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Questionnaire for Customers

focus on CRM

1. Name:
2. Occupation:
a. Business
b. Salaried
c. Professionals
d. Any other (Specify)
3. Family Income:
a. Less than 2,00,000
b. 2,00,001 to 5,00,000
5,00,001 to 10,00,000
More than 10,00,000
4. Age:
a. 1-20
b. 21-30
c. 31-40
d. 41-50
e. Above 50
5. Gender:
i. Male Female
6. Which restaurant is your current favorite?

7. Are you aware about the Customer Relationship Management concept?

Yes No

8. Please rate the scale from 1-5 according to your satisfaction with the CRM practices
followed by the hotel:
S. No. Statement Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
Agree Disagree
1. Quick response to calls
2. Meeting the requests of
guests with in suitable time
3. Staff/Personnel appropriate
4. Attending customer
5. Access to restaurant
via internet
6. Filling out the feedback
form via internet provides
more convenience
7. online reservation
8. Accepting cancellation of
reservation is
of special importance

9. Internet services in premises
10. The restaurant must have a
Good online ratings
11. Reservation via internet
increases the probability of
hotel selection
12. Paying the bills by credit
13. Being welcomed
warmly by the staff

14. Having a specialty menu

15. Hygienic surroundings

16. Providing customized

services offering as per
17. Sending wishes for new
year, birthday and wedding
anniversary results in more
18. Advertising about discounts
and special prices of each
19. Having baby sitter service
is necessary for the
20. Offering off menu items to
interested and regular
21. Sending personalized

22. Having a loyalty


23. Receiving a complimentary

item before food arrives

9. According to you how far CRM is important for any hotel? Please rate the following:
S. Statement Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
No. Agree Disagree
1. Increase customer
2. Increase market share
3. Increase customer
4. Profitability increases
5. Enhances lifetime value
of customer
10. In case of follow up advertising which way you prefer better? Rank in order of
Receiving letters

11. How did you get reservation done in this restaurant?

a. Internet
b. Phone
c. Travel agency
d. Any Other ( )

12. How was this restaurant introduced to you?

a. Travel agency
b. Previous experience
c. Via internet
d. Other recommendations

13. Have you referred the restaurant to any of the following?

a. Friends
b. Relative
c. Business associates
d. Any other ( )

14. Do you need more services that are offered by the restaurant? If yes please
specify. Yes No

15. Have you faced any problem with regard to the restaurant and its services? If yes,
what? Yes No

16. If yes, did you complain about it?

Yes No

17. If yes, was the hotel able to handle the complaint and satisfy you?
Yes No

18. Do you intend to stay in this hotel in future? If no, why not?
Yes No