamic and compas- grounded and secure, and a little more com- so proudly feel is your sanctuary.
mism strong no matter if you decide to move on sionate Leo starts the year working passionate and tolerant of others. (To page 14)
or stay where you are. \ hard to discover new ways to express Comfort, relaxation and being mindful
Between juggling your own needs and main- practical ideals by connecting to inner are all very important factors that inspire Nawa’y magpatuloy ang
taining balance in your relationships, summer wisdom. You will realize how every- you to live a healthy life. You enjoy nature, pagningning ng mga tala
will be a wonderful time to get away and take thing you do in your life affects the en- so consider gardening to maintain your sun- sa inyong mga tahanan
time out for yourself to enjoy relaxing by the tire world on some level. ny disposition.
ngayong 2008.
sea, swimming and enjoying life. Feeling a need to change and re- As much as you dream of having a per-
14 HOROSCOPE Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008
The focus for Virgo, opportunities that present You’re not one to give about money and your per-
this year, is on developing themselves to you. You en- up on anything without a sonal values, and are seri-
creative endeavors to better joy organizing and monitor- fight. This year, you need to ously thinking about what is
serve mankind as a whole. ing fundraising events that prove to yourself that you important in your life. You
Your socially inde- promote fresh ideas. absolutely can do anything may find you may are not
pendent nature will attract Changes in your person- your heart desires. placing as much importance
wonderful new people into al identity will prompt you You have a friendly on having physical things.
your life and you will gain to be more engaged in self- nature, and feel very com- Security may pres-
more chances to expand development and participate fortable enjoying the group ent itself through family
your circle of friends. Your in new physical activities. Virgo dynamics of different social and friendships instead of Sagittarius
self-discipline will help you Your home environ- August 23- scenes. Having high per- through objects and posses-
November 22-
accomplish great things in ment will be influenced by September 22 sonal values, and being very sions.
December 21
your life. all the changes you are ex- idealistic, are just some of You desire a deeper
As you passionately cre- periencing, and reflect the face of change. the reasons why you attract connection and emotional By the summer, you feel
ate, and brilliantly express, happiness you flourish with By the end of the year, so many gifts and blessing bonding with your family, a new closeness in your re-
the earthy practical ideas beauty and creativity. you may feel more inter- from others -- not to men- exploring the ideas you have lationships and will juggle
that are abundantly flow- The new you may be ested in settling down and tion having a natural talent learned from your parents. love and work in order to
ing through you, your focus attracting an intimate rela- enjoying luxury and com- for attracting money easily You will appreciate some of maintain balance.
shifts to communicating tionship that provides the fort -- it’s the perfect time all year round. the perennial wisdom that Personal transformation
your talents more publicly. nourishment you need to for passionate weekend get- You will feel deep trans- has been passed down to is far more appealing than
Take advantage of the keep your balance in the aways. formation in your attitudes you from your ancestors. outer changes, this year.

This year is all about way easily and freely. You You are feeling very activities.
manifesting your personal will feel a great burden lift optimistic, enthusiastic and By the summer, you will
goals and highlighting life and come into a new sense self-confident, which will benefit by taking more inter-
lessons. You may want to of seeing things from a overflow into all areas of est in your sensuous nature
withdraw into your own higher perspective. your life this year. You will and getting more involved
world when, in reality, Feeling reconnected be doing well with acquir- in your love for music,
you have a strong urge to with your hopes and dreams ing money to work with painting and poetry. Your
evolve. Detach from the and having time to be so- new, inventive ideas as well deep awareness of keeping
mundane and spend more ciable and chatty and being as balancing a lot of new track of your health and tak-
time discovering and caring Libra with friends and family will things in your life. You will Capricorn ing better care of yourself
for your own needs, nurtur- September 23- suit you just fine. love the challenge of work- December 22- and your own needs will
ing all the love within that October 22 Music is a great source ing with others with differ- January 19 help you harness some of
keeps your health flowing of inspiration for to connect ent points of view. your active energy, possi-
positively. Making long- plish what you desire. your talents with your quest The great energy you ra- are persuasive and fond of bly participating in physical
overdue positive and prac- The freed up energy for harmony -- true to your diate will definitely attract getting your own way, but sports as a good outlet.
tical changes in your living will give you the optimism Libran nature of requiring lots of supportive people in you are also truly commit- Taking a vacation and
situation will be important, and enthusiasm to spread peacefulness, harmony and your life. You may be called ted to fairness, and will go getting rest will do you
whether it’s putting on the your wings and have long- balance in your life. upon you to give more time out of your way to make wonders. You will benefit
decorating cap or moving deserved fun. It will be as Conserve some of your and energy in a leadership sure that it is achieved. from some meditation and
into a new house. though someone opened up strength to relax and draw position at work. People appreciate your spiritual recognition of how
Home represents your a large picture window to on a new sense of courage As you go through inter- kind personality and ap- you relate to the universe.
foundation and is symbolic let some fresh air flow in. to help you achieve. Travel- nal personal identity chang- preciate how you help oth- You are likely to formulate
of who you are. You will Your life will definitely be ing will be a good outlet for es this year, you will notice ers. Your friendliness and some new ideals and view-
have the inner strength and brighter as new energy and you to expand your roman- where deep changes in your spontaneity will push you to points about your own spiri-
ability it takes to accom- opportunities come your tic interests. outlook are possible. You engage in all kinds of new tuality.

With overflowing pas- sionate energy and recharge You enjoy having a pendent, you prefer work-
sion in all areas of life, you your inner needs. large audience to express ing in your own business
enjoy sharing, learning and You will become more your passion for the arts and and behind the scenes rather
developing your wonderful interested in visionary philanthropic activities and than with other people. You
communication skills. ideas, and this will help you taking your visionary at- thrive on wanting to be dif-
Your ability to offer to use your latent creativ- titudes to the world to sup- ferent, and you will have
compassion and emotional ity. Your desire for security port your personal integrity. lots of new resources to help
sensitivity will help you is strongly connected with You feel very blessed by you for achieve a greater
connect to others, indirectly quality material posses- Scorpio the wonderful connections good in life. You’ll have
benefiting your home and sions, and how much mon- you are making to express lots of energy and won’t
October 23- January 20-
career. ey you have. your concepts. You will find overlook all the details you
November 21 February 18
You strive to get to the Your earning ability will you can relate well to others seem to need to take care of.
roots of issues, and develop dramatically increase, which spend time creating visions and enjoy spreading your You will definitely be work- scratch. Mysticism and the
intelligent and direct con- will provide for enough left for large groups of people wings more to be with oth- ing hard to manifest your arts are very attractive and
versations. over both to enjoy life and and helping them achieve ers in the community. Your greater visions in life. You you benefit from paying at-
As you have a strong put aside savings. their highest dreams. attitude of enjoying life to have such an amazing flair tention to your inner voice,
awareness of your own Your dreams of creat- This will create a new its fullest carries over and for an unusual and unique and learning to follow its
philosophical and spiritual ing a perfect home sanctu- sense of self-worth in them, makes you popular in your sense of design. guidance, rather than de-
inner world, you benefit ary will come true. Many of and in you as well. Your op- professional life. Expressing your indi- pending on the changing
greatly from private explo- your deep desires to make timism in your love partner- The kindness you have vidual creative inspiration reflections of those around
ration of these concepts. changes in your outer world ship could lead to interest- been able to give to others will be a strong motivation you. You are fascinated by
Being a more introspec- will draw the attention of ing and exotic travel plans. will come back to you ten- to you to make changes in the unknowable mysteries
tive, and focusing more on others. You love the feeling alive- fold. People will appreci- your physical environment of your own inner world
alone time instead of the Your abundant optimism ness and vibrancy travel ate your consideration and this year. You may even and might want to express
outer world, will help you will attract great benefits and spontaneity bring to friendliness. With your need want to redecorate your the inspiration through mu-
gather in some of your pas- and resources. You could your life. to concentrate and be inde- house or start over from sic and writing.

The HOROSCOPE feature is taken from Pisces thrives through possessed by an innate to participate in many activ-, as expounded by Pamela creative transportation and charm and magnetism. You ities just to be involved for
unique social experiences. love being physically ac- the social aspects of being
McHenry, also called the StarGoddess.
There will be changes in tive, usually with others. around fun-loving people.
the way you develop your You learn to take more re- Your task is to attempt to
Maraming mga bagay ang hindi nai- inner-self, this year. Your sponsibility by being dip- make conscious choices in
ability to multitask will lomatic and tactful. Your these areas, and to become
guhit sa palad. Isa na rito ang tadhana. continue, as you become in- capacity for childlike won- more aware of your true ob-
Ang tao ang siyang sumusulat ng kani- volved in more humanitar- der is a wonderful creative jectives based on your own
ian projects. outlet. Sometimes, you may values and goals, indepen-
yang pinakatatanging kasaysayan sa You have tremendous feel an unconscious pull to- dent from the approval of
Pisces vitality and courage, and a ward an objective or goal others. Find happiness by
masalimuot na aklat ng tadhana. February 19- healthy sense of who you that you do not fully under- connecting with your higher
Tata Bosyong March 20 are. You usually put your stand. self, and by helping people
best foot forward, and are You also may be tempted to move closer together.
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor NEWS 15
PPCO aims higher in 2008 GIFTS
(Right photo, below) PPCO president Tenny Soriano and Jess Cabrias of the membership committee
thank (from left) Gie Alvarez, Myrna Soriano, Maribel Montemayor, Chuchi Punsalan and Evelyn Galicia
of the club’s ladies’ auxiliary for their help in carrying out social programs. (Left photo, below) Philip-
pine Courier publisher Mon Datol (right) gets PPCO plaudits “for his courageous and uncompromising
stance in confronting important issues in the community.” The PPCO also lauded director Tony Sicat
for taking time out from his hectic church work to attend to PPCO breakfast fora and other activities.


PPCO president Tenny So-

riano (left) names Talakayan
radio producer and host Jess
Cabrias a PPCO lifetime mem-
ber. Soriano praises Cabrias
for having been “a consistent
and devoted PPCO member
who has not missed events
and functions.” Soriano an-
nounces the same accord
to be given founding PPCO
PPCO members and guests brave a winterstorm to share the joy and spirit of the Advent season. members.
16 PEOPLE & EVENTS Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

Joint birth anniversary treat for Tenny & Jenny

(Upper left photo) Birthday celebrator Tenny Soriano (right) and wife Myrna
are trying to figure out the cake’s cholesterol level, before subdividing it for
family and friends (photo below) to partake. Meanwhile, Tenny’s niece and
co-celebrator Jennifer Urbe (upper right photo) strikes a comely pose before
her own brightly lit cake. Tenny and Jenny had their joint bash on Jan. 9.

Joint wedding anniversary bashes

The families and friends of Violie Lim, Susan de Leon and Alice Butt hosted
a joint birthday dinner in Pickering on Jan. 5. Top, Violie is flanked by son-
in-law Curtis Cheam, daughter Monica, husband Flor Lim, and son Martin.
(Inset) Violie enjoyed the party with co-celebrators Alice Butt and Susan de
Leon. Photo by ATENO SICAT
Press and captioned photo releases published in the Manila Media Moni-
tor are for public service and free of charge. All contributions shall be
subjected to strict editorial appreciation. Send them to mediamonitor@ on or before the 8th of each month.
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor PEOPLE & EVENTS 17
Filipinos gaining
Canadian social,
economic foothold
The Filipino community is ready and
set to carve a niche in multicultural Cana-
da, and provide a vital cog to help turn the
wheel that makes Canada one of the world’s
greatest nations.
This, Philippine vice consul Edna May
Grecia Lazaro stressed as she lauded the
Filipinos’ contributions to Canada’s social
and economic stability, during the induc-
tion of officers of the Silayan Community
Center on Dec. 15.
Citing official immigration statistics,
she said Filipino immigrants have become
major players in promoting healthy and re-
sponsible multiculturalism.
Statistics Canada said the Philippines
has become the third largest source of im-
migrants to Canada.
But while many have sworn allegiance
to their adopted land, they still have contin-
ued to be benefactors when the need to help
compatriots back in the Philippines would
come, Lazaro said.
The vice consul inducted into office
Silayan’s executive committee composed
of president Constantine Cabarios, vice
presidents Chris Sorio and Cris Benedicto,
secretary Carmen Subibi, treasurer Amy
Domingo, former president and ex-officio
officer Willie Nabus,
Directors Ramon Grajo, Aurora Me-
drano, Alice Agpoon Raynor, Kinksley
Martin, Gerry Elises, Minda Huvalla, Mithi
Esguerra and Eva Sin; and reserve directors
Norma Villeno, Danny Ludano Flores and
Alberto Dosayla. PR

Dividend from ...

(From page 4)
plains, that these countries “still rely inter-
nally-generated economic production” –un-
like remittance-driven Philippines.
The sustainability of such a situation
for the Philippines is the next question, Ang
says, if the country experiences a drop in
workers’ deployment and remittances re-
The concept “diasporic dividend” is
also in the writings of University of East
London visiting fellow Dr. Ken Ife, an Af-
rican national.
His paper titled “The Diaspora Divi-
dend” outlined the potentials investments
by the African diaspora in Europe, Middle
Demographers such as those in the
Commission on Population define the de- Police presentation on domestic violence
East, and North America in the continent’s mographic dividend as country’s oppor- The Toronto Police Service would conduct a presentation on its Domestic Violence
small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs). tunity to achieve faster economic growth and Victim Services, to help raise awareness on the issue among members of the Filipino
Ife calls the diaspora Africans “sleeping when fertility rates are down, the labor community. Police Constable Philip Mendoza, of the Community Mobilization Unit, said
giants (coming from) a land of immense force increases than the pool of dependents, the presentation would be done at the police’s headquarters in downtown Toronto on Jan.
economic, social and political opportuni- and many workers are gainfully employed. 21 from 5 to 7 p.m. PR
ties”. However, PopCom’s recently-released
Some six million of them in the US, for primer of the Fourth State of the Philippine
example, have contributed US$1.1 trillion
to the economy of the United States, while
Population Report said that while interna-
tional labor migration should have brought
Alix couple leads
remitting only US$45 billion to African the country closer to this demographic divi-
dend, the Philippines remains to have high
FNAHC Pistahan
unemployment rates, a low value of the dif- Ray and Agnes Alix served as Her-
Ife’s line of thinking is what Ang hopes
ference between domestic savings and in- mano and Hermana of the recent
as the Philippine “diasporic dividend”:
vestments, high number of dependents, and Filipino Neighbourhood Association
overseas workers return to the country as
limited number of jobs. of Highland Creek’s Pistahan.
producers “who can sell products to the
rest of the world”. This is even if the Phil- Dream
ippines, says the economist, has yet to feel The country can achieve that demo- should find a way to achieve a diasporic – not just migration – the engine that will
that “net of net” benefit from her army of graphic dividend, the PopCom report says, dividend. sustain the Philippine economy.
citizens in 193 countries. through internal means: reducing popula- His equation for this is return migration Thus, demography can possibly work
Some economists, like Dr. Bernardo tion growth rates, increasing domestic job as an instrument to buoy domestic trade for the Philippines given the global spread
Villegas of the University of Asia and the generation, directing people’s savings to and investment, and the country packaging of the Filipino diaspora, says Ang.
Pacific, attribute what they call a “demo- investments, and improving the quality of products both for Filipinos abroad and the “We can possibly conquer the world,”
graphic dividend” to the contributions the labor force. markets within the countries where these Ang said.
of overseas-based Filipino population in But while overseas migration has yet to Filipinos are. “But the question is, what can Filipinos
terms of remittances and some savings and bring about a Philippine demographic divi- This is a way, he says, the country can produce now that can be sold to the rest of
investments. dend, Ang says the country’s policymakers capitalize on globalization, and make trade the world?”
18 PEOPLE & EVENTS Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

Fairview Dental Centre Christmas Party, Dec. 2, 2007

Barrons’ 25th Wedding Anniversary

Resti and Cynthia Barron (standing 2nd and 3rd from left) of Pickering cel-
ebrate their quarter-century of blissful union with children Christanelle and
Ivan, parents Alfredo Barron Sr. and Dra. Gloria Barron, relatives and close
friends. The Barrons earlier renewed their marriage vows before Rev. Fr.
Bernard Vellozo at the St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church in Scarborough.
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor 19

Henderson Weekes/

Experience the opportunity working with the best professionals

on communication needs challenging your organizations ...
- Community Relations  We have a diverse pool of Journalists, Writers, Photographers,
- Corporate Communications TV Camera Professionals and Communicators of various disciplines and
- Crisis Communications specialization through our membership in various media organizations
- Issues Management We combine the strengths of trusted consultants from a variety of back-

- Crisis Management grounds on each project
- Marketing Communications
- Publicity
- Language Translations W
Wee have the ability to mak
makee news for you;
- Audio-Visual Productions
and Post Productions and good news for that matter

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20 Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor 21
22 Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

WE - the publisher, editors, writers and staff
of Manila Media Monitor - express our thanks
to all those who placed ads in and made busi-
ness with, read, loved and criticized the paper.
Our prayer in this new year: May this partner-
ship between YOU and US be more relevant
and meaningful, as we strive to excel in in-
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The Philippine Press Club Ontario cites Manila Media Monitor pub-
lisher Ace Alvarez and the free monthly newspaper “for setting the
example of how a community newspaper should be and for raising
the bar of journalistic excellence with its carefully researched sto-
ries, indepth reporting and good layout.” The plaque was awarded
during the Dec. 17 PPCO Christmas Party.
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor The PHILIPPINES 23
Federal system may boost
Mindanao peace prospects


Senate Minority Lead- Federalism might just be when peace talks resumed.
er Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. the feasible solution to the Pimentel said the cre-
(PDP-Laban) has sought for centuries-old rebellion in ation of the Bangsa Moro
firmer state response to the Mindanao, that would give federal state would serve as
proposal of the Moro Islam- the people a shot for social a forerunner to the federal-
ic Liberation Front (MILF) and economic growth. ization of the entire Philip-
for the adoption of a federal The MILF has openly pines, which could be done
system in Muslim Mindan- called for a Bangsa Moro by amending the 1987 Con-
ao, to break the impasse in federal state in the wake of stitution.
the peace negotiations. the cancellation of the De- He said he supported
Pimentel said immedi- cember 2007 peace talks in changes to the Basic Law,
ate action was needed, add- Kuala Lumpur, due to the but was wary of moves that
ing the peace talks should Malacañang decision to wa- would exploit the proposal
no longer be derailed, as he ter down a draft agreement to perpetuate those at the
noted escalating restiveness on the ancestral domain is- top in power. A federal system would their Islamic faith and way prefer the establishment of
among the ranks of Muslim sue earlier worked out by “The amendment of likely end a recurrent Mus- of life, he said. a Bangsa Moro federal state
separatist rebels that could government and MILF ne- the Constitution to accom- lim secessionist movement, The creation of a Bangsa over the autonomous region.
lead to renewed hostilities. gotiators. modate the federal system as it would not only give Moro federal state has been Otherwise, the threat of se-
Attempts to formalize Subsequently, Preside- must not be used as a sub- the people in Muslim Mind- the people’s collective wish cession still hangs in the air
a final peace pact between nial Executive Secretary terfuge for Gloria Macapa- anao a measure of self-rule conveyed through rebel as the ultimate way out for
the state and the MILF have Eduardo Ermita said gov- gal Arroyo’s prolonged stay but would also enable them leaders, ulamas, and busi- the Moros from the predica-
failed, after over 10 years of ernment was ready to tackle in power, and that of her un- to assert and preserve their ness, academic and youth ment they find themselves
table and informal talks. the federalism proposal derlings,” Pimentel said. cultural identity, specially- leaders. “To a man, they in,” Pimentel said.

DOH notes lesser injuries, no death from firecrackers

MANILA - Fireworks- lowest number of victims .Jan. 1, there were 439 fire-
related injuries during the since 1999. works-related injuries and
holiday season went down “Filipinos chose to be seven stray bullet injuries
by 46 percent to 446, with safer this year. We might since Dec. 21, 2007.
no reported death. see a virtual elimination of It said that 78 percent
About 281 of the cas- this public health hazard in of the victims were males,
es were reported on New the years to come. It is pos- the youngest at four-months
Year’s eve. sible to celebrate the New old, and the oldest, 84.
In a press briefing at the Year minus the loss of lives Children comprised 30
East Avenue Medical Cen- and limbs,” Duque said. percent of the injured, pri-
ter, Department of Health DOH-National Epi- marily due to the use of a
(DOH) Secretary Francisco demiology Center data firecracker called piccolo.
Duque said this was the showed that as of 6 a.m. Most of the cases were
in the National Capital Re-
Talks on to preserve gion, 313 of which were due
to fireworks and six were

Asean coral triangle

because of stray bullets.
There were 27 cases re-
ported in Region 6; 26 in
GENERAL SANTOS CITY - Environmental planners Region 1; 18 in the Cordil-
in the Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines-East Asean lera Administrative Region; A SAFER NEW YEAR’S EVE FOR FILIPINOS (Manila Media Monitor Photo)
Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) have opened discussions for 15 in Region 7; 12 in Region
the conservation and protection of a 5.7-million square ki-
lometer coral sanctuary in the Pacific seas.
The group expressed interest to support the Coral Tri-
3; 10 in Region 5; eight in
Region 10; four in Region
8; three in Regions 2 and
DepEd mobile mentors reach out to OSY, adults
angle Initiative (CTI) project of the World Wildlife Fund. 11; and one in Region 9. Mobile teachers of the bile teachers deployed na- house to seek out non-read-
The CTI project pushed for the protection of the marine No cases were reported Department of Education tionwide “serve as bridges ers in each household.
ecosystem spanning the coasts of Malaysia, Indonesia, the in regions 12 and 4. (DepEd) have been effec- of alternative education for Learning sessions,
Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Fiji Some 70 percent or 313 tive in making education all kinds of learners.” aided by user-friendly and
and Northern Australia. suffered blast or burn inju- accessible to out-of-school A DepEd report said the indigenous materials, are
It also sought the sustainable growth of coastal commu- ries, 22 percent or 96 with youth and adults, especially teachers, assigned to com- conducted in community
nities around the triangle, dubbed The Amazon of the Seas eye injuries, and seven per- those in remote areas. munities where literacy was learning centers, churches,
and which has over 500 coral reef species and 3,000 spe- cent or 29 were amputated. DepEd Secretary Jesli most wanting, identified the factories, reading centers or
cies of fish, marine turtles, sharks, and marine mammals. PNA Lapus said the 1,381 mo- areas, going from house to homes. PIA
24 Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

business without
advertising is
like winking at
a girl in the dark.
You know what
you are doing but
nobody else does.
New SSS policy lets retiree- Manila Media Monitor
members get benefits faster 1M+ workers deployed abroad in 2007
Social Security System processing will be faster.”
(SSS) members would be There are over 546,000 Over a million Filipinos from 453,643 in the same
able to claim their benefits SSS retired pensioners, rep- have found work abroad period in 2006 to 477,262
on the day they retire. resenting almost half of the last year. in 2007.
SSS president and chief 1.1 million pensioners in Department of Labor On top of the 766,340
executive officer Corazon the country. and Employment (DOLE) land-based OFWs globally
dela Paz said new proce- Since 1993, the number statistics from January to deployed, a total of 246,614
dures allowed the process- of retirees has risen at an an- December 9, 2007 noted overseas Filipino seafarers
ing of retirement benefits in nual rate of eight percent. that the Philippines de- have also found overseas
15 working days. From January to June ployed 1,012,954 overseas jobs in the same period.
Dela Paz urged “com- of 2006, retirement pen- Filipino workers (OFW) to The deployment of
pulsory retirees to file re- sions remained the highest more than 190 host destina- overseas Filipino seafarers
tirement claims six months among the system’s benefit tions worldwide. was strongly complemented
before they bow out of ser- disbursements, registering Labor Secretary Arturo by the total number of con-
vice,” as she asked “appli- a 10.1 percent increase to Brion said the figure sur- cent or by 12,954. growth in the number of tracts the DOLE’s Philip-
cants to make sure the doc- P11.48 billion from P10.42 passed the annual one-mil- Brion said the global rehired OFWs in the land- pine Overseas Employment
uments are complete, intact, billion in the same period in lion OFW deployment goal OFW deployment had been based sector. Administration processed
and updated so that claims 2005. PIA of the country by 1.3 per- boosted by a 5.2 percent The rehiring figure was per worker. PIA
26 TRAVEL & TOURISM Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

San Pablo City in January

San Pablo, the City of Seven Lakes, once nore becomes a beehive of festive ac-
tivities when its people bring to the fore the coconut, during the distinct and color-
ful Coconut Festival in the second week of January. Started in 1996, the festival
exposes the many uses of the coconut and its benefits to the city’s prime industry.
Besides being a cultural event, the festival has evolved into a promotional effort
for environmental awareness and appreciation of indigenous products that have
helped San Pablo City achieve economic growth and global excellence. The fes-
tival highlights celebrations marking the founding and establishment of the city’s
Parish of Saint Paul, The First Hermit, by the Augustinian priests in Jan. 13, 1596.
During the festival, residents gear up for the grand Mardi Gras (see photos from, where different schools compete, dancing to the beat of themed
music and the participants donned in costumes decorated with materials from
coconut. This also includes the parade of coconut-adorned floats that pass along
the city’s main streets where houses and establishments are decorated with coco-
nuts. The parade ends with fireworks. People also prepare for a weeklong fair and
exhibit showcasing various coconut-based products such as fresh coconut juice,
lambanog medicinal drink, and other preparations made from desiccated coconut
meat intended for export to North and Central America.

La Union airport rehab in full swing Special tourism police,

firefighting teams created
SAN FERNANDO, vital infrastructure support hill removal and leveling, nance Division of the BC-
La Union - Rehabilitation to existing and future tour- the construction of a new DA’s Poro Point Manage- Interior and Local Gov- tiatives to the national tour-
work on the San Fernando ism facilities in the Poro control tower, the renova- ment Corp. ernment Secretary Ronaldo ism program.
Airport at Poro Point here Economic and Freeport tion of the airport’s fire sta- The work also includes Puno has ordered the cre- He said “we are focus-
is in full swing, and project Zone, thus providing a tion, fencing, excavation of runway extension to 2,130 ation of special police and ing on law enforcement and
completion is expected be- strong boost to the tourism, ditches and channels, over- meters, enabling the larger firefighting units to help fire safety issues to ensure
fore the end of 2008. business and agriculture po- lay of taxiway and runway Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 in efforts to develop Cen- a safe and secure environ-
The airport’s upgrading, tential of the Ilocos and the widening. to taxi in. tral Philippines into the ment in our tourist sites.”
costing some P500 million, Cordillera regions. Hill removal and level- The present airport has country’s tourism “super President Gloria Ma-
is banrolled by the Bases The airport will also ing has reached 60 percent, a 1,320-meter runway and region.” capagal-Arroyo had subdi-
Conversion Development serve as an export outlet and completion is expected can only fly in turboprops Puno said tourism police vided the country into five
Authoriy (BCDA). of agricultural products of next month, said Engr. Vir- and Philippine Air Force forces would be deployed super or mega regions to
Classified as a secondary Northern Luzon. gilio Salayog, chief of the C-130 cargo planes, the to safeguard tourist hubs, consolidate development
airport serving as alternate The rehabilitation work Construction and Mainte- BCDA said. PIA while special firefight- efforts.
to the Loakan Airport in Ba- includes the improvement ers would regularly check Arroyo identified Cen-
guio City, the San Fernando of landside and airside fa- whether tourism establish- tral Philippines - composed
Airport will soon be turned cilities, air navigation sys- ments would fully comply of Regions V, VI, VII, and
into a modern facility that tems and support facilities with fire safety laws and VIII, and the provinces of
complies with international based on the requirements standards. Romblon, Palawan, and
civil aviation standards. of the International Civil Puno also urged all local Camiguin, and the Island of
Officials said the im- Aeronautics Organization. government units to attune Siargao as the super region
proved airport will provide The upgrade includes their respective tourism ini- for tourism.
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor The PHILIPPINES 27
Aklan jail to ban pet snake, etal
KALIBO, Aklan - Officials at the Aklan Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Barangay Nalook
here are expected to keep pets out of the detention compound, after inmate Eric Villanueva
was bitten by his pet rattlesnake. Recuperating at the Dr. Rafael Tumbukon Memorial Hos-
pital, Villanueva said he found the snake in October and took care of it since then. “The
snake bit me twice while I was feeding it. I felt weak, so I asked my fellow inmates to ask
the jail guards to bring me to the hospital,” Villanueva said. He thought the snake could
not harm him, as he was bitten by the snake a month ago and nothing happened. He asked
officials to let him keep the snake. PNA

Davao cop’s nose stunt stuns bomb experts

DAVAO CITY - A cop who thought he had a nose sharper than that of a kennel might find
himself in a cage, after he carelessly performed a daring but amateurish bomb disposal
stunt before a nervous crowd infront of city hall. Policeman Joaquinito Cordero came amid
emergency calls to have two cartons, suspected to contain bombs, cleared. Even before
the police’s Special Anti-Terrorist Unit arrived, Cordero calmly walked to the cartons,
picked these up and slammed these on the pavement. Luckily, there was no blast. People
described the daredevil show as a public display of police carelessness that could have
endangered public safety. But Cordero said his nose told him the cartons contained fruits,
not bombs. PNA

Pilot safely lands damaged plane in Masbate

MASBATE CITY - Experience and alertness helped commercial plane pilot Capt. Alex-
andro Tiglao avert what could have been a major air disaster on Jan. 2. Tiglao successfully
landed an Asian Spirit 60-seater YS 11 plane (RP C3592) at about 7:20 a.m. at the Masbate
Airport in Barangay Nursery here, despite a tailwind blast that damaged the plane’s right
propeller, aircraft nozzle and right nose wheel, caused the fuel tank to leak, and sent the
plane skidding and overshooting the runway, All 43 passengers were safe. PNA

Ligao villagers shield cops from NPA attack

CASTILLA, Sorsogon - People of an upland village of Ligao City, Albay shielded a five-
man Castilla police team, out to arrest a rape suspect, from a rebel ambush in Barangay
Maonon on Dec. 31. Castilla police Chief Inspector Dennis de Leon said the team arrested
without resistance Jerry Araneta, whose warrant was issued by the Sorsogon Regional
Trial Court five years ago. “We were aware that Maonon was a rebel lair,” de Leon said.
But as the police walked through rice fields and hilly terrain, they noticed children, women
and elderly lining up along the path. It was later learned that rebels in Maonon were plan-
ning an attack, which was aborted with the presence of villagers. PNA

Zambo fishers free rare green turtle

ZAMBOANGA CITY - Fsherfolk along the coast of Barangay Bolong here patiently
egged on a rare 80-kilo female green sea turtle back to its natural habitat on Dec. 29, in a
communal show of endangered marine life preservation. Officials said fishermen caught
the turtle, which got entangled into a fishing net. Environment officials tagged the turtle
before it was freed back to sea. PNA

Baguio’s ‘08 New Year Baby

BAGUIO CITY - The National Correspondents Club of Baguio (NCCB) gave the parents
of New Year Baby of Baguio 2008 Hazelet Palagpag a P3,000 cash prize. Hazelet was
born at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center at around 3:01 a.m. on Jan. 1.
NCCB president Nars Padilla said Hazelet became the 38th baby to receive the award and
the “celebrity status,” as part of the city’s Silahis ng Pasko sa Baguio tourism-oriented
program. Padilla said five babies were born in this mountain resort on New Year’s Day and
six babies, on Christmas Day 2007. PNA

Taxpayers’ lounge opens in Cagayan de Oro

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - The city government’s one-stop business processing center
has been opened to the public, ensuring faster business transactions with the city finance
department. City treasurer Lino Daral said the taxpayers’ lounge is equipped with two
television sets to provide entertainment to taxpayers waiting for their papers. He said the
lounge would ease the renewal of business permits that started this month. PNA

Hagnaya port dredging, marking starts

CEBU CITY - Accessibility during low tide to the Port of Hagnaya in San Remigio town,
northern Cebu will soon be a thing of the past with the P38-million dredging and marker-
lighting project in the area. Officials say solar-powered lights and markers will guide ves-
sels to deep areas to avoid running aground. The port serves as the gateway to Bantayan
Island and to Cadiz City in Negros Occidental. As this developed, Cebu Ports Administra-
tion deputy general manager Dennis Villamor says there are plans to relocate the Hagnaya
port to other areas where big vessels can dock during low tide. The areas being considered
are Barangay Punta near Hagnaya, between the towns of Medellin and Bogo City, between
Medellin and Daanbantayan, or in Daanbantayan town. PNA

Urdaneta-Ordizia scholarships pushes through

URDANETA CITY - Scholarship grants offered by Spain’s Ordizia City, a sister city of
Urdaneta, will be carried out when the school year begins in June. Mayor Amadeo Perez Jr.
says Ordizia City, through mayor Jose Sta. Maria, donated P9.5 million for the grants. The
scholarships will benefit poor but deserving high school graduates, so they can enroll in the
next school year in any four-year course in any university in Urdaneta. Sta. Maria prom-
ised to help Perez with the grants, following the signing of a sisterhood pact between the
two cities. Sta. Maria and members of the Ordizia city council will be in Urdaneta in late
March as official guests. Perez says he has asked Sta. Maria to bring along a business mis-
sion to explore possibilities of investing in the Philippines, particularly Urdaneta. PNA
28 CANADIAN HISTORY Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

Scarborough: Abode of fresh starts

Besides the St. James-
Scarborough Fair town area and the length of
Bathurst St. that have been
(Since Canadian history is closely knitted with the the primary point of des-
British past, here’s one for our readers. - Editor) tination of many Filipino
Toss away the notion that Ontario’s Scarborough in- families decades ago, most
spired the Scarborough Fair and the ballad of the same recent immigrants from the
title that Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel popularized. Philippines have found the
On Jan. 22, 1253, King Henry III of England or- city of Scarborough a suit-
dered the yearly conduct of a huge trading event in the able place to settle in.
port and seaside resort of Scarborough, in North York- The reasons for living in
shire, from Aug. 15 to Sept. 29. The ‘fair’ drew a lot of Scarborough are as multi-
people and boosted the economy of Scarborough, ear- faceted as the dreams and
lier known as the Viking settlement Skarthaborg. But aspirations of its residents.
the borough’s propserity slumped in 1383. About 405 So does its history.
years later, the fair finally ended. Many may have never
Incidentally, the English folk song Scarborough Fair realized that Scarborough
could be traced back to medieval times. Whoever worte in Ontario or as part of Met-
it remained unknown, but bards sang the song from ro Toronto has a past that
town to town, changing the lyrics and musical arrange- talked of - whether by fate BLUFFERS PARK at the Scarborough Bluffs is a favorite picnic and gather-
ments along the way. The song, as performed by Simon or by design - a fresh and ing ground for Filipino families and friends.
and Garfunkel, was learned by Simon from Martin Car- progressive start.
thy, a famous folk singer in the United Kingdom. Thrice on January 1, in Scarborough, England. control over local services. residents, and is recognized
The herbs parsley, different years, Scarborough Before then, the area Scarborough was in- by Canada Post as a munici-
sage, rosemary and The Herbs has invoked itself as a firm was named Glasgow, after corporated as a borough on pality name.
thyme, recurring in the and resilient community. the Scottish community.. Jan. 1, 1967. Scarborough has the
Sage The Bluffs Thrice on New Year Later in 1893, it was in- suburban air of old Toronto,
second line of each Rosemary
stanza, made up for a What Torontonians to- Scarborough was first corporated as a city, but at but retains much of its own
key motive in the song. day know as Scarborough settled in 1796, and incor- all times remaining within character and flavor.
These herbs spoke was named after Scarbor- porated as a township on Metropolitan Toronto. Certain neighborhoods
to the imagination of ough in North Yorkshire, Jan. 1, 1850. It was amalgamated into in Scarborough are popular
medieval people as Parsley England by Elizabeth Sim- On April 15, 1953, the new City of Toronto on destinations for new immi-
coe, wife of John Graves Scarborough was included Jan. 1, 1998, losing its sep- grants to Canada.
much as red roses did today. The herbs symbolized vir-
Simcoe, the first lieutenant within Metropolitan To- arate legal identity. Because of the topogra-
tues the singer wished his true love and himself to have,
governor of Upper Canada. ronto, a new upper level of Scarborough’s popula- phy of the Bluffs, the Rouge
to make it possible for her to return.
The 14-kilometer bluffs, municipal government with tion as of the 2006 census is Valley and the other creeks
Mentioning the herbs respectively, the singer wished
an escarpment along Scar- jurisdiction over regional 607, 876. and many minor tributar-
his true love mildness to soothe the bitterness between
borough’s Lake Ontario services such as arterial Melting pot ies, Scarborough is said to
them, strength to be firm while apart, faithfulness dur-
shores, reminded Elizabeth roads and transit. The Scarborough name be the greenest and leafiest
ing loneliness and courage to fulfill impossible tasks.
of the limestone cliffs in The township retained is still used by most local part of Toronto.

Roadsport Honda
c/o Danny S.
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor 29

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FREE training for

“Life License Qualification Program”
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30 Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

Danny Samson’s Ad
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor PHILIPPINE HISTORY 31
Marcos’ People Power 2 ousts Erap
ter throngs of people from
every major city in the
Philippines staged huge

The presidential and
vice-presidential snap
elections were conducted
on Feb. 7, 1986. Marcos
For all his genius, and former Foreign Af-
former Philippine Presi- fairs Minister and Sen-
dent Ferdinand E. Marcos ate President Arturo To-
(Sept. 11, 1917 to Sept. lentino were proclaimed
28, 1989) failed to elude winners by the Batasang
the whims of fate. MARCOS Pambansa and the Com-
While destined to Mindanao and Central Min- mission on Elections.
carve a brilliant career in danao. But the opposition led
Philippine politics, Mar- Further, Marcos stipu- by Sen. Benigno Aquino,
cos was also doomed to lated that decrees issued Jr.’s widow Corazon C. ARROYO ESTRADA
a catastrophic fall, giving during the “emergency” Aquino and former sena- On Jan. 20, 2001, an estimated 50,000 Filipinos marched to EDSA to stage a
his enemies all the reasons that began in September tor Salvador Laurel re- protest against the administration of actor turned politician Joseph Estrada, which
to call him despot, dicta- 1972 would remain in force fused to accept the alleg- the opposition declared as reeking with the stench of corruption, moral decay,
tor and oppressor during unless specifically changed. edly fraudulent result of nepotism, a dying economy and other such political barbs. The EDSA gathering
his 20-year regime in the The government re- the polls. The Catholic was spurred by the Senate’s unwillingness to see evidence that proved Estrada’s
archipelago. tained its wide arrest and Bishops Conference of guilt in an impeachment case lodged against the President. This second version
Two decisions Marcos detention powers, and the the Philippines and the of People Power forced Estrada to step down. Vice President Arroyo was sworn
made in January provided state’s respect for human United States Senate also in as President.
the backdrop for an im- rights remained low. condemned the polls.
pending ‘Waterloo.” Corruption and crony- The events led de- The Filipino people once more fought
After putting in force ism contributed to serious fense minister Juan Ponce against an inefficient and corrupt
amendments to the Con- social and economic decay. Enrile and military vice- state in EDSA People Power 2.
stitution and legislations The opposition dubbed chief Fidel Ramos to
securing his sweeping the lifting of martial law resign and lead what is
powers and with the Ba- as mere “face lifting,” a now known as the EDSA
tasan (Philippine legisla- precondition to the visit of People Power Revolt that
tive assembly) under his Pope John Paul II. precipitated Marcos’s de-
control, Marcos lifted on Under these conditions, parture from the country
Jan. 17, 1981, martial law the voices of dissent and into exile in Hawaii.
he declarerd nine years discontentment grew, wait- On March 24, 1986,
earlier on Sept. 21, 1972. ing for a spark to ignite na- the Batasang Pambansa
However, the suspen- tionwide civil action. voided the Marcos-To-
sion of the privilege of The spark came in Jan- lentino victory and pro-
the writ of habeas corpus uary 1986, when Marcos claimed Aquino and Lau-
continued in the autono- allowed the conduct of a rel winners in the snap
mous regions of Western “snap” national election, af- elections.
32 MONEY Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

RP’s tuna export to Keep more cash in

US dives people’s wallets MANILA - Sen. Mar this basis alone, government New Year with hope in their
Roxas will call for the sus- should have begun actively hearts. We in government
pension of the 12-percent consulting different sectors must match this spirit of
expanded value added tax on how to cope with this oil hopefulness with concrete
(EVAT) on petroleum prod- price increases,” Roxas ex- programs to improve our
ucts and of the withholding plains. people’s quality of life,”
tax on ordinary citizens as Only through reducing Roxas adds.
soon as Congress resumes the taxes can the ordinary “We need to keep more
its session on Jan. 21. people unload their burden money in people’s wallets
“Back when the VAT on measly income and sky- by making sure that they
was discussed, world crude rocketing prices of basic are not being taken undue
oil price was only at about goods, he says. advantage of by profiteers,
GENERAL SANTOS od in 2006 when 3.788.603 NMFS report added. $50 per barrel. Today, world “According to a recent cartels and misguided poli-
CITY - The Philippines’ cases were delivered. Tuna canning plants crude oil price has reached SWS survey, nine out of cies of their own govern-
share in tuna exports to the Canned tuna in brine, here have earlier reported a $100 per barrel. Even on ten Filipinos will enter the ment,” he says. PNA
United States has shrunk mainly produced in canner- cut in their production time
rapidly in the first nine
months of 2007, the lowest
ies based here, has remained
a major tuna export product,
by at least 16 hours due to
the lack of tuna supply. ‘Hot money’ FDI mag lists 3 cities for
hits $3.56B future economic potential
in six years. accounting for 68 percent of The local tuna industry,
US National Marine shipment volume. which hosts six of the coun-
Fishery Service (NMFS) Over the last six years, try’s eight tuna canneries, DAVAO CITY - Three zhou, No. 9.
data posted at the tuna re- exports of canned tuna in has been reeling from the MANILA - Foreign major Philippine cities made Andre Fournier, Davao
source website www.atuna. brine to the US showed effects of global warming in portfolio investments or it to the FDI Magazine’s 10 City Chamber of Commerce
com said Philippine ship- continuous growth and past months. “hot money” from January Asian Cities of the Future. and Industry boardmember,
ments of canned tuna in reached its peak in 2005 Miguel Lamberte, man- to Dec. 21, 2007 hit $3.56 The latest London-based said Davao City also ranked
brine as of September 2007 with 5,299,142 cartons. ager of the Philippine Fish- billion, higher than the year- FDI Magazine, exclusively fifth - after Singapore, Mel-
have dropped by at least 27 Tuna exports reached its eries Development Author- ago $2.61 billion. published for the corporate bourne, Hong Kong and
percent or 1,011,887 cases highest level in 2002 when ity supervising the modern Bangko Sentral ng Pili- world by The Financial Taipei - in the list of top five
or carton (48X170g). the country shipped more fishport complex here, ear- pinas (BSP) data said the Times, listed Quezon City Asian cities with the Best
The report cited the lack pouched and canned alba- lier said fewer fishing ves- net came from inflows of as No.7, Cebu City as No.8 Human Resources.
of raw tuna supply to have core, canned tuna in oil and sels arrived at the fishport in $15.45 billion, minus out- and Davao City as No. 10. FDI Magazine based its
caused tuna exports to de- frozen skipjack. 2007 compared with 2006. flows of $11.90 billion. (All Other Asian cities in the selection on economic po-
cline to 2.776.716 cartons “All these items are on He said unloading of amounts in US dollars) list were Hong Kong, No. tentials, cost effectiveness,
in three quarters of 2007. the decline as well. The tuna stocks at the fishport Net at the end of the 1; Singapore, No. 2; Tai- human resources, quality of
Volume fell by 27 per- only item that has been re- complex has declined by 20 third week of December pei, No. 3; Melbourne, No. life, infrastructure, business
cent or 1.011.887 units, cently growing steadily is to 30 percent in the last few alone stood at $169.92 bil- 4; Dailian, No. 5; Shijia- friendliness and promotions
compared to the same peri- frozen raw tuna fillets,” the months. PNA (To page 33) zhuang, No. 6; and Guang- strategy. PNA
GOT A FOREX DEAL? JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor MONEY 33
Check out if you got your peso’s worth for the
dollars you have had exchanged since December
17, courtesy of Manila Media (Money) Monitor. AGAINST THE AMERICAN GREENBACK

Loonie to reverse ‘07 gains;

US$ Cdn$
Jan. 15 40.33934 39.70228
Jan. 14 40.42482 39.59146
Jan. 11 40.52196 39.76378

peso seen rising to P39.50

Jan. 10 40.70272 40.17764
Jan. 09 40.63376 40.30959
Jan. 08 40.62790 40.68233
Jan. 07 40.90950 40.70350
The Canadian loonie still remained at the head of
Jan. 04 40.84848 40.88278
has started its expected but the pack with a forecast ex-
Jan. 03 40.98266 41.37297
reluctant descent, after a pansion of 4.5 percent.
Jan. 02 41.15856 41.45864 quite long upward flight Saskatchewan’s econ-
Dec. 31 41.25849 41.75720 against the a slumping US omy is forecast to increase
Dec. 28 41.25267 42.17788 greenback. by 4.3 percent in 2008.
Dec. 27 41.46489 42.26980 The Canadian dollar is Philippine peso rises
Dec. 24 41.33758 41.87526 seen to slip back in 2008 fol- Meanwhile, the Philip-
Dec. 21 41.38307 41.62998 lowing gains at parity with pine peso is expected to
Dec. 20 41.63197 41.71260 the US dollar in late 2007, outperform in the first quar-
Dec. 19 41.60205 41.39306 a news report quoted Craig ter of 2008 and could appre-
Dec. 18 41.80196 41.38619 White, chief economist of ciate to as high as P39.50 to
Dec. 17 41.43251 41.14278 RBC Financial Group, as a US dollar by the end of
saying. the year, a report from Lon-
As financial markets don-based Barclays Capital
‘Hot money’ hits ... looked forward to the U.S. the fourth quarter of 2008, Bay nickel mine have ful- recently said.
(From page 32) Federal Reserve leaning to- while Scotia Capital saw ly worked their way into Some US$15 billion in
lion from inflows of $783.2 billion and outflows of $953.12 ward an increase in interest only a slight easing back to the economy. Wright said remittances from over eight
billion, lower than year-ago’s $503.8 billion. rates in 2008, the Canadian par by the end of 2008. the province’s growth rate million overseas Filipino
The slowdown in investments was due to the clearing dollar would start reversing “Strong consumer and would pick up at the start are seen to offset a widen-
of books of companies before the end of the year. recent gains. “This weak- business spending will more of the next decade as three ing trade deficit and support
At end-November 2007, net foreign portfolio invest- ening trend will be abetted than offset ongoing export- projects - the south White an overall current account
ments amounted to $51.2 million, $222.9 million lower by moderating commodity related weakness resulting Rose extension, South Hi- surplus of $6 billion.
than the previous month’s $274.1 million. prices,” said Wright. from slower U.S. growth bernia and Hebron - would But the Bangko Sentral
BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. attributed the de- “We are forecasting that and the high Canadian dol- begin construction. ng Pilipinas is expected to
cline to concerns in the US subprime mortgage crisis and the currency will end 2008 lar,” Wright added. In Ontario, growth in beef up its dollar reserves to
an unfavorable outlook on the US economy, higher oil pric- at (93 cents US), which rep- The bank forecast 2008 is forecast at 1.8 per- moderate the peso’s fast ap-
es, and the Batasan and Makati incidents in November and resents a 9.2 percent depre- growth in Newfoundland cent, after facing challenges preciation.
October, respectively. ciation compared to current and Labrador sliding to 0.5 to its export-oriented manu- The Development Bud-
He, however, said the net inflow was a result of the 25 levels,” he said. percent in 2008, from the 7.5 facturing sector from the get Coordinating Commit-
basis points reduction in the central bank’s policy rates, BMO Capital Markets percent expected for 2007. rise in the loonie against tee forecast the peso to range
the 6.6-percent growth of the economy in the third quarter and TD Economics both The dramatic falloff would greenback. from P42 to P45 against the
and additional reports of strong corporate earnings in third predicted the loonie would come as the White Rose Growth in Alberta greenback in 2008, amid
quarter. PNA fall to about 95 cents US by gas project and Voisey’s would cool next year, but hefty inflows from abroad.
34 GAMES Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

6 Pinoy boxers to gatecrash

PACQUIAO, Bangkok Olympics qualifier
Despite the absence of a
formal invitation to join the
ment for Asian boxers would
be conducted in Kazakhstan

Olympic qualifying tourna- in March.
ment in Bangkok, the Ama- Lopez, also secretary-
teur Boxing Association general of the Asian Amateur
of the Philippines (ABAP) Boxing Federation, likewise
would send six Filipino defended the act of four Fil-

boxers to Thailand to vie for ipino boxers, who gave up
slots in the upcoming Au- their fights to Thai foes in
gust Beijing Games. the finals without throwing
ABAP president Manny a punch, in the recent South
Lopez said the Bangkok East Asian (SEA) Games.

Olympic qualifying event Of the 13 Filipino boxers
was set for Jan. 24 to Feb. (seven men and six women)
3, offering Olympic spots to who gained slots in the SEA
gold and silver medalists in Games finals only Annie
all 12 divisions. Albania got a gold medal,
“They will see our faces by knocking out her Thai
International boxing Filipino “People’s Champion” Manny Pacquiao knocked down IBF/WBA in Bangkok,” Lopez said. opponent.
sensation Manny Pacquiao featherweight titlist Juan Manuel Marquez not once, not twice, but thrice in He expressed dismay Lopez recently wrote
(45-3-2 with 35 KOs) would the opening round of their May 8, 2004 featherweight slugout at the MGM over Bangkok’s failure to AIBA president Ching Kuo
begin a rigorous eight-week Grand in Las Vegas, but the fight was declared a dismaying draw. send the ABAP, up to the Wu of Taiwan regarding the
training at the Wild Card Dec. 20 deadline, an invita- SEA Games incident.
Gym in the US on Jan. 15, tion to submit entries to the “He said he will look
in preparation for his much- Beijing Olympics qualifying into it,” Lopez said. “Oth-
anticipated showdown with tournament. erwise, we can elevate the
World Boxing Council su- “But we will go there matter to the International
per featherweight champion with six boxers. If they don’t Olympic Committee.”
Juan Manuel Marquez. let us in, there will be a big- The ABAP chief cited
In a press conference, ger issue of discrimination the malpractices committed
Pacquiao expressed confi- which is against the Olym- by Thai boxing officials dur-
dence that he would rule the pic charter,” he said. ing the SEA Games.
12-round WBC Super Feath- Leading the short lineup, He said boxing equip-
erweight title bout against were flyweight Violito Pay- ment not approved by AIBA
Marquez at the Mandalay la and bantamweight Joan was used, resulting in nu-
Bay Resort and Casino in Tipon. merous knockouts and inju-
Las Vegas on March 15. So far, only lightfly ries to boxers.
Marquez appeared to Harry Tañamor had been as- He likewise assailed
have “slowed down,” Pac- sured a Beijing Games slot. the fielding of referees who
quiao said, referring to the After Thailand, the final seemed to favor the host
performance of the Mexican Olympic qualifying tourna- country’s boxers.
boxer in his recent fights.
But Marquez (48-3-1
with 35 KOs), obviously
2008: The point of no return (From page 9) New year tax ... (From page 5)
thirsting for Mexican re- Before we Canadians It is clear that with many On a recent re-reading of Jan. 1, to include:
venge, stood unfazed as he begin pointing our fingers at of her pupils Muslim, the Canadian historian Marga- ► Eliminating the capi-
began preparations to face the armaments industries of naming of the bear was an ret Macmillan’s magnificent tal tax for businesses primar-
Pacquiao, in a fight dubbed other countries, let’s take a act of innocence. Paris, 1919 which described ily engaged in manufactur-
“Unfinished Business.” look at a recent CBC report But just as international the fateful Versailles Peace ing and resource activities;
“This is such a crucial claiming that in 2003, Cana- opinion had generated Gib- Conference after the end- ► Increasing the On-
fight for me, my family, the da’s arms exports topped $2 bons’ pardon and she was ing of The First World War, tario Film and Television
Mexican people and all my billion. There was a decrease about to leave, along came a I marvelled at the number of Tax Credit rate to 35 percent
fans everywhere,” Marquez in 2004 and 2005 and we’re group of “liberal” Canadian land swaps that were made, from 30 percent; and
told Reuters, as quoted by awaiting figures for 2006. Muslims. creating the seeds of present ► Increasing the On- More than 500 Canadian They asked concerned discontent. tario Production Services DUNCAN
“I’m going to use a mix- companies and tens of thou- Canadians to send teddy But the greatest tragedy Tax Credit rate to 25 percent
ture of aggression, counter- sands of employees make bears to the Sudanese em- of all was that future su- from 18 percent. “Although the economy
punching and lateral move- military products across the bassy in Ottawa as a plea to perpower America, through Duncan said some of has proven to be resilient,
ment. But above all, (use) country - everything from free Gillian. its legislators, threw away the proposed tax reductions the government recognized
my intelligence as a boxer bullets and rockets to light I don’t know how many President Wilson’s dream of were retroactive to Jan. 1, the need for immediate tax
to defeat Manny,” he said. armored vehicles. bears were actually sent, but his country’s participation 2007, including: relief in some sectors. Ar-
“Manny is very strong,” Ken Epps, of the arms thank God Gillian Gibbons in a League of Nations, the ► The 21-percent Capi- eas, such as manufacturing,
Marquez admitted, “but he control group Project got away safely. organization of which was tal Tax rate cut for all busi- forestry, agriculture and
is not technical. He doesn’t Ploughshares, said Canada Mindless stunts like his idea. nesses, on the way to full tourism, face serious chal-
like it when you go looking is shipping arms to question- these may generate publicity *** elimination in 2010; and lenges,” he said.
for the fight. He’s called the able places with low concern but at a potential cost of vic- One year remains to ► An increase in the The province has also
terminator of Mexican fight- for human rights. tims’ lives since quite apart George W. Bush’s lame small business deduction proposed to extend by one
ers but with me, no.” *** from the Sudanese govern- duck presidency after which threshold to $500,000 from year the phase-out of the
The two pugilists faced Gillian Gibbons, the ment’s decision, mobs of we must fervently hope that $400,000. provincial tax credit for in-
off for the first time on May British school teacher in fundamentalists were howl- with China, Russia and In- He said the measures vestments in Labour Spon-
8, 2004. Khartoum who asked her ing in the streets for Gillian’s dia in the ascendancy as su- would further enhance sored Investment Funds, to
Pacquiao knocked down pupils to name a teddy bear execution. perpowers, the United States Ontario’s tax competitive- the end of the 2011 tax year.
Marquez three times in the and was jailed because they Heaven preserve us from may find the kind of leader- ness and stimulate growth Maximum investments
first round, but the fight chose Mohammed, found well-meaning fools who val- ship enabling its people to through increased invest- would rise to $7,500 from
ended in a draw - a first for herself in a potentially life- ue publicity for their views see themselves in a global ment and job creation. $5,000, starting 2007, for
Marquez and Pacquiao’s threatening position had it more than human lives. perspective. about $38 million in added
second. not been for the decision of *** And may Canadian lead- pearances on OMNI TV funding aid in three years.
Pacquiao’s coach Fred- the Sudanese government to I can scarcely apologize ers find the courage to speak Commentary. Some of his “The people of Ontario
die Roach said Pacquiao has pardon her and permit her to for the content of my col- up for our country as a moral commentaries are repub- are counting on us to move
added counter-punching to leave the country. umn in this issue. superpower facing issues not lished in this publication Ontario forward - and that
his repertoire. As most of the world It voices many personal just good for Canada, but for and slightly expanded in is what we are doing,” said
“Only a counter-puncher knows, it is no sin for a de- worries and discontents con- the peoples of the world. some cases from their 70- Duncan. “Our government
can outclass another coun- vout Muslim family to name cerning the future of human- (Used with permission. second broadcast origi- has recognized the needs
ter-puncher. By giving Man- their male children Mo- kind. Ben Viccari is the President nals. For more of his work, of our business sector, and
ny that, Marquez can easily hammed any more than for But discontents are ma- of the Canadian Ethnic please visit Ben’s website we’ve taken action to con-
lose focus. Pacquiao is now Spanish speaking people to terials to build on: for good Media Association [CEMA] at: http://canscene. ripple. tinue our province’s eco-
a complete fighter,” he said. name a child Jesus. or ill. and makes frequent ap- ca) nomic success.” CNW
Manila Media Monitor
JANUARY 2008 GAMES 35 World bowler Paeng Nepomuceno cited
President Gloria Ma-
capagal-Arroyo (right)

Enough funds for presents the Presiden-

tial Citation to world
bowling kingpin Rafael
“Paeng” Nepomuceno,

Beijing Olympics after conferring on him

the Order of Lakandula
with the Special Class
of Champion for Life
MANILA - The country’s quest for the a ticket to the Beijing Oympics namely: at Malacañang’s Music
elusive Olympic gold medal moves on, as swimmers Miguel Molina, JB Walsh, Dan- Room on Jan. 3. Nepo-
the government has allocated P30 million iel Coakley and Ryan Arabejo; taekwondo muceno was recently
for the participation of Team Philippines to jins Tshomlee Go and Mary Antoinette declared by both Hous-
the 29th Olympiad slated in Beijing, China Rivero; boxer Harry Tanamor; and archer es of Congress as the
from August 8 to 24. Mark Javier. Best Filipino Athlete of
Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Wushu players Willy Wang and Mari- All Time. He has a bowl-
chairman William Ramirez said “money is anne Mariano, gold medalists in the recent ing career that earned
not a problem and there will be enough to 24th Southeat Asian Games and off for a for the Philippines six
support the country’s Olympic program.” six-month training in China, would see ac- world championships,
“Our concentration is on coming up tion in the demonstration sport. making him an International Bowling Hall of Famer. Nepomuceno is listed
with a strategic high-level training for the Monico Puentevella, chief of mission in the Guinness Book of Word Records as having won the most number of
athletes,” Ramirez said. to Beijing, is expecting 20 to 25 Filipino World Cups. (Exequiel Supera/OPS-NIB Photo)
Besides state funding, the PSC is ex- Olympic qualifiers.


pecting help from the private sector. The Philippines has not won an Olympic
“Everything will be taken care of. All gold medal since it joined the quadrennial

the athletes has to do is concentrate on their meet in 1928.
training,” Ramirez said. The country’s highest Olympic achie-
The PSC earlier asked national sports ments came from boxing’s two silvers,
associations to submit budget proposals for courtesy of Anthony Villanueva in the 1964 4862 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario
foreign exposure of Beijing-bound athletes. Tokyo Games and Mansueto Velasco in he
So far, eight Filipinos have secured 1996 Atlanta Olympics. PNA

Zambo’s 12 cockpits defy national laws

ZAMBOANGA CITY - This place is The Department of Interior and Local
the only city that has the distinction of hav- Government has even released an opinion
ing 12 cockpits for its cockfighting aficiona- last month that the city government could go
dos, and permitted by law to operate such in on operating its 12 cockpits that have been
densely populated villages. opening its doors to the public on Thursdays
A Presidential Decree has set the limit and Sundays. The city government also al-
on operating cockpits to only two per city lowed cock derbies.
and a Supreme Court decision upheld the Last month, the Regional Trial Court
Decree, but local ordinances have supersed- dismissed a civil case filed against city of-
ed the decree and High Court decision. ficials that questioned the ordinances. PNA
36 Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

OWWA fetters in protecting ... (From page 11)

families. and got no budget alloca- have tugged at us for quite a
Some 2,177 of them tion from the national gov- long while.”
were seafarers listed as hav- ernment, the authors said. Agunias and Ruiz said
ing availed themselves of a “OWWA serves a popu- that other labor-exporting
training program. lation of 3.8 million, highly countries should also cull
About 614,697 local mobile temporary workers lessons from the OWWA
and overseas workers were scattered in over 190 coun- experience as the matter of
those OWWA said were tries, as well as the families protection would rear its
“assisted” by its 24-hour left behind – an enormous head in government halls
call center. task that few governments around the world as “tem-
But OWWA did not cite have even attempted sys- porary migration continues
how much it spent or how tematically,” Aguinas and to grow worldwide.”
much this service, as well Ruiz wrote. “Temporary migration
as for 11,759 OFWs it “as- Citing an interview presents countries of origin
sisted” at the Ninoy Aquino with OWWA administrator with the dilemma of ensur-
International Airport, cost. Marianito Roque, they said ing the protection of their
The authors said OWWA OWWA projected to reach a workers abroad,” Agunias
Financial Management
System “does not allow for
P10-billion income in 2007.
“Once OWWA surpasses
and Ruiz said, pointing to
OWWA as a way to address Once is not enough ... (From page 9)
itemizing the specific ser- that level, it will be able to this dilemma. But because Jalosjos has air-conditioners…the works next year. That’s it; money
vices spent on workers as- spend more on services,” “Once its limitations been a bad boy by making needed to make it a honest- and firecracker injuries are
sistance.” Roque said. are addressed, OWWA can the ill-advised move of “es- to-goodness vacation house. inseparable, like love and
OWWA’s P446.5-mil- The authors added be a useful template for caping” to spend Christmas That figures. marriage. The pair always
lion (US$8.93 million at that while such goal made many developing countries at home, apparently driven Jalosjos is having a goes together, all in good
P50=US$1) expense last sense, it has “compromised as they face the mounting by acute homesickness, the prolonged vacation. Most time. Conversely, if 2008
year went to 29,676 indi- OWWA’s past and present challenges of protecting DOJ disallowed his time people will find that situ- turns out to be a good year, I
viduals or at P15,044 each ability to fund welfare ser- workers abroad,” Agunias credits. That’s punishment ation more pleasant and bet my bottom peso the fig-
on the average. vices.” and Ruiz said. enough for bad behavior. comfortable than living in ures will prove you wrong.
Trust Talks “Welfare funds require And according to the the outside world where the With extra dough in hand,
Agunias and Ruiz de- They presented their effective institutions that DOJ’s new computation - I only thing free is the smog- there will be heightened
scribed the OWWA as “es- paper in a forum at the Co- allow for transparency as just can’t understand why gy air that we breath. Damn New Year celebration - I
sentially a single trust fund conut Palace in Manila on well as a way to represent they keep computing and it, we might as well all be hope I’m wrong - resulting
pooled from the manda- Dec. 18, the International the views of the dues-pay- re-computing - Jalosjos can residents of the NBP. in more blasted hands and
tory US$25 membership Day for the Protection of ing members themselves.” only be set free on June 24, ***** faces. Unless another sub-
contributions of foreign the Rights and Welfare of “This guarantees that 2010 which is five months As I predicted correctly, culture of welcoming the
employers, land-based and Migrant Workers and their services remain relevant to short of his 70th birthday we had less firecracker inci- New Year with harmless
sea-based workers, invest- Families, as designated by the needs of beneficiaries. when he can apply for ex- dents this year compared to toys sets in, people will keep
ment and interest income the United Nations. “It is a challenge to de- ecutive clemency. last year owing to a worsen- using those noisemakers.
on these funds, and income Advocate-lawyer Ilde- sign a useful way to consult This business of com- ing poverty level. So please, no credit
from other sources.” fonso Bagasao said the pa- the beneficiaries, given that puting and re-computing What I failed to foresee grabbing. You have both
In the last five years, per could help local groups migrants are typically dis- strikes me as more of a though, is the credit-grab- done a good job in 2007.
OWWA’s income averaged come up with at least a persed to many countries,” deliberate search for ways bing, specifically by the De- Still, thanks but no thanks.
P1.9 billion (US$38 mil- consensus on action steps they said. www.ofwjournal- to abbreviate Jalosjos’ sen- partment of Health and the Don’t wait for some pats
lion) per year. “regarding these issues that tence into a phrase rather Philippine National Police. on the back. Your job is to
Membership fees com- than letting him serve out Without indulging in serve the people, and serve
prised much of this income the entire period mandated the stats which I consider them right. If you really
(73 percent) while the rest by law for his crime. unreliable because some of want to eliminate firecrack-
was from investments and His recent escapade put the firecracker-related cases er-related injuries, enact a
other income. in a comma somewhere were unreported, these two law banning all kinds of py-
For four years, OWWA somehow. agencies claimed less peo- rotechnic products.
spent more than half of its The DOJ did not say ple got hurt on New Year’s Because as long as there
average annual spending of whether or not it is lifting eve - and it was their scare are idiots out there who
P0.9 billion to salaries of its Jalosjos’ special privileges tactics that did it. don’t know any better than
employees and other admin- such as staying in his own Who you kidding, boys? blast away and toss caution
istrative costs rather than on resthouse while supposedly If this year’s incidents were to the wind, they will never
programs and projects. incarcerated. And I guess 46 percent lower than in learn their lesson no matter
Categorized as a quasi- that aside from free meals, 2006, that was probably be- how painful it was for the
governmental entity, it had A kiss on the President’s cheek does not translate the house comes with a cause the people were poor- victims. Why don’t we try
been entirely self-funded to more welfare funds for overseas workers. television set, a refrigerator, er now by that same rate. to popular the practice of
So shut up. The creating by snapping a hand
bullheaded human in the armpit. That doesn’t
beings out there cost anything, and very
don’t scare easy. harmless, too.
Given the mon- What did I say about the
ey, they could’ve sealing of the policemen’s
cracked up more pic- guns? Like I predicted, it’s
colos, bawangs, sa- bound to fail because some
was, mooing cows, revelers, including the so-
whistle bombs, etc., called fence sitters, were re-
like there’s no to- portedly hit by stray bullets
morrow. at the height of the celebra-
But because tions. A 17-year-old boy
money was hard to was reportedly hit by a bul-
come by during the let, courtesy of a policeman
past year, less peo- in Bulacan who couldn’t re-
ple bought paputok sist the urge to fire his gun.
to welcome the So next time, don’t just
New Year. Like it seal their firearms. Round
or not, it’s the sim- them up and keep them un-
ple explanation for der lock and key. But don’t
the lesser number throw away the key because
of victims this year. you’ll to give the guns back
That’s logical. to the cops after the holi-
Check this out. days. They need the weap-
If the economy ons both to protect them-
continues to go selves and shoot down the
down further in bad boys. Other than that,
2008, we’ll have they can’t use it, legally that
even fewer cases is. PNA
Marian Rivera Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008 37
a.k.a. Marimar
The Skyflakes TV ad has long been off the air. But
the pretty bedimpled face that adorned the commer-
cial has lingered on, a star shining ever brightly from
the boob tube to the silver screen and, perhaps, a
must-see contemporary primetime soap icon.
Spanish-Filipino Marian Rivera (born on Aug,
12, 1984 in Madrid, Spain) has become a Philip- OVER AGB NIELSEN RATINGS ISSUE

GMA 7 files P15-M libel suit vs ABS-CBN

pine household name, known to many as Marimar,
the local yet undisputably more appropriate version
of Mexican telenovela artist Thalia of yore.
Despite her alluring mens’ magazine picto-
rial poses and provocative body movements in GMA Network Inc. has Sucaldito; Bandila’s over- nying the accusation, and so
dance guestings, Marian is as conservative as filed a P15-million libel all in-charge of production did AGB Nielsen officials.
the daring gets. She’s ready to go skimpy or suit against rival ABS-CBN Luchi Cruz-Valdes, execu- GMA said various ABS-
take off her tops once she’s confirmed as either Broadcasting Corp., its ex- tive producer Boyet Agus- CBN radio and television
the superhero Darna or the mermaid Dyeseb- ecutives and talents over tin, legal department head programs repeated the false
el, once her Marimar stint ends in March. “If what GMA said were false Maximilian Uy, and host claims against GMA, add-
ever,” Marian said, “I’d be happy to do ei- and malicious claims of rat- Korina Sanchez; ing that the “systematic
ther of the two. I can’t make a choice which ings manipulation. Entertainment Live’s and repetitious airing” of
one.” Ready to grace the FHM cover? “No, GMA legal counsel over-all-in-charge of pro- “malicious statements” by
not yet,” she averred. Gener Asuncion claimed duction Malou Santos and ABS-CBN in different pro-
The movies? Marian is on her way to ABS-CBN aired, in its Luis Andrada, EP Lani grams, by different anchors
get to the last frame of every reel that will tv and radio programs, a Gutierrez and headwriter and talents, and on different
translate to box office hits. series of fabricated state- Romer Gonzales, and The dates show the acts were
Bahay Kubo marked her first time ments “imputing GMA 7 as Buzz’s EP Nancy Yabut and “orchestrated, scripted, and
to work with idol Maricel Soriano. behind the alleged rigging, headwriter Ian Reyno. intentionally perpetrated
The first shooting day in- manipulation of TV ratings “In reckless disregard to defame, impeach, and
volved a confrontation in Bacolod City.” of truth, with malice, and in besmirch the reputation of
scene with Maricel GMA demanded P10 bad faith, and with obvious GMA 7.”
and Marian pulled it million from ABS-CBN for intent to defame the plain- ABS-CBN has earlier
off. “I felt like a win- moral damages, P2.5 mil- tiff and ridicule it before questioned the authenticity
ner,” she said. lion for exemplary dam- the public, defendant ABS- of the daily AGB Nielsen
In Desperadas, ages, P1.5 million for attor- CBN distorted, spliced off, Media Research Philip-
the Queen of Soap ney’s fees and P1 million and suppressed the accurate pines television ratings
with a mysterious for litigation expenses. and complete statements of data, after informant Mark
love life was billed Named libel case re- Ms. Reforma,” GMA said Dumago spilled details that
with Ruffa Gutier- spondents were dzZMM’s in the charge sheet, refer- the households tapped for
rez, Rufa Mae Quin- station manager Angelo ring to a dzMM interview the survey in Bacolod have
to and Iza Calzado. Palmones, news manager with AGB Nielsen manag- been bribed to influence the
And everyone raved. Alona Magtalas, reporter ing director Maya Reforma. viewing behavior of sam-
Owww! Junrie Hidalgo, and hosts GMA denied this. Re- pled groups. GMANews.
Cristy Fermin and Jobert forma made an affidavit de- TV

MMFF top plums go to Jinggoy, Maricel

Actor-politician Jinggoy Estrada won for his role of raising a large number of Saklolo, second; and film- former award went to Nash Best Story - May Cruz
Estrada and multi-awarded in Katas ng Saudi, wherein dependents. fest top box-office grosser Aguas for his role in Shake, and Cesar Apolinario for
actress Maricel Soriano he plays an overseas Filipi- Roi Vinzons was picked Enteng Kabisote 4, third. Rattle and Roll 9. Banal; Best Screenplay -
found less serious competi- no worker who faced family as Best Supporting Actor for Resiklo also won the Other winners: Gatpuno Jose Javier Reyes for Katas
tion, as they both bagged the problems after he returned his work in Resiklo, while Best Cinematography and Antonio Villegas Cultural ng Saudi;
Best Actor and Best Actress from Saudi Arabia. Eugene Domingo won Best Best Editing honors. Award - Regal films’ Bahay Best Theme Song -
honors, respectively, during Soriano won for her role Supporting Actress in Ba- Filmmaker Cesar Apoli- Kubo and Maverick Films’ Resty Hernandez for Anak
the recent 33rd Metro Ma- in the film Bahay Kubo, hay Kubo. nario won Best Director for Katas ng Saudi; Best Float ng Kumander; Most Gen-
nila Film Festival (MMFF) wherein she figured as a The MMFF’s three Best Comguild’s independent Awards - Resiklo, first; der Sensitive Film Award
awards night in the SMX maternal figure who had to Picture awardees were Re- entry Banal. Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, sec- - Despseradas. abs-cbn-
Convention Center. contend with the hardships siklo, first; Sakal, Sakali, The Best Child Per- ond; Bahay Kubo, third;

Filipino singer wins 10 highest-grossing movies in ‘07

Austria ‘Musical’ tilt
Filipino singer Vincent Bueno bested nine
other contestants to top the Musical! The Show, a
televised musical competition where contestants
perform songs from some of the most memorable
musicals, in Austria on Jan. 12.
The only Asian contestant, Bueno beat Eva
Klikovics and Gudrun Ihninger in the finals to
win the title as well as 50,000 euros (P3 million).
Bueno wowed the viewers and the show’s
judges from the moment he did his first musical
number - Hair from the musical of the same title - $336,530,303 $321,012,359 $319,071,806 $309,420,425 $292,004,738
showcasing his powerful voice, impressive stage
presence, and electrifying dance moves.
In the end, he was declared the winner. All
Bueno could do after hearing his name as the
winner was to shout and say “I love you” in Ger-
Musical! Die Show started with 10 contes-
tants chosen from 400 aspirants. The first round
of elimination started on Nov. 23, 2007 and from
then on, one contestant was eliminated each
The elimination process was determined
through votes from televiewers from Austria and
other European countries. PEP $227,471,070 $210,614,939 $206,445,654 $183,132,370 $168,273,550
38 JOKE, JOKE, JOKE! Manila Media Monitor JANUARY 2008

... sa Biology class
A ghost to another: “Do you believe in Mga bagay na ayaw mong marinig
people?” habang inooperahan ka:
****** - Nasaan yung gunting na bago? Bakit
I have a fine watch dog. At any suspi- may kalawang ito?
cious noise, I wake the dog and it begins - 10 ml? May naka-survive na ba diyan?
to bark. Sabi ko, 5 ml lang!
****** - Doc, ubos na po yung anaesthesia.
When I told the doctor about my loss of - Kanina pa bukas yung tiyan. Nasaan
memory, he made me pay in advance. yung pantahi?
****** - Sunog! Sunog! Labas lahat!
Big eyes? Oh, they came with my face. ******
****** Mrs: Honey, am I pretty or ugly?
Here are some lion tracks. You see Mr: Uuuhhmm. Pareho.
where they go and I’ll find out where they Mrs: Anong pareho? Puwedeng pretty
came from. and ugly?
****** Mr: Ang ibig kong sabihin, you’re pret-
A modern artist is one who throws paint ty ugly.
on canvas, wipes it off with a cloth and sells ******
the cloth. Bakit may menopause?
****** Once upon a time, merong 70 anyos na
I was thinking of becoming a doctor. I babae na nanganak ...
have the handwriting for it. Bisita: Patingin naman ng baby mo?
****** Mommy: Mamaya na.
I can handle a variety of work. I’ve had (Nakalipas ang 30 minutes.)
12 different jobs in four months. Bisita: Puwede na bang makita?
****** Mommy: Oo, pero hintayin muna nat-
It was love at first sight. Then I took a ing umiyak. Kasi nakalimutan ko kung saan
second look! ko nilagay.
****** ******
Your Honor, I hit my husband with a Beauty pageant host: How can you
chair. The table was so heavy. help get our sick economy out of the rut?
****** Contestant: Akala ko Binibining Pilipi-
They call our language the mother nas ito. Quizbee pala!
tongue. The father seldom gets to speak. ******
****** Judge: Ano ba talaga nangyari?
We have a quiet home life. I don’t speak Akusado: (Hindi nagsalita)
to her and she doesn’t speak to me. Judge: Sumagot ka sa tanong.
****** Akusado: Judge naman, eh. Akala ko
Washing dishes? Oh, I tried many things ba hearing lang to? Bakit may speaking?
but found my husband best. ******
****** Anak: Dad, tulong naman sa assign-
Divorce my husband? I have lived with ment. Find the least common denominator
him for ten years, and now I should make daw.
Reg. # 4533253

him happy? Dad: Ha? Aba’y elementary pa lang

****** ako, hinahanap na nila iyan, ah! Aba’y ‘di
Sa Math Class... pa ba nila nakikita?
Teacher: Banong, kung meron akong ******
919 Ellesmere Road isang piraso ng karne at hinati ko ito, ilang Mel (Nagsauli ng libro sa library): So-
Suite 107, Scarborough piraso na? brang dami ng characters, wala naman is-
Ontario M1P 2W7 Banong: Dalawa po, ma’am. torya.
Teacher: Pareho kong hinati sa apat? Librarian: Aha! Ikaw pala ang kumuha
Banong: Walong piraso na po. ng telephone directory namin!
Teacher: Hinati ko ulit sa apat lahat. ******
Banong: Thirty two pieces po. Teacher: Bakit ka na-late?
Teacher: Lahat, hinati ulit sa apat? Edward: May nawalan kasi ng P500.
Banong: Ah ... eh, giniling na po! Teacher: Tinulungan mo bang
****** maghanap?
Boy: Wala akong kuwentang anak para Edward: Hindi po. Tinapakan ko lang
sa inyo! Lahat ng ginagawa ko puro mali! hanggang umalis siya.
Lagi na lang ako mali! Di ‘nyo na ako ma- ******
Ama: Nagkakamali ka, anak. Student: Ma’am, pagagalitan ninyo po
Boy: Kitam! Mali na naman ako! ba ako sa bagay na hindi ko naman gina-
****** wa?
MANILA - TORONTO - USA - EUROPE BF : May ibibigay akong gift sa iyo, Teacher: Natural, hindi.
OR ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD pero hulaan mo muna! Student: Good, hindi ko po ginawa ang
GF: Sige, clue naman. assignment ko!
BF: Kailangan ito ng leeg mo. ******
GF: Kwintas? Noel: Ipapangalan ko sa aking anak ng
BF: Hindi. Panghilod. Leon, baliktad ng Noel.
****** Niño: Sa akin Onin, baliktad ng Niño.
(Sa loob ng mall) Guy: Love, ‘yan ang Toto: Huwag ninyo akong maisali-sali
dati kong girlfriend. dyan sa usapan niyo!
Jowa: Ang pangit pangit naman! ******
Guy: Wala akong magagawa. ‘Yan ta- Para makalibre si Juan ng entrance fee
“Super baba laga ang weakness ko ever since. sa sabungan, nagdala siya ng inahin.
****** Bantay: Ano iyan?
and halaga ... Palaka: Ano ba ang kapalaran ko? Juan: Manok!
Super below Fairy: Makikita mo ang babaeng tunay Bantay: Alam ko. Eh, bakit inahin?
fare talaga.” na nagnanais na malaman ang lahat tungkol
sa iyo.
Juan: May laban ang mister niya. Siy-
empre, moral support!
Palaka: Ang galing. Makikilala ko ba ******
“Handang Maglingkod Sa Ating Kababayan” siya sa isang party? “Hindi ako tamad. Hindi ko lang alam
Tel (416) 751-9588 Fax (416) 751-9133 Fairy: Hindi ... sa biology class.
kung saan ko ibubuhos ang kasipagan ko.”
JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor 39

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40 JANUARY 2008 Manila Media Monitor

Av e. W
nton nk
Egli ra


Mt. Pleasant

to C

n V a l ley
y. 4

Hw Bloor St. East Bloor St. Danforth Ave.


Eas Castle Frank

t TTC Station



Square One

Pa r k w
TTC ne
Shopping Centre

Sherbourne St.
Jarvis St.

E. Rosedale
hamth Mississauga Clinic
Bur Corporate Centre
Dr. Victoria Santiago Dr. Joy Y. Ho
Dr. Amy Fan Dr. Belinda Sunga-Castillo
Dr. Randolph J. Krumme Rosedale Medical Clinic
Mississauga Corporate Centre
3660 Hurontario St., 2nd Floor 600 Sherbourne St., Suite 307
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C4
(Behind Novotel Hotel) Dr. Ali Adibfar & Dr. Robert Eng - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (Across Sherbourne Subway)
Dr. Mark Mojgani - Periodontist
Nickee Dela Cruz & Catherine Ibeas - Registered Dental Hygienists
905-272-3455 416-967-9272


The team of professionals who make up the Fairview Dental Centre
are completely dedicated to the needs of their patients.

5 Fairview M
all D
ri ve,
te 390
Dr. Anthony John Eng

, On
Fairview Dental Centre
io "Patient Care & Treatment Through Teamwork" et
M n
2Z wo rld.
1 ntal
al @de
ne :
(416 wdent
Dr. Joy Y. Ho

) 496-0 irvi e
900 Fax: (416) 496-0928 fa
Dr. Benilda Sunga-Castillo

Dr. Victoria R. Santiago