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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom: Each group of four will have access to a school owned iPad to complete the tasks assigned for the next three lessons.
LESSON other
Australian OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
Curriculum (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

The 1) Research the causes Did students Intro:

Wee - Students will be asked to brainstorm their understanding ^Brainstorm maker for
causes of urbanisation understand the general
k 1, of key words relating to urbanisation in Australia in their online projection
and worldwide with causes of urbanisation
table groups of 5
conseque worldwide?
Less nces
specific reference to
- These key words will then be inserted into the teacher
on 1
Popplet which will be displayed on the projector ^Worldwide population
of urbanis 2) Investigate the Were students able to
- The teacher will play Hans Roslin’s ‘200 years in 4 growth YouTube video
ation in consequences of understand the
minutes’ YouTube video as an introduction to the topic of
Australia urbanisation on a consequences of Explain Everything
global population growth
and one o selected megacity urbanisation on their
ther allocated megacity? Body:
3) Work cooperatively
country - Students will be split into groups of 4 and each allocated
with teacher assigned an Asian megacity
from the Did the students work
presentation groups - The students will then be asked to research some
Asia regio co operatively and
n (ACHGK appropriately? statistics of the megacity and what its like to live there in
054) poverty. Ideas can include the political situation,
population growth, environmental and social impacts,
and a case study on the day to day life of a family.
- Students will collate their ideas and make a visual
brainstorm on the Explain Everything application on their
- Teacher will instruct students to save the work they have
done and share it with their group members onto their
apple devices through either Apple Airdrop or via email.

- Teacher will pick a group and ask them to share their
storyboard with the class by projecting their brainstorm
on the board.
- Students will then be instructed by the teacher about
what is happening next lesson, the news report filming
and creation.
- Teacher will ask the students to bring any dress up or
costumes they have planned out in their storyboard to
complete the filming during class.
LESSON other
Australian OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
Curriculum (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

The 1) Examine and identify Did students identify Intro: - World globe
Wee - Students will be asked to stand up in a circle around the stress ball
causes how urbanisation the negative impact of
k 1, and negatively affects the urbanisation on their classroom, teacher will have a world globe stress ball and
Explain Everything
throw it to students. As the student catches the ball they
conseque megacity?
Less nces
social and
will be asked to list a megacity anywhere in the world.
environmental quality
Students are not allowed to repeat megacities that have
of urbanis of an Asian megacity Were students able to
already been said
ation in create a film that
2 Australia
2) Create a film using
answers all the
- After the completion of the warm up activity the teacher
iMovie to display the will ask the students to open their explain everything
and one o information and facts questions set out in the brainstorm of ideas and use that to create a 3-4 minute
ther lesson before? long movie using the application iMovie on their iPads. iMovie
the group has
country - The teacher will project a simple 1 minute movie they
from the Did the students work have made on the board to show the students the quality
3) Work co-operatively
Asia regio cooperatively and and ease of the application before they get started
and fairly with all
n (ACHGK appropriately?
054) group members Body:
- Teacher is to go around monitor the progress of each
group to make sure none of them are off task
- The teacher can ask focus questions such as:
o “outline one environmental impact seen in your
o “What is the population number of your
o “Are you putting in any ways to alleviate the
negative impacts into your movie?”
Conclusion https://create.ka
- The teacher will ask students to save their final video and
airdrop it to the teachers iPad to be saved in a file for the b3b9-afda737561d9
presenting of them next lesson.
- Students will do a quick ten question Kahoot on
urbanisation to end the lesson.
- Dismiss students

LESSON other
Australian OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
Curriculum (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

The 1) Explore the reasons Were students able to Intro:

Wee - The teacher will turn the projector on and have the file
causes and causes of identify the causes of
k 1, and urbanisation urbanisation in each containing the students video creations open.
- Each group will nominate a student to introduce their
conseque video presented?
Less nces
throughout the Asia
video before it is played, the teacher will ask the
nominated student to come up to the front of the class
of urbanis 2) Understand the Did the students outline
and present a few sentences about the creation of their
ation in the advantages and
2 Australia
advantages and
disadvantages of
news report and what megacity they were allocated.
disadvantages of - The teacher will then play the videos until each group has
and one o urbanisation within urbanisation within presented.
ther each Asian megacity?
the Asia region of
country Body:
each presented
from the Were the students able - At the completion of the video presentations the teacher
megacity will then ask all of the students to open the google docs
Asia regio to compare the
3) Identify the link that will be sent to them via email on their devices.
n (ACHGK differences in living
054) differences between standards we face
living standards in compared to people in - The students will then be asked to get back into their
Perth to living Asian Megacities? megacity groups and fill out the fact file on their
standards in Asian megacities allocated page
- Essentially all groups will fill out a fact file on the google
collaborative document which can be accessible to all of
the class. The purpose of this is so everyone has a fact file
on all of the megacities in the Asia region to refer to as
- Each group member is to take two focus questions on the
fact file so the workload is even.
- Teacher is to walk around the class and ask students if
then need help or clarification on anything, and to make
sure they are all on task.

- During the last 10 minutes of the lesson the teacher is to
tell the students that any questions left will be completed
as homework
- Students will then be asked to complete the Quizizz on
the different Asian megacity fact files. The link will be
emailed to them in the same email with the google
documents link.
- At the completion of the Quizizz the top three placing
students will be given a scratch and sniff sticker.