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DATE: 31st, January 2019

SCHOOL: Şcoala Gimnazială nr.192



TEACHER: Drîmbăreanu Mihaela

COURSEBOOK: Fairyland 4, ed.Uniscan-Express Publishing



LESSON: On the shelves


MATERIALS/RESOURCES: projector, textbook, worksheets, speakers

COMPETENCES:1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 2.1; 2.2; 2.3; 3.1; 3.2; 4.1;

AIMS: 1. To talk about food and location;

2. To practise quantifiers (much, many, a lot of);

3. To revise prepositions of place ( in,under, behind, in front of);

4. To develop pupils listening and writing skills.

Stages of Timin Interactio Competenc Teacher does Students do Observations
lesson g n es
Activity 1 5 min T-SS 1.1; 2.1 Teacher greets the Students answer the teacher’s
Warm up class, asks them „How questions and read their
are you today?” then homework.
asks the pupil on duty
„who is absent
Teacher asks SS „Did
you have
homework?”, then
checks homework on
the board .(they had
ex. 3/p.79)
Activity 2 5 min T-SS 2.1;2.2; 2.3 • Teacher puts the •Pupils come up with
Lead in flashcards on the answers.
board, one at a time,
then points to each
flashcard and asks
Students to repeat
chorally and
individually. (pizza,
beans, salad,pasta, etc)
• Teacher announces
the title of the lesson,
asks students to open
their notebooks and
write the date and the
title. After that T
writes number 50 and
asks Ss to open their
books on page fifty
and asks SS „what
food items can you see
on the desk ?”

Activity 3 7 min T-SS 1.1; 1.2; 1.3 •Teacher tells students •The pupils listen to the song
Listening S-T that they are going to and check their answers.
for specific listen to the recording
information and find out which
food items (A or B)
the elves have got up
on the shelves.
Teacher plays the
•Teacher plays the • The pupils listen and sing
recording again. along.
Activity 4 10 T-S 2.3 •Teacher revises the • The pupils repeat
Game min Pair work prepositions of place after the teacher.
in, under, behind, in
front of). Teacher
draws simple sketches
of a
box with a ball on it,
point to the ball, asks
and writes
on the board: Where is
the ball?
Elicit/Answer: It's on
the box. Underline the
words in bold.
Then teacher draws
two balls under the
box, points to
them, asks and writes
on the board: Where
are the
balls? Elicit/Answer:
They're under the
• Teacher asks SS to • Pupils listen to the teacher’s
open their book on explanations then do the task
page 50 and have a in pairs
look at ex. 2. Teacher
reads and explains the
Teacher asks the
pupils to put the five
food items
presented above the
picture (using the
letters shown)
wherever they want in
the circles in their
picture. Then, in
pairs, they ask and
answer questions in
order to find out
where their partner has
placed the food items.
Activity 5 5 min T-SS 3.1; 3.2 Teacher reads the The pupils listen, follow the
Pre-writing SS-T instructions and lines and check their answers.
activity explains the task, then Individual pupils read out
asks the students to from the text.
look at the memo and
the shopping list.
Teacher asks the
pupils to read the text
and write the rest of
Paul 's shopping list.(
ex 3/p.71) .The teacher
plays the recording.
Activity 6 8 min T-Ss 4.1 Teacher asks students Students pay attention to the
Writing a S-T to imagine that on teacher and solve the
shopping Saturday they will task.Then they read their
list have a party and they shopping list.
have to cook. Teacher
gives each student a
worksheet . Students
will have to do their
own shopping list .
Activity 7 7 min T-SS 1.2; 2.1 The teacher divides the Students come up with
Brainstormi Team class into 3 teams answers.
ng work A, B and C. One pupil
from Team A comes to
the board and writes a
food item, e.g. butter;
A pupil from team B
comes to the board and
writes a food item
using one of the letters
in team A word, e.g.
rice; A pupil from
team C writes a
food item using one of
the letters in team B
word e.g ice cream.
Each correct word gets
one point. The team
with the most points
Activity 8 3min T-SS Teacher explains to Students listen to the
Homework students that they will teacher’s explanations and
have to do ex. 1 and write down in their
2/p.55 notebooks.
My Shopping List

Directions: You will have a party on Saturday. You will cook your favorite foods. Write a shopping list for yourself. Use at least ten food items.