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SECTION A- (10x1=10 Marks)
(Choose the Correct Answer)
1. ___________ is an ideal programming language.
a) VB b) C++
c) C d) JAVA

2. 1. IDE is also commonly referred to as the ________ environment.

a) Design b) Interface
c) Web design d) Both a &b

3. A _______ is a collection of files that are used to build an application.

a) Project b) Form
c) Sub d) all of the above

4. __________ displays a text that the user cannot modify or interact with.
a) Frame b)Check box
c) Textbox d) Label

5. ___________ Contains a set of controls that are used to place on a form at design time
thereby creating the user interface area.
a) Pointer b) Check box
c) OLE control d) Tool box
6. _______ Programming step involves writing programs using a text editor.
a) Editor b) Control
c) Code d) all of the above

7. ____________ are used for storing values temporarily.

a) Variables b) Container
c) Procedures d) Data types

8. Visual basic programs can be broken into smaller logical components called ____.
a) Property b) Scope
c) Procedures d) All the above.

9. _______ Procedure is used to create and manipulate customs properties.

a) Event b) Sub
c) Property d) Function.

10. A for…Next loop can b terminated by an __________ for statement.

a) For b) Next
c) Exit d) All the above

SECTION A- (10x1=10 Marks)
(Choose the Correct Answer)

1. A______ control, sometimes called an edit field.

a) Text box b) Command
c) Label d) Combo

2.2. A_______ control is a graphical control you can use to display text.
a) Command b) Label
c) Text d) Combo

3. A ______button control is used to begin interrupt or end a process.

a) Option b) Command
c) Label d) Combo

4. The ______method is used to add values to the combo box and list box.
a) cmd plus b) cmd minus
c) cmd div d) Add item

5. A _____is a group of controls that share the same name and type.
a) Control array b) Array
c) String d) Command

6. ________ is always included in the toolbox which cannot be removed.

a) EXE files b) Text file
c) Combobox.frm d) .ocx extension

7. The _______appears below the title bar.

a) Menu bar b) Status bar
c) Menu editor d) Menu title

8. _______occurs whenever the mouse pointer is moved to a new point on the screen.
a) Mouse move up b) mouse move over
c) mouse move d) mouse click

9. ______can be combined with graphics methods.

a) Mouse click b) Mouse event
c) Pointer d) Properties

10. _______and msg box functions are used to add predefined dialog box.
a) Input b) Msg box
c) Combo d) Checkbox

SECTION A- (10x1=10 Marks)
(Choose the Correct Answer)
1. The _______control allows the user to enter and edit text.
a) Combo b) Input
c) Msg box d) Rich text box

2.3. A________ is a lime which separates the menu item.

a) Line b) Procedure
c) Separator bar d) Both b and c

3. ________application which include a parent form and child.

a) Form b) MDI
c) SDI d) Both a and b

4. A______ is a unit that specifies the dimensions and location of the object.
a) Color b) wip
c) QB d) RGB

5. Visual basic provides __________controls for creating graphical applications.

a) One b) Two
c) Three d) Six

6. A _______control is a right line segment that is drawn at design time.

a) Shape b) line
c) image d) picture

7. A ______control is a visual element that contains several predefined shapes.

a) Line b) Image
c) Bar d) Shape

8. Line control and________ control is used for drawing geometric shapes.

a) Shape b) Image
c) wip d) Bar

9. A picture can be removed at run time using the _______function.

a) Add image b) load picture
c) reload picture d) none of the above

10. MDI stands for____________ .

a) multiple-document interface b) Multiple Data Interface
c) Multiple Document Interchange d) all of the above

SECTION A- (10x1=10 Marks)
(Choose the Correct Answer)
1. Which is the process of packaging interface elements and sending them across process
a) Computing b) Marshalling
c) ODBC d) Centralized system

2. ________computers is very expensive to buy.

a) Main frame b) Server
c) Client d) System

3. The ____________system brought a complete change in the implementation of computer

a) Client server model b)Main frame
c) File server d) Marshalling

4. The ____________makes request to the server.

a) File server b) Client
c) Marshalling d) Main frame

5. Server services the______________ and the resulting data are sent to the client.
a) requests b) result
c) output d) input

6. SQL stands for _________.

a) Structured Query Language b) Server Query Language
c) Services Query Language d) all of the above

7. In a _____model a desktop machine operates as a client.

a) Two tier model b) Three tier model a)
c) Four tier model d) Five tier model c)

8. The ________client server model is based on the ability to build partitioned application.
a) One tier client server b) two tier client server
c) Three tier client server d) five tire client server

9. BOF stands for________.

a) Beginning Of File b) Beginning object file
c) Beginning object folder d) Both a & b

10. DAO stands for_____.

a) Data Access Objective b) Data Active Objective
c) Data Access Object d) Data access online

SECTION A- (10x1=10 Marks)
(Choose the Correct Answer)
1. ODBC stands for______.
a) Open Database Connectivity b) Object Database Connectivity
c) Open Database Connection d) all of the above

2. The _____method in the record set object is used to edit the database.
a) update b) delete
c) open database d) move first

3. _______methods finds the first record satisfying the specified criteria.

a) Find first b) Find last
c) Find previous d) Find next

4. RDO stands for_____.

a) Remote Data Objects b) Remove Data Objects
c) Both a & b d) Re Data Objects

5. ____objects which is used to access all remote data.

a) RDO environment b) RDO connection
c) RDO engine d) RDO result set

6. _____ is a string expression which is the name of a registered ODBC data source.
a)Prompt b) Read only
c)Options d) DS name

7. _________control s can be developed either by using wizards.

a) Active x control b) OLE control
c) Both a & b d) Deactive X control

8. _______function allows the application to determine what interfaces the object supports.
a) addref b) release
c) query interface d) table def

9. ____function allows the user to destroy the relationship between the application and the
a) Release b) adtref
c) get ref d) set ref

10. __________is the place of usage of an active x control.

a) Object b) data storage
c) container d) memory