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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2019 

Student Name  Saul Castillo  Class Period  6 

Research Topic  How to effectively lose weight  

Thesis Statement  Losing weight it's beneficial for my health mentally and physically.  
What you intend to prove  

Description of Product  I will be documenting my     

journey of weight loss on 
social media 

Form of Product  ❏ Video/Documentary/YouTube Channel 

(Highlight all that apply)  ❏ Creation/Artwork /Tangible Item 
❏ Education 
❏ Service 
❏ Social Media Campaign (must include another selection) 
❏ Other 

Please explain your  I will be finding meal plans, workouts and supplements to take 
product (with specific  online. I will documenting what I eat and the workouts I do on 
details?)  social media by taking pictures of my meals/meal plans and video 
taping me working out and posting it. I will try and have at least ten 
posts at the end. I will spend a minimum of an hour at the gym. I 
will weigh in at the end of every week and take pictures of the 
progress. I will attempt to lose at least 7 pounds. I will document all 
my progress by posting on a social media account dedicated to this 
journey. I will list all if any supplements that I will take and write 
down and post my workout routine.  

Describe the connection  My research will show that a healthy diet and exercise on the daily 
between your research  leads to a healthier you. This will make me better physically and 
(annotated bibliography)  mentally.  
and your product. 

How will you display this  I will have several pictures posted in the social media account. At 
in your digital portfolio?  the end I will show how much weight I have lost.  

Estimate the number of  I will spend at least an hour working out on the daily in order to 
hours needed to  reach my goal.  
complete ALL of the 
items on your to do list 
(page 2) including your 
final product. ​You must 
document at least ten 
(10) fieldwork hours 
outside of class. 

Explain how you will  Take pictures of every supplement I will take and the workouts I do.  
document each and 
every step for 
completing your product 
(journal, blog, video blog, 

What do you hope ​to  I hope I learns how to be and live healthier.  
learn​ during this 
My To Do List 
Below list the steps and timeline you will ​attempt to​ follow to complete your product. As you complete 
the product,  
make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. T ​ he log will be turned in on March 
18, 2019! 

Steps  Completed by Date 

1.Go to the gym 7 days of the week.    

2.Go to the gym for another week. healthier   







Student Signature    Date   

Teacher Signature    Date   

Accepted As-Is     

Accepted With Modifications