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Spring fashion:

Only few months to reach yet another skin warming vibrant, The spring season. The excitement
increases manifold once winters start officially as the much gloomy dark winter fashions will be soon
replaced by sunny spring fiestas. Springs are those intermediate times where fashion vibrates to and fro
as one can enter winter, summer or both for a change of flavor. Covered boots or open sandals, both
are considered credential. Suits can be off shoulder or carried with a shawl, who questions the style
when it's spring already. The vibrant projecting colors of nature reflects majorly on the moods and
ultimately on fashion senses.

For spring, floral is a must, whether it is clothes, bags or shoes. Cool, warm and summery touch in
clothing attracts the frozen minds and ice melts over the heartwarming spring designs.

This year’s spring fashion brought back a lot of memories from late 70s to early 80s. Cloth lines were
majorly made up of short kurtis with breathtaking Ghararas coupled with ever charming khusas. This
very tasteful trend in spring cloths melts everyone's hearts and was groped in no time. Other fashion
trends in clothing included short to medium kurtis with bootcut trousers. A prominent feature in clothes
were fringes all over us whether it be shirts, sleeves, dupattas or even on back like cowboys used to
have. These Fashion tool also brought back lovely memories from back as a lot of fashion following girls
have seen their mothers wearing such dupattas in their youthful days. Other than these, peplums, mixed
floral lehngas and bold colors were absolutely worn this season. Antique jewelry, especially in spring,
enhances the coolness and so was seen all over this year’s spring season.

Fringes were yet again visible on shoes and bags. Many preferred slash bags with mostly floral designs
but again its spring, every fashion option is open and holy.

For the upcoming spring, it's rumored to be reviving long and longer shirts with capris. As for
international spring fashion, time works differently for the fashion world. As many of us are busy
viewing/ reviewing winter collections, people were able to glimpse the upcoming spring 19 trends
already. We can tell that yellow color, puffy sleeves and tie-dye are definitely going to be there the
upcoming season as showed in New York, Paris and London fashion weeks. Even the makeup giants like
Mac have already predicted the upcoming spring trends as for which colors are going to rock on skins.

Wake me when the winter ends!