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Government of India

Ministry of Railways
Railway Recruitment Boards

Date of issue 15.03.2019
To the detailed Centralized Employment Notice (CEN) No.02/2019
For recruitment of various posts in Paramedical categories published on
Websites of RRBs on 04.03.2019

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Para No. As given in the CEN 02/2019 Modified as
No. No.
1 8.4 9 The income shall also include The income shall also include
income from all sources i.e. salary, income from all sources i.e. salary,
agriculture, business, profession agriculture, business, profession
etc. for the financial year prior to etc. for the financial year prior to
the year of application. the year of application. For this
CEN the financial year will be 2018-
19 as the closing date of
registration is 02.04.2019
2 12(ii) of 37 ii) We do hereby undertake that Deleted.
Annexure the qualification of scribe is
V (D) mentioned correctly and the
qualification of the scribe is one
step below qualification of
candidate. In case, subsequently it
is found qualification of scribe is
not as declared by the candidate, I
(the candidate) shall forfeit my
right to the post and claims relating

All other terms and conditions of the Centralized Employment Notice CEN 02/2019 including
closing date of online registration of applications will remain unchanged

Railway Recruitment Boards

No.CEN 02/2019/Paramedical Categories Date: 15.03.2019