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Meee) id Maule The Romans David Maule Level 3 Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potcer a etn, Emote ean et Anite sep gi ew ‘heen by a ie 207 Te cgi e067 ‘sy Non Pde RAC Bal ty as a a gn mem . tea plein pins md og an ay Gn aR man eis dn. nie ec cg ae ee pr ean an pos ee sr ene Fh a on Nae yd ce ee eR Pep Ss te th Fhe in Reo ey es tm cee lg na Wnt es Tek pee Sinealgnan any cee oo poe Tevet ali fe gis a Rng per i eo ‘Sep en gun an tng De Po ln TE Cote ne CuO and Contents Aatvies 1 Chaps 1 The Roman Empire ~Chapeer?—_Lifein Rome Activin 2 (Chapter The People of Rome: Rich and Poor (Chapter 4 The Pople of Rome: ves, Activites 3 Chapeer5 The Ware with Cecage Chapter The Roman Army, Aetiien4 Chapter? Sporand Games ‘Chapter 8 Republicto Enpire Aativiis 5 Chapeer9— Roadsand Wate (Chapter 10. Wiking, Counting and Building Actives ‘Chapuer 11 The Ealy Emperors (Chapter 12 The Hnpte and Afer “Talkabourie ‘Wt abou c Project A Roman Dinner Psy 10 B 16 18 a 24