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Section 1 (15 Minutes)

Multiple choice Questions (Total 10 questions with 1 mark each)

1. When the dimension is expressed as 20−0.025+0.045mm, then the tolerance is:

a. 0.035mm
b. 0.025mm
c. 0.07mm
d. 20.01mm
2. Which of the following valves is not used for regulating the flow?
a. Gate Valve
b. Globe Valve
c. Needle Valve
d. Plug Valve
3. The cylindrical grinding methods finish:
a. Internal diameter surfaces
b. Horizontal surfaces
c. External surfaces
d. Protruding Surfaces
4. Typically lubricants contain 90% base oil (most often petroleum fractions, called ________)
and less than 10% additives.
a. Beeswax
b. Mineral oil
c. Petroleum jelly
d. Wax
5. The vertical members of the scaffolding are called
a. Ledger
b. Standard
c. Transom
d. All of these
6. What is the first consideration in any welding operation?
a. Quality, procedures and specifications.
b. Knowledge of safety and accident prevention.
c. Technical knowledge of the welding process.
d. Labor cost and overhead expenses.
7. What is welding?
a. Welding is a manufacturing process.
b. Welding is a metals fabrication trade.
c. Welding is a metal joining process by the use of heat.
8. When are roller bearings used instead of ball bearings?
a. When the friction must be increased for moving an object
b. When the load is too heavy for ball bearings
c. Whenever an axle is not required
9. Why is the friction less with ball bearings?
a. The friction is actually greater than with roller bearings
b. Only two ball bearings are needed
c. The point of contact is very small
10. Atmospheric pressure is equal to:
a. 10.2 PSIA
b. 14.7 PSIA
c. 26.3 PSIA
d. 1 PSIA
Fill in the blanks

Total 10 question w/o choice with 1 mark each

1. The ______________ point of a lubricant is the temperature at which it gives off

flammable vapors.
2. In ____________ misalignment, the center lines of the two shafts intersect at an
3. With ___________ misalignment, the two shafts are offset.
4. Inert gas used for TIG Welding is ___________.
5. Run-out of a shaft is checked with the help of __________.
6. GTAW (Gas tungsten arc welding) is also known as ________.
7. Viscosity of a lubricant _____________ with the increase in temperature.
8. Maximum temperature to heat a bearing for mounting on a shaft is ________.
9. Bearings of above 55mm bore shall be mounted with application of _________.
10. NPSHa means ____________________________________
Section 2 (45 Minutes)

Short descriptive Questions of the unit, (Total 5 questions with 5 marks each)

1. Write a short description of Pump overhauling sequence (steps) with most common errors.
2. Write steps during alignment check of an equipment in field with specific safety measures.
3. Write the summary of dynamic balancing procedure. (sequence of steps)
4. Write the sequence of operations in PSV calibration with specific safety measures.
5. Describe the sequence of WPS preparation for any unknown metal (including all interfaces).

Short Questions related to Unit Management Manual, Standing Instructions / Orders, Defeat
protocols, SCD, Past Incidents of the unit (Total 5 questions with 2 marks each)

1. What incident can you recall during your stay at the unit? Describe any lesson leant?
2. What is the Pneumatic pressure limitation for air storage tank used for PSV calibration?
3. What is the minimum and maximum capacity of balancing on our machine in Workshop (in
terms of Weight)?
4. Describe the safety measures implemented during hydro-testing of equipments in Workshop.
5. Describe all the PPE’s required for grinding operations.

Section 3 (20 Minutes) (To be developed by TTC)

Practical understanding of PSM, Safety Procedures, Company Policies, (Total 5 questions with 2
marks each)