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eMudhra emAS AMC Commercial Proposal

eMudhra emAS AMC

Commercial Proposal

Copyright Copyright © eMudhra Limited. All rights reserved. The information in this document is for
Copyright Copyright © eMudhra Limited. All rights reserved. The information in this document is for


Copyright © eMudhra Limited. All rights reserved. The information in this document is for the use of intended customer of eMudhra, only for the purposes of the agreement under which the document is submitted, and no part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means without the prior written permission of eMudhra. The document has been prepared to be used by professional and properly trained personnel, and the customer assumes full responsibility when using it.

This document and the product it describes are considered protected by copyright according to the applicable laws.


The information or statements given in this document concerning the suitability, capacity, or performance of the mentioned hardware or software products cannot be considered binding but shall be defined in the agreement made between eMudhra and the customer. However, eMudhra has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the instructions contained in the document are adequate and free of material errors and omissions. eMudhra will, if necessary, explain issues, which may not be covered by the document.


eMudhra welcomes customer comments as a part of the process of continuous development and improvement of the documentation.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Commercials



Annual Maintenance Contract


2. Terms and Conditions



3. About eMudhra


1. Commercials

1. Commercials

1. Commercials

1.1.Annual Maintenance Contract





Item Description






Professional Services- Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC for emAS






from 01-12-2018 to 30-11-






2. Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

2. Terms and Conditions

1. The software licenses proposed and delivered as part of this quotation are given for the sole use of the client only.

2. The commercial pricing and the proposal is valid till 10 th December, 2018.

3. Any other applicable local taxes such as VAT, GST, Sales Tax etc, as per prevailing government rules, will be charged extra to the client.

4. The above prices are exclusive of withholding taxes, if any, when bill is raised on foreign jurisdiction (from jurisdiction of billing). The amount has to be grossed up in such a way as to cover the withholding taxes and eMudhra receives the net amount as shown in the proposal

5. The Intellectual Property Rights of the software owned and provided by eMudhra will reside with eMudhra Ltd only.

6. The professional services charges indicated as part of the quotation are mandatory.

7. All one-time items payment (software license, customization) shall be paid 100% against invoice. The recurring cost including support charges will be billed monthly post project go-live.

8. The delivery time for software products including customization and implementation will be as per the project implementation plan agreed with the client.

9. Any server component supplied shall be used only for client business purposes, shall be installed

only in a single server or virtual machine (unless explicitly agreed otherwise) and should be interfaced only with the business systems of the client. Any application based licensing component supplied shall be used only for the application specified and shall not be used for other applications. 10.Changes to client business systems, if any, for implementation/ installation of the solution will be handled by client. eMudhra can provide necessary help to integrate its solution with client business systems if agreed to as per the scope document. 11.All support services including scope of support and AMC shall be as per the support services and

maintenance document provided to the client. Unless explicitly agreed to and paid for, all AMC shall indicate basic support. 12.Charges for annual maintenance contract for the first year shall be paid at the time of project go live and shall be due for subsequent years (as long as the client continues the use of eMudhra’s solutions) on the same date of product go live each subsequent year. eMudhra shall revoke all support and services if the charges due for the annual maintenance contract is not received by the respective due dates. 13.Any travel required for onsite support and associated out of pocket expenses including visa fees shall be reimbursed by the client on actuals. Visa required for onsite support personnel in client’s location other than India shall be facilitated by client. 14.Any offshore or onsite software development effort other than signed off scope of work with respect to this commercial proposal shall be treated as a change request and charged as per rate card provided and agreed to with the client. 15.eMudhra does not warrant the merchantability of its products and all products are subject to user acceptance testing by the client 16. The software product is licensed and not sold to client. Any attempt to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, translate, decipher or otherwise determine the source code or create derivative works of the Software Product by client is not acceptable and client agrees to indemnify eMudhra for any loss or damage suffered by eMudhra on account of such act of the Client. However, neither Party be liable to the other for any indirect, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, whether arising from negligence, breach of contract or tort under this Agreement. Indemnity of eMudhra is restricted to the cost of license of Software Product.

3. About eMudhra


About eMudhra

3. About eMudhra

eMudhra is a leading digital identity and transaction management company with 35mn retail customers for digital identity solutions, 10mn online users that authenticate using its platforms and over 400 large enterprise customers. eMudhra is the largest eSignature provider in India with 47 Banks and over 75% of top companies in financial services as clients.

eMudhra’s current enterprise and consumer solutions include Digital Signature Certificates, emSigner – Paperless Office Solution, emAS secure multifactor authentication for banks, emCA for Digital Certificate lifecycle management and emStream a predictive analytics platform.


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