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Kaitlin Stoeckmann

ENG 1201

Professor Loudermilk

14 March 2019

Annotated Bibliography

In this essay, I will explore and research the influences that divorced parents have on

children’s mental health. Children of divorced parents have countless questions and want to be

heard. Digging farther into the mental state of children of divorce can introduce parents about the

signs and what to look for regarding mental health and mental disorders.

Advanced Solutions International, Inc. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy,

AAMFT is a website and an association that stands for American Association for

Marriage and Family Therapy. AAMFT provides jobs and therapists for families who want a

specific kind of counseling. This source is a website that is full of information, facts, and

statistics about marriages, children, and divorced parents. This page also gives a list of solutions

that parents can use to help their children during the time of the divorce, and even after. It also

gives warning signs and things to look for that could give clues to distress, or even the

beginnings of mental illness. I will use this source for statistics and small, quick facts and

information in my research paper.

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“A Site for Children of Divorce.” I Am A Child of Divorce,

This website was created by a man named Wayne Stocks who has worked with kids for

years and has dedicated his career to help children of divorce. Stocks has a number of blogs that

are available for children or anyone who believes they can benefit from that. This website is

mostly for children. It has questions from children, answered by professionals. This is a very

resourceful website for children and parents to learn about how they can cope with what the

family is going through. It also provides outside sources for more information. I can use this

source to explore the topics about what children feel and go through during this time.

Carney-DeBord, Jack. “The Ways Children of Divorce Love Differently.” Ohio Divorce


This article, The Ways Children of Divorce Love Differently, was written by Jack

Carney-DeBord, a divorce attorney from Ohio. He graduated from Capital Law School and

started his private practice in 1991. Since then, he has dedicated his life to give people legal

advice, as well as helping people get their lives to a better, safer place. This page described how

children of divorce act differently than other children. It states how they need stability and

communication through everything and why that is. I can use this source to describe the ways

children of divorce feel differently than other children and why that is.

Demo, David H., and Alan C. Acock. “The Impact of Divorce on Children.” Journal of Marriage

& Family, vol. 50, no. 3, Aug. 1988, pp. 619–648. EBSCOhost, doi:10.2307/352634.

David H. Demo is a scholar and a professor. He graduated from Cornell University and

studies and teaches human development and family studies. This source focuses on addressing
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the relationships between divorce, family, and children’s well-being. This source also explains

the use of gender roles of families of divorce and the effect it has on children. I can use this

source to get information on family structure and the different roles each member of the family

plays during the time of divorce.

Otterstrom, Kristina. “Can Children Express Preference in Ohio Custody Proceedings?”, Nolo, 14 Dec. 2015,


This article was written by Kristina Otterstrom whose law practice focuses on child

custody, divorce, and adoption. Otterstrom writes about children of divorce, child support, and

the financial aspects of divorce. This article I found focuses on custody cases in Ohio. It explains

which factors are important and why, as well as the specifics about a custody court case. I can

use this source for the legal information and the facts it has about what a child can go through

during a trial

“SPLIT - A Film for Kids of Divorce (and Their Parents) about the Effects of Divorce on Kids.”

SPLIT - A Film for Kids of Divorce (and Their Parents), 2013,

SPLIT is a short film created by Ellen Bruno, who is an award wining documentary film

maker. She has a background in international relief work and focuses her films on human rights.

SPLIT is a film that demonstrates real children saying how they feel and what they think about

their parents divorce. This film features children ages 6-12, and it can help adults and parents see
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what the kids go through. I can use this film as a source in my research paper to explain more

about what the children are feeling and get direct quotes from kids.

Teke, Halenur, et al. “The Most Common Mental Disorders among Children of Divorced

Parents.” Klinik Psikofarmakoloji Bulteni, vol. 25, Dec. 2015, p. S121. EBSCOhost,


This source was written by Halenur Teke, whose research and data has been associated

with Mersin University. This source gives several statistics and facts about the mental disorders

among children and parents of divorce. It describes what the disorder is and explains what the

child goes through when they suffer with that disorder. It also talks about the mental health of the

family and the suffering it can put the entire family through, not just the children. I can use this

source in my research paper for the statistics, as well as all of the information given about the

mental disorders and how they harm the family.