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Below is a sample request letter for IAFF HazMat/WMD training..

The letter should be on fire department or local

letterhead and signed by both the local president and fire chief.

Dear General President Harold A. Schaitberger,

On behalf of the International Association of Fire Fighter’s Local # _______________________________ and

_________________________Fire Department, I would like to request IAFF HazMat/WMD Training for our jurisdiction.
Our local consists of _______ members.

We would be interested in receiving the following IAFF course (s):

Program Hours Check Appropriate Box

First Responder Operations (FRO) 24
Emergency Response to Terrorism: Operations(ERT: Ops) 16
Emergency Response to Terrorism: Operations(ERT: Ops R) - Refresher 8
Confined Space Operations (CSO) 24
Confined Space Rescue (CSR) 40
HazMat Technician (Tech) 80
Chemical Process Industries (CPI) 8
Illicit Drug Labs (IDL) 8
Infectious Diseases(ID) 8
Frontline Safety(FLS) 16
Frontline Safety Refresher (FLS-R) 8
Train-the-Trainer (FRO, ERT: Ops, CSO, CSR, Tech, CPI, IDL, ID, FLS) TBD

We would like to have ___#___ of classes and would have approximately ___#___ students in each class (minimum of
15, maximum of 25 per class).

The following dates would work for us: (please give us at least one month lead time)


Our Point-of-Contact (POC) and contact information would be:


The training would take place at the following address:


Please provide examples as to why you are requesting the training – e.g., new recruits, local chemical facility, terrorist
threats, recent hazmat incidents, certification, regulatory compliance, enhanced responsibilities, change in community
hazards / risks present



Thank you for your consideration,

______________________________________ __________________________________________

President, IAFF Local _________ Chief, ______________________ Fire Department