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This survey is about the various factors you consider while shopping online.

The first questions ask for some background information about you.

1. Are you a ……Please tick in the Box (√)

A. Male B. Female

2. Your age……. Please tick in the Box (√)

A. under 21 B. 21 to 29 years C. 30 to 39 years D. 40 to 49

year E. above 50 years

3. Your highest Education…...Please tick in the Box (√)

Senior High School

Vocational Course
University Bachelor
University Masters

4. Have you ever purchased over internet. Yes No

If yes please mention any two web sites of them

 ________________________________

 ________________________________

Are you satisfied with the services provided by these companies?

Strongly Satisfied Indifferent Dissatisfied Strongly dissatisfied


5. Please rank the following items which you would like to purchase over internet. (Rank
no.1 the most preferred item, and onwards rank the items according to your preference.)
Please tick in the Box (√)

Books Electronic equipments

Videos/DVD/Games Computer software/hardware
Airline/Railway ticket reservation Event tickets
Clothing/accessories/shoes Cosmetic/nutrition suppliers
Music Sporting goods
Online Subscription of magazines,
journals Automobiles

Toys/dolls If any other

6. Please rank the following Modes of Payment. According to which mode you want to make
payment. (Rank no.1 the most preferred method, and onwards rank the method according to
your preference.)

Credit card Postal transfer

Debit card (Smart Card) Prepaid card
Cash on delivery Bank transfer
Payment through convenience store If Any other

7. Rank the following features according to your preference. (Rank no.1 the most preferred
method, and onwards rank the other various features.)
Web design factors
Please rank them carefully keeping in mind the important features you take into consideration
while purchasing/shopping online.

Particulars Ranks
The dot com companies provides In-depth information of product and services they
It is quick and easy to complete a transaction at website of these companies
these sites does not waste my time
these sites has competitive prices
the level of personalization of these sites is about right, not too much or too little
the website understand my needs
You feel comfortable in surfing

8. Name any three social networking sites.


9. You use the internet for? (Rank them in order of your preference)

☐Chatting and Social Networking ☐_____

☐Email ☐_____
☐Information ☐_____
☐Entertainment ☐_____
☐E –Commerce ☐_____
☐Downloading ☐_____

10. What mode of advertising influences you to buy any product?

☐Magazines and newspaper

☐Friends and relatives
☐TV Commercial
☐Online advertisements
☐Social Media – Blogs, forums, Social Networking sites

11. Which mode of advertising would you prefer? (Rank in order of preference)

☐TV Commercials ☐_____

☐Print Ads: Newspaper, Magazines ☐_____
☐Banners, Posters ☐_____
☐Online Ads: Banners, Emails, ☐_____

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