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Anxiety facts

Anxiety has absolutely nothing

to do with strength, character
or courage.
Symptoms of Anxiety
On average, about 1 in
Most of the day or nearly every day you
5 young people have
may feel one or all of the following: anxiety.
 Excessive worrying
 Nail biting
 Upset stomach
About 30% of girls and 20% of
 Dread, panic and/or fear
 Racing heart
boys--totaling 6.3 million
 Butterflies teens--have had an anxiety
 Dizziness disorder, according to data
 Feel restless and have trouble from the National Institute of Coping with Anxiety
relaxing Mental Health.
 Have to go to the bathroom a lot
in Middle School
 Have trouble controlling your
You are not alone!
worries or feelings of nervousness
 A hard time concentrating
 Knowing the right answer, but afraid Resources and Services
of saying it wrong.
 Tremble or twitching to help
 difficulty falling or staying asleep

Anxiety happens because a part of It IS treatable and

your brain thinks there might be manageable.
something it needs to protect you
Be good to yourself
Talk to your parents or guardian, teachers and/or
/home.aspx In middle school, you
Boys Town (all genders)
Exercising, breathing and eating are 1st steps. are at a point in your
 Notice your breathing, breath through your
nose slowly. life where the world is
Foundation for Social Anxiety
 Daily meditation and exercise relaxes the opening up to you.
 Eating unprocessed, healthy food, and food in-teens/
that contains good bacteria (such as
yoghurt) can help to balance things out at-school/
inside your gut and put things back on Teenagers and Anxiety You do matter and you
track. will make a difference!
 Your counselor may teach you how to be
aware of your feelings and how to use these anxiety/children
when you start feeling anxious or nervous.
Social Anxiety It’s a world that needs

National Institute of Mental Health your wisdom, your
courage and your
Anxiety Phone Apps interesting and very
mindshift-app wonderful take on