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Point 4

 One of the challenges is to re-design the school curriculum to better prepare students

for life and work in the 21st century.

 The pace of teaching profession have changed drastically with increasing

globalisation, advances in technology , explosion of knowledge happened and myriad

of complex social and environmental issues.

 The school curriculum must attempt to give students a holistic education to meet the

need of the 21st century that refer to certain ability such as collaboration, digital

literacy, critical thinking and problem-solving.

 For example, in a science course students might be required to learn research

methods that can also be applied in other disciplines such as present lab results to a

panel of working scientists or use technologies as an addition to the project.

Point 5

 Apart from that , the teaching profession is facing with the funding and resources


 School finance has a significant impact on a teacher ‘s ability to maximize their


 This is the because more funds are allocated for economic development.

 As a result of the lack of government allocation for this profession, it had brought

many negative impacts to all people including the teacher as well as students.

 As an example,facilities begin to deteriorate, teaching resource spending is

curtailed, consumable budgets are slashed.

 It gets so bad when teachers are asked to teach using the medium or the best

learning tools even with insufficient funds. teachers often draw from their own

personal funds to properly equip their classrooms dents.