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Questions and Answers

1. Where should you place soil-pipes for high-rise structures?

A. Pipe chase
B. Double wall partitions
C. RC wall
D. Column
2. Which plumbing fixture does not have a water-saving feature?
A. Lavatory with pop-up
B. 1.5 gallon flush water closet
C. Flow limiting feature
D. Waterless urinal
3. Which is not a rule of a thumb when designing a drainage?
A. As much as possible, pipes must run in a straight line
B. Underground drainage line should be on top of compacted soil
C. It should be underneath the driveway
D. None of the above
4. Should not be used for a pipe chase?
A. Chb
B. Drywall
C. Shearwall
D. Double wall
5. Allowable slope of sanitary sewer?
A. 1ft of 1 meter
B. 1/2 in of 1 meter
C. 1/4 of 1meter
D. 1/4 of 1 ft
6. Best location to put the soil pipes?
A. Drywall
B. 150mm CHB wall
C. Pipe chase
D. Box-up with the column
7. Where are storm sewer usually placed?
A. Under the sidewalk on narrow road and under the road on wide road
B. Near the curb
C. At the center of the road
D. None
8. Copper pipes are classified as what main pipe?
A. Galvanized iron
B. Ceramic
C. S/s
D. Pvc
9. Can you embed a 4" diameter pipe in a 150 wall?
A. Yes
B. No
C. None

Identify the given figure. A pipe fitting having a large radius of curvature ?
A. X11.1
B. X11.2
C. X11.3
D. X11.5
11. What pipe should not be buried underground?
A. BI pipe
B. Polyethylene pipe
C. GI pipe
D. None
12. In a location where there is no provision for drainage line, what is the next best
A. Store waste in the tank and dispose in sanitary fill
B. Use drain tiles connected to open field
C. Connect to the nearest creek
D. Any of the above
13. According to NBC, pipe support should be every?
A. 3m
B. 1.5m
C. 2m
D. 4m
14. Where traps are used to prevent foul odor from coming out. Which of the
following does not have a water trap?
A. Kitchen sink
B. Lavatory
C. Floor drain
D. Bidet
15. In storm drainage system, it is used to prevent aggregates, debris and other
unwanted objects from entering the drainage system?
A. Trap
B. Catch basin
D. Storm trap
16. Where will you least place a downspout?
A. At corner of walls
B. Inside columns
C. Wall hung
D. In between window openings
17. A plumbing devices designed to intercept most greases and solids before they
enter a wastewater disposal system. Except for one,
A. Trap seal
B. Grease interceptors
C. Grease recovery devices
D. Grease converters
grease converters
18. Which wall is best suited if soil pipe will run through it?
A. Drywall
B. 6" CHB
C. Shear wall
D. Retaining wall

In the given figure, identify the plumbing fixture in label "8".

A. 2" 1/4 bend
B. 2" trap assembly
C. 2" 1/4 bend
D. 4" closet bend
20. Kind of pipe not suited to be exposed to ultraviolet rays?
B. Iron
C. Pvc