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Guimbal National High School


Rizal St. Guimbal Iloilo

Effects of Wi-Fi Radiation on the Growth

of Mongo (Vigna radiata) Beans

A Thesis Proposal Presented to the

Faculty of Senior Highschool - Guimbal National Highschool

Guimbal, Iloilo

In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements in Practical Research II

Nathaneal G. Ejeda

Cyril James A. Erta

Earl Joshua G. Gepullano

Xedric Llonel M. Laranja

Rhee Jay E. Malanday

Raymond Ladgie G. Trance

12 STEM- B

March 8, 2017

Guimbal National High School
Rizal St. Guimbal Iloilo

In this study the researchers aim to determine the effects of Wi-Fi/internet
connection in the growth of the Mongo(Vigna radiata) bean plant. Specifically, the
researcher's goal is to determine the effect on the growth of the Mongo(Vigna radiata)
bean plant. In this study the Wi-Fi/internet connection that will be used is PLDT Home
Ultera Modem. This study was set out as an experimental research where the researchers
has obtained quantitative data of the effects of Wi-Fi/internet radiation unto the growth of
the Mongo(Vigna radiata) bean. The researchers conducted the experiment on February
17-24 2017 in the residence of the researchers located at A-4 SEAFDEC complex, Buyu-
an, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines. All statistical computations was processed through the
use of Statistical Package For Social Sciences (SPSS 16.0) software. For the control
group, the petri dish with the Mongo bean seeds will be put in another room,
approximately 5 m and 10 m away from the Wi-Fi router. In same groups, ambient air,
light and temperature conditions will be used. Three replicates will be used per treatment.
Same groups will be checked and will receive the same amount of water at the same time
daily. Growth of the Mongo beans will be determined every 12 hours for 7 days. Mongo
beans will also be photographed every sampling. It was concluded that the variable length
was significantly affected specifically the sample which is 0.1 meters from the Wi-Fi than
the other samples. The variable Biomass was significantly different from the controlled
group and the sample with 0.1 meters distant from the Wi-Fi than the samples with
distances ranging 5-10 meters away from the Wi-Fi. The variable shoots appeared was
significant to all treatments.

Guimbal National High School
Rizal St. Guimbal Iloilo

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