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Republic of the Philippines

Tiongco Subdivision, Santa Rosa, Laguna


TO : All colleges and Universities in Laguna

FROM : Junior Marketing Association of the Philippines PUP-SRC

SUBJECT : Project Proposal: K-I-T-A , A shift to modern market

DATE : February 13, 2019

This conference is made to address the ever-evolving market trends. A rapid shift of
modernization of markets which the organization believes that the new generation of marketers
should be aware of. The head of the Junior Marketing Association of the Philippines believes
that every single marketer should be equipped with the most updated knowledge about the trends
and movements in the market both national and international. After the successful execution of
the JMAP Intercourse last year, the committee bring forth the idea of assembling new program
which is addressed to the new generation of marketers.

 Gather all the marketing enthusiast in the CALABARZON region.

 Spread awareness to the young marketers from the main location which is the
CALABARZON and extend to the national marketing community.
 Encourage the use of modern technologies in the improvement and continuous development
in marketing. Promote globalization of markets and integration of modern ideas.
 Present speakers who will be presenting broad ideas and facts concerning the shift on modern

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