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Team Nyx

Micah Abong
Iann Acutina
Kei Escoto

I. Introduction
A. Historical Information

For almost about four decades, Original Biscocho Haus has been the favorite

pasalubong shop of Ilonggo delicacies. Original Biscocho Haus is started as a small

family business of the Guadarrama family. Biscocho Haus was started by Dr. Carlos

L. Guadarrama and his wife Therese J. Guadarrama.

Their son, Jerry Guadarrama is currently the company’s owner and is a

graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the University of the

Philippines Diliman. Due to the growing demand of their tasty treats, they have come

up with new products which were first made in their family kitchens since they also

have lands that helps them to produce flour. The family is passionate in food and

cooking, especially in Ilonggo delicacies. They decided that they wanted to share

their passion and love for food so that others may also enjoy and experience it. Thus,

Original Biscocho Haus was formed. It started as a small cottage-like bakeshop

where the biscocho was their primary product, which is also their specialty good,

thus became the name of their shop.

B. General Purposes

Filipinos are food lovers who always want something unique and distinctive

when it comes to food. Iloilo has special delicacies that showcases native cuisines

that the city is well known for. In Iloilo, there is a particular restaurant that offers

Ilonggo delicacies, the Original Biscocho Haus.

Original Biscocho Haus: Home of Ilonggo Delicacies! To taste and

experience the Ilonggo culture and heritage that one gets to share with their loved

ones, that is what Original Biscocho Haus is about. It is a pasalubong shop and center

that serves authentic Ilonggo products, which has a primary target market of foreign

and local tourists visiting the city who seek goods that are proudly Ilonggo. There

are many tourist visiting the city and it is difficult to look an appropriate pasalubong

or what to bring back home to one’s loved ones. Original Biscocho Haus wants

others from other regions to experience Ilonggo native delicacies. Today, Original

Biscocho Haus is not only a pasalubong center, it also has a restaurant that serves

short orders and has a pension house in their main branch in Jaro, Iloilo City. The

Original Biscocho Haus preserves the culture and Ilonggo’s love for food.

C. History

Original Biscocho Haus has been serving Ilonggos and tourists visiting the

city for more than three decades now. Original Biscocho Haus started in 1975 as a

humble bakeshop at the garage of the late Dr. Carlos Guadarrama and Teresa
Jalandoni-Guadarrama. Some of the pioneer products of Original Biscocho Haus

are the famous butterscotch, banana marbles, galletas, and of course, the name-

sake of the store, biscocho.

Since Original Biscocho Haus first opened its doors in 1975, more and more

customers patronize their products. In the 90’s they have expanded its product line

and have branched out to other provinces, having branches all over Panay Island,

as well as in Bacolod City in the region and had put up a lot of express stalls

around the city, providing ease and convenience to their buyers.

The Biscocho

Biscocho is a baked bread coated with butter and sugar on top. Another

specialty of Iloilo. The root of this loved crunchy delight has originated from the

city of love. This snack can be consumed anytime of the day all by yourself and

best if shared with others. You can eat with your favorite drink or pair it with a hot

pancit Molo.

D. Roles and Contributions

Original Biscocho Haus takes pride in preserving and promoting Ilonggo

heritage. With its popularity, the name has become synonymous with quality

Ilonggo pasalubong. The brand beloved by many has risen to the forefront of the

food and travel industries. Aside from the pasalubong centers, Original Biscocho
Haus has opened the Jaro Bellevue Pensionne in the 1990s, and more recently,

Carlitos’ and T Grillhaus restaurants. The opening of the restaurant and pension

house became a convenience for their beloved customers because they make the

tourists’ stay in Iloilo more accommodating and less hassle.

Today, after more than 35 years in the business, Original Biscocho Haus is a

family corporation run by the children of the founders. At the core of the business

are the values the Guadarrama family believe in: perseverance and hard work,

fiscal discipline, community service and generosity of spirit.

II. The Organization
A. Organization Chart (illustrate and describe)

B. The internal and external environments

The researchers will be conducting a discussion with the owners of the

Original Bischocho Haus and will be focusing on the internal and external

environments of the company. The following below are the expectations and

insights of the researchers they seek to know about the company.

a. Internal Environment


The researchers seek to know how important and crucial the suppliers’

role play in the value chain or function of the business. They opt to know

more of the resources the business uses in line with the resources used by its


ii. Distributors

The researchers need information of the distributors of Original

Biscocho Haus and how it strategizes on demographics and promotions.

iii. Unions

To protect the rights of the workers and to ensure that they are in good

condition for better performance, we must identify if there exists any union

of the employees from any sector of the business firm, whether it comes

from the suppliers, distributors, and management.

iv. Government

To know the industrial position of the Original Biscocho Haus, we

need to identify and analyze how the government plays its role as a helping

hand in the economy and directly to a firm like the Biscocho Haus. Included
in this discussion are the taxes, policies that apply to any transaction and

ethics related to the business firm.

v. Competitors

It is also important to know the existing competitors of the business

firm. In line with this, the researchers must know the strengths and

weaknesses of the business firm. It is also necessary to identify and discuss

potential competitors and also the current product trend for their target


vi. Customers

It is very important to know that the business firm effectively

identifies its customers. Prior to this, the researchers must know that the

business firm still offers the right products and services the customers


b. External Environment

i.Demographic/Cultural Forces

Since the Original Biscocho Haus is a business firm that portrays

strong cultural traits. It is also very important to identify how the business

places and secures itself in terms of demographics and culture identity of its

customers and the business itself.

ii. International Forces

Despite the local characteristic of the Original Biscocho Haus, it is

also important to know if the business may or may not be internationally

competitive, or might as well portray good potential for international


iii. Political Forces

The researchers must identify existing legal policies and existing laws

that are incorporated to the business firm.

iv. Environmental Forces

As a local business, it should also be environmentally aware and

significant to the society. The firm must not only exist for profit and service

existence, it also should be contributing to environmental concerns. In

relation to its market positioning, the firm must also know its current


v. Economic Forces

As discussed earlier in the paper, the government, political forces, and

policies should be in connection to the business concerns and performance in

general. The existing economic policies provided by the government should

either protect or promote the welfare of the customers, the suppliers, and the
business itself. The researchers must identify any economically related

parties and transaction of Biscocho Haus.

vi. Technological Forces

Since the Original Biscocho Haus is a traditional business firm, it is

very important to know that it adapts to the changing trend of resources,

tools, ways, and technologies available for the advancements of its

performance as a business firm.

C. The Logo

D. The “value chain (activity) of the product/service”

a. Relate these activities on the concept of efficiency, effectiveness and


Established during the year 1975 by Dr. Carlos L. Guadarrama and wife

Therese J. Guadarrama, Original Biscocho Haus was founded for the reason that
the couple needed money in order for them to continue sending their children to

school. Original Biscocho Haus didn’t immediately succeed after it was built. The

business faced a handful of problems and struggles as the years went by. In turn,

this compelled the son of Carlos and Therese Guadarrama, Jerry Guadarrama, who

was pursuing a comfortable career in California, to come home due to the said

financial difficulties faced by the family business.

He figured that his education and work experience would help him see the

challenge through which it did. We could clearly observe how the business

embodies the value of perseverance, hard work, and fiscal discipline. Aside from

this, it can also be justified that within the last eight years, relentless determination

and unflagging resolve have seen Jerry engineer a strategic expansion of the

Original Biscocho Haus by professionalizing operations and making the brand

more accessible to the consumer by putting up satellite branches around the city.