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ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY ScHOOL oF LAW Office of the Dean March 14, 2019 Instructions for xaminations Students must be in their respective examination rooms not later than ten (10) minutes before the start of the examination in order to allow for the distribution of examination questionnaires and bluebooks. Those who arrive after the exams have commenced shall not be allowed to enter the examination rooms and must instead proceed to the Office of the Dean to explain their tardiness. No one will be allowed to leave the examination room after the questionnaires have been distributed. No electronic gadgets such as, but not limited to, cellular phones, tablets or laptops are allowed cn the person or vicinity of the students during examinations and must for the duration of the examination be switched off or placed on silent mode. That said, the Law School will not provide for places where these gadgets can be deposited and will not be responsible for loss if deposited in any place within the building premises. Electronic gadgets found in the possession of students inside the examination room will be confiscated and the student will be subject to disciplinary action, The use of calculators will require a prior permit from the professor involved and the Dean’s Office. If such permit is granted, only simple calculators without information storage and memory functions will be allowed. Students with conflicting exam schedules must make the necessary arrangements with the Dean’s Office thru Ms. Leila Lim not later than three (3) days before the first day of examinations. Students will be given individual seating assignments, The seating arrangement will be posted on the day of the examinations. For LL.M. students, if your professor requires you to take the midterm exams, please make sure to coordinate with the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible so that you can be included in the preparation of the seating arrangements, Jose — G. "Tit IF Ateneo Profesional Shook Bld, 20 Rockwell Dr, Rockwell Center, 1200 Makati City, Philippines “el 4632 99 7681 1096 ext 2302 « 4632 #99 4575 + Fax 455.2 129 8609 + deanlaw(