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Fast Financial
Accounting and Finance Management Software







Attention to: Board of Directors
Chief Accountant
IT Officer

FAST is a company specialized in developing and providing softwares and solutions supporting businesses in
operation and management based on the information technology. These softwares and solutions make manual
tasks automated; assist clever and creative works; help your business achieve the competitive advantages due to
the information exploiting speed and ability.

FAST softwares and solutions are designed to satisfy businesses being different in sizes and requirements:

Fast Business - Enterprise resource planning solution (ERP)

Fast Financial - Accounting and finance management software for medium and large size businesses

Fast Accounting - Accounting software for medium and small size businesses

Fast Book - Accounting software for small size and newly established businesses

Fast HRM - Human resource - Time card - Payroll management software

Fast Accounting for Education - Accounting software for students practising in universities, colleges and
professional high schools

Besides, we have developed and provided software for specific production and business fields such as construc-
tion, cement, pharmaceutical, seafood…

FAST can provide you with the product line satisfying your current business size and requirements; upgrade or
change to higher one during your business development and expansion. Thus, FAST can be your “Long-Lasting,
Reliable Partner” in providing business operation and management softwares and solutions.
We enclose hereby introduction of Fast Financial – Management Accounting software for medium and large size
businesses - which is honourably given “Sao Khuê 2010” by Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) and “IT CUP
2009” by Vietnam Association for Information Processing (VAIP).

For furthur information about FAST and products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us at our offices in
Ha Noi, Hochiminh City and Da Nang or visit our website at

We are always at your hand.

Respectfully! 1 Fast Financial

Fast Company Overview

Company name Fast Software Company

Vietnamese name Công ty Cổ phần Phần mềm Quản lý Doanh nghiệp FAST

Trade name FAST

Foundation year June 11th,1997

Staff Over 280 employees working in Ha Noi, HCM City and Da Nang

Business activities Develop, consult and implement information system supporting in business operation and
management based on technology information

Products Fast Business: Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) for medium and large
size businesses
Fast Financial: Accounting and finance management software for medium and large
size businesses
Fast Accounting: Accounting software for medium and small size businesses
Fast Book: Accounting software for small size and newly established businesses
Fast HRM: Human resource - Time card - Payroll management software
Fast Accounting for Education: Accounting software for students practising in univer-
sities, colleges and professional high schools

Brand Vision Become “Long-lasting, reliable partner” of customers, employees, shareholders, commu-
nity and partners

Strategy Right Solutions - Thoughtful Services

Achievements 5 Sao Khue Awards from Vietnam Software Assosiataion (VINASA)

2 BIT-CUP (Best IT Product Cup) voted by end users
13 gold, silver medals, certificate of merit, IT awardsc
Over 5.000 customers nationwide

Offices Ha Noi: 18 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh Dist.

Tel: (04)3771-5590, Fax: (04)3771-5591
Ho Chi Minh: 8 Hong Ha, Tan Binh Dist
Tel: (08)3848-6068, Fax: (08)3848-6425
Da Nang: 39-41 Quang Trung, Hai Chau Dist.
Tel: (0511)381-0532, Fax: (0511)381-2692
R&D Center: 51 Yen The, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC
Tel.: (08)3547-1871, Fax: (08)3547-1872


Web site

(Statistic number up to September 30th, 2010) 2 Fast Financial

Highlight Functions

System Management Inventory Management User-define Fields Reports
General Ledger Fixed Assets Management Investment Accounting
Cash Managmenent Tools & Supplies Management VAT & Income Tax Reports
Sales and AR Advanced Costing Personal Income Tax
Purchasing and AP Construction & Project Costing Financial & Manangement Reports
Expenses Management Web-based Reports

Accounting system Especially, data can be remote input via internet and stored in
Fast Financial is updated with latest regu- one database or input and stored in each unit, and then
lations from the government. periodically transferred to parent company.
Fast Financial supports users to extract
data to tax software of General Depart- Data import from Excel and export to Excel, XML
ment of Tax to print by bar-code. Fast Financial supports in data import from defined Excel
files of some lists, opening balance and transaction list. This
Multi-currency control time-saving function is very useful in data entry.
Fast Financial has multi-currency func- Besides, Fast Financial supports in report export to Excel or
tion. All transactions can be entered and XML file for later use.
saved by transaction currency and then
converted to base currency. There are Flexibility
options for book rate accounting method: Fast Financial provides many options for specific require-
FIFO, monthly average, moving average, ments of each enterprise: options for accounting books,
specific or transaction rate. If payment rate options for inventory counting method (perpetual or periodical
is different from invoicing rate, rate differ- counting), options for inventory costing and book rate meth-
ence will be auto recorded and if payment ods (monthly average, current average, specific cost,
is made in base currency, it will be auto FIFO...), user-defined blank fields for specific management
converted to receivables/ payables requirements...
currency. Exchange rate difference for
each account, customer and supplier will Security
be calculated at period end. Reports can Fast Financial is encripted by passwords for log in and user
be printed in base currency or both in base access rights can be assigned detailed to function and task
currency and in transaction currency. (read/ edit/ delete/ new). Fast Financial allows to define and
Especially, there is set-up option for the assign user access rights and restrict access right by user
bi-currency data system. For example: group. This time-saving function is very useful for manager.
VND & USD – transactions in VND can be Access right can also be assigned to user or user group by
converted to USD and vice versa. unit code. Access right by unit code will be controlled prior
then right is detailed assigned to user and user group.
Multi-unit/sub-company support
Fast Financial is available with multi-unit Interface
support function. Users can view or In Fast Financial, interface and reports are available in
prepare any report of one unit or of the Vietnamese and English.
whole corporation, such as: income state-
ment, expense report or receivables and
payables report... 3 Fast Financial

General Ledger Module

General Ledger module provides a central Automatic entries

repository for collecting data from all other Auto-allocating entries
modules to make accounting books. In GL Auto-posting entries
module general vouchers, allocation/closing Exchange rate difference entries
entries and some adjustment entries can be
input. Accounting books
Options for accounting books:
Chart of account control General journal
Unlimited account code Journal voucher
Up to 16 character account code length Journal ledger
Flexible definition of chart account. Document register, trial balance… with different filter condi-

Document entry Integration with other modules

Audits trails during posting/updating of Receives and restores data relating to general ledger from all
transactions modules
Voucher can be created with no action (to
be released/ posted later)
Date restriction functionality sets tolerance
limits on future-dating and back-dating
transactions integrated to GL
Voucher number can be system-generated
or user-defined
Avoids duplicate voucher number
Allows to enter one debit/many credits or
many debits/one credit in one voucher
Controls the balance between total debit
amount and total credit amount
User-defined fields available for specific
Copies from entered journal to the new
entry for identical journals (e.g. recurring
User-defined voucher print-out. 4 Fast Financial

Cash Accounting Module

Cash accounting module facilitates effec- Multi-currency support

tive cash flow management and improves Multi-currency support
collections. Its user-friendly interface and Options for book rate method:
comprehensive set of features allow you to Monthly average
process invoices, cash receipts and other Average
transactions with relative ease. FIFO
Cash control Automatic computes for foreign exchange gain or loss.
Cash on hand
Cash in banks, loans from banks Reports
Cash transactions in multi-currency Cash book
Loan contracts. Loan report
Cash flow statement
Cash receipt control ...
Tracks payment of each customer, each
invoice Integration with other modules
Allows to receive payment of many Posts data to Sales & AR module and Purchase & AP
invoices in one receiving voucher module.
Offsets advance payment to sales invoices Data can be directly posted or transfered to General Ledger
Misc. receivable control in “For approval”

Cash disbursement control

Settles payment to each supplier, each
Allows to settle payment of many invoices
in one disbursement
Offsets advance payment to purchase
Misc. payable control
Many utilities to track disbursement for
direct expenses in input VAT invoices
Prints out receipt, disbursement and bank
debit note… by user-defined format. 5 Fast Financial

Sales and Accounts Receivable Module

Sales and Accounts Receivable module Cash receipt Processing

allows users to manage sales process from Receipt from goods sold is updated in Cash Accounting
creating sales order, sales contract to billing module
and cash receiving. Payment control option Receipt allocation to sales invoice can be done in Cash
and detail reports not only make customer Accounting module or Accounts Receivable module
balances control easier but also help in effec- Receipt allocation can be made directly to individual invoice
tive cash flow management and cash receipt. or automatically by selected criteria: the first issued - the first
allocated, the first due - the first allocated…
Customer information Receipt allocation can be made for advance payment or
Keeps important customer information, normal payment
such as address, telephone, fax numbers, Computes for foreign exchange gain or loss
contact person, territory, credit item and Revalues foreign currency receivables for each customer,
credit limit each invoice.
Provides current account status informa-
tion with drill down to individual transac- Reports
tions Customer statement
Customer hold status control Customer/supplier AR/AP comparison book
Customer/supplier AR/AP confirmation sheet
Accounts receivable summary
Order & Invoice processing Detail receivable reports by invoice
Sales order and contract entry Detail receivable reports by invoice – voucher.
Connect invoices and good delivery with Receivable aging report
orders Due invoice report
Tracks invoice's payment term Sales return report
Avoids duplicate voucher number. Sales order, contract report
Invoice can be printed directly from Fast ...
Financial or in stipulated VAT invoice form.
Integration with other modules
Debit/Credit Memos Automatic posting of receivable vouchers created in Sales
Makes receivable adjustments through Management module
debit and credit memos Receives data from Cash Management module
Transfers information on credit limit and over due accounts to
Sales Management to hold/ release orders
Data can be directly posted or transfered to General Ledger
module in “For approval”. 6 Fast Financial

Purchase & Accounts Payable Module

Purchase and Accounts Payable module Payment processing

allows business to manage purchase Payment for goods purchased is updated in Cash Manage-
process from creating purchase order, ment module
purchase contract to receiving goods, Payment allocation to purchase invoice can be done in Cash
services and paying. Flexible lookup function Management module or Sales & AR module
and detail reports support in payable infor- Payment allocation can be made directly to individual invoice
mation quick search and help business to or automatically by selected criteria: the first received - the
make the reasonable and useful decision on first allocated, the first due - the first allocated…
payment. Payment allocation can be made for advance payment or
normal payment
Supplier information Computes for foreign exchange gain or loss
Keeps important supplier contact informa- Revalues foreign currency receivables for each supplier,
tion, such as address, telephone, fax num- each invoice.
bers, contact person, classification, Value
Added Tax (VAT) Reports
Provides current account status informa- Supplier statement
tion with drill down features to individual Customer/supplier AR/AP comparison book
transactions Customer/supplier AR/AP confirmation sheet
Sets credit terms, credit limit and expiry Accounts payable summary
date. Detail payable report by invoice
Detail payable report by invoice - voucher
Purchasing management Payable aging report
Purchase order and contract entry Due invoice report
Purchase invoices can be entered in many Returns to supplier report
ways: Purchase orders and contract reports,
Directly created invoice …
Extracted from purchase order/ custom
declaration sheet Integration with other modules
Extracted from purchase receipt Automatic posting of payable vouchers created in Sales Man-
Tracks invoice's payment date. agement module
Receives data from Cash Management module
Debit/Credit memos and relating transac- Data can be directly posted or transfered to General Ledger
tions module in “For approval”
Makes payable adjustments through debit
and credit memos
Entry of settlement of amount advance. 7 Fast Financial

Inventory Accounting Module

Inventory Accounting module controls Calculate inventory cost

receiving, issuing and stock transfer notes, Define cost calculating method for each item and support
calculate and update inventory cost. Sum- following methods:
mary and detail reports on goods received Monthly average price
and issued by item, job... on inventory by Daily average price
site/warehouse are also available in this First in first out
Item list control Comprehensive inventory report system for physical and
Item code up to 20 characters booked inventory control
Item sub-code for raw material, fuel, tool & Flexible and optional report forms (quantity, quantity and
supply, semi-finished, finished products, value, GL currency and foreign currency)
goods Inventory reports: Inventory Alert (Stock by norm report,
User-defined item classification Inventory item alert); Slow to Rotate Report (Inventory items
Multiple units of measure per item slow to rotate); Reports related to expiry (Aging stock by time
Lot number and expiry (shelf-life) control - FIFO, Stock by age - FIFO, Aging stock by time – Lot track-
Item control by location in site ing, Stock report – Due-to-expiry items, Stock report –
Order policy, order sizing and lead times of out-of-date items)
one item
ABC classification Integration with other modules
Post data to General ledger and Advanced Costing modules
Define site and receive data from Purchase and Sales modules to
Unlimited quantity of sites and location in prepare receiving, issuing and inventory reports, from
sites Advanced Costing module to calculate cost and price.

Transactions entry
Supports in following transactions:
Purchase receipt, sales returns, receipt
from production, stock transfer in and
Return to supplier, release for sales,
issue for manufacturing, stock transfer,
and others
Allows user to check item issuing by
“Material Requisition”.
Stock Transfer In voucher can be auto-
generated from Stock Transfer or sepa-
rately created. 8 Fast Financial

Fixed Assets Management Module

Fixed Asset Management module stores FA depreciation calculation and allocation

necessary information about fixed assets from Auto-calculates depreciation by number of using years or
acquisition to liquidation: original cost, accumu- depreciation rate; allows user to edit monthly depreciation value;
lated depreciation, remaining value, capital Allocates depreciation by using department, expense
source, depreciation periods/periodic deprecia- account…;
tion, using departments, using purpose, Depreciation history of all assets.
increase date, depreciation date, depreciation
ending date, decrease date… There are options FA counting reports
for depreciation method, which all comply with Fixed asset list
accounting standards issued. Fixed asset counting report (detailed and summary) by capital
resource, using department, asset type;
Fixed asset information Fixed asset card (FA hand-over report, FA liquidation report, FA
Unlimited fixed asset records reappraisal report, Hand-over report of FA repair with high value)
Keeps fixed asset relating information: origi- Fixed Asset book
nal cost, accumulated depreciation, remain- FA fully depreciated in use report
ing value, capital source, depreciation FA transfer report.
periods/periodic depreciation, using depart-
ments, using purpose, manufacturing coun- FA increase/decrease reports
try, manufacturing year, asset type...; FA increase/decrease report (detailed and summary) by capital
There are fields available for classifying fixed resource, using department, asset type...
assets by different criteria; blank fields
available for users to control fixed assets by FA depreciation & depreciation allocation reports
specific requirements. FA depreciation report (detailed and summary) by capital
Defines relating default accounts resource, using department, asset type, asset quantity
(depreciation account, expense account) for FA depreciation allocation (detailed and summary) by using
auto recording depreciation allocation entry department and asset quantity...;
Keeps information of accompanied supplies Depreciable fixed asset report
and tools Fixed asset depreciation history
Remarks and specifications about fixed asset.
Integration with other modules
Fixed asset changes Creates and transfers depreciation allocation entries to General
Adjustments on fixed asset value Ledger module
Fixed asset transfer
End of fixed asset depreciation
Fixed asset decrease 9 Fast Financial

Tools and Supplies Management Module

Tools & Supplies Management Module Integration with other modules

gives information of tools & supplies analy- Tools & Supplies Management module has close relation with
sis. General Ledger. Allocation entries in T&S Management are
created on accounts definition and transferred to general
Functions accounting to post to related accounting bookst
Manages original cost, allocation, current
value, capital source, using departments,
using purpose, manufacturing country, the
first date of using, date broken-down, date
decreased ...;
Manages changes of tools & supplies:
increase, decrease value, decrease and
broken-down tools & supplies;
Adjusts monthly allocation after calculat-
Calculates allocation in 2 ways: Line & Two
Times methods;
Creates Tools & Supplies allocation entry,
deletes all allocation in period or deletes
only allocation which hasn’t been adjusted;
Manages allocation of each tool after
Manages allocation ending of tools &
supplies, transfer among departments;
Allocates tools & supplies by many
expense accounts, jobs… 10 Fast Financial

Advanced Costing Module

Advanced Costing module supports in Costing process

collecting, analyzing and storing data related Period-beginning cost adjustments (if any) including: adjust
to product cost. This module is an effective period-beginning quantity of WIP, adjust period-beginning
tool to calculate cost of industrial products balance by cost factor, adjust period-beginning balance by
(process and make-to-order, manufacturing item.
by one or many operations). Customizations Calculates issuing cost of material (processed at Inventory
can be made as per specific requirements on Accounting module);
product costing of enterprises. Calculates receipt quantity, production quantity, converted
WIP quantity at the period-end;
Workshop information (operation), prod- Aggregates and allocates arising costs: material cost, labor
uct, manufacturing order (sales order) cost, overheads;
Workshop (operation) entry; Defines ending WIP cost by cost factor, by item;
Manufacturing order (sales order) entry; Calculates product cost;
Bill of material (BOM) per product entry; Product cost adjustment (if any);
Cost allocation norm/coefficient per prod- Updates cost for finished product receipt.
uct entry (Salary cost, depreciation, water
and electricity...); Product cost reports (process and make-to-order manufac-
Material replacement declaration (if any); turing)
Defines objects with cost allocated (for Cost of product card;
cost having specific aggregation only); Cost of product by item;
Creates product cost detailed sheet (total Cost of product by cost factor;
product cost forecast). Production cost summary by product;
Production cost summary by cost factor;
Opening and closing data entry BOM and actual raw material comparison by finished prod-
Opening WIP quantity entry (when you uct;
start using Fast Financial); Cost aggregation and allocation sheets;
Opening WIP value by cost factor entry; Period-end raw material cost by physical counting.
Opening WIP material quantity entry (if
any); Integration with other modules
End of period WIP quantity entry; Receives data from other modules and transfers data to Gen-
End of period inventory of product entry (if eral ledger module and Inventory management module (for
any). finished goods costing)

Arising expenses entry

All expenses related to product cost are
entered in other modules such as General
Ledger (Salary, social insurance allocation
entries...), Cash Management, Inventory
Management, Fixed Asset/ Tool & Supply
Management... 11 Fast Financial

Construction, Project, Job Costing Module

Construction, Project, Job Costing Arising expenses entry

module supports in collecting cost, revenue All expenses related to product cost are entered in other
involved in construction, project for construc- modules such as General Ledger (Salary, social insurance
tion, project costing as well as profit and lost allocation entries...), Cash Management, Inventory Manage-
reporting purpose. ment, Fixed Asset/ Tool & Supply Management...

Management by job Job reports

Job List is used to control objects as Transaction list by job;
constructions, projects, jobs, events; Material transaction list by job;
Parent jobs, jobs are defined in tree-like Material summary by job;
structure with unlimited levels in order to Job summary;
aggregate and analyse cost by job; Job accumulative summary;
Job field can be declared to use in all entry Job cost summary;
screens to enter data. Job trial balance;
There are 2 fields to describe item by 2 Income statement (cost, revenue, sales and administration
languages. Example: Vietnamese and expenses allocation) by job;
English. Job opening/closing balance.
It is easy to change code in case of chang-
ing available system of code. Integration with other modules
Much information related to job such as Job Management has integrated with all other modules.
performer, related customer, start date,
end date…
User can group job by optional demands to
create complicated analysis reports
Accumulative amount of job can be calcu-
lated from previous years
Status is declared to show if project is
active or inactive.

Opening data entry

Input (expense, receivable/payable...)
account opening balance by job;
Input accumulative amount (expenses,
revenue...) from year-opening or work
start. 12 Fast Financial

Expenses Management Module

This module inherits data from other ones to Integration with other modules
create analysis reports arising expense in Expenses management module has intergrated with all other
period and information of periodic, yearly modules
budget forecast of the enterprise…

Special functions
Declares yearly budget forecast, charge
cost, charge group;
Lists vouchers related to sales turnover
and expenses management;
Flexible, optional summary and detail
sales turnover, expenses and allocation;
Flexible summary and comparison of
expense items among periods by month,
quarter, half year and year;
Multi-unit summary and comparison. Flex-
ible report form by management require-
Expenses allocation sheet presentation:
overheads,depreciation, raw materials and
tools & supplies, salary and social insur-
ance. 13 Fast Financial

User-defined Field Report Module

Besides common management objects such Reports by object:

as contract, project, department… your Transaction list by object;
business can be required to manage some Summary by object report;
specific objects. Fast Financial provides you Object trial balance;
free fields to define and manage these Object opening balance;
specific objects. Object closing balance.

User-defined field lists Integration with other modules

Helps users to define the fields by using User-defined field module inherits data from other ones.
Allows classifying free field data by many
criteria depending on using purpose.

User-defined field reports:
Transaction list by free field;
Summary by free field report;
Free field trial balance;
Free field opening balance;
Free field closing balance 14 Fast Financial

Investment Accounting Module

Investment Accounting module is used in Report

companies having investment in capital Balance sheet;
construction. Interpretation of financial statement;
In case company has project management Investment source;
unit (PMU) with separated accounting activi- Detail of Investment source;
ties, this module is used for the PMU in Investment implementation by project, work, work detail;
accounting and management. Investment liquidation by project, work, work detail;
Fast Financial allows setting up lists of Investment implementation;
projects, work, work details in order to aggre- Other expenses report;
gate relating expenses for reporting purpose PMU expenses report.
including financial reports, accounting books
according to official regulations of accounting Integration with other modules
system towards investors. Investment Accounting module inherits data from other ones.

Investment list
Project, work, work detail list;
Project, work, work detail group list;
Norm list (costs of building, equipment…).

Data entry
Project/job opening balance (by account);
Input project/job accumulative amount (by
Input forecast amount;
Input project/job planning amount;
Other data relating to project/job in other

Investment accounting book

Investment source detail journal;
Construction expenses journal;
Other expenses journal;
PMU expenses journal. 15 Fast Financial

Tax Reports Module

Data relating to input, output VAT are entered VAT reports

in cash, sales and account receivable, Input VAT invoice sheet
purchase and accounts payable modules... Output VAT invoice sheet
and aggregated for reporting in this module. VAT declaration sheet
Besides, Fast Financial allows user to sepa- Ledger of return VAT account
rately enter input, output VAT. Ledger of deduction VAT account

Data entry and processing Corporation income tax reports

Defines tax authority, input/output tax rate Provisional corporation income tax return
Declares input tax properties Corporation income tax balance-sheet
Enters input/output VAT invoices Appendix of income statement
Enters many VAT invoice enclosing one Goods, services purchased without invoice sheet
accounting voucher (disbursement, Besides report forms stipulated by the Ministry of Finance, Fast
advance payment, purchase receipt) Financial also supports in printing some different forms in filter
Goods value and input VAT amount are condition for convenience in lookup and comparison
entered in negative numbers in input VAT
invoice listing and sales turnover and
payable VAT amount are entered in nega-
tive numbers in output VAT invoice listing
Gathers one-time customers into a
customer code. The system does not
require entering tax code if customers has
no tax code.
For construction works located in a
city/province different from one where tax
declaration is submitted, output VAT is
divided into 2 parts
Tracks and reports detail by tax authority
for company paying tax in many tax
Allows users to declare the formula to
calculate value of each article in VAT
declaration sheet.
Auto-calculates all articles for the first time
of VAT declaration and allows exporting to
XML file to connect to tax software of Gen-
eral Department of Tax.
Allows to directly extract data in VAT
reports, company income tax reports to tax
software of General Department of Tax to
print by bar-code. 16 Fast Financial

Financial Statements Module

Functions Management reports

Allows users to declare the formula to Balance sheet (multi-period, multi-unit);
calculate value of each article in report; Income statement (multi-period, multi-unit);
User-defined formula to generate value of Cash flow statement (direct & indirect method) multi-period,
each article in report multi-unit;
“Create report” function supports in Financial analysis;
specific management reports of your com-

Financial statements
Balance sheet
Income statement
Cash flow statement (direct method and
indirect method)
Interpretation of financial statements 17 Fast Financial

Personal Income Tax (PIT) Module

Data Entry and Processing Besides report forms stipulated by the Ministry of Finance, Fast
PIT assessabl income list Financial also supports in printing some different forms in filter
Income/Deduction list condition for convenience in lookup and comparison
The scale of the progressive tax tariff
The scale of the flat rate tariff
Employee information: General, deduction
and dependant information
Income/Deduction entry by the progres-
sive tax tariff
Income entry by the Flat rate tariff
Personal income tax calculation
Personal income tax finalization

Personal Income Tax Reports

Declaration of PIT deduction – Form
Declaration of PIT deduction – Form
Declaration of PIT finalization – Form
List of taxable income and income tax –
Form 05A/BK-TNCN
List of taxable income and income tax –
Form 05B/BK-TNCN
Declaration of PIT finalization – Form
List of value of transfers and income tax –
Form 06B/BK-TNCN
List of arising income
List of personal income tax. 18 Fast Financial

Web-based Management Reports

This module provides management informa-

tion and reports for business management
such as:

Flash reports: daily, weekly, monthly infor-

Cash balance, bank deposits, loan and
receivable, payable amounts (cash flow)
Sales and accounts receivable
Purchase and accounts payable
Inventory information
Manufacturing information
Costing reports
Human resource management reports
Financial statements
… Flash information can help managers and directors to make
decision or discussion and give solution to problems in
This module aims at serving middle manag- business; used in day-opening/day-end meeting, weekly
ers and directors who require quick view of hand-over meeting…
business operation information to support in The great technical advantage of this module is that reports
daily management as well as summary are web-based designed. Therefore, users can view reports
reports to support in analysis and manage- in common web browsers such as IE (Internet Explorer),
ment. FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari. It is easy to use, lookup,
view reports as daily internet surfing for news or online
Besides being viewed on computer, reports can also be
viewed on mobile. 19 Fast Financial

Copyright, Awards

Software copyright

“Sao Khue 2010” Award from VINASA –

Vietnam Software Association.


– Vietnam Association for Information

Over 200 customers using Fast Financial. 20 Fast Financial