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In 2008, Dr Gregory Bonn, a cultural physiologist described Malaysians as a diverse set of people.

This diversity is what defines Malaysia that brings great differences in thoughts and opinions.
Throughout the history, we are guided by pure ideals in indispensable moments to achieve Vision
2020. Now, we have to be ready for 2050. As liable Malaysian citizens, we have to set a common
goal towards the future and achieve Vision 2050 by sharing our thoughts and ideas. My vision for
Malaysia in 2050 is reflective of my innate human desire to live in an advanced country and avoid
problems caused by slow development of our country. The vision consists of advancement in
technology innovation, improvement in economic development, and upgrade in citizen well-being.

Firstly, in improving our health status, nanotechnology chips should be implanted in bodies which
will help to clean arteries, fight cancer cells, increase memory power and fight inflammation.
Besides, our country should be using alternative technology for all kinds of vehicles. For example,
760 mph trains will be invented, it enable passengers to travel up to 760 meter per hour through a
vacuum tube, propelled by compressed air and induction motors. Next, the problem in finding
wireless fidelity, which is well known as Wi-Fi will be solved. This is because `Internet for everyone’
will be created where everybody will be able to surf the Internet wherever they go. Based on a
research in the United States, this will come true if 4000 small satellites are sent into low Earth orbit
that would beam back a high speed wireless signal to everyone.

In order to achieve higher level economic status, our country is sowing the seeds for success. One
of the efforts being made now is preparing new technical skills and higher level capabilities from the
present workforce such as problem solving and communication. Industries and organisations will
turn to robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for physical tasks in the future. AI can perform multiple
types of research and analytics, greatly changing the job and skills landscape. This can accelerate the
development process by stimulating jobs and contributing to lower unemployment rates which helps
to reduce income inequality. Furthermore, it will reduce government spending on unemployment
and poverty related welfare benefits.

One of the problems we are facing now is the rise in demand for food and water as the population
continues to grow. Thus, advancement in biotechnology and farming techniques can be expected in
the future. This is because it significantly increases the world’s food production capacity. In addition,
the effort for rise in renewable and sustainable energy sources due to increasing concerns on
volatile prices and potential scarcity of fossil fuels are being done. Therefore, we can predict that by
2050, majority of power generation will be driven by renewable energies such as solar power.
According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, eco-friendly building practices will
be given to all private organisations such as MENGO, Malaysian Environment Non-governmental

However, I should not be as selfish as just giving opinions but low in action, as the saying goes, all
bark and no bite. As a student, I play an essential role in achieving Vision 2050. To help our country
improve in terms of innovation, I should learn all subjects in school such as chemistry and physics to
apply them practically in the development of the nation, not just learning them by heart to get
grades and leaving them alone after that. I can also sustain the government’s development efforts
by taking part in governmental events. Since social media technology has become so advanced, I can
also post my ideas about citizen well-being in social media applications such as Facebook and
Instagram. In conclusion, although there are many parties involved in achieving Vision 2050,
students like me are the key players to attain this goal because we are responsible to create a
visionary generation in the future. It actually depends on effort, as the famous saying by an
American author, Napoleon Hill, strength and growth come only through continuous effort and