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8 Language Test B

Name: . Class: .

1 Circle the correct answer.

When I was at school, I wanted to 0 go / have an interesting job. I wanted to 1 be / am a writer and
travel around the world, so I decided to learn 2 famous / foreign languages. When I was older, I lived
here / abroad and I wrote articles for magazines. I didn’t want to live on my 4 now / own. I wanted to
have / be a family. One day ...
..... / 5
2 Complete the text with the words in the box.

hands hug invited kissed visiting

Mandy is my new friend. She’s great! Last week, she 0 invited me to her house and I met her family.
They were very friendly. Her mum 1 me and gave me a 2 . I shook
with her dad. When I left, her parents asked me to come again. Mandy is
me next weekend and it will be her turn to meet my family.
..... / 4
3 Complete the text.
Arthur is a very annoying boy. He never 0 a r r i v e s anywhere on time. He’s always 1 l _ _ _. When
people are talking, he 2 i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s them all the time. He never 3 a _ _ s for permission when he
borrows things. He never waits his 4 t _ _ _ to use the bathroom. I think he should be more 5 p _ _ _ _ _!

..... / 5
4 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of will and the verbs in brackets.
0 I will have (have) my own business one day.
1 Lisa (not be) a famous actor.
2 Where (you / live) in the future?
3 (you / buy) a house on an island one day?
4 Mum (not arrive) at work on time.
5 (they / pass) all their exams?
6 I hope I (be) happy in the future.
..... / 6

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8 Language Test B
Name: . Class: .

5 Complete the dialogue using the correct question words and verbs.
Matt: Hi Jack. 0 How are you?
Jack: Fine, thanks. I came back from London yesterday.
Matt: 1 you doing there?
Jack: My sister and I were visiting my uncle. He took us to some cool places.
Matt: 2 you go?
Jack: We went to Madame Tussaud’s and the zoo.
Matt: Wow! What a great trip.
Jack: Do you want to hang out this afternoon?
Matt: Sorry, I can’t. I’m busy.
Jack: 3 you busy?
Matt: Because we’re fixing my dad’s motorbike.
Jack: I didn’t know he’s got a motorbike. 4 he ride it?
Matt: He rides it every weekend.
Jack: 5 you having the barbecue?
Matt: This Saturday. I also invited some other people to the barbecue.
Jack: 6 you invite?
Matt: I invited our new neighbours.
Jack: Great. See you on Saturday. ..... / 6

6 Complete the dialogues with the phrases in the box.

I agree I disagree I don’t think that isn’t that’s true that’s what

0 A: Vicky is a great singer.

B: I agree with you. I love all her songs.
1 A: The concert wasn’t very good.
B: with you. The singer was great!
2 A: History is a boring subject.
B: so. I think it’s interesting.
3 A: Canada is the biggest country in the world.
B: right. Russia is bigger.
4 A: I can’t fix this car. It’s too old.
B: . Maybe we can buy a new one.
5 A: Dogs are the best pets.
B: I think too. I love them. ..... / 5

Vocabulary ….. / 14 Grammar ….. / 12 Communication ..... / 5 Your total score ….. / 31

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