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FOG HORN March 2019

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MIL SPEC CRUX™ 3L LUMBAR RESERVOIR hydration bladder, several limitations needed a
second look.
By: Sal Palma
First and foremost is the bladder geometry. When
filled, your typical bladder goes from flat to round.
So, there’s a tendency for it to roll on your back
contributing to instability, which the back muscles
have to deal with. Keep in mind that a filled 3 liter
hydration bladder holds (3 x 2.205lbs.) 6.62 lbs. of

Secondly, the sausage style bladder distributes its

weight along the length of the back, and your upper
back does more work than it needs to. If you’ve ever
studied the martial arts, you were introduced to the
concept of Ki. There’s nothing magical about Ki, and
in Eastern philosophy it’s the point from where focus
CamelBak has come a long way since the days of and strength emanates. Taking a more modern look
Michael Eidson, an EMT technician who thought it at Ki, it is simply the body’s center of gravity which is
would be a great idea to fill an IV bag with water to just below the belly button. This is a point where a
hydrate on his many arduous cycling events. Over human has greatest stability. In Aikido for example
the years, the company has been a leading innovator techniques are taught to move Ki all the way down
in hydration technology for commercial and military to the feet. The message here is that shifting loads
application. closer to the hips improves stability and relieves
stresses to the upper back; translating to improved
In 2019, the company
comfort and physical performance.
redesigned its MIL
Motherload™ backpack. To achieve this goal, CamelBak introduced a new
The new and improved hydration bladder design that they market as the
pack features a number of MIL SPEC CRUX™ 3L LUMBAR RESERVOIR.
improvements including
laser cut PAL webbing,
modifications to the
harness but it’s most significant improvement was
the hydration system.

CamelBak understands the need to hydrate which is

reflected in its well know logo “Hydrate or Die”. Part
of that understanding includes a vision for the future
and a desire to address the more common
complaints and limitations
with the current hydration

Although there’s nothing

inherently wrong with what I
call the sausage style

Copyright 2019, Towbirds Flying Publications. All Rights Reserved.

The Lumbar reservoir uses a shorter but broader bag CamelBak’s MIL SPEC CRUX™ 3L LUMBAR RESERVOIR
that sits at the bottom of the hydration pocket and is standard equipment on the new redesigned
contours to the lower back. So, all of the water Motherload pack but it can also be purchased
weight is shifted to the hips eliminating back strain separately for $49 directly from CamelBak’s military
and increasing lateral stability. The bag’s geometry is / tactical products line.
such that, even when full of water, it lays flat and
comfortably against the lumbar region, so you don’t If you’re not using a Motherload pack you’ll need a
experience a rolling or shifting sensation, even when 45-50 liter back pack. For this review, I tried it on a
running. Maxpedition pack, and as you can see in the figure
below the CRUX™ 3L LUMBAR reservoir sits nicely at
Other notable features include the large bottle the bottom of the hydration pocket. TRY IT! -SP
mouth which makes filling the bladder a snap.
CamelBak also includes a handle, which one of the
guys I commune with, an ex-Marine, thought was a


 CAPACITY: 3L/100 fl oz
 CLOSURE: Leak-proof
All of the customary CamelBak bladder features are  COLLECTION: Pack Accessories
present as well; the angled exit port which allows  ACTIVITY: Accessories
the attachment of purifiers and other accessories;  BPA/BPS/BPF FREE: Yes
insulated tube cover, which maintains water  DIMENSIONS: 27 x 28 x 8 cm / 10.5 x 11 x 3
temperature and protects the tube from UV rays; in
mil-spec polyurethane construction with Hydroguard  MATERIAL: Polyurethane
Technology to prevent bacterial growth; the easy  WEIGHT: 229 g / 8 oz
open, leak-proof, cap and self-sealing bite valve.

Copyright 2019, Twobirds Flying Publications, All Rights Reserved

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