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This Certificate consists of 6 pages

This is a renewal of TAC D-1895

This is to certify that the


with type designation(s)

HW-16-W7MR, 16,000 lbf line pull

manufactured by

is found to comply with

DNV's Offshore Standard DNV-OS-E101 "Drilling Plant" October 2006.

DNV's Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances, January 2007.
and Det Norske Veritas' understanding of the implementation and interpretation of
PSA Norway "Regulations relating to design and outfitting of facilities etc. in the petroleum
activities (the facilities regulations)" Ch. 4, 3 September 2001. Last amended 12 February2007.


See Section "C "

Place and date This Certificate is valid until

Houston, 2007-11-19 2011-12-31
for Det Norske Veritas (USA),

Richard Helmersson Local Office Arild Jakobsen

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Principal Engineer DNV Houston Engineer

A. Product description

16,000 lbf HW-16-W7MR Winch

B. The following design codes/standards were used as references:

- N.A.

C. Design limitations

- Rated Single Line Pull (1st layer) : 16,000 lbf (88,964 N)

- Rated Single Line Pull (6th layer) : 11,400 lbf (88,964 N)
- Maximum Operating Pressure : 3,000 psi (206 bar)
- 125 % Overload Test Pressure : 3,500 psi (241 bar)
- Minimum Design Temperature* : 0 oC
- Extreme Low Temperature : -20 oC
- Maximum Layers :6
- Wire Rope Size : 7/8"
- Minimum Wire Rope Safety Factor :5
* Reference temperature for material testing

D. Design specifications


- Drwg. No. Rev. Title

- 401505 0 Link Stud, Brake
- 401607 0 Brake Band Assembly & Details
- 401675 2 Brake Assembly, Automatic
- 401691 1 Cable Socket Weldment Detail
- 401700 1 General Assembly Drawing
- 401701 2 Winch Drum (3 sheets)
- 401702 0 Manual Levelwind System
- 401703 0 Drum Shaft Weldment
- 401704 1 Winch Frame (3 sheets)
- 401705 0 Lower Bracket Detail (Brake Cylinder)
- 401706 1 Brake Anchor Detail
- 401707 2 Hydraulic Piping Schematic
- 401709 1 Safety Winch Guard Detail
- 401710 0 Cover Plate Detail
- 401712 0 Handle Assembly


- Unisphere Flange Bearings, 3 7/16 in, Type 041374

- Mico Multiple Disc Brakes, C-mount, Spring Apply, Hydraulic Release.

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- Fairfield Torque Hub, 7 Series, W 7 C1 0 0 4 58.

E. Material Specifications

- Component(s) Material Spec. Minimum Yield Min. Charpy Impact

Strength Energy
- Winch Drum A333 Gr.6 48 ksi 19.9 ft-lbf @ -20_C
- Drum Shaft 4130 Q&T 70 ksi 28 ft-lbf @ -20_C
- Drum Flanges, Stiffeners, Brake A516 Gr.70 38 ksi 19.9 ft-lbf @ -20_C
Brackets, Brake Drum, Brake Band Plate,
Brake Linkages, Brake Lugs, Winch End
- Bracket Pins, Brake Link Stud 17-4SS 100 ksi 31 ft-lbf @ -20_C
- Brake Spring 17-7SS N/A N/A
- Major Fasteners for d>= 25mm Grade 5 Min. 90 ksi 31 ft-lbf @ -20_C
- Major Fasteners for d< 25mm Grade 5 Min. 90 ksi N.A.
- Charpy V-Notch Impact Testing is required for all primary load-carrying components in
accordance with DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances, Section 2 and above table.

F. Calculations

- Design Calculations for Hydraulic Winch Model HW16-W7MR, Revision 2

G. Fabrication procedures

Test Procedures:

1. Testing to be done in accordance with DNV's Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances
Section 6, or equivalent.

2. Ram Hydraulic Winch Model HW16-W7MR Load Test Procedure

3. Disc Brake & Band Brake must both be tested individually.

4. Load Test Procedures Rev. 2

- Rated Load Test (16,000 lbs @ 1st Layer - 100 %)

- Dynamic Overload Test (20,000 lbs @ 1st Layer - 125 %)

- Overload Brake Test (28,800 lbs @ 1st Layer - 180 %)

5. DNV surveyor shall witness Testing of each winch and issue a DNV Product Certificate
after completing final inspection.

6. Emergency stop system is to be tested.

7. Functionality and safety systems are to be tested as far as practically possible.

NDE Procedures:

8. Pre load test: 100 % surface NDE on structural welds. Surveyor to spot check during NDE.

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9. Post load test: Visual examination by DNV surveyor and surface NDE on brake band lugs
fillet welds. No further surface NDE is required due to stress distribution, manufacturing
process and design on this particular winch.

10. NDE shall be carried out in accordance with DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting
Appliances, Section 2.

11. DNV surveyor shall review and approve NDE reports.

12. All NDE operators are to be qualified to Level II or better per SNT-TC-1A.

Welding Procedures:

13. To be according to DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances, Section 2.

14. DNV surveyor shall review and approve all weld procedures.

H. System Requirement Guideline:

The below table contains a summary of the system requirements from the relevant standards.
This is just a guideline. The relevant standards include further details and additional
requirements. The operator and manufacturer need to agree on who will to implement the
requirements. DNV surveyor to verify functionality at FAT and at final installation.

GUIDELINE TO WINCH DNV's Rules for DNV's Offshore

REQUIREMENTS Certification of Lifting Standard
Appliances DNV-OS-E101
"Drilling Plant"
Revision: 2007 2006
Automatic brake X X
Minimum brake torque 180% SWL X
Emergency stop X
Emergency Lowering X
Automatic return for controls X X
Overload protection X
Safety Valves X
Protection against uncontrolled lowering X
Wire rope guard or 2.5 ×D till flange edge X
Limit switches X
Shielding for personnel protection X
Air Winch & All Manrider: Pull limit to SWL X
Automatic brake - power failure X
Drum enhancements X
Minimum wire rope safety factor 4.8 5
IWRC or less than 3 layers X
3 turns of wire rope on drum X
Three 2 side clamps for wire rope or equivalent X X

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Marked with SWL X X

Protection against contamination X X

I. Prototype testing

1. Completed during initial issuance of TAC.

J. Comments

1. A pump for emergency lowering shall be available at the installation.

2. DNV surveyor shall witness Testing of each winch and issue DNV Product Certificate
after completing final inspection. Surveyor to spot check during NDE.

3. All wire rope is to be supplied with CG-4 or ILO-4 certificates, with relevant test

4. Loose gear for the system should be supplied with CG-3's with relevant test and design

5. The safety valve on each motor shall be adjusted to allow a maximum pressure 10% above
the safe working load pressure or other means of overload protection provided.

6. This document may be used as part of the documentation required to comply with
European Directives. It should however be noted that the scope covered by this document
does not necessarily cover all aspects required to issue the EC Declaration of Conformity and
to attached the CE mark. It is the manufacturers / operators responsibility to ensure
compliance. EC declaration of conformity and CE marking are handled as separate items.

7. In conjunction with the above performance standards, this certificate may be used to help
the duty holder discharge their duties towards the verification scheme required by SI 913,
The Offshore Installations and Wells (Design and Construction, etc.) Regulation 1996.

8. This certificate does not cover the wire rope.

9. Equivalent bolts to what is specified may be used.

10. Additional requirements apply if the winch is to be used for loading/unloading of moving
objects. This may be addressed in an Addendum to this Type Approval Certificate.

K. Marking

For traceability to this Type Approval Certificate the products are as a minimum to be
marked as follows:

1. "NV D-3189"

2. Serial Number

3. Manufacturer's name and trademark

4. Safe Operating Loads

L. Certificate retention survey

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M. Documentation to be accompanied with each product/delivery

1. Data book index

2. Equipment name, number, purchaser, etc.

3. Statement of compliance by manufacturer

4. Assembly drawing

5. Actual material certificates as purchased and Charpy impact test records as applicable

6. Heat treatment records/charts when applicable

7. Load / Performance test reports

8. DNV Product Certificate

9. DNV Type Approval Certificate


Notice: This Certificate is subject to terms and conditions overleaf. Any significant change in design or construction may render this Certificate invalid.

If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas
shall pay compensation to such person for his proved direct loss or damage. However, the compensation shall not exceed an amount equal to ten times the
fee charged for the service in question, provided that the maximum compensation shall never exceed USD 2 million.In this provision "Det Norske Veritas" shall
mean the Foundation Det Norske Veritas as well as all its subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, agents and any other acting on behalf of Det Norske

DET NORSKE VERITAS AS · VERITASVEIEN 1, 1322 HØVIK, NORWAY · TEL: (+47) 67 57 99 00 · FAX: (+47) 67 57 99 11

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