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Prescribed For

Ikgdar 100mg and hyaluronidase human injection are given alone or combination with
another drugs to treat certain types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and chronic
lymphocytic leukemia (cancer start in WBC).

Trade name :Ikgdar

Active component : Rituximab
Strength :100mg
Manufactured by :Emcure Pharmaceutical Ltd
Dosage form :injection
Pack of 10ml in 1 vial

Side Effects

Common effects: fever and chills (flu lik symptoms) Less common side effects:
Weakness; nausea; headache; cough; dyspnae; pharyngitis

Allgeric condition against Ikgdar 100mg or any other medication inform your doctor.
Concerning your past history of drug used which include in prescription, non-
prescription, vitamins &supplements , nutritional products just inform the doctor. While
using Ikgdar 100mg do not take any vaccination or immunization without taking advice
from doctors.
Avoid use of Ikgdar 100mg if you are pregnant

It will harm the baby unborn, while using Ikgdar 100mg use correct birth control to
prevent pregnancy and for at least 2 weeks after your treatment ends. Ikgdar
100mg may affect the ability to have children in women. Inform your doctor if you
planning to pregnant. It is unknown whether Ikgdar 100mg passes into breast milk ,
avoid breast-feed while on Ikgdar 100mg treatment.

CategoryC : animal studies reproduction shown an adverse effect on the fetus. The
drug has no sufficient and well controlled studies in humans, using in pregnant women
benefits by warrant use of the drug.

Store at 2 C – 3 C Use the drug before expiry date Protected from direct sunlight Do not
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freeze or shake. Keep away from the childerns Discard the unused drug by asking the
advice from doctor or pharmacist.
Dosage & Administration

Ikgdar 100mg is recommended to administer only through intravenous infusion not by

IV push or bolus. PREMEDICATE BEFORE EACH INFUSION First infusion:
initially rate of 50 mg/hr is given , in not showing infusion toxicity, rate raised upto 50
mg/hr increments at intervals of 30 min and max of 400 mg/hr. Successive infusion: 100
mg/hr initiated rate , in not showing infusion toxicity, rate raised upto 100 mg/hr
increments at intervals of 30 min and max of 400 mg/hr. Premedication with
corticosteroids must be considered, if Ikgdar 100mg combination with CHOP
chemotherapy is not given.
Dose is 375 mg/m2 as an IV infusion. Once weeks for 4 or 8 doses administrated for
Relapsed treatment Relapsed Retreatment for once weekly for 4 doses administrated.
Untreated Previously: given on day 1 of each cycle of chemotherapy, upto 8 doses. In
complete or partial response of patient, start with 8 weeks for maintenance
following Ikgdar 100mg in combination with chemotherapy completed then administer
8weeks for 12 doses as a single agent. Once weekly for 4 dose at intervals of 6 months
and max of 16 dose for Non – progression (following CVP chemotherapy completion 6 –
8 cycles) On day 1 each cycle of chemotherapy upto 8 infusions for Diffuse large B- cell
Before starting of FC chemotherapy, dose recommended is 375 mg/m2 followed 500
mg/m2 on day 1 of 2-6 cycles every 28 days.
Prior to the administration of Indium-111-(In-111-) Zevalin and Yttrium-90- (Y-90-)
Zevalin administer Ikgdar 100mg infusion about 250 mg/m2 within 4 hours Before to
Rituxan and Y-90- Zevalin administrate Rituxan and In-111-Zevalin 7–9 days.
Ikgdar 100mg is administer with methotrexate combination Ikgdar
100mg administrating as two dose of 100mg IV infusion 2 weeks separated. When
glucocorticoids administered as methyl prednisolone 100mg IV Subsequent course
based on clinical evaluation should administer every 24 weeks, but not early than every