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——=agl ANCIENT AN MODERN == Over 175,000 in Print © Copyright 1966, 1981 Edition Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association, Inc. ISBN 0-916938-00-X Single Copies $3.95 (quantity prices on request) Available from your local bookstore or from the author: RALPH WOODROW P. O. BOX 124 Riverside, California 92502 Also Available in Spanish Babilonia, Misterio Religioso Contents 1. BABYLON—SOURCE OF FALSE RELIGION. Babylon's beginning—Nimrod, its first king—a mighty hunter—a rebel against God his wife Semiramis—her child Tammuz—counterfeits. A Biblical and historical ‘account of how Babylonian paganism spread to the nations, was absorbed into the Roman Empire, and was finally mixed with Christianity at Rome. 2. MOTHER AND CHILD WORSHIP. ‘Quoen Semiramis and her god-child Tammuz—how their worship developed under different names and forms in various countries—how it was mixed into the doc- trines of the fallen church. Pagan titles applied to Mary... . 13 3. MARY WORSHP. Undue prominence given to Mary in the church of the falling away. The immac- lulate conception, the perpetual virginity, and assumption of Mary considered in ‘the light of the scriptures. The rosary—its origin and history.............+.4: 21 4, SAINTS, SAINTS’ DAYS, AND SYMBOLS. Who are the saints? Are we to pray to them? Saint worship shown to be a contin- uation of the pagan devotion to the gods and goddesses of paganism. The use of idols, images, and pictures as objects of.worship. . . . 30 . _OBELISKS, TEMPLES, AND TOWERS. jificance of the ancient obelisks—their use in front of pagan temples—the obe- ime in front_of St. Pster’s in Rome. Elaborate and expensive church buildings. ‘The tower of Babel—religious towers . 39 6. IS THE CROSS A CHRISTIAN SYMBOL? ‘The wide-spread use of the cross symbol—its ancient origin—its history among (pagan tribes—its various forms and their significance. . . 7. CONSTANTINE AND THE CROSS. ‘The cross vision at Milvian Bridge. Constantine's “conversion” shown to be a hoax. The story of Helena’s discovery of the “true” cross considered ....... 55 8. THE RELICS OF ROMANISM. Pieces of the true cross and other relics examined—many shown to be fakes. The use of idea . 9. RELIGIOUS FRAUD. Pilgrimages—indulgence selling—Tetzel’s sales in Germany—Luther—the Refor- ‘mation. Purgatory—its origin and legends—paying for prayers. Molech worship.65 10. WAS PETER THE FIRST POPE? Equality stressed by Christ. “On this rock | will build my church.” Peter and the Popes compared. Peter’s ministry compared to Paul's. Did Peter ever ny