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19 Security
Security Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Clues from 2018

• Cyber hacks of major corporate systems and websites continued apace and will be part of the 2019 cyber security scene.
• Many well-known, international companies and name-brand organizations suffered significant breaches.
• Beyond common corporate attacks, 2018 was marked by accelerated threat activity across a range of targets and victims.

Nation State attackers remain an

340M 150M 30M active threat against corporate

secrets and government
infrastructure systems
stolen personal records

01 Attackers will exploit artificial intelligence (AI)

systems and use AI to aid assaults
02 Defenders will depend increasingly on AI to
counter attacks and identify vulnerabilities


• ML-powered security spots new threats • Malicious inputs could corrupt
automated AI-based business systems
• Uncover and fix new vulnerabilities
before attackers find them • Supercharge criminal activity to probe
networks, and also search for new
• Can harden environments using
advanced attack simulations
• Automatically create extremely
• Could help protect personal digital
sophisticated and targeted social
security and privacy, e.g.
engineering tacks, with very realistic
– Alerts user to enable 2-factor fake audio, fake video, etc.
authentication when setting up a
• Create very realistic and targeted
new email address
disinformation campaigns
– Warns of potential security risks and
• Could create AI-powered toolkits for
tradeoffs when giving up personal
ease of personalization, cost savings
information in exchange for signing
and accessibility to petty criminals
up for some free service

03 Growing 5G deployment and adoption

will begin to expand the attack surface area
IDG, calls 2019 “a
seminal year” for 5G,
2022 In time
and predicts the market $26 Billion • More 5G IoT devices will connect to the
5G network than a Wi-Fi router, making
for 5G and related Approximate
network infrastructure them more vulnerable to attack.
20 will exhibit a compound

• For home users, it will be more difficult

annual growth rate of
to monitor all IoT devices as they bypass
15 118% a central router.
• More direct reliance on cloud-based
10 storage will expose new targets.

5 5G (10)

2018 4G (1)
$528 Million
Approximate Peak Data Rate (Gbps)

04 IoT-Based events will move beyond massive DDoS

assaults to new, more dangerous forms of attack

As home-based IoT devices

become more ubiquitous, there
will likely be future attempts to
weaponize them – for example,
one nation shutting down home OFF
thermostats in an enemy state
during a harsh winter.

05 Attackers will increasingly capture data in transit


IoT device hijacks for Steal banking Compromised Compromised

major cryptomining credentials eCommerce sites 3rd party suppliers

Capture credit Display spoofed Formjacking Malware affecting

card numbers websites attacks routers and network

06 Attacks that exploit the supply chain

will grow in frequency and impact

Attacks on permanent layers

Chip attacks within the software stack

Unified Extensible
UEFI Firmware Interface



07 Growing security and privacy concerns

will drive increased legislative and regulatory activity
The European Union’s mid-2018 implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will likely prove to be
just a precursor to various security and privacy initiatives in countries outside the European Union.

Congress Australia

Canada GDPR Singapore

California India

2020 U.S.
Security WARNING
If poorly conceived, security and privacy regulations could
create new vulnerabilities even as they close others.

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