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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

01 Soul mates 4

Reading (SB pages 6–7) Studentsʼ own answers.

1 5
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 into 2 at 3 up 4 to 5 up 6 off
2 6
Studentsʼ own answers. Studentsʼ own answers.
3 7
1 D (Iʼm nursing a really sore knee) 1 go 2 take 3 keep 4 stand 5 hurt 6 do
2 A (Iʼve never been that brave)
3 C (Itʼs not how you look that makes you beautiful, 8
itʼs whatʼs inside!) Studentsʼ own answers.
4 A (enjoy challenging peopleʼs beliefs and
assumptions) Grammar (SB page 9)
5 B (It was pretty nerve-racking at first) 1
6 D (I just hang out in hoodies and baggy pants)
7 C (I want to stay grounded, too … Iʼm going to 1 she has been running 2 is always boasting
keep my feet firmly on the ground!) 3 have/ʼve just missed 4 have you been
8 B (What I value most … and a really weird sense 5 Do dancers need 6 Have you been jogging
of humour like mine!) 7 I have/ʼve loved 8 is/ʼs always nagging
9 A (This puts some people off me, but, in the
end, thatʼs their problem)
10 C (so far all Iʼve been getting are rejections) 1B 2A 3A 4B 5A

4 3
1 be obsessed (with) 2 a rebel 3 busking 1 has become 2 performed 3 has been writing
4 nerve-racking 5 a trendsetter 6 an audition 4 sheʼs always writing 5 havenʼt been
7 a household name 8 gifted 9 a show-off 6 hasnʼt found 7 decided
10 laid-back
5 1 did you last, did you play with
Studentsʼ own answers. 2 have you sung, did you sing
3 are you wearing, Have you bought
6 4 have you known
Studentsʼ own answers. 5 Have you watched
6 did you last fall out, Have you apologised
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Vocabulary (SB page 8)
Use of English (SB page 10)
Positive: brave, caring, easy-going, funny,
generous, loyal, sociable, thoughtful Studentsʼ own answers.
Negative: bitchy, bossy, fussy, mean, moody,
sarcastic, spoiled, stubborn

1 generous 2 fussy 3 caring/thoughtful
4 bossy 5 brave 6 loyal

Studentsʼ own answers.
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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

2 Speaking (SB page 13)

1 oldest 2 love-hate 3 sworn 4 sibling 1
5 common 6 total Studentsʼ own answers.
long-term relationship complete opposites
deadly enemies best friend shared interests 2
fierce rivalry Photo A (because Katy asks whether Jack is ʻa
3 new studentʼ)

1 sibling rivalry 2 common interests 3

3 total opposites 4 oldest friend
Studentsʼ own answers.
5 love-hate relationship 6 sworn enemies
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 B 2D 3A 4B 5B 6C 7C 8C
1 b 2d 3a 4e 5c
Studentsʼ own answers.
Grammar (SB page 11)
1 Studentsʼ own answers.

1 this week 2 stayed 3 today 4 Iʼve watched 5 7

did you win 6 Iʼve had Studentsʼ own answers.
2 8
1 gave 2 has changed 3 have been 4 trained Studentsʼ own answers.
5 went 6 made 7 has come 8 had
Writing (SB pages 14–15)
1 havenʼt seen Karen since 2 is always telling
Studentsʼ own answers.
3 have/ʼve known Amy since
4 have/ʼve never had 5 have/ʼve been practising 2
6 studied in Paris for
everything thatʼs been happening to you and your
4 family; special new friend; tell me all about him or
Studentsʼ own answers.

Listening (SB page 12) 3

1 1 to a teenage cousin, informal language

2 to give information 3 email/letter format
Studentsʼ own answers.
Yes, she has used informal language.
Studentsʼ own answers. Yes, she gives information.
3 Yes, it is laid out as an email.

Studentsʼ own answers. 5

She has forgotten to include any news about her
1C 2C 3B 4B 5B 6A 7A
Dear Rafael, Love Claudia
Studentsʼ own answers. Hi, Rafael, Best wishes,

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

7 15
Friendly/Informal: 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Studentsʼ own answers.
Formal: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 Model answer
Hi Ben,
8 Thank you for your email. It was great to hear from
Paragraph 1: thanks and apologies you and it sounds like you go to a great school and
Paragraph 2: recent activities – college, hobbies, live in a very nice area.
etc. As you know, Iʼm from a very small town in France,
Paragraph 3: Daniel, best friend but I have a lot of friends and we do lots of things
Paragraph 4: asking about Rafael and for a quick together. Recently, three of us went to Paris on a
reply day trip. We all love shopping, so we spent quite a
lot of money! As well as that, we went to see a new
9 horror film in the afternoon. I love films, donʼt you?
Paragraph 2: As you know, Iʼve just left school and My best mate is a girl called Janine. Weʼve been
started college. friends for ten years – since we started first school
Paragraph 3: Now, about my very best new friend! together. Sheʼs really kind and considerate and
much cleverer than I am! Weʼve got a lot of
10 interests in common – like swimming and tennis.
We also like the same music and film stars.
but, As you know, so, Now, also, too
I have quite a small family. Thereʼs just my mum and
11 dad and me and a younger brother called Michel.
We usually go on holiday once or twice a year and
1 what you and your friends have been doing – last month we spent a week in Norway. It was a bit
parties, concerts, films, etc. cold, but very beautiful and we had a great time.
2 all about your best mate – character, hobbies, Write soon!
appearance Love,
3 anywhere exciting your family has been this Chantal
year – trips, excursions, days out, holidays, etc.
Switch on (SB page 16)
Studentsʼ own answers.
abroad (aunt), glamorous (aunt), glasses (brother),
13 older (aunt and brother), pretty (aunt)
present perfect simple and present perfect 2
1 a ʼs older than, b plays the, c ʼs just gone
14 2 doesnʼt look like, intellectual
3 She grew up with Kyleʼs mum. Sheʼs a little bit
Studentsʼ own answers.
older than her. Sheʼs always giving Kyle money.
4 In a shoebox, under his mumʼs bed.

Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

Revision (SB page 17)

1 for 2 since 3 am/ʼm 4 always 5 since
6 doing 7 into 8 up

1 let 2 take 3 hurt 4 stand 5 knocked
6 speaking 7 kept 8 going
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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

3 2
1C 2C 3B 4A 5B 6B 7A 8C The tiger, the polar bear and the turtle are
4 – the tiger = hunting, poaching, habitat loss
1 always enjoy 2 had – the polar bear = melting of ice caps so they canʼt
3 been doing, havenʼt quite finished get at their prey (seals) on the ice
4 Did you see 5 has been 6 told – the turtle = habitat loss through erosion,
7 been playing 8 went development of beaches, swallowing plastic
5 Surprising facts: The snake can travel at 23 km per
1 spray-can/aerosol can 2 baggy 3 guitarist 4 hour. The tiger has striped skin as well as striped
spoiled 5 rebel 6 trendsetter fur and its bones are used for medicine. The
crocodile canʼt chew. Its offspring are male or
female, depending on the temperature. Polar
02 Wild bears can swim long distances. The male turtles
Reading (SB pages 18–19) stay at sea all the time.
1 3
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 species 2 conservation 3 warming 4 change
5 destruction 6 logging 7 erosion 8 gases
Studentsʼ own answers. 4
1 caps 2 rise 3 waves 4 about 5 turn down 6
3 transport 7 solar 8 fuels
Studentsʼ own answers.
4 Studentsʼ own answers.
1 c 2b 3f 4a 5g 6e
Grammar (SB page 21)
5 1
1 stroke 2 ecology 3 preying on 4 hooked 5 1 Did you have 2 were going (to go)
getting at 6 a teacherʼs pet 7 fins 8 plummeted 3 had all been saving 4 were always begging
9 a reflex action 5 had been raining 6 were sitting 7 heard
10 a defence mechanism 11 chain mail 8 all ran 9 had only just disappeared
12 slaughtered 10 had fallen 11 were getting 12 turned up 13
had worked 14 had organised
Studentsʼ own answers. 2
1 was beginning 2 had discovered
3 Weʼd been driving 4 made 5 was beating
Studentsʼ own answers. 6 was always begging 7 were just starting
8 heard 9 were still thinking 10 crashed
Vocabulary (SB page 20)
1 3
1 E 2D 3A 4B 5C Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Use of English (SB page 22) 4

1 1 f (we didnʼt have a barbecue because everything
Studentsʼ own answers. was bone dry and it would have been way too
2 2 b (The emergency services wanted everyone in
un + pleasant/reliable our area to evacuate their homes, but quite a lot
of us stayed put)
dis + honest/obedient/satisfied
3 d (theyʼre so used to hurricanes over there)
il + legal/logical
4 h (Great excuse for missing a test!)
im + polite/practical
5 a (I thought it was an earthquake!)
ir + responsible/relevant
in + formal/experienced 5
3 1 issued 2 took 3 burst 4 missed
1 overpriced 2 undervalue 3 reopen 5 learnt, stay 6 out
4 undercharged 5 overslept 6
4 1 fog 2 heat wave 3 torrential rain 4 hurricane
1 unconcerned 2 polluted 3 containers 5 gale
4 collisions 5 dangerous 6 illegally 7
7 underestimate 8 irreversible
Studentsʼ own answers.
Grammar (SB page 23)
Speaking (SB page 25)
1 used to 2 didnʼt use 3 used
4 always used to 5 would always Studentsʼ own answers.

2 2

Studentsʼ own answers. Studentsʼ own answers.

3 3

1 been 2 This 3 would 4 ago 5 had 6 to 7 1 using bicycles – they mention ʻriding
used to 8 many everywhere/help us get fitterʼ
2 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 idea 2 about 3 Actually 4 opinion
5 5 what do 6 point 7 maybe 8 mean 9 have
10 about
Studentsʼ own answers.

Listening (SB page 24) 5

1 Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers. 6

2 Studentsʼ own answers.

bone dry (B) drifts (D) drought (B) froze (D) Writing (SB pages 26–27)
gale (E) hosepipe ban (B) knee-deep (A) 1
sandbags (A) shutters (E) snow (D)
ploughs (D) tornado (C) uprooted (C) Studentsʼ own answers.

3 2

1B 2A 3E 4D 5C 1 c 2 d 3b 4a

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

3 14
Step A Studentsʼ own answers.
Model answer
4 It had been a long day. Max was travelling in the car
Studentsʼ own answers. with his parents and sister Stella on the way home
from the airport. Theyʼd just come back from a
5 wonderful holiday in Spain.
Studentsʼ own answers. They were all very tired. Stella was asleep on the
back seat and Max could hear her snoring! He was
6 watching the countryside go past, although he
couldnʼt see much because it was getting foggy. It
past simple: struggled, heard, loved, sat
was nice to be back in his own country, but he
(individual, completed past actions)
wasnʼt looking forward to going back to school the
past perfect continuous: Theyʼd been checking …
next day.
(a long past action completed before another
Suddenly, Max saw something big and dark
action or point in past time)
coming out of the fog, just ahead of them. ʻDad!ʼ
past continuous: They were collecting … It was
he shouted. The car screamed to a stop. Luckily,
they were all wearing seat belts.
past perfect simple: The man had fired a gun.
ʻWhat was that?ʼ asked Stella. They all got out of
(single finished action completed before another
the car and there, running along the side of the
past action or time)
road, was a group of wild deer. There were three or
7 four big ones and several smaller ones that were
probably babies.
1 exhausted 2 heartbroken 3 disastrous Max thought about the deer all the way home. He
4 delicious 5 marvellous had never seen wild deer before. They were so
8 beautiful. ʻWhat an amazing day!ʼ Max whispered to
himself as he got into bed that night.
1 extremely 2 absolutely 3 amazingly
4 hopelessly 5 enormously 6 incredibly Switch on (SB page 28)
1, 2, 5 and 7
1 Stella screamed loudly when she saw the spider
on her pillow. 2
2 Wolves often hunt at night.
3 I have seldom seen a badger during daylight.
2 The seabirds the sharks fed on increased in
4 The fox crept slowly and silently across the
number when the sharks disappeared and ate
snowy field.
more fish, so there were a lot fewer fish!
5 He stroked the shark carefully along its back./He
3 Yes, it is, but foreign fishermen do so in
carefully stroked the shark along its back.
Australian waters and some Australian fishermen
10 do so illegally. The law is being reviewed.
Studentsʼ own answers. 3
11 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers. 4
12 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Revision (SB page 29) 2

1 1 astronomy 2 geology 3 technology
1 used to love 4 mathematics 5 chemistry
2 took everyone by surprise
3 had finished/ended
4 still not used to/getting used to taking 1 solar eclipse, universe, space, stars, planets
5 was very disobedient 2 coast, rock formations, fossils, dinosaur bone
6 issued a warning for/to 3 kits, finding out how things work, taking my
motorbike to pieces, machines, gadgets,
2 equipment
1C 2A 3C 4B 5B 6B 4 numbers, patterns, shapes, logical brain
5 experiments, blow myself up, test tubes,
3 laboratory, acids, gases, substances
1 torrential 2 uprooted 3 responsibility 4
4 overpriced/pricey 5 conservation 6 disastrous
1 making 2 manufacturer 3 paid 4 missing 5
4 save 6 laboratory 7 fix 8 work
1 drought 2 hurricane 3 crocodile 5
4 earthquake 5 species 6 tornado 7 forecast
8 erosion 1 come up with 2 shut down 3 take over 4 turn
out 5 ended up
1 prey 2 stroke 3 hugged 4 whisper
5 plummeted 6 learnt/learned 1C 2D 3E 4F 5A 6B

03 Awesome science
Studentsʼ own answers.
Reading (SB pages 30–31)
Grammar (SB page 33)
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 will/ʼll be doing 2 will/ʼll help
2 3 wonʼt have finished 4 will/ʼll tell
5 am/ʼm going to study 6 leaves
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 will be driving 2 will have discovered
1C 2B 3C 4A 5D 6C
3 will have been using 4 will have sent
4 5 will be flying 6 will have learnt

1 aliens/extraterrestrials 2 remote 3 jelly 4 shut

it down 5 predictions 6 weird 7 stuff 8 shrinks
9 gravity 10 doomed 11 whooshing 12 parallel

Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

Vocabulary (SB page 32)

2 chemist 3 astronomer 4 mathematician
5 geologist 6 physicist 7 technologist
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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

3 Listening (SB page 36)

1 Some time in the future, robotic soldiers will fight 1
wars against human beings. Studentsʼ own answers.
2 By 2026, computers will have replaced teachers.
3 In ten yearsʼ time, tigers will have become 2
1 e 2g 3h 4c 5a 6b 7f 8d
4 At some point in the future, criminals will wear
invisibility cloaks. 3
5 In the next quarter of the century, cars will fly.
Studentsʼ own answers.
6 By 2100, people will have settled on the moon.

4 4

1 Are you going 2 Will you still be living 1 1928 2 discovery 3 return 4 hospitals
3 you will/youʼll have left 5 farmers 6 drugs companies 7 1980s 8 places
4 you will/youʼll have got 5 will you be doing 9 Mark 10 brains
6 will you have been studying 5
5 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers. 6
Use of English (SB page 34) Studentsʼ own answers.
Speaking (SB page 37)
Studentsʼ own answers. 1
2 Studentsʼ own answers.
1 of 2 at 3 to 4 for 5 of 6 for 2
3 Question 3 is being answered (we may end up
1 on, in 2 on, in 3 from, in 4 between, for moving to the moon or to Mars; scientists could
probably make it possible for us to live there).
5 for, on 6 with, of
Question 2 is being answered.
1 B 2C 3B 4A 5C 6A 7B 8C
1 Iʼm not sure about this one.
Studentsʼ own answers.
2 I would say yes. I feel quite strongly that …
Grammar (SB page 35) 3 People here are dying from famine and
1 droughts.
4 You must agree with that.
1 about 2 Iʼd 3 unlikely 4 likely 5 I suppose youʼre right./I couldnʼt agree more!
5 was going to 6 due 7 Iʼll 6 I partly agree./Iʼm in two minds on this one./There
are definitely two sides to the question.
Studentsʼ own answers.

1 most 2 going 3 can 4 have 5 by 6 to 7 Is
8 this

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

5 10
Giving a reaction: Iʼve never thought about that Studentsʼ own answers.
before./Thatʼs a really tricky question.
Giving an opinion: I believe that … 11
Giving an example: If you look at …/For Studentsʼ own answers.
instance, …
Asking for an opinion: How do you feel about …? 12
Agreeing: Iʼm with you on that./That is very true./ Studentsʼ own answers.
Youʼre totally right.
Partially agreeing: I agree up to a point. 13

6 Studentsʼ own answers.

Model answer
Studentsʼ own answers. Studying science is really important for some
Writing (SB pages 38–39) students, particularly those who want to have
careers in science and become doctors or
1 scientists. However, not everyone enjoys biology,
Studentsʼ own answers. chemistry and physics. In many countries students
have to continue studying sciences until they
2 leave school, even though they donʼt enjoy it. Is
Studentsʼ own answers. this right? I donʼt think so.
Firstly, students who donʼt enjoy the subjects will
3 not concentrate and this can affect the whole
class. Surely, it is much better to allow them to
Studentsʼ own answers.
choose different subjects that interest them more?
4 By fourteen, students have learned the basic,
important things about science that they need to
Studentsʼ own answers.
5 Secondly, there are so many subjects on the
school curriculum today that itʼs difficult to fit them
The student has covered all the points in the list of all in. Some people say that students need to have
questions apart from the word limit (the essay is more time for sport, whereas others say they
too long). should study more languages. If we make science
subjects optional for students over fourteen, there
will be more time for other subjects.
1 c 2a 3b In conclusion, I must say that allowing students to
give up science after fourteen makes sense.
7 However, I donʼt think that the school authorities
firstly, secondly, finally, on balance will agree with me!

8 Switch on (SB page 40)

Introducing a point: First of all, … , In conclusion … 1
, To begin with, … , We mustnʼt forget that … C
Adding: Another interesting thing is … , As well as
this, … , In addition to this, … 2
Contrasting: On the other hand, … However, … 1B 2A 3A
Referring to other peopleʼs opinions: Not
everyone thinks that … , Some people think that 3
… , Experts say that …
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Revision (SB page 41) 4

1 1 aiming high 2 having a lie-in 3 snoozing
1 B 2C 3A 4D 5B 6D 7C 8B 4 articulate 5 flumes 6 left no stone unturned 7
tough 8 strip off 9 land you in hospital 10 not
2 your idea of heaven
1 Iʼll see 2 be studying 3 have finished 4 about 5
5 Iʼm meeting 6 have downloaded 7 going 8
unlikely Studentsʼ own answers.

3 6

1 out 2 of 3 on 4 up 5 down 6 from 7 up 8 Studentsʼ own answers.

Vocabulary (SB page 44)
4 1
1 alien/extraterrestrial 2 gravity 3 mathematician 1 c 2 e 3b 4f 5a 6 d
4 thermometer 5 opponent 6 laboratory 7
astronomy 2
1 apprentice 2 hire 3 skill 4 store 5 role 6 job
04 Dream jobs 7 contract 8 promote

Reading (SB pages 42–43) 3

1 1 c 2 d 3b 4f 5a 6 e
Studentsʼ own answers. 4
2 B
A caretaker on a tropical island 5
B bed tester C waterslide tester
D snake milker/pet food taster 1 vocation 2 work 3 unpaid
4 staff/employees/workers 5 skills
3 6 employer/boss 7 application
1 D (tastes every item of pet food before it goes in 6
the shops)
2 A (got stung by a jellyfish, which could have 1 out of 2 at 3 in 4 on 5 under
been fatal)
Grammar (SB page 45)
3 D (But one little mistake could land you in
hospital) 1
4 B (so they can help their sales team to satisfy 1 to start 2 to go 3 taking 4 spending
their customers) 5 Volunteering 6 give 7 offering 8 Working 9
5 A (he had to beat nearly 35,000 other applicants helping 10 doing 11 coaching 12 helping 13
from around the world) go 14 worrying 15 (to) keep 16 working 17 to
6 C (It can be a bit tough when it is chilly and you feel 18 having
have to strip off and shoot down the flume)
7 A (relaxing and meeting the locals) 2
8 B (So the winning candidate needed to be 1 to go 2 work 3 to try 4 making
articulate and also good at writing) 5 communicating 6 exploring 7 to send
9 A (via blogs and videos and keep a photo diary) 8 sleeping
10 C (he has left no stone unturned in his hunt for
the worldʼs coolest pools) 3
Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Use of English (SB page 46) 3

1 1 B (I like to interview as many of the applicants
1 consultant 2 presenter 3 journalist myself as I can)
4 accountant 5 lawyer 6 receptionist 2 A (their appearance shows how seriously theyʼre
taking the whole process)
2 3 B (I always look at the shoes, Itʼs amazing how
-able/-ible: flexible, reliable, sensible many people think a lot about their outfit but
donʼt worry so much about shoes)
-ive: creative, inventive, repetitive
4 B (If youʼre employing a cleaner, then itʼs not that
-ing: interesting, motivating, rewarding, tiring
3 5 C (itʼs vital for applicants to do some research
before they come to the interview)
1 creative/inventive 2 reliable 3 cooperative 4
6 C (remember to stay relevant and donʼt go off the
flexible 5 sensible
4 7 A (donʼt get there too early or it can make you
look a tad over-eager!)
1 demanding 2 tiring 2 rewarding 4 enjoyable
5 repetitive 4

5 1 c 2a 3d 4f 5g 6h 7e 8b

1 creative 2 highly 3 massive 4 description 5 5

knowledgeable 6 practical 7 competitive 1 Itʼs a dead giveaway.
8 suitable
2 I had to think on my feet.
Grammar (SB page 47) 3 Youʼre having a laugh. 4 Point taken.
5 Iʼm speaking from experience.
6 Itʼs a bit in-your-face.
1 to do 2 playing 3 to record 4 to go 5 taking
6 to go Speaking (SB page 49)
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 to tidy 2 to go 3 buying 4 to read 5 to join
6 to ask 2

3 Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers. 3

4 Studentsʼ own answers.

1 This laptop stopped working 4–5

2 Finishing homework on time is 1 say 2 Both 3 maybe 4 look 5 whereas 6 is
3 without locking the door 4 Mark to become
coaching 7 imagine 8 mean
5 need to talk to Jacky 6 made her work
1 maybe, they look, I imagine 2 both 3 whereas
Studentsʼ own answers.
4 the boy is coaching 5 I mean 6 as you say
Listening (SB page 48) 7
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Students' own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Writing (SB pages 50–51) Revision (SB page 53)

1 1
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 suitable 2 reception 3 description(s)
4 application 5 reliable 6 qualifications
2 7 reference 8 Employer
the woman with the laptop
3 1 play 2 hire 3 earn 4 made 5 speaking
1 adores 2 a great deal, millions of 3 thrilling 4 6 make 7 land 8 think
4 1 travelling 2 to clean 3 working
Studentsʼ own answers. 4 checking out 5 running 6 to see, getting
7 take 8 taking on
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 perk 2 contract 3 store 4 accountant
6 5 vocation 6 apprentice
1 otherwise 2 so, that 3 Although 4 whereas
5 because 6 As a result
1 knowledgeable 2 boring, repetitive 3 flexible
7 4 impressive 5 demanding, tiring 6 inventive
Studentsʼ own answers.
05 Body talk
Reading (SB pages 54–55)
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
fast, strong, competitive, good listener
Studentsʼ own answers.
Switch on (SB page 52)
1 g (When that didnʼt happen)
1 2 f (he gave in after a while)
B is correct. 3 c (But not every trainer would encourage)
4 a (sheʼs up-to-date with her classes)
2 5 d (She trains three or four hours a night)
1–2 They are all correct. 6 b (What makes somebody a good boxer?)

3 4

Studentsʼ own answers. 1 fists 2 follow in his shoes 3 sneaking

4 was up to 5 competitive 6 abomination
4 7 dropped by 8 junk food 9 banned
10 sparring
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Vocabulary (SB page 56) Use of English (SB page 58)

1 1
1 fist, knockout blow, round Studentsʼ own answers.
2 stroke, umpire
3 cue, table, chalk, pot, referee 2
4 goalpost, pitch, referee, dribble, round 1 b 2d 3 e 4f 5a 6c
2 3
1 beaten 2 scored 3 motivation 4 rules 1 up 2 with 3 of 4 to 5 up 6 out
5 score 6 draw
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 c 2a 3d 4b
1C 2B 3A 4D 5C 6C 7A 8D
1 rope 2 ankle 3 helmet 4 pool 5 scared 6
techniques 7 park 8 urban 9 in his teens 10 6
slides 11 glides 12 gym 13 pop 14 teams Studentsʼ own answers.
15 saddle
Grammar (SB page 59)
1 take 2 make 3 do 4 make 5 take 6 does 7
1 Iʼd done 2 wanted 3 wouldnʼt have asked
makes 8 made
4 had had 5 hadnʼt trained 6 have gone
Grammar (SB page 57)
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 I could have learnt/learned, had had
2 would have won, had not/hadnʼt hit 3 paid 3
4 Take, go
1 had/ʼd eaten 2 would/ʼd be 3 didnʼt love
5 Would you have taken up, had been
4 wouldnʼt have gone
6 stop, will/ʼll put on
5 wouldnʼt be feeling/wouldnʼt feel
2 6 would/ʼd be 7 ate

1 have 2 was 3 been 4 will 5 Unless 6 did 7 4

would 8 stop 9 have 10 does
Studentsʼ own answers.
Listening (SB page 60)
1 What would you do/be doing if today was/were a 1
2 What do the rules say should happen if you Studentsʼ own answers.
ignore the referee in football?
3 Which sportsperson would you like to meet if
you could choose? Food: cereal, fry-up, icing, ingredients, starve,
4 Would your dad go and watch/to watch you if you tuna, wholemeal
did/were doing something really sporty next Health: breakdown, chiropractor, painkiller
week? Sport: dedication, podium, swimsuit
5 Will you take some kind of exercise if the weather
is OK next weekend? What will you do? 3
a5 b7 c8 d1 e6 f3 g2 h4

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

4 4
1 C (I wanted to say that I definitely will need B because it is impersonal and summarises
picking up) succinctly.
2 B (I just got a bit distracted by her comments) 3
A (it didnʼt disappoint) 5
4 A (You could get him to have a look at it) safety/danger
5 C (Youʼre either eating loads or starving yourself)
6 A (when I saw my first Olympic games on TV … 6
Getting to be on that podium) there is a downside to, It is quite clear that
7 C (That programme was a tad scary … I donʼt want
(my dad) getting ill like those people) 7
8 B (It serves food I have never even heard of)
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 b 2d 3 e 4f 5a 6c
For: prepares you for life
Speaking (SB page 61) Against: fear of failing, humiliation
1 9
Studentsʼ own answers. Studentsʼ own answers.
2 10
Studentsʼ own answers. Studentsʼ own answers.
3 11
1 eight hoursʼ sleep; eat everything you like, but Studentsʼ own answers.
not too much; have a good work–life balance Model answer
2–4 Studentsʼ own answers. Today we hear more and more about how
important it is to learn to be competitive, because
after we leave school, there will be competition in
1 whatʼs the word nearly all aspects of our working lives. We shall
2 are you saying that need to compete to get a job, to get promotion
3 youʼve lost me and if we work in business, then weʼll have to
4 I see what you mean, to put it another way compete for customers. Many people are in favour
5 How do you mean?, OK, I get you of introducing children to competition at an early
age through sports. But is this really a good thing
5 to do?
Studentsʼ own answers. It is quite clear that doing sport is good for
childrenʼs health and it should be encouraged, but
6 it does not have to be competitive. They can get
Studentsʼ own answers. health benefits from regular gym or sports lessons.
If we make children enter sports competitions, it
7 can be fun for the ones that are good at running
and swimming. However, for children who arenʼt
Studentsʼ own answers.
good at sports, it can just make them feel
Writing (SB pages 62–63) humiliated and ashamed.
1 What we have to remember is that we all have to
deal with competition later in life, so why not enjoy
Studentsʼ own answers. the periods when we donʼt have to, like
Studentsʼ own answers. Switch on (SB page 64)
Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

2 3
1 (any of these ideas) She has become a role 1 D (In an effort to show this is not so (out-of-date))
model. Her success has inspired them. She has 2 C (inferred from the context – relates to people
made them want to excel at boxing. She has today)
made boxing acceptable for girls. They want to 3 B (in the 1980s)
become Olympic champions too. 4 B (from two different backgrounds, contrasting
2 no difference at all lifestyles)
3 Because her mother stopped her; she didnʼt 5 C (Would their dreams be crushed)
want her to be hit. 6 D (Everyone struggled to learn their lines)

3 4
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 name-calling 2 elope 3 hang on 4 live
5 loathed 6 (economic) recession 7 gang
4 8 a crash course 9 learn their lines
Studentsʼ own answers. 10 mock stage fights

Revision (SB page 65) 5

1 Studentsʼ own answers.
1 came up with Vocabulary (SB page 68)
2 unless it rains
3 didnʼt follow/broke the rules
4 wouldnʼt be so tired 1 c 2e 3f 4a 5b 6d
5 If I had enough money
6 do me a favour 2
1 auditions 2 rehearsal 3 make-up 4 plot
5 costume 6 set 7 character 8 talent
1C 2A 3B 4C 5B 6C
1 d 2c 3a 4b
1 referee 2 court 3 cue 4 score 5 a helmet 6
served 4
1 cover, paperback, Kindle, chapter, donʼt want to
put it down, ending
1 make 2 do 3 raided 4 take 5 beat 2 scene, curtain, stage, lights, sets, costumes,
6 boosted actors, standing ovation
3 low-budget release, script, car chases,
5 soundtrack
1 out 2 round 3 up 4 with 5 up 6 with 4 launch, high-fantasy, multiplayer, version, single-
player, challenge mode, skills
06 Showtime 5
Reading (SB pages 66–67) Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 show up 2 check … out 3 puts on
2 4 hang on 5 running … down 6 messing about

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Grammar (SB page 69) 7

1 Studentsʼ own answers.
1 a lot more clearly than
Grammar (SB page 71)
2 much more nervous than
3 quite as good as 1
4 far scarier than countable: advert, album, programme, studio,
5 even worse teacher, TV show
6 by far the most talented uncountable: beauty, health, intelligence, music,
Studentsʼ own answers. 2
1 the, the 2 (no article) 3 (no article, no article)
4 (no article, no article) 5 A 6 an, the
1 too young to watch 2 such a funny 7 (no article) 8 The 9 The, (no article) 10 an
3 the more 4 the best dancer
5 more expensive than 3
1 in 2 the 3 However 4 There 5 enough
6 If/When 7 the 8 who
1 longer 2 than 3 as 4 so 5 than 6 enough
7 less 8 more 9 than 10 more 11 the 12 the 4
13 lot 14 more Studentsʼ own answers.
5 Listening (SB page 72)
Studentsʼ own answers. 1

Use of English (SB page 70) Studentsʼ own answers.

1 2
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 plays, ballet 2 bands, sports
3 TV filming, music recording 4 sports, bands 5
operas, ballets
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 Photo A 2 Photo E 3 Photo D 4 Photo C 5
1 deep 2 relieve/relieved 3 weigh 4 fly Photo B
5 dead/die
a 5 (It poured with rain … but nobody cared)
-ght: height, sight, thought b 1 (Very weird!) c (not needed)
-th: breadth, length, strength, warmth, width, d 2 (I didnʼt think Iʼd enjoy it … However,
youth surprisingly, it was a brilliant evening)
-ief: belief, grief e (not needed)
f 3 (That will teach me! Never again!)
5 g (not needed)
1 confession 2 healthy 3 definitely h 4 (I wasnʼt that impressed by the speeches,
4 impossible 5 thought 6 medical 7 growth 8 though)
6 1 answer (the others are all ways of showing
1 My eyes are glued to the screen 2 worthwhile approval/disapproval)
3 hooked 4 cliffhanger 5 fictitious 2 mate (the others all appear on stage)
6 got to dash 3 interesting (the others are all extreme adjectives)
4 programme (the others are all events)

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

6 5
1 contestant 2 musicals 3 blank 4 participation 1 Studentsʼ own answers.
5 ovation 6 speeches 2 Yes – it outlines the plot, describes the
characters, mentions extra things like the
7 cinematography, gives a clear opinion of the film
Studentsʼ own answers. and a definite recommendation.
3 the present simple
Speaking (SB page 73) 4 The writer uses five paragraphs. The topics are
1 as follows:
para 1: introduction: name of movie and a bit of
Studentsʼ own answers.
background information
2 para 2: outline of the plot
para 3: assessment of the acting
Studentsʼ own answers. para 4: other effects – cinematography,
soundtrack, script
para 5: conclusion – the recommendation and
These instruments are in the photos: cello, guitar, reason for it
trombone, violin 5 In this review, the topic sentences all come at the
beginning of each paragraph.
Studentsʼ own answers. 6
1 h 2g 3f 4a 5c 6e 7d 8b
She talks about all of them except 1, 2 and 6. 7
1 absolutely; a very, b absolutely
6 2 completely; a completely, b very
Another difference is … ; And to go on to how 3 totally; a totally, b very
they might be feeling, … 4 utterly; a very, b utterly

7 8
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 meet 2 has dreamt/has been dreaming
3 has escaped 4 race 5 agrees
8 6 have already decided 7 put
Studentsʼ own answers. 8 have just escaped 9 have
10 are they going to cope/will they cope
Writing (SB pages 74–75)
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers. (The review should have
1, 2, 4, 6 and 7
a minimum of three paragraphs.)

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Switch on (SB page 76) 4

1 1 B (scene of such complete chaos)
B 2 C (speak up in class and participate)
3 A (forced to take a freezing cold shower)
2 4 D (easy for teachers to see into the classrooms,
bullies know theyʼre being watched)
1 B 2 creative, disciplined, focused
5 B (were excluded from the school for a while)
3 6 A (looks like something from a science fiction
Studentsʼ own answers.
7 C (long rows of desks)
4 8 A (whacked you hard on the knuckles)
9 D (socialise, mix with students from other age
Studentsʼ own answers. groups)
10 B (a dark, narrow corridor, the corridor of death)
Revision (SB page 77)
1 5
1 B 2 D 3 A 4 C 5 D 6 D 7 B 8 B 9 B 10 1 staff 2 strict 3 knuckles 4 victims 5 torture
A 6 state-of-the-art 7 corridor 8 chaos 9
excluded 10 expelled 11 rows of desks
2 12 participate 13 demolished 14 discipline
1 bravery 2 fictitious/fictional 3 length
4 relevance 5 strength 6 contestant
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 The 2 well 3 far 4 great 5 more 6 the
Vocabulary (SB page 80)
1 expelled 2 strict 3 staff 4 punishment
1 e 2d 3 f 4 b 5a 6c 5 corridors

5 2
1 fiction 2 ovation 3 participation 4 effects 5 They each helped the students out in some
contestants 6 generated special way.

07 School matters
1 sense of humour 2 experiments 3 test tubes
Reading (SB pages 78–79) 4 form prefect 5 detention 6 discuss/talk about
1 7 boarding 8 sewing 9 swimming
Studentsʼ own answers. 4
2 1 subjects 2 terms 3 tutor 4 grades 5 bully 6
distance 7 online 8 methods 9 pace
Studentsʼ own answers.
10 forums
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 makes 2 do 3 do 4 do 5 made 6 made

Studentsʼ own answers.

Grammar (SB page 81)

1 present perfect simple 2 future with going to 3
past simple 4 present continuous
5 past perfect simple 6 present simple
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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

7 present simple 8 past simple
1 B 2C 3D 4A 5B 6B 7C 8D
1 We have been given too much homework!
2 Alex is going to be expelled. Studentsʼ own answers.
3 When was your school built?
4 The school concert is being held in December. Grammar (SB page 83)
5 The classroom window had been broken. 1
6 Money is donated to the school every year. 1 got 2 had 3 updating 4 finished 5 got
7 We are not allowed to take mobile phones to
6 installed
8 I was made to write a letter of apology by the 2
head teacher.
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 I was given a prize for English.
1 had 2 got 3 needs 4 get 5 to 6 be 7 be
2 The students are being given a final warning.
3 Lisa was taught the violin. 4
4 Has the trainer been paid his fees yet?
5 We were given free tickets for the cinema. 1 mustnʼt be taken 2 school hasnʼt been told
6 Was the teacher told the news? 3 will/ʼll be made to stay
4 Your work needs checking
4 5 will have been marked 6 is being interviewed
1 have been replaced 2 were introduced Listening (SB page 84)
3 are allowed 4 makes/has made
5 can be brought 6 is sometimes misused
7 are occasionally tempted 8 is often wasted Studentsʼ own answers.
9 be fixed 10 must be done
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Use of English (SB page 82) She mentions 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7.
1 a violent, b vicious
2 a row, b line 1 Spain 2 May 3 parents 4 swimming 5 school
3 a theme, b subject 6 five/5 oʼclock 7 rooms/classrooms 8 shops 9
4 a independent, b responsible open-minded 10 breakfasts
5 a bullies, b vandals
2 1 into 2 up 3 up to 4 on 5 up 6 on with 7
Studentsʼ own answers. round 8 out of

3 6
Studentsʼ own answers. Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Speaking (SB page 85) 4

1 1 The writer includes using computers for class
Studentsʼ own answers. learning, working in small groups, being
encouraged to participate in class.
2 2 B is the best opening because itʼs lively and
dramatic and makes the reader want to continue
Studentsʼ own answers.
reading. A is not so good because it is
3 condemnatory, quite basic and uninspiring. C is
better, but not that imaginative or interesting. I
They are talking about going on holiday to
hope you enjoy reading my article is not really
England (youʼre in the country, English is all
appropriate in an opening paragraph – more
around you).
likely to be a comment before or after.
4 5
1 talking about ways of improving our English Title 3 is best because it fits the topic and grabs
outside the classroom the readerʼs attention. 1 is too personal and 2
2 talk about this one, shall we doesnʼt fit (not a lot about the differences).
3 in the country and English is all around you,
isnʼt it 6
4 to do something you remember it better
5 asking for something in a café
para 1: (intro) teens enjoy learning if taught in the
5 right ways
para 2: learning in groups and participating
1 donʼt they 2 canʼt it 3 shall we 4 do we
para 3: computers in class, the benefits
5 hasnʼt she 6 arenʼt I
para 4: (conclusion) recap on whatʼs been
6 described above
Studentsʼ own answers. para 2: So how do we learn best?
para 3: Most teenagers adore technology and use
it in their free time.
They decide the easiest thing is to watch English para 4: Will teenagers ever prefer term-time to
films and listen to music. holidays?

They do 1, 2 and 4.

Writing (SB pages 86–87)

Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

7 13
• rhetorical questions: So how do we learn best? Studentsʼ own answers.
Will teenagers ever prefer term-time to Model answer
holidays? In London for six weeks, with a hundred other
• addresses the reader directly: as above, as Iʼm teenagers, putting on a show at a famous theatre –
sure youʼll agree what could be a better learning experience for a
• a tone that is not too formal: school is a drag, seventeen-year-old?
some amazing … games, Iʼm guessing not! Of course, I had been to London before, but only
• humour: the next best thing to heaven, Will for day trips. Last summer I joined the National
teenagers ever prefer term-time to holidays? Iʼm Youth Theatre and I spent six weeks there
guessing not! practising and performing a new show. It was an
• strong, clear statements: Teenagers loathe amazing experience!
being forced to sit in rows and forbidden to What made it so special was that we were working
speak. with a famous director. He taught us how to work in
• good reasons for an opinion: They have lots of a team with our fellow actors and how disciplined
ideas and they like to question everything, so you have to be when you put on a play in a big
they want to be involved in lessons and to have theatre.
discussions. Another important thing that I learned was about
• slight exaggeration: teenagers will learn a million living in a big city. I shared a room with two girls and
times better every day we had to use the Underground. We
• good range of vocabulary: the next best thing also had to cook for ourselves, too!
to heaven, a drag, suspect, provided, at our So, what was the biggest lesson I learned? Well,
own pace, discipline, loathe, reinforce your itʼs probably that now I know what I want to do in
learning the future. Acting isnʼt all glamorous and itʼs
• variety of connectives: But, So, so, as well, certainly not an easy life. However, itʼs the life I
However would like to have.
• a strong ending: all of the concluding paragraph
Switch on (SB page 88)
8 1
Studentsʼ own answers. They discuss A, C and D.
9 2
1 students, you need an informal and lively style 1 Because they donʼt really know how difficult
2 past tenses (past simple, past continuous, past exams were in the past. (They think theyʼre very
perfect) difficult now, though – Kyle says he ʻstruggledʼ
with his!)
2 Now itʼs detention, but in the past, students got
Studentsʼ own answers. a physical punishment (ʻa smack on the wristʼ).
3 Kyle thinks it makes things easier, but Jasper
11 doesnʼt think it does.
Studentsʼ own answers.
12 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Revision (SB page 89) Vocabulary (SB page 92)

1 1
1 got a lot out of 1 broadband 2 screen 3 mouse 4 site
2 computer screen needs cleaning 5 online 6 digital 7 modem/router 8 keyboard
3 must be informed
4 get my essay checked 2
5 often gets bullied/gets targeted by bullies 1 d 2c 3h 4f 5g 6b 7a 8e
6 has a sense of humour
1 d 2e 3 b 4a 5c
1 B 2C 3A 4C 5B 6C
1 swap 2 revise 3 misinterpreted 4 boasting 5
1 participate 2 demolish 3 expelled/excluded gossip 6 invented 7 crashed
4 cheat 5 nicknamed
1 post 2 viral 3 users 4 sites 5 hits 6 clip
1 experiment 2 victims 3 methods 4 detention
5 knuckles 6 corridors Grammar (SB page 93)
1 he had marked our technology project the night
1 prefect 2 staff 3 vandal 4 grade 5 topic 6
2 if I had made the video all by myself
3 someone had stolen Joʼs tablet computer
08 Technology rules! 4 when I would get my camera back
5 they were going to buy me a new games console
Reading (SB pages 90–91) because I had been working so hard
1 6 (that) heʼs finished his homework so heʼs going
Studentsʼ own answers. to try out his Wii console
7 (that) he was pleased because heʼd heard from
2 all his Facebook friends that week
8 (that) they were starting their computer course
Studentsʼ own answers.
the following week/the next week/the week after
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 My teacher wanted to know where we had filmed
4 the video.
2 Peter asked Freya whether she knew the
1 f 2a 3c 4g 5d 6 b password for the computer.
5 3 The company asked us whether or not we
wanted to sell our YouTube video.
1 slaves 2 kidney 3 carrier pigeons 4 timeline 4 I asked my dad if he was willing to buy me a new
5 social networking sites 6 impressing 7 flirting game console.
8 boasting 9 gossiping 10 teasing 11 5 My friend wanted to know why I hadnʼt texted him
misinterpret 12 panicky the news.
Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

3 Grammar (SB page 95)

1 How often do you text people on your mobile? 1
2 Did you play video games last weekend? admit (to) + -ing/+ that
3 Which gadgets have you used so far today? apologise for + -ing
4 Have you ever uploaded a video onto YouTube? boast about + -ing/+ that
5 Do you think teenagers benefit from using complain about + -ing/+ that
technology? consider + -ing
6 Which bit of technology would you miss the most encourage somebody + to
if you had to do without it? invite somebody + to
order somebody + to
I asked … how often he/she texted people on persuade somebody + to
his/her mobile and he/she replied that … regret + -ing
I asked … how often he/she played video games remind somebody + to/+ that
last weekend and he/she answered that … Studentsʼ own answers.
I asked … which gadgets he/she had used so far
today and he/she said that … 2
I asked … whether he/she thought that teenagers 1 me not to link into the school computer system
benefited from using technology and he/she
for a while
replied that …
2 getting Alex to check out my computer
I asked … which bit of technology he/she would
3 her for letting me know
miss the most if he/she had to do without it and
4 her Iʼd email you about it
he/she answered that …
5 her to come out with us for a pizza later
4 6 me that the X Factor results are/were on at 9.30
7 weʼd be back by then
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers. It is said that …
The new tablet computer is said to be …
Use of English (SB page 94)
1 It is thought that Stephen Hawking is ...
-ate: accurate, intricate, literate, obstinate, private Stephen Hawking is thought to be …
-atic: bureaucratic, democratic, diplomatic 4
It is believed that computers have changed …
2 Computers are believed to have changed …
-ion: depression, imagination, objection, 5
observation, pollution, preparation, reaction It is reported that sales of the new smartphone
-ment: assessment, development, have …
encouragement, government, involvement Sales of the new smartphone are said to have …

3 4

1 When adding -ion to a verb ending in –e, we 1 is 2 who/that 3 at 4 be 5 This 6 to 7 going

usually delete the -e and add -ation. 8 is
2 When adding -ment to a verb ending in –e, we 5
do not usually delete the -e.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Listening (SB page 96)
1 independence 2 wherever 3 social
4 prevention 5 secondary 6 evidence 1
7 privacy 8 knowledge Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

2 2
1 new phone 2 computer expert 3 boyfriend 4 1 Write a letter/email. He/She wants to know the
TV programme 5 mutual friend results of your survey, that is, whether students
6 health problem 7 reading habits would prefer to have fewer teacher-led lessons
8 spending money and more private computer study.
2 a Dear Mr/Mrs X, b Yours sincerely,
3 3 formal language
1 B (itʼs only made the problem worse) 4 three paragraphs minimum
2 C (I was just wondering if youʼd like)
3 A (I caught him checking through the texts on my
phone! Itʼs wrong to snoop into peopleʼs private 1 yes
messages.) 2 yes (I am writing to, I conducted a survey, There
4 A (try to explain complex concepts and ideas) are various reasons, an important aid to learning,
5 B (I wouldnʼt worry if I were you. I bet heʼll be back on balance, I hope this information)
in class tomorrow.) 3 yes (and, First, also, Finally, However)
6 C (Do you know about it? Because I didnʼt!) 4 yes
7 C (she takes it everywhere. But sheʼs got used para 1: reason for writing
to the e-reader and she hasnʼt looked back!) para 2: survey results, students prefer teacher-
8 C (Itʼs so easy. I find Iʼm ʻclickingʼ more and more led lessons as now + reasons
often!) para 3: feelings about computer time
para 4: further explanation
4 para 5: conclusion
1 f 2d 3b 4 h 5g 6e 7c 8a 5 I hope this information will help you with your
Studentsʼ own answers.
2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 14
Speaking (SB page 97)
Puts the other side/shows a difference: however,
Studentsʼ own answers.
in spite of that, nevertheless, on the other hand,
2 while/whereas
Gives a reason: as, because, since
Studentsʼ own answers.
Adds information: also, furthermore, in addition,
3 moreover, whatʼs more
Lists points in order: finally, firstly, next, secondly
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 On the other hand 2 Nevertheless
Studentʼs own answers 3 In spite of that 4 Whatʼs more 5 Since
5 7
1 special, like 2 what, know 3 exact, when Information must contain the results of the survey
(how students feel about the banning of devices
Writing (SB page 98–99)
in school and why).
Studentsʼ own answers.
The reply should be formal, beginning Dear
Mr/Mrs/Miss and ending with Yours sincerely.
Students should write at least three paragraphs.

GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 24

Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

9 Revision (SB page 101)

Studentsʼ own answers. 1
Model answer 1 boasted that he was the best at IT in the class
Dear Mr Brown, 2 reminded her to close down the computer when
I am writing to tell you the results of a survey I she finished
conducted in the school to find out studentsʼ 3 invited Dave to go round to play his new
feelings about your proposed plan to ban mobile computer game
phones and tablet computers. 4 refused to finish the game
I carried out the survey among students in the 5 warned Lynn not to touch that key because it
three top years at school and it appears that a large would delete everything
majority do not believe this is a good idea. They 6 apologised to Marie for not emailing her the
understand that students should switch phones previous night/the night before
and tablets off in class because this is not good for 7 asked Tim how often he checked his inbox
concentration and can distract other students. 8 said he wouldnʼt be buying new gadgets for a
However, they think that it is important to have while
them on the school premises. Sometimes we
need our phones for emergencies or important 2
calls, and tablets are useful for looking up 1 user 2 online 3 screens 4 browsing
important information.
5 keyboard 6 modem 7 broadband
A small minority of students think it might be a
8 download
good idea to have a ʻquiet areaʼ where mobiles
cannot be used. People who want to read quietly 3
without the distraction of others chatting away on
1 past 2 into 3 by 4 to 5 back 6 together
phones could go there.
On balance, however, we believe that mobile 4
phones and tablets are part of our lives these days
and they should not be banned from school. 1 persuasion 2 imagination 3 diplomatic 4 viral
I hope this information will help you with your 5 reaction 6 privacy 7 reassurance
decision. 8 secondary
Martin Jarvis
Switch on (SB page 100) 1 accurate 2 literate 3 line 4 gossiping
1 5 snoop 6 flirting
09 Tearaways
Reading (SB pages 102–103)
1 A, B, D, F 2 B 3 C
3 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
4 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 D (I was rude, obnoxious, difficult)
2 A (He applied … to get on the telly and have a
3 C (the teenagers get a very rude awakening.
They have to start school at 5 a.m.)
5 D (Chezdan backed down)

GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 25

Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

4 Grammar (SB page 105)

1 obnoxious 2 defiance 3 chores 4 chaos 1
5 outrageous 6 a row 7 a standoff 8 impasse 1 should/ought to 2 had to
9 backed down 10 resented 3 neednʼt/donʼt have to 4 mustnʼt
5 couldnʼt/wasnʼt able to 6 shouldnʼt/ought not to
Studentsʼ own answers. 2
1 must 2 donʼt have to 3 Youʼve just got to
4 did you have to 5 could 6 mustnʼt
Studentsʼ own answers.
Vocabulary (SB page 104)
1 must/have to 2 should 3 canʼt
1 4 neednʼt/ doesnʼt need to/doesnʼt have to
2 defiance 3 improvement 4 behaviour 5 mustnʼt 6 should 7 couldnʼt 8 must
5 rebellion
2 Studentsʼ own answers.
1 well-behaved (the only one that refers to good
2 rude (the only one that refers to bad manners) Studentsʼ own answers.
3 charming (the only one that refers to pleasant
behaviour) Use of English (SB page 106)
4 nasty (the only one that refers to unpleasant 1
Studentsʼ own answers.
5 stubborn (the only one that refers to a negative
characteristic) 2
6 thoughtful (the only one that refers to a positive
1 get 2 made 3 backed 4 left 5 fell 6 get 7
making 8 felt 9 made
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 report (the others are things the police/
4 authorities do)
2 vandalise (all the other crimes involve stealing
1 divorced 2 engaged 3 widowed 4 adopted
5 separated 3 sack (the others are related to punishment in
5 schools)
4 victim (the others are people in the legal system)
1 same boy 2 flirting 3 ignoring/not speaking to 5 cheat (the others are all illegal; when cheating is
4 stuck 5 weekday evenings 6 study a crime, it is called fraud)
7 9/nine oʼclock 8 trust 9 share a room
10 selfish 11 private 12 telling tales 4

6 1D 2C 3B 4A 5B 6B 7A 8C

1 c 2 d 3a 4e 5 b 5

7 Studentsʼ own answers.

1 row 2 chores 3 ignore 4 defy 5 resent

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Grammar (SB page 107) 5

1 1 c (interviewer: the documentary was very
1 I shouldnʼt have watched a late film last night. informative)
2 I neednʼt have rushed to finish my essay. 2 d (interviewer: had no idea what it was about)
3 Peter could have gone to Tomʼs party but he 3 e (Rachel: describing the comments)
didnʼt. 4 a (Rachel: says that the bullies are anonymous,
4 Gina and Vicky might/may/could have had an nobody knows them)
argument. 5 f (Rachel: everyone can see the comments so
5 We didnʼt need to take our coats on our trip to they are humiliated)
London. 6 b (Rachel: the effects on young people are
1 I didnʼt need to stay 2 could
3 should have suspended 4 didnʼt have to join Studentʼs own answers.
5 could have said 6 neednʼt have bothered
Speaking (SB page 109)
3–4 1
1 have 2 when 3 about 4 what 5 like 6 there Studentsʼ own answers.
7 it 8 since
Photo 1: It mentions races and representing the
Studentsʼ own answers. school.

Listening (SB page 108) 3

1 Studentsʼ own answers.
The documentary is about online bullying.
Faceless haters refers to the fact that online bullies
are anonymous and hard to identify. Studentsʼ own answers.

2 5
Studentsʼ own answers. Studentsʼ own answers.
The students donʼt talk about ʻto be popular and
3 have a good social lifeʼ.
They talk about 2, 3 and 5.
4 No, they donʼt do it well. Student A monopolises
1 B (Many of us have seen it happening or even the conversation and Student B has to interrupt
actually been through it ourselves) her. Also, they donʼt ask for each otherʼs opinions
2 A (you just canʼt get away from it) or interact. Itʼs just a series of long turns. Student A
3 B (Youʼre fat and ugly) actually says, ʻMy turn now.ʼ
4 C (the bullies feel they can say absolutely
anything they want)
5 A (on sites of people theyʼve never even met) He uses 1, 2, 3 and 4.
6 B (they can take them to the police)
7 A (We need more online protection from bullies 8
like these … there should be more policing of Studentsʼ own answers.
the Internet)
Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Writing (SB page 110–111) 8

1 1 Greet Amanda and briefly sympathise about the
Studentsʼ own answers. problem.
2 Discuss the problem in detail and possible
2 reasons for it.
3 Give advice on how to deal with the problem and
Studentsʼ own answers.
more reassurance.
Tomas mentions:
Studentsʼ own answers.
being with people he doesnʼt know very well,
Model answer
talking to strangers, going to parties, talking to
Hi Amanda,
people in authority, asking questions in class,
Iʼm sorry to hear that youʼre having a problem
giving opinions and disagreeing with people.
making friends at your new school. I remember
4 when I first moved here, I had problems, too. It felt
awful, especially when I saw everyone else
You should do 1, 2 and 4. Point 3 would probably
chatting together and going round in groups.
be unhelpful to Tomas; you need to focus on him. Itʼs probably because you and I are quite similar. I
Point 5 would give him no help at all. It would mean, weʼre both a bit shy and it takes a long time
probably make him feel even worse. to get to know people. Just think how long it took
5 to get to know all the people you were friends with
at your last school!
Studentsʼ own answers. If I were you, Iʼd join some clubs where everyone is
The advice is good and she is tactful and interested in the same things. First, youʼve got
diplomatic in giving it. something in common to talk about and secondly,
you meet up regularly and you see the same
people again and again. I bet you make some
1 Yes good friends that way. You like drama, donʼt you?
2 Hi Tomas, Best wishes, Karen, Good luck, So, why not join the drama club?
Tomas, and let us know how you get on! Anyway, the most important thing is not to worry
3 the imperative about it. Just remember that youʼre just a click or a
4 quite informal (Loads of people, Donʼt panic!, If phone call away from some people who care about
you mess up) you!
5 She uses three main paragraphs: And let me know how you get on at drama club!
para 1: sympathises with Tomas for being shy Lots of love,
para 2: explains why some people are shy
para 3: gives advice, lists ways to tackle the Switch on (SB page 112)
problem and gives reassurance 1
6 sympathy: sentence 1 para 1
Kyle mentions B, C, E and F.
reassurance: Itʼs not difficult to, donʼt give up, it
gets easier with time 2
advice: any sentence from para 3
7 linking words: though, If, too, Instead of, and; 1 Because his parents have threatened to ʻtake
listing: First, next, Finally away his stuffʼ and he doesnʼt want to draw their
attention to what heʼs doing.
7 2 ʻUntil further noticeʼ, i.e.: he must wait for an
indefinite time, until his parents come and tell
Studentsʼ own answers.
him he can leave. He isnʼt allowed to hang out
with his friends.
3 It sends shivers down my spine! (This means he
feels quite scared.)

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

4 3
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 C (he ground his teeth)
2 A (ordered that his corpse be stripped,
Revision (SB page 113) mutilated, tied to his horse and paraded in
1 public)
1 shouldnʼt have refused 3 B (Would his DNA match the DNA sample taken
from the skeleton?)
2 couldnʼt catch
4 D (is similar to several historic portraits of the
3 was allowed/permitted to make
4 did we need (did we have)
5 A (His enemies disputed his claim to the throne)
5 donʼt have to stay
6 C (Shakespeare portrays Richard as a wicked,
6 neednʼt have reported
merciless, murderous hunchback)
2 7 B (they had stumbled upon his grave so
1C 2B 3A 4B 5C 6A
8 D (the latest representation of his face,
3 reconstructed from the skull)
9 B (It was a gamble)
1 nightmare 2 having 3 rude 4 put 5 opened 10 B (a skeleton with a curved spine)
6 tell
1 grave 2 rebellion 3 mutilated 4 trench
1 judge 2 chore 3 interview 5 unearthed 6 rumoured 7 stumbled upon
4 probation officer 5 shoplifting 6 impasse 8 excavation 9 fever pitch 10 descendant
11 contentious 12 tyrant
1 vandalising 2 sacked 3 suspended 5
4 didnʼt charge 5 burgled 6 robbed Studentsʼ own answers.

10 Looking back 6
Studentsʼ own answers.
Reading (SB pages 114–115)
1 Vocabulary (SB page 116)
Studentsʼ own answers. 1
1 excavation 2 proof 3 historians 4 rebellion 5
2 descendants 6 portraits 7 infamous 8 burial
Studentsʼ own answers.
Itʼs about a famous king whose grave has recently 2
been found under a car park. 1 discovery 2 history 3 remains 4 records
5 ancient 6 War 7 myth 8 buried

1 Frankenstein 2 monster 3 husband 4 horror
5 Egypt 6 century 7 eight or nine 8 sister 9
nineteen 10 curse 11 tomb

1 century 2 exploration 3 history 4 mankind 5

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Grammar (SB page 117) 2

1 1 What interests me most is the Elizabethan period
1 that 2 whoʼs 3 that 4 Amazed 5 where 6 of history.
excavating 7 which 8 which 2 What we really need before we start the project is
some more information about Joan of Arc.
2 3 It was our teacher, Mr Turner, who advised me to
1 our teacher told us about check out this website.
4 The place where the Crown Jewels are kept is
2 have given the fossils to
the Tower of London.
3 where the king used to live
5 What happened in the middle of the film was that
4 you were looking for 5 I was talking about
the TV broke down./What happened was that in
3 the middle of the film the TV broke down.
6 What bothers me is the number of dates we have
1 Theyʼve cancelled the documentary I was hoping
to learn for the test.
to see.
2 Weʼve lost the notes we needed for our 3
1 The article tells us how people lived then.
3 Thatʼs the girl who/that knows all about
2 I donʼt understand what those words mean.
3 What Patsy said annoyed me.
4 Would you like to borrow the book we have to
4 I know what books Jane likes.
5 Do you like what weʼre studying?
5 Do you know the place where the battle was
fought? 4
4 Studentsʼ own answers.
1 who 2 when 3 which 4 where 5 which 5
6 which
1 documentary I saw was
Use of English (SB page 118) 2 What is interesting is 3 After getting divorced
1 4 who flew a plane 5 whose name was Edgar 6
reason (why) I came here was/is
1 income 2 downturn 3 outcome 4 uproar
5 outbreak 6 input Listening (SB page 120)
-down: crackdown, turndown Studentsʼ own answers.
-over: handover, makeover, takeover, turnover 2
-out: breakout, handout, turnout, takeout,
washout, workout Robin Hood and Dick Turpin

3 3

1 washout 2 handout 3 checkout 4 workout 5 1 alone 2 Roger 3 Ireland

turnout 6 breakdown 4 shooting a policeman 5 1880 6 butcher
7 smuggler 8 Black Bess 9 190 miles
4 10 old teacher
1 beautiful 2 particularly 3 saddens 4 death 5 4
upbringing 6 lifestyle 7 outcry 8 unkind
1 against 2 out 3 on 4 by 5 for
Studentsʼ own answers.
The sentences are read with a falling intonation.
Grammar (SB page 119)
Speaking (SB page 121)
1 was 2 who 3 where/who 4 thing 5 What
6 was Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

2 4
Studentsʼ own answers. incredibly big (statues)

3 5
Studentsʼ own answers. Studentsʼ own answers.

4 6
1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. Studentsʼ own answers.

5 7
1 what 2 very 3 relatively 4 little 5 big Studentsʼ own answers.
6 probably 7 quite 8 do 9 so 10 really
1 Stonehenge 2 in the south of England
Studentsʼ own answers. 3 the mystery surrounding its purpose and
7 4 Itʼs beautiful and has an unusual and mysterious
Studentsʼ own answers. atmosphere.

Writing (SB page 122–123) 9

1 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers. 10
2 Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers. 11
3 Studentsʼ own answers.
1 Because itʼs not well known like some of the Model answer
Iʼm very lucky because I live quite near my favourite
other big Paris museums.
historical place. Itʼs just five miles away, in south
2 The writer personalises the article (my parents
Hampshire, and when I was younger, I used to go
and I found), draws the reader in by starting with
there very often. The place Iʼm talking about is
If you … and finishes with advice to bring
called Beaulieu Abbey.
something home.
Beaulieu Abbey used to be a very large and
beautiful church, but when Henry VIII was king he
para 1: basic general information
destroyed most of the big churches in England for
para 2: more detailed information about the
religious and financial reasons. So now Beaulieu
museum and its subject
Abbey is just ruins. However, the ruins are still
para 3: what the writer especially likes about it
beautiful and when you walk through them, you
para 4: general conclusion and advice
can imagine the great walls and ceilings that used
4 mainly informal: thereʼs a great little museum, lots
to be there.
of lovely rooms, The thing I like, What I also love
Whatʼs amazing about Beaulieu Abbey is that you
about it, youʼll absolutely love it
can feel the atmosphere of the ancient church.
5 Studentsʼ own answers.
When my parents first took me there, it felt like I
was going back in time. I almost expected a monk
to come walking round the corner! Some people
say that it is haunted and I can believe that! Itʼs
quite scary if you go there in the evening.
So, if youʼre in the area, I can recommend a visit.
Just go in the daytime to avoid any ghosts!

Studentsʼ own answers.

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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

Switch on (SB page 124) 4

1 1 the latest 2 to tempt 3 to pester 4 Nagging
A Bob Marley B Shakespeare 5 trendsetters 6 devious 7 impressionable
C Marilyn Monroe 8 exploiting their anxieties 9 peer pressure
10 live up to its promise
1 He could say what inspired him (gave him the
ideas) to write his songs. Studentsʼ own answers.
2 Sheʼd like to know why he wrote his plays.
Jasper jokes that Shakespeare might write a play
for her, which she could star in. Studentsʼ own answers.
Vocabulary (SB page 128)
3 1
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 the latest 2 consumers 3 buzz 4 trend
5 designer labels
Studentsʼ own answers. 2
1 bargain 2 pocket 3 return 4 window 5 status
Revision (SB page 125) 6 receipt 7 refund 8 personalise
1D 2B 3C 4B 5C 6A 7B 8B
1 a nagging (telling someone again and again to
2 do something) b pestering (asking someone
1 (that) I had studied for something again and again)
2 been crowned Queen in 1952 2 a tempted (when you feel a very strong desire to
3 (which had been) wrapped in animal fur was do something, although you donʼt necessarily
found do it) b persuaded (when someone
4 the new exhibition is encourages you to do something and you do it)
5 William I who defeated 3 a spread (make something cover a wide area) b
share (divide so that everyone has an equal part)
3 4 a ignore (deliberately avoid talking to/seeing
1 rebellion 2 outcome 3 outdated 4 downpour someone or something) b neglect (fail to look
after properly)
5 upbringing 6 intake

4 4

1 washout 2 turnout 3 downfall 4 uproar 1 impatiently 2 unfashionable 3 unfortunately

5 handouts 6 handover 4 disappearance 5 unhelpful 6 unattractive

1 B 2A 3C 4B 5A 6D

11 The persuaders
Reading (SB pages 126–127)
Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

1D 2C 3B 4A 5C 6B
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Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

5 Grammar (SB page 131)

Any two from the lists below. 1
Advantages of online shopping: You can shop 2 Itʼs time we went home./Itʼs time to go home./Itʼs
when you want to. You can sit and compare time we got a taxi home./Itʼs time to get a taxi
products on your computer at home. You can read home.
reviews. You can often get goods cheaper. 3 Itʼs time you stopped working on that essay.
Disadvantages of online shopping: Itʼs harder to 4 Iʼd rather we left at half past seven./Iʼd rather
send something back if thereʼs something wrong leave at half past seven.
with it. You canʼt pick it up and look at it properly – 5 Itʼs time you got a new laptop.
youʼve only got the picture on your screen. You 6 Would you rather go shopping or to the cinema?
may have to wait a long time for it. You pay
shipping costs, so it might be more expensive 2
than you thought.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Grammar (SB page 129) 4
1 about 2 most 3 wish 4 listening 5 why
1 hadnʼt bought 2 spending 3 looked 4 sheʼd 6 like 7 rather 8 only
5 had realised 6 could have 7 buying 8 would
hurry up 5

2 Studentsʼ own answers.

1 wish my parents would buy Listening (SB page 132)

2 wish we had extended 1
3 only Christine could come 4 wish I had/Iʼd kept
Studentsʼ own answers.
5 the CD was/were cheaper 6 would go away
1 had 2 are 3 only 4 being/getting/becoming Studentsʼ own answers.
5 were 6 could 3
4 1 d 2e 3c 4a 5 b
Studentsʼ own answers. 4
Use of English (SB page 130) a – (not used)
1 b 4 (had their careers completely destroyed by
Studentsʼ own answers. c – (not used)
2 d – (not used)
e 1 (One minute no one had ever heard of him and
1 strongly 2 ridiculously 3 bitterly 4 critically 5 the next he had a record deal)
highly 6 deeply 7 bitterly 8 absolutely f 3 (the government is forced to consider the
g 5 (how quickly we can learn about things that are
Studentsʼ own answers. happening in different countries)
h 2 (if youʼre fed up with something – like a product
4 that isnʼt value for money … and soon the word
1 B 2A 3C 4D 5B 6C 7B 8C is out)

5 5
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 b 2c 3a 4e 5 d

GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 33

Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

6 4
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 most people would probably say that
2 Iʼm not sure thatʼs completely true
Speaking (SB page 133) 3 A large number of people find themselves
1 4 I personally feel, I would say that
5 important factors 6 to conclude
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 Yes. It makes a statement and asks a question.
Studentsʼ own answers.
2 Yes. Para 1: introduces the idea; para 2: gives
3 one influence (advertising); para 3: Adds
another (convenience); para 4: Adds another
Studentsʼ own answers. (peer pressure); para 5: gives personal opinion
4 and concludes.
3 Yes. (Most people would say, I personally feel,
Studentsʼ own answers. Another important point is, However, perhaps
the biggest influence, So, to conclude)
4 Yes. (So, to conclude, I would say that)
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
They talk about Question 3.
Both students agree that people will continue to 7
buy paper magazines because there are things Studentsʼ own answers.
you can do with paper copies that you canʼt do
online. 8

7 Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers. 9

8 Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

Writing (SB pages 134–135)

Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

I only have to see a clever advert for something
and …
If somethingʼs easy to buy, then Iʼll get it.
Iʼm a ʻone clickʼ person.
The points are expressed in more formal language
in the essay.

GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 34

Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

10 3
Studentsʼ own answers. 1 an overnight sensation 2 status symbol
Model answer 3 window shopping 4 designer labels
It is true that television plays a very big part in our 5 having second thoughts about
lives today and, inevitably, it is going to have an 6 product placement
important influence on us, but is this influence
mainly positive or negative? 4
Some people believe that TVʼs biggest influence 1 pestering 2 refund 3 up 4 lives 5 review 6
is on our health, and this is negative. They think away 7 strongly 8 look 9 impressionable 10
that because we want to watch TV, we donʼt get as receipt
much exercise as we should. We are sitting down
all the time instead of going out for walks or playing
12 Escape!
Others argue that TV has a positive influence Reading (SB pages 138–139)
because we can learn so much from the range of
programmes we see. It informs us about history,
geography, science and a host of other topics that Studentsʼ own answers.
we might never hear about otherwise.
However, I personally feel that the biggest change 2
TV has brought about is on family communication Studentsʼ own answers.
and interaction. Families donʼt talk to each other a
lot these days. They even eat meals in front of the 3
TV and can spend hours in silence! Studentsʼ own answers.
To conclude, I would say that while TV can be both
educational and provide good entertainment, 4
unless we restrict our viewing, its influence is 1 g 2d 3a 4e 5f 6c
mainly negative.
Switch on (SB page 136)
1 ordeal 2 thinking straight
3 were having none of it 4 exotic destinations 5
They favour B. keeping up with 6 took part in 7 frowned on 8
to wrap them in cotton wool
2 9 off the beaten track 10 try your hand at
1 video websites 11 thrill-seekers 12 molly-coddled
2 They count down from 5 to 1 (and you canʼt
avoid this and jump to the content you want to 6
watch). Studentsʼ own answers.
3 There were ads in the middle of the playlist. ʻIt
was a downerʼ means that it put people in a bad 7
mood. Studentsʼ own answers.
3 Vocabulary (SB page 140)
Studentsʼ own answers. 1
4 1 challenge 2 attempt 3 break 4 risk 5 journey
6 expedition
Studentsʼ own answers.
Revision (SB page 137)
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 wish 2 up 3 money 4 only 5 regretted 3
6 ripped 7 time 8 rather 9 time 10 knew 1 scuba diving
2 climbing/rock climbing/mountaineering/abseiling
3 surfing/kiteboarding
1C 2D 3B 4C 5B 6D
GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 35
Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

4 white-water rafting/kayaking/canoeing 3 mouth-watering 4 ear-splitting 5 kind-hearted

5 camping/trekking 6 far-reaching

4 5
1 e 2g 3 h 4a 5 b 6d 7c 8 f Studentsʼ own answers.
blue-eyed, dark-skinned, long-haired, open-
5 minded, right-handed, round-faced, short-
Studentsʼ own answers. tempered

6 6
1 Jenny enjoyed going to musicals and the 1 choice 2 impressive 3 sensitive 4 sweaty 5
London Dungeon. She didnʼt like the Tube at properly 6 reactions 7 scary 8 afterwards
rush hour.
2 Peter enjoyed making new friends and the
activities, including scuba diving. He didnʼt like Studentsʼ own answers.
3 Florence enjoyed going to the seaside and Grammar (SB page 143)
going bowling. She didnʼt like going to the zoo. 1

Grammar (SB page 141) 1 Someone/Somebody 2 anything

3 no one/ nobody 4 nothing 5 everywhere
6 something
1 have postponed 2 must 3 canʼt 4 may
5 must 2
1 whoever 2 Wherever 3 whatever
4 whenever 5 whenever 6 wherever
Studentsʼ own answers. 7 whatever 8 whoever

3 3
1 canʼt have won 2 must have put Studentsʼ own answers.
3 must be feeling 4 canʼt be
5 may/might/could/canʼt have run out 4
1 how 2 there 3 enough 4 for 5 everything
6 someone/somebody 7 whenever/if
1 have 2 may/could/might 3 be 4 have 8 Whoever
5 may/could/might 6 must 7 be 8 be
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
Listening (SB page 144)
Use of English (SB page 142) 1
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
All the forms of transport are mentioned except
Studentsʼ own answers. the ferry and the train.

3 3
beautiful, cloudy, colourful, delightful, dreadful, A situation 2: cable car over shanty towns
faulty, guilty, messy, peaceful, scary, smelly, B situation 1: traffic jams in the city
stuffy, thoughtful C situation 3: airport delays

1 cold-blooded 2 old-fashioned
GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 36
Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

4 4
1 A (I told Dad he should have used the by-pass, The first introduction is the best choice because it
my mum was driving) contains suspense and makes the reader want to
2 C (It can take people many hours/can transport continue the story to find out what happens. (The
people quickly) second is off the point and the third has too many
3 B (engine problems) basic, short, unconnected sentences, and is quite
4 C (I know what you mean, I feel exactly the same) boring.)
5 B (from Paris to London in five days)
6 A (see my work in print) 5
7 B (thatʼs part of the experience) para 1: introduction (how the writer came to be on
8 C (weird things that have been found in the the expedition, a hint of what is to come)
carriages) para 2: the start of the experience, a description of
the place
para 3: friends and events during the first week
1 setting 2 caught 3 takes 4 take 5 pointed para 4: the trek into the mountains, how the
6 envy problems unfolded
The ending of the story is missing.
Studentsʼ own answers.
1 stunning, spectacular, awesome
Speaking (SB page 145) 2 As soon as I saw … , If Iʼd realised … , It started
1 really well. We were driven to … , etc.
3 It was just awesome. We were utterly lost!
Studentsʼ own answers.
4 See below (Exercise 8).
2 5 ʻItʼs OK,ʼ I said. ʻI know where we are. Itʼs this way.ʼ
6 As soon as, however, Although
Studentsʼ own answers.
7 Then, On the second week, But
Studentsʼ own answers.
Studentsʼ own answers.
4 8
Studentsʼ own answers. past simple, e.g. It started really well (one finished,
5 past event)
past continuous, e.g. We were doing really well –
Studentsʼ own answers. until the fog came down! (an action in progress
interrupted by another action/situation)
past perfect, e.g. Although none of my classmates
Studentsʼ own answers. had come on the trip, I was never stuck for friends
(an action that took place before another)
Studentsʼ own answers. 9
1 set out, was burning 2 (had) left, wasnʼt
Writing (SB page 146–147) 3 walked, became 4 sat, argued
1 5 had gone down, came out, had gone
Studentsʼ own answers. 10
2 1 As well as losing our map, we lost our compass.
Studentsʼ own answers. 2 The trip looked exciting, so I signed up for it.
3 I wanted to go home because I got homesick.
3 4 Dad unpacked the camping stuff while the rest of
us went and explored.
1B 2B 3B
5 Although it was freezing, we insisted on going

GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 37

Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

11 12
1 In the beginning, I thought our holiday would go Studentsʼ own answers.
really well. My sisterʼs friend was coming with us, Model answer
so there were six of us altogether. When Sam finally caught up with the rest of the
2 My mum packed a picnic, which looked delicious. group, she threw down her rucksack and stared
Meanwhile, my dad, who was remarkably about her. She was slower than the others so she
cheerful, filled the car up with petrol. was the last to reach the top of the hill.
3 Then it was time to set off. The view was spectacular. You could see all the
4 Unfortunately, we got stuck in traffic jams on the way across the valley to the distant town of
way, which delayed us a lot. Ladycross. But her friends werenʼt looking at the
5 In the end, we decided to stay the night at a view. They were looking at a small furry shape on a
hotel and continue our journey the next day. ledge about three metres below them. It was a tiny
6 Next morning, the traffic was better. ʻAt last,ʼ my dog and it was stuck.
dad sighed. ʻIʼll get it!ʼ said Sam and she climbed down to the
7 We set off again. When we finally got to the dog. It was shaking with fright and cold. Sam
campsite, though, it was pouring with rain. wrapped it in her jacket and climbed back up. ʻThat
8 All in all, it had been a nightmare start to our was dangerous,ʼ said her friend, Kelly. But Sam
holiday. didnʼt care. She loved dogs.
The little dogʼs leg was bleeding, so Sam cleaned
Sequencing words: it with something from her first aid kit. The dog
In the beginning, wagged its tail and licked her face. Suddenly, they
Meanwhile, heard a shout and an old lady was walking towards
Then, them. ʻYouʼve found Tammy! Thank you so much!ʼ
In the end, Sam gave the little dog to its owner and the group
though set off again. They still had a long way to go, but
All in all, now Sam felt full of energy as she led them down
the hill.

Switch on (SB page 148)


2 F (She definitely wants to go back to school.)
3 T 4 F (She turned sixteen during the trip.)
5 T (cockroaches) 6 T

Studentsʼ own answers.

Studentsʼ own answers.

Revision (SB page 149)

1 it must be 2 off the beaten track
3 there anything else 4 canʼt think straight
5 canʼt have been easy
6 wrap children in cotton wool

1 Whenever 2 nowhere 3 someone 4 anyone
5 whoever 6 nothing
GOLD EXPERIENCE B2 PHOTO C OPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd. 38
Gold Experience B2 Studentsʼ Book answer key

1 sun cream (the others are used for swimming)
2 tent (the others are used for surfing)
3 life jacket (the others are used when camping)
4 paddle (the others are used for climbing)

1 smelly 2 winding 3 scenic 4 far-reaching 5
surroundings 6 stunning 7 historic 8 delightful

1 destination 2 earplugs 3 ordeal 4 ruins
5 snorkel 6 expedition

1 open-minded 2 old-fashioned 3 cold-blooded
4 heart-stopping 5 short-tempered
6 red-haired

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