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Sinha Power Generation Company Ltd.

Collected and compiled by Md. Faruk Hossain [EEE, 06 RUET]

Exam date: 01/07/2014
Time: 1 hour 25x4=100 marks
1. What is the difference between isolator and circuit breaker? What is bus bar?
2. What is the difference between UPS and inverter?
3. Define IDMT relay.
4. What is ELCB? Why it is used?
5. What is buckhole relay? Where it is used?
6. Write down 5 types of generator protection.
7. Write down 5 circuit breaker name.
8. What is meant by insulator resistant and PI?
9. What is armature reaction?
10. Difference between thyristor and power diode.
11. What is the power factor of an alternator at no load condition?
12. Write down the method of induction motor running.
13. What is AC-DC converter? Where it is used?
14. Write down some equipment of 132kv substation. What is reverse power?
15. Write the use of pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, and pressure switch.
16. Difference between synchronous and asynchronous generator,
17. Write down 4 temperature sensor’s name.
18. What is meant by PLC, DCS, SCADA?
19. Why does capacitor work on only AC?
20. What is ACSR cable? Where it is used?
21. What is the difference between MCB & MCCB?
22. Difference between relay & magnetic contractor.
23. What is instrument transformer? Write its function.
24. Two bulb 100w and 40w connected in series with 230v supply which one
will glow bright?
25. A transformer and an induction motor are same rating and capacity working
at no load which will draw maximum current and why?